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Sweet s****r Susie part 4

When I awakened, my eyes focused on the bright, early-summer sun shining through my bedroom window. It had been another warm night and I had slept with my window open. I had no covers over my body. I had slept completely nude.

I yawned and stretched. At 16, I hadn’t a worry in the world. School was out and I looked forward to many summer-time adventures. Actually, my warm-weather escapades had already begun. Two days ago, on Saturday, I’d lost my virginity! At my advanced age in teen-years, it was about-damn-time that I was getting some pussy!

That first taste of pussy had set me off on a frantic, ‘female-fucking’, feeding frenzy. In the past two days I’d had my cock inside three different pussies! Unbelievably, I’d been inside one of those pussies four times and another twice! I’d only been in the other one once, so far. That totals up to being seven fantastic fucking fantasies fulfilled!

I reckoned that I might be treading on the road to Hell with all my fucking, but I wasn’t about to stop walking! Who in this world would have guessed that this wondrous road would be paved with some many heavenly pussies?

I’d taken the first step on that road when I fucked my s****r Susie. Susie was a really sweet k**, but even at 12 she was a willing and eager sexual partner. We each gave our virginity to the other. I fucked her twice on Saturday and twice on Sunday.

I took my next steps on the ‘hell-bent’ road when I fucked my mom. I’d fucked her twice. I fucked her once before church yesterday and again last night. Mom needed to be fucked, so I fucked her!

I was still on the wide road to Hades when I fucked the preacher’s daughter after church. Becky, at 15, was horny and sexually curious. That s****r of mine and I had an experimental ‘threesome’ with Becky which had been sinfully satisfying.

Lord-a-mercy, I was having a mighty-fine time dipping my cock into so many pussies! Hells-bells, I felt an erection coming on right now! But, I felt something else, too. I felt a tickling sensation. Something was tickling my cock!

I looked down towards my nude crotch. Sure enough, there was my 6-inch shaft fully-erect. It was rested-up and ready for some more pussy penetration.

What the hell? Why, there was a bright-blue bow-ribbon tied around my cock-shaft! That ribbon was perhaps an inch wide and made of some kind of silky-satin material. The bow was delicately tied. It looked just like a butterfly with three-inch wings had landed on my cock to take a rest.

A folded piece of paper was stuck between the ribbon and my cock. I reached to pull it out. When I unfolded the paper, I saw a written message. My eyes read the feminine script silently. The note said: To my son: I award this ‘first-place’ ribbon as the best ‘mother-fucker’ in the world! With love, Mom.

I smiled as memories flooded my mind. Mom had slipped into my room last night after the lights were all out. She had sought the refuge and safety of my bed. She had required the comfort and gentleness of my touch.

My mother was a ‘wounded’ woman. She had been injured physically and emotionally by several years of marital **** and sexual abuse at the hands of my dad, her husband. She’d secretly had her tubes tied to avoid impregnation. She was finally released from torment when he left her for a younger woman a year ago.

She still carried emotional scars. She didn’t trust men. She didn’t date. Yet, yesterday morning something had happened. She had begun to heal. She found healing solace in an unlikely place. Her feminine psyche began its the****utic revival in the bed of her son.

Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that I would ever fuck my mother! Yet, I hadn’t known about her marital pain. I found out yesterday morning. From there, circumstances had conspired to bring together a sexually-wounded woman and a sexually-awakened young man.

Yesterday morning, I had taken Mom to my bed. I fucked her! I fucked her with gentle, tender, romantic passion. My cock had found a warm, inviting home inside her sexually starved pussy. Together we found orgasmic enlightenment and blissful joy.

Last night she had come to me again. We had again fucked with love and passionate zeal. We had fallen asl**p together. We had not even bothered to wash away the sticky-wet mixture of seminal fluids and vaginal juices that coated our bodies.

I jumped out of bed. That ribbon on my cock was waving as if the butterfly had fluttered its wings. I reckoned that I looked ridiculous standing in my bedroom with a ribbon wrapped around my erect shaft. But, hell, I would wear that adornment with pride of sexual accomplishment!

A thought came to my mind; I need some pussy! I need to get my cock inside a pussy! I need to do it this morning! I would go find Susie or I’d find Mom. Each one, in their own way, was my favorite to fuck.

Susie’s pussy had been my first. I’d always love her pussy for that reason. Susie had not reached the age of pubic maturity, so her pussy was bald. She had no hair to cover up any of her pretty pussy-mound.

On the other hand, Mom’s pussy was covered with a bush of silky-fine hair. This covering added an air of exotic-erotic mystery to her pussy-mound.

