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M2m: His cum deep in my tight ass

Recently had the pleasure of meeting up with Brian again - and let me tell you, it was worth every single minute of that 3 hour drive.

I arrived at his house late, exhausted, and needing a shower - it was a work night and neither of us had the luxury of sl**ping in the following morning. After a few minutes of small talk, I went to shower and told him I'd be in bed in a few.

As I showered, my cock was as hard as it gets - just thinking about him in the next room, naked, his cock hard and waiting on me. I was in/out in 5 mins, wrapped a towel around me, and climbed straight on top of him. We both had the desire/passion that leaves no room for words and it was less that a minute before his tongue was in my mouth, my hand on his cock, and my legs spread wide over his hips.

As he leaned me up, he ran his tongue down my neck. His big hands grabbed my waist, and his massive cock pressed against my tight ass. To be real - I was so fucking horny and ready for him to fuck me, I felt somewhat intoxicated. I reached around and played with his balls and stroked his cock while his mouth found my nipples - and yes, he knows this drives me insane! I spit on my hand and reached back around to stroke his beautiful, thick cock while he continued to tease me and stroke my cock. I spit again, this time sliding it down the crack of my ass and then placing his fat cock right against my tight hole.

He slid up & down, teasing me, pressing against my hole but not going inside. Stroking my cock, playing with my balls and teasing me with that fucking wonder tool of his was about all I could take. I bypassed and went straight to his cock, wrapped my lips around his, and took him to the back of my throat. That's right, he said. . .take that cock down your throat and fuck me with your mouth. Yeah, just like that. Bite my cock head, easy, tease me, yeah. . .that feels fucking awesome. You like my cock in your mouth, don't you? I can tell by the way you're sucking me you've missed it .

He grabs the back of my head and face fucks me until I'm drooling, my spit running down his cock and balls, gagging a little. I can feel him growing thicker, harder, I don't want him to stop - my ass does - but I want to taste his cum NOW. I reach and tease the outside of his asshole with my finger and I'm moaning like the slut I am for him. Fuck yeah, play with my ass just like that. . .ohhhh, yeah, damn, look at that cock fucking your mouth, so fucking sexy. . .as he grunts and thrusts up to my throat again. That's it. . .yeah, here it comes. . .hmmm, wrap your lips tighter, yeah, like that. . .you ready. . .

His thrusts slowed down, his cock was hard like granite, and just as I slid my finger in his ass, he shot his load in my mouth, hitting the back of my throat, running out of my mouth, spewing his cum until I had to pull off and jerk his cock while he came on my face and lips (I don't swallow, yet).

I told him, you better fucking stay hard and fuck my tight ass b/c I want some of that cum inside of me, too. I cupped his cum in my hand and put in on my asshole, fingering myself just a bit, and then cupping what was left, rubbed it on his cock. II squatted, back to him, and guided his still hard cock straight to my ass.

It still takes quite a few "adjustment" strokes to accommodate him but tonight, I didn't care or couldn't feel the usual pain of when he first starts to fuck me. I watched between my legs as his cock went inside of me, inch by inch, until my ass was flat against his stomach. Fuck, he was so fucking hard, so fucking big, and fuck, thick thick thick. Precum was basically streaming out of my own cock and he grabbed my ass and watched from behind as I started to ride him. His cum, mixed with my spit, was the perfect lubricant, and yeah, at least that night, was so fucking sexy.

I rode his cock like this until my legs were tired and just as I sat on him from exhaustion, he leaned both of us forward and started fucking me on all fours. . .without missing a beat. My face against the bed, ass up and filled with his thick cock, I reached under me and cupped his balls with one hand, and stroked my cock with the other. Brian was fucking me hard and deep, I wasn't getting sore, and I didn't want to cum yet. . .what to do? We tried several positions - laying back to chest, me back on top facing him, on the dresser, against the wall, and finally, just as I was at the point I couldn't take the pounding any longer, I got on my back, fed his cock back inside of my ass, and wrapped my legs around his waist.

He kissed me deep, I grabbed his ass and pulled him to me hard. Fucking cum inside of me, let me feel that hot fucking cock of yours shoot your cum deep inside of my ass, Brian. That's it baby, fuck me just like that. . .slow, deep, yeah, that's your ass and you're fucking it sooooo good. You gonna give me that cum of yours. . .yeah, I can feel you. . .fuck your dick is so fucking big and hard. . .that's it, harder, fuck me harder, cum in me, yeah fuck fuck fuck. . .he leaned up on his hands and grunted so fucking loud as he dumped his load so deep in my ass. I could feel the warmth as it shot inside of me and that instant wet, flooding feeling of his cum filling me. As I watched him over me, I stroked my cock with him still throbbing & twitching inside of my ass, him teasing my nipples with his hands, sliding his cock just a little in & out, letting me savor the feel of his cum inside of me and the newfound wet, gushing sound of his cock in my ass. 5 strokes, maybe 10, and I shot a heavy, hot load of my own cum across my stomach and chest.

We feel asl**p w/in 5 minutes. And the next morning, while we didn't have time for a full blown fuck session, we did have a quickie in the shower and yes, he pumped another load of his hot cum inside of me.

Can't wait to see him again. . .

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