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Buffalo and Shanti and Erin! Oh My!

PRINCE GEORGE, BRITISH COLUMBIA - My name is Erin. I'm an 18 years old girl living in Montana. Right now i'm on the home stretch of a road trip through British Columbia, the Yukon and Alaska. It was just me and my cat Tiger when i started the trip. Now Shanti, my new pregnant girlfriend (8 months), is with me on the way back home. Shanti just ditched her boyfriend. His name is Buffalo.


I first met Buffalo and Shanti in the town of Whitehorse in the Yukon. Buffalo is 25 years old and Shanti is 21 years old. They made a striking couple in the laundromat where we met. Both of them have dreadlocks. They're new ager, hipster and spiritual types. Buffalo is muscular and deeply tanned. Shanti is a cute blonde girl. She wears long dresses and all kinds of colorful wrist and ankle bracelets. Prettiest blue eyes and the sweetest smile too. Buffalo and Shanti were doing pretty much doing what i was doing. Just driving around. They were living in Buffalo's van.

Since we were fellow travelers we had much in common to talk about. Buffalo and Shanti invited me to ride with them in their van to hang out in Alaska for a couple of weeks. Although i have been advised to never take rides from strangers, i accepted right away. So, i parked my car in a secure location and loaded up Tiger and a few belongings and away we went.

Shanti and i bonded right away. But it was different with Buffalo. He was so arrogant and full of himself. Condescending too. He always went out of his way to let me know how far along he was on his path to enlightenment. Much further along than us girls. I figured that Shanti was with him just because he had planted his seed in her and because he had a little money. That and his commanding – to me – domineering personality.

Shanti confided to me about some sexual conflicts that were going on. Shanti, being 8 months pregnant, was not able to get into the sexual positions that Buffalo liked. He insisted on being on top and that was not going to work anymore. Now Shanti wanted to be on top and Buffalo would have none of it. Shanti told me that the lack of sex and the pregnancy had made her hornier than ever.

Shanti and i started having sex when we arrived in Fairbanks, Alaska. While Buffalo was out in the country sitting on some rock and meditating, we were in our motel room having fun. I must have licked and fingered Shanti's pussy for hours at a time. Her pussy had a special taste. And Shanti knew how to make me feel good. But my greatest pleasure was sucking on Shanti's nipples. They were swelling more and more with each passing day and i pretended that she was my mommy. No milk came out, but i pretended that it did.

One day Buffalo walked in on us when we were in the 69 position. He wasn't mad. He just sat down and looked at us. With a creepy and cold look. Buffalo told us that we were engaging in c***d's play and that if we really wanted to do something fulfilling, then we should watch him get hard and have an orgasm without touching himself. Just to amuse him, we watched his act. Sure enough, he pulled that off. We indulged him with polite applause and he gave us a look of smug satisfaction. Then we went back to eating pussy.

As the days went on, i noticed a change coming over Buffalo. He was spending more time alone. Either meditating on his favorite rock or smoking marijuana. Or both. And he was a control freak with us. Always telling us what to do and think. Worse of all, he kept telling Shanti that he would leave her unless the baby was a boy. I think he was having trouble coping with the thought that fatherhood was just around the corner and life wasn't going to be just about him anymore. I think he was looking for a way out.

Finally, two days ago – after we had made our way back to Whitehorse - things went crazy. We were in our motel room. I was on the bed with my ass in the air while i was eating Shanti's pussy. Buffalo was sitting in a chair watching us with a creepy and judgmental look on his face.

Buffalo called out to me, “Erin, i think you would like to feel my sexual energy. Would you like that?”

Typical pompous comment. If Buffalo wanted to come up behind me and stick his cock in me, then he was welcome to do that. But he wanted me to roll out the red carpet for him.

“Buffalo, i don't want to feel your sexual energy. But if you want to come over here and fuck me, then stop talking and just come on over and do it.”