I considered myself to be a mighty lucky guy. Right here in this house I had a choice of two different pussies! All I had to do was to pick the age and the size! Now, that presented me with a hell of a predicament! How do I choose? Young pussy is good. Mature pussy is good.

With my mind thinking about pussies, I took a quick glance out my window as I passed it. For the second morning in a row, I saw our new neighbor lady picking an apple from the tree between our houses. Her long, wavy, blonde hair was glistening in the sun. She was wearing a long, white shirt. She had pretty, well-tanned legs.

That woman stretched to reach up high and grab an apple. As her arms rose up high, so did her shirt. I saw a stunningly revealing sight! The woman had no panties on! She was bare-ass naked under that shirt! Her pussy-mound was fully exposed! That woman’s pussy was full-grown and matured, but it was absent of pubic hair. Why, it was shaved completely bald! Lord-a-mercy, her pussy was beautiful!

This woman and her husband had just moved in next-door a few days ago. They were both 20 and had been married for a year. I found out Saturday that her name was Cathy.

I met my new neighbor in an unexpected way. She had come to our backdoor and she had caught me fucking my virginal s****r in the kitchen! She had stood at the screen door waiting to knock until I had finished fucking Susie on the kitchen table. She had watched the whole thing!

When I’d finished fucking Susie, that woman had come in. She was dressed in sexy short-shorts and a revealing halter-top. She explained that she had come to return a casserole dish Mom had loaned to her. She made no apologies for her voyeurism. Instead, she proudly proclaimed her delight.

She had seen me pick Susie up in my arms. I had intended to carry her to the bathroom so that we could wash the sex-mess from our bodies. Both her pussy and my cock were dripping drops of virginal bl**d mixed with cooling semen.

We were both bare-assed naked when that woman came in. Our faces were filled with shock at having been caught fucking. That woman had spoken to ease our discomfort. She had said, “That was a fine job of fucking your s****r you did Jase! And, don’t y’all be shy. Jase, you ain’t the only b*****r to ever fuck his s****r. Why, I was just 10 the first time my b*****r fucked me! We had some mighty-good times together.”

The woman didn’t linger long but I walked her to the door so I could close and lock it. At the door she had turned to face me. Susie had buried her head in my shoulder in embarrassment. Suddenly, that woman had grabbed my cock. It was recovering from its limpness after fucking. At that woman’s touch, it came back to life! She had a good, firm grip on my now erect 6-inch shaft.

The woman spoke again, “Susie, you’re real lucky to have a b*****r with a real-nice cock like Jase’s. You’re lucky that he’s using it to fuck you. Jase, your cock is a might-fine one. Why, it’s finer than my husband’s or my b*****r’s! Why don’t you bring it over to see me some time? Bring Susie too if she wants to play.”

I didn’t say a word. The woman finally let go of my throbbing cock after pumping it a few times. She then turned away and was gone.

At my age of 16, I thought that older women like her didn’t give teenage boys a thought. But, that was two days ago. Since then I’d found out that sexual attraction has no age boundaries! Hadn’t I fucked my s****r, a girl of age 12? Hadn’t I fucked my mom, a woman of age 35? Hadn’t I fucked a teen girl, of age 15? Now, why in this world couldn’t I fuck a woman of age 20?

A voice awakened me from my memories and musings about sex, fucking, and neighbors. That neighbor lady had walked over to my open window as I stood there looking out while she picked an apple.

Finally, her voice reached my ear. I heard that woman Cathy say, “Jase, what in the devil is that thing you’ve got tied around your beautiful cock?”

My window was low to the ground, so that woman could see me as well as I could see her. u*********sly, I looked down to see the ribbon tied to my cock. Now, I was right proud of that trophy encircling my erect shaft. Mom had put it there and I wasn’t going to let anybody make fun of it.

When I answered that woman, I spoke a little more sternly than I’d intended, “It’s a prize I won for minding my own damn business!”

Instead of being offended, that woman giggled and laughed. She then said, “Don’t get smart with me, Mister! I’m making this my business for two reasons. First, if you can look at my cunt, then I can look at your cock! I knew you were looking when I reached up for an apple. I knew you’d see my naked cunt. I hope that I gave you a good show. That was my intention. Second, I like looking at nice cocks! And, Mister, you’ve got a mighty-fine one! Now, raise that screen so I can see it better!”

Why I obeyed her command, I didn’t know. But, I did as she ordered. I dropped to my knees, unlatched the screen, and raised it high.

Holy-shit! Quick-as-a-wink, that woman reached through the window, grabbed my cock, and squeezed tight! She pumped my shaft a couple of times. My cock-head popped in and out of her hand’s protective sheath with each pump.

