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Exposed and enjoyed in crowded train....

One hand was slowly touching my boobs.It was rush hour in Mumbai local train. I could not do much as it was jam packed and the hand was slowly gauging my boobs and trying to locate my nipples below the blouse. As it was successful in locating one nipple, it started pinching it slowly. I could feel the nipple getting stiff.As I was busy enjoying the sensation, another hand caught hold of my other boob and was caressing it softly.Some of the other young boys surrounding me could see the two boys playing with my boobs.
" She has lovely boobs. Look how big they are." A young boy commented.I could see some of the College boys around me, looking at me and the two boys fondling my boobs. The hands playing with my boobs had become aggressive. They wanted the boobs to be pulled out. I could feel a young boy slowly, opening the buttons of my blouse. Now it was easier for them to hold my boobs as there was only bra covering them. Someone behind me put his hand and unhooked my bra. My bra was slowly removed from my body. Now the two boys playing with my boobs could freely fondle the boobs and my nipples. I was getting excited and heated up too.
" See how she is shaking. She has become very hot. Why dont we open her and expose her to see what treasure is below her skirt..? " I heard someone commenting from the crowd. The crowd was thoroughly enjoying my exposed body. The slow caressing of my boobs was making them more and more hot.
I had closed my eyes and just enjoying as I could not do much in the heavy crowd, nor resist the crowd.
I found one hand raising my skirt from the front side and another assisting him from back side. They had raised my skirt and exposed my panties to the crowd to see and enjoy.
" Oh, see how she is all excited and wet. See the big wet patch on her panties. She loves all this. Let us too enjoy her." some on commented.
I could feel many eyes eagerly looking at my exposed body, covered only in my pink panties. I was really shivering with excitement.
I tried to lower my skirt with my hands and cover my panties , but I was prevented from doing so by many hands . All men standing around me were getting hot and excited. Two of them, caught my hands and I found both my hands being guided to exposed hard stiff cocks around me. The cocks were all stiff and bouncing.I just closed my fingures around the cocks, which were placed in my hands. The sensation of the cocks throbbing in my hands was nice. I enjoyed it as always and started giving long slow strokes to the cocks.
Suddenly I could feel a mouth on my nipples and sucking my nipples which had all become very stiff and hard. The young boy was nicely nibbling the nipples with his teeth, which was driving me crazy. My whole body was shaking.
" Look haw she is shaking. She has all become excited". I heard a comment.
While I had closed my eyes and enjoying the pleasure that the hands and lips were giving to me, I found somebody was lowering my panties. Two hands had successfully lowered my panties and some one lifted my legs one by one and my panties were totally removed. Now my whole body was exposed to the young boys around me. The boy who had removed my panties, stuffed it in his pockets.
" Oh, see how she is dripping wet. She is really enjoying. Feel her ". someone commented.
I could feel some hands touching my pussy and felt two fingures softly, opening the petals of my pussy. The fingures had entered my pussy and were going in and out.
" Look at her rose bud.. See how it feels. Look at it, the little devil has become all stiff. Feel it." one voice was heard saying. Immediately hands rushed to grab my clit and explore it thoroughly.The unknown fingures started playing with it, pinching it softly, caressing it......some one from the crowd came forward and started sucking my clit.....
I was feeling as if I was floating. I was enjoying the whole show and I could feel my body was involuntarily, responding to all the groping and fondling.
" Why not enjoy her and taste her beautiful pussy? It is all ready and waiting for the stiff cock. Let us enjoy her." I heard somebody comment from the crowd.
Soon I felt my legs being raised one on each side and someone holding my head and body. My legs were separated. I could feel many hands still playing with my boobs and a boy, sucking my nipples. All this was driving me totally crazy.
" Oh his cock is the biggest. It has become all stiff, hard and is ready. It will fit in the wet pussy properly" I heard a voice, comment.
I soon found a big strong cock placed at the entrance of my dripping pussy. The tip of the stiff cock was held at the entrance and slowly the cock pushed in. The thick cock slowly opened the petals of my pussy and made it's way inside. I was being held by so many hands to make it convenient for the cock to go in and out of my pussy and my body was fondled and caressed continuously by eager hands.The cock which was selected by the crowd to first go in and out of my pussy, was hard and stiff and thick and long.
" Giver her slow long strokes". Let her pussy enjoy it." I heard a comment from the crowd.
The cock was already going in and out of my wet pussy and making me all tremble with excitement.I had never experienced such excitement and my whole body was shaking uncontrollably. The hands were trying to hold me still but despite this, the trembling of the body could not be stopped. The devil was going deep inside-out and I could feel my pussy holding the cock by contracting round it. The stokes were exquisite and taking me almost in a bliss. Meanwhile I felt someone kiss me on my mouth and felt his tongue go deep inside and exploring my mouth. My tongue involuntarily responded and entered his mouth too. The lips on my nipples were driving me all crazy. I could feel the strokes going deep and becoming more faster.My pussy was being pounded hard and the stiff cock was giving me immense pleasure. Now the man giving me strokes clutched hard, both my thighs and his pounding became really fast. Each stroke was sending shivers in my whole body.
Suddenly my whole body began trembling and shaking. My fists involuntarily clutched the cocks which were in my hands.
" See her orgasm. See how her whole body is shaking in orgasmic bliss." I heard a voice, commenting. I could not open my eyes or speak anything. My whole body was just shaking and trembling with pleasure and joy. I could feel the cock in me getting all stiff and hard and pulsating deep within my pussy folds. I could experience the spasms of the cock and the warm thick cream being deposited squirt after squirt--- giving me immense pleasure and joy.
After the cock deposited it's seed deep within, I could feel it becoming slowly soft. The boy pulled it out. Soon it was replaced by a fresh cock and this cock did not last long and spilled it's seed within a few strokes. After that there were four more volunteers who entered my pussy and pounded it hard and deposited their seed deep within me. Each time a fresh cock was pounding me, it took me to climax.The climax after climax had made my body feel as if it was in deep sl**p or deep trance. When the next station approached, I could not even stand properly as I felt, thoroughly exhausted. I was feeling as if I was totally d***k.....but at the same time I felt fully satisfied....I would love to enjoy another such experience in my life as and when the chance would come my way to take care of my insatiable pussy..........

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