“Erin, i'm not like those young boys that you are used to. I don't just 'fuck'. I can help you see God by bringing you to the heights of ecstasy. You saw how i got hard and had an orgasm without touching myself. I was using the powers of my mind to channel my sexual energy. I can teach you how to do that too.”

“So, Buffalo, how exactly are you going to do that.”

“Erin, i can enter you from behind and have an orgasm on exactly my 100th stroke. The anticipation that you will feel and my perfectly timed orgasm will give you an orgasm at exactly the same time and we will combine our sexual energies to feel God together.”

I whispered to Shanti, “What's he talking about?”

Shanti whispered back, “What's he's saying is that he wants to fuck you.”

Well, i thought, i did want this buff guy to fuck me. But not in a spiritual way. I wanted it in an a****l way and i wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of bragging that he controlled himself until exactly his 100th stroke.

“Okay, Buffalo,” i said, “come up behind me and help me see God.”

Buffalo took off all his clothes, except for his wool socks, and he took his place behind me. I raised my ass cheeks a little higher and resumed eating Shanti's pussy while i waited for Mr. God Cock to make his entrance.

Sure enough, Buffalo pushed his hard cock into my pussy in one slow and full stroke. Then he pulled out until just the tip was in me. Then he counted the strokes out loud “1...2...3...4...5...” as he slowly went in and out of me.

“Remember, Erin, on my 100th stroke, i will have an orgasm and we will combine our f***es and feel God's energy.”

I took my mouth off of Shanti's pussy and looked over my shoulder and said, “Buffalo, just stop talking and fuck me already. I want it faster. Get in touch with your inner pervert. Treat me like a slut.”

“Erin, that's not how it's done. 10...11...12...” Buffalo was still counting strokes, but now he was going faster. I don't think he was aware of it, but my dirty talk was having its desired effect.

“Hey, Buffalo, you're not fucking me hard enough. And if you want to, then you can pull out and fuck me up my asshole too. Of course, you'll have to stroke me slow in that hole because i've never had anal sex before. So, you might like my asshole even more.”

“Erin, you can never use an anus to see God...16...17...18...” Buffalo was still counting his strokes, but he was pumping me even faster and he was losing control. His a****l instincts were taking over.

“Come on, Buffalo. Treat me like your little dog bitch. Breed me a baby just like you did for Shanti.”

Then Shanti chimed in, “Come on, Buff, show Erin that you're a real man. Give her what she wants.”

Buffalo kept counting but now he was out of control and he was slamming my pussy hole. “43...44...45...” Right then, Buffalo shot his cum load up my cunt. I'm sure that there was plenty of sperm in there to make me a baby, except that i'm on the pill so that won't happen.

“Hey, Buffalo, i thought that you were going to hold out until your 100th stroke. Turns out that you're just another one of those premature ejaculators. Just like those young boys that you were making fun of.”

That really ticked Buffalo off. I had humbled and humiliated him in front of his girlfriend and knocked him down a couple of notches. Quickly, he put on his clothes and slammed the door as he stormed out of our motel room. No doubt that he went somewhere to smoke a little marijuana to calm down.

With Buffalo gone, Shanti and i talked about the situation.

“Erin, he used to be really nice to me. But after i got pregnant and especially now that i'm about to have my baby he has really changed. He's really just a regular asshole now.”

“Shanti, you really need to leave him and come back to Montana with me. Stay with me until you have your baby and for as long as you want to after that. You can't live in a van with Buffalo when you're pregnant like this.”

So, we schemed that the next day we would leave in my car while Buffalo was out meditating on his rock. We decided not to even tell him of our plan. What would be the use? He's not the type of guy that you can discuss things with.


So, like i said at the beginning of this story, Shanti and i are on our way to my home in Montana. I have a feeling that Buffalo is trying to find us. But he doesn't know exactly what road we took and my car is faster than his van. We feel a little like Thelma and Louise in that classic chick flick movie. I just hope our last scene ends better than their last scene did. I think it will. Shanti will be happy with me and we'll find a midwife so she can have her baby in our home. And Tiger will be a happy cat. Now the little fellow has two pussies to play with.

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