Good-goddamn-almighty! That vivacious vixen popped my cock into her mouth! She licked and sucked with practiced ‘cock-sucking’ skill. Abruptly, she stopped. It was a good-damn thing she did! I was about ready to shoot my load! That lady must have known I was close to blowing. Not all women have that skill. Perhaps this one had been to ‘cock-sucking’ school!

That woman grabbed my hand and pulled it out of the window. She raised her shirt and placed my hand on her pussy. She spoke in a husky, wanton voice, “Now, you play with that while I have a little talk with you.”

Hells-bells! Well, I didn’t have to be told twice! I played with it! I squeezed, fondled, and played with her glorious bare-nude pussy-mound!

Lord-a-mercy! If I was on the road to Hell, I was having a mighty-smooth pathway to travel! I my hand on one of those soft, magnificent, heavenly pussies lining that road!

As I played, that woman talked. She said, “Jase, I could tell a few things by sucking on your cock. I know that you fucked a pussy last night. I can taste dried cock and cunt juices on you. I can figure out that whoever it was that you fucked is probably the same one that tied that ribbon on your cock. I reckon that female is trying to mark her territory.”

That lady took a quick look over her shoulders towards her house. She spoke again, “I can also tell that your cock is in bad need of getting dipped into a cunt again. If I had time, I’d climb in this window right now and open my cunt up for you to fuck. But, shit, I have to go get my husband’s breakfast and get him off to work!”

That woman took one more quick-peek back towards her house. She quickly spoke, “Joey’s cock ain’t nearly as nice as yours is, Jase. You’d fuck me if you could, wouldn’t you? Do you like my cunt?”

Oh holy hell! That woman was hot and horny! But, she didn’t know who she was talking to. She’d asked me if I’d fuck her. Damn, hadn’t I been sticking my cock into every ‘front-loading’ cock-hole I’d seen in the past two days? Wasn’t fucking my favorite thing to do?

Hell yes, I’d fuck her! I told her so in an eager voice, “Yes ma’am, I’d fuck you anytime and anyplace! And, hot-damn-yes, I like your pussy! It’s one of the nicest I’ve ever played with!”

As we were speaking, I was still playing with that pussy. I was squeezing and massaging the tender flesh. Two of my fingers had found their way inside her wet vaginal opening.

Now, that woman was calling the beautiful mound of flesh between her legs a ‘cunt’ and I was calling it a ‘pussy’. I reckon we were both correct with our words. I recalled something I’d learned in school. It was a thing said by that Shakespeare fella. I believe his words went something like this: “What’s in a name? A pussy, by any other name, would taste as sweet!”

That was a mighty-fine looking woman whose pussy I was playing with. So, pussy or cunt, it made no difference to me. I’d fuck it!

That woman pulled away from me. She spoke hurriedly, “Maybe I can come over later or you can come to my house. You can show my cunt what a nice cock feels like. That s****r of yours can join in if she would like to play. I might be able to find a pretty ribbon for your cock. Maybe you’d like a pink one?”

I replied quickly, “Oh no, I don’t need a pink one! Susie gave me a pink one yesterday for fucking her. I got this blue one from Mom. Oh shit, I didn’t mean to say that!”

That woman laughed and reached back into the window to grab my cock. She winked and said, “Looks like if I want any of this big fella, I’m going to have to wait in line behind your mom and your s*s.”

I was standing there naked, hard, and horny. Damn, I needed a pussy for my cock! That blue ribbon encircling my rigid shaft was waving just like ‘old-glory’ on the 4th of July.

Suddenly, without my mind giving it permission, my voice spoke, “Woman, you don’t have to wait in line! I’d fuck you right here and now if you wanted! Do you remember that song that says something like; ‘if you’re not with the one you love, love the one you’re with’? I could change those words around and say; ‘if you’re not with a pussy you love to fuck, fuck the one you’re with’! Oh hell, you’re here, you’re hot, and I’d fuck you in a heartbeat!”

I could tell that her female mind was racing and calculating. Her mind was racing with lustful yearning. She wanted a cock as badly as I wanted a pussy! Her mind was calculating whether or not she had time for fucking without getting caught.

Finally, she must have finished her calculations. She looked at me and sternly said, “Oh shit, you goddamn ‘cunt-teaser’! Give me your hand and help me through this damn window! Listen here mister; this is going to have to be a very-quick ‘quickie’! I’ve got to get back.”

I pulled that woman through my window, stripped off her shirt, and shoved her onto my bed. I untied the blue ribbon from my cock and laid it aside. I wasn’t about to get another female’s pussy juices on the ribbon given to me by Mom!

If she wanted a quickie, then that’s what she’d get! But first, I had to have at least a few seconds to look at and touch her naked body. So, I looked and touched.

I saw breasts the size of ripe cantaloupes. Of all the tits I’d seen in the past two days, these were the biggest! I’m not exactly a ‘big-tit’ guy. Susie’s tits are the size of plump peaches. Mom’s tits are full g****fruit size. Now, their tits suit me just fine. But Lord-a-mercy, this woman’s tits were magnificent mammary monsters!

My mouth latched onto a nickel-sized protruding nipple. It stiffened to erectness. I found the other nipple. I sucked and sucked. Hot-damn-almighty, if I wasn’t in such a hurry, I could have made these mountainous mounds into ‘all-day-suckers’!

I moved down towards the pussy I’d played with at the window. I took my first close-up look. My breath was nearly sucked away. Pussy-flesh was prominently puffed out proud and inviting. Well, I answered the invitation!

My mouth tickled and teased the protruding clit. My tongue licked and flicked the warm, tender skin. I kissed and licked the pussy-lips and the surrounding soft skin between the pussy and thighs. There wasn’t a single pubic hair to cover any of the fabulous feminine flesh.

That woman’s vaginal opening was already dripping with moisture. Her tantalizing female body was ready for fucking! My cock was ready, too!

I was going to fuck that woman! But first, I just had to say a few words. I had not met her until two days ago. I had not yet called her by name.
Well hell, if I was going to fuck her, I could at least call her by her name! I’d have to stop thinking of her as ‘that woman’.

I spoke to her with reverent awe, “Cathy, you sure do have an amazing body! Your tits are awesome! And, your bare-nude pussy is gloriously beautiful!”

She smiled with radiant pride. She spoke with glee, “Oh, I’m so glad you think so. I thought you would. My cunt wasn’t shaved until Saturday. After I saw you fucking your s****r’s bare little cunt, I knew that you would prefer a shaved one. I went home and shaved mine with hopes that you’d get a hold of it.”

Cathy took a quick look at the open window, turned her attention back to me, and hurriedly whispered, “Oh Jase, I ain’t got all day, shut the hell up and fuck me!”

There’s nothing wrong with my ears. I heard what she said. Cathy wanted a fucking! Shit, I did, too! I climbed atop her with my cock rigid as the steel of a gun barrel. I aimed my weapon directly at the wide, pink glory-hole between her legs. With unerring aim, I hit my target and sank the shaft of my cock deep.

That sexy neighbor of mine met my downward thrusts with her own upward bounces. I pumped in and out, while she bucked up and down. My bed was rattling and shaking.

Cathy’s pussy-muscles contracted and pulled me deeper into her soaking-wet vaginal cavity. At last, my weapon fired. My cock discharged its full load in streams of hot cream. My orgasmic seminal fluids were drowning in her dripping-wet vaginal juices. Her body shook as her pussy released its own steaming orgasmic liquids.

I relaxed and fell forward onto the warmth and comfort of Cathy’s billowing breast-pillows. The erectness of her nipples was subsiding, just as was the erect stiffness of my cock.

Cathy pushed me aside. She kissed me with overpowering, slippery-wet, passionate kisses. Three kisses, did she give. She then jumped out of bed and pulled her shirt on. She headed straight for the window, stopped, and looked back towards me.

My 20-year-old neighbor stared at her new 16-year-old lover and spoke angrily, “Listen here mister; the next goddamn time I ask for a ‘quickie’ I want you to kick my ass! That was just too goddamn good to go so fast! I could fuck you all day and half the night!”

With that said, she turned, gave a wink and a smile, climbed out the window, and was gone. Her exit gave me a subconscious remembrance about Christmas. Now, that was a hell of a thought here at the beginning of summer!

But then, as I thought about it, I made the connection! Why that lady had come to me straight out of that storybook about Santa climbing down the chimney with a bagful of gifts on ‘the-night-before-Christmas’!

Now, I wouldn’t exactly call myself a ‘good-little-boy’, but this Santa had sure been loaded with fine gifts for me. If I put a holiday tune to it, I could almost sing the list: one pretty pussy, two tantalizing titties, three kinky kisses, and a fantastic fantasy fucking.

I wouldn’t describe this Santa as having a fat belly that jiggled like a bowl full of jelly. But, there had been jiggling aplenty going on. Cathy’s full-size tits jiggled, jounced, wiggled, and bounced. Her beautiful ass swished and swayed. If she wasn’t Santa, she was at least one of his ‘helpers’. Lord-a-mercy, that was a fine-looking Santa’s-helper I’d just fucked! I’ll have to write that jolly-old-fella a ‘thank-you’ letter.

I jumped out of bed and headed for the bathroom. I needed a bath. I had to wash off the dried sex-mