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The Sweet Taste of Brandy chpt. 2

Brandy was right, My wife Her mother wasnt sucking or fucking me. At first I just figured it was because of the youngest. He was three now and a handfull. I just figured she was always just too tired. But the once every couple of months shit was getting old. I hadnt fucked but maybe twice in six months, not even a hand job. And when I would ask her to at least jack my cock she'd say Do it Yourself. Things were different this morning though. I had one in the house that wanted my cock. And I was going to figire out a way to keep her around for a long time. I was siitng in the basement thinking about what went on earlier with Brandy and Stacy. The last two times with my wife I didnt even get a nut before she told me she was finished. But this morning I fucked Stacys Sweet little face and watched her and Brandy Tounge wrestle with my fluids. I was getting horney as fuck just thinking about it.
I decided to try to hit the wife up for a fuck, but she was already asl**p when I got up stairs. I thought FUCK IT, and headed to the bathroom for a quick cold shower. I had stripped down and was taking a piss, when a hand reached around me and took hold of my cock. as soon as I seen it I knew it wasnt my fridgid wife but Her sweet daugther. What are you doing? I asked. What my mother should be doing. Holding your cock for you while you pee. I knew it was wrong but I didnt stop her. It felt like I pissed a gallon. Brandy squeezed my dick to stop the flow. I want to taste it . She said. I told her OK, but you have to hurry, your mom could catch us. We dont want your mom to know how bad you want fucked ,Do we?I could give a fuck what that cunt thinks.Hearing her talk like that drove me nuts. Get on your knees. I orderd. Brandy did it right away. She aimed my piss pipe towards her open mouth and released her grip. She filled her mouth and clamped down and stopped the flow. She swished my piss in her mouth for a minute, like she was at a wine tasting. Mmmmmm. I want it all! She repeted the process till she had drained every last drop of it. She smacked her bottom lip a couple of times with my dick to get the last couple of drops into her mouth. She licked the piss hole dry. my cock began to grow, but I knew we couldnt risk it any longer. OK now go to bed baby. Will you think about me while you stroke that big thing in the shower? Yes I will Baby. You and only you. She stood up and gave me a sweet little kiss. I wanted so much for her to stay, but knew it wasnt safe. Brandy went to her room and I though of her young tounge on my cock. I thought to myself, tommorow I will give her my wad from the source. I stroked my cock a couple of times and shot a powerfull load. I came so hard my knees went rubberie. I got out of the shower and knew I would still be hard to sl**p.
I was dreaming of the girls sixty nineing, and When I came in my dream. I realized I really was shooting a load. When my eyes opened, there sat Brandy. She was pushing in the excess of what she couldnt hold in her tinny little mouth. I love your come!! Wheres your b*****r? I asked. He's still sl**ping. She said. How long have you been sucking your Daddys fuck stick? I waited till I saw the ICE QUEEN leave for work. It was already hard when I came in here ,and you were still asl**p. I was affraid you wouldnt let me taste you like yesterday. So I just did It. Well I told her. Last night Your little adventure in the bathroom changed my mind. I think we should set some ground rules though. We cant do anything while your mom is home. Last night was just to risky. We can never do anything with stacy other than wht we did yesterday. And you can tell no one. are the rules clear. Yes Daddy.
OK I said, now are you ready to let Daddy taste your honey. Yes daddy, I'm ready to cum in your mouth. She was wearing a long white tanktop and nothing else. Her nipples were hard. I pulled her shirt up so her tits were exposed. I gently squeezed her nipples between my thumbs and fore fingers, she let out a little moan . Harder Daddy! Squeeze them harder, I squeezed so hard she let out a yelp. Let me kiss them now and make them feel better. I took turns gently sucking and licking her nips, while squeezing her beautiful tits. Your tits are so much nicer han your moms I told her. I laid her on her back and slowly made my way down the length of her dark tanned body. kissing and licking till I reached the spot I had dreamed of. Her pubic hair was dark and fine she smelt so good. My cock was throbbing, and my heart was pounding in my head. I covered her tiny little slit with wet kisses and she started pushing her hips up to meet the rythum of my tounge. I licked it from top to bottom. Brandys moans were getting louder, she reached down with both hands and held her pussy open for me. I attatched my mouth to her clit and sucked. Yeah Daddy Suck it !! Fuck this feels better then when Stacy sucks me there. I'm almost ready to come daddy. she started rubbing her clit as I tonnge fucked her hole and she begain to buck against my face and started to cum. Suck it now Daddy!! Suck my cunt you dirty old fuck! suck me! She flooded my face with her juice as she bucked against my mouth. I could feel each squirt hit the back of my throat. Oh fuck! that was good! Did you like the way it tasted Daddy? Yes Brandy Its delicious. My cock was fully erect now. She looked down at it and said. Wow it looks bigger today. Can I please feel it inside my cooch Daddy? As much as I wanted to I didnt have any condoms, as they were no longer needed with my wife. Brandy I said, we'll have to wait for that, I dont have any protection. She had that dissapointed look on her face. Dont be sad I said. Daddys going to teach you a way to fuck that wont get you pregnant. Now get down on all fours honey. With her right at the edge of the bed, I kneeled behind her. I spread her ass cheeks and got a look at her tiny little starfish. I flicked it with my tounge, and she jumped. OH Daddy! What Are you Doing? Just relax sweetheart. You trust your daddy dont you? Yes Daddy she said. It just felt a bit weird. Its OK baby, Its going to feel real good in a minute. The thought of takeing her ass cherry was driving me mad. I worked my pinky into her butthole adding more spit for lube as I went. Within minutes I had worked up to my index finger. She was getting used to it real quickly. After a few more minutes I slipped my other index finger and pryed them apart.I pumped morespit down her shitter. OH FUCK ME ALREADY DADDY!! PLEASE FUCK MY ASS NOW!! I laid on my back and directed her to get on top of me. Now take Daddys cock to your asshole and sit down on it. Her ass was slick with my saliva. She lined it up and started to put her weight down on me. Her shit hole was so tight my rock hard cock was folding under the pressure.OH ITS So Big!! She was right it was bigger than I had ever seen it. Just then the plum sized glans popped in. OHHHH SHIT!! THAT FUCKING THING IS GONNA RIP MY ASS HOLE!!! Just take it slow baby. She had tears welling up in her eyes, but continued her downward push. Damn! she cried. When is it gonna stop hurting Daddy? Just take your time honey. Her ass met my pelvis. There you go Baby. Youve got every inch of Daddys fat shit stick inside of you. Now raise up and down on it. She started raising and lowering her ass hole on my cock, which was in heaven. The muscles in her ass had a deathgrip on the shaft slowly she rode up and down. OH YES! THIS IS GOOD DADDY!! AND MY PUSSY IS ON FIRE TOO!! I reached down and thumbed her hard clit. She started riding harder and faster. I gave a good push upward and She went crazy. OH YEAH DADDY! FUCK YOUR SLUTS ASS PUSSY!! YES FUCK IT HARDER!!!! Fuck! my wife had never fucked me like this before. Hell she wouldnt let me in her ass. And now I was about to fill her daughters ass with my seed. I drilled up and she slamed down. Brandy let the food gates open and was gushing. Her juice splattering everywhere. It only took a couple moree pumps and I was cumming too. OH YEAH BABY GIRL !! TAKE IT BABY!!! TAKE MY CUM IN THAT TIGHT LITTLE ASSHOLE!!!!
We laid there in each others arms. Both exausted beyond belief. Brandy got up and went into the bathroom and washed up. She returned with a wash cloth and began cleaning me up. The baby was makeing noise in the crib in the other room. Anymore would just have to waut till nap time. I couldnt wait.

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