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Step s*s

This a true story of the first blow job I ever got.
My mom and dad got a divorce when I was very young. Until I was 9 I lived with my mom, then I moved to my dads. My dad happened to live with his evil tweeker girlfriend, the only thing she ever provided was a hot daughter who was the same age as me. Her k**s never lived with us but visvisited every other weekend. By the time we were 13 she started puberty and began to grow very nice tits and ass. Being mature our parents decided it was ok to leave us at the house by ourselves while they went to the casino. It was a hot day so we were in just shorts and t shirts. She began to sweat pretty badly and I could see her wet tits when she bent over. I was hard as a rock from this and she could tell so she asked me" why do you have a boner" I was beet red and walked to my room. She opens the door and said its ok. I told it it was because I could see her tits. She said "I know you get horny, my mom told me she caught you jacking off in the bathroom" I was getting redder by the second til she told me she plays with her pussy all the tim
She told me she has thought about me a few times while she does it. Then she asked me if I ever thought about her while I did and I said " all the time". I then told her that I also found our parents porn. She got excited and screamed " where is it" I said in their drawer in the closet. She grabbed my hand and we went straight for the porn drawer. There it was over 50 vhs porn tapes, she looked amazed. She asked if I ever got caught and I said know" I use the timer and rewind it back to where it was on before I got it" . Before I could say another word she popped in the vcr. The tv was set to cable not video so we tried to find the remote, while searching for the romote we lifted the bed and found not only the remote but a big thick veiney dildo.

She was amazed by the size of it " is yours like this? Is it this big" I said "no". "I bet your dad is this big" I told he I did catch her mom sucking my dads dick the other day and he was pretty big. she got up and went into the bathroom and washed it off and then tried to put in in her mouth, but it was too big. She was upset because she wanted to do it. I asked her" have you ever gave a bj before?" She said no, but did give play with her neighbors dick once. "Have you ever got one" I said nothen she said "do you want one?" I said "yeah one day". I asked her if she knew if her friend lisa ever gave one. She said "yeah to the same k** i jacked off" bring her next weekend I said. We then realized we left the porno running and ran back jumped on the bed.

It wasn't long before I was playing with my cock through my shorts and she was doing the same. I said to myself fuck it, and took my shorts off and starting playing with it good. She kinda looked freaked out at first but then warmed up and did the same. She then reached over and starting jerking me off. I kinda went limp and fell abck and covered my head and let her continue. I couldn't believe I had a girl jerkin me then I felt her nice warm mouth on my cock head. I
Lmost jumped up and hit the roof. She started crying and said sorry" its ok" I said you can keep going. So she did and within a minute I was about to cum si told her and she kept on sucking.

POP!!!! There goes my load in her mouth and she imediatly spits it out. " sorry she said thatss tasted salty and gross". I was fine with it, hell I was on cloud nine. We spent the rest of the day watching different tapes and masturbating. She never did cum that day. After that day we exchanged oral sex all the time. She was the first girl I ever went down on too. She did eventually bring her friend lisa when she founf out what we did and also gave me a blowjob, I eventually lost my virginity to her friend, while she watched. We grew apart as we got older and never hooked up after we started high school be cause she moved to utah with her dad, but I will never forget that day.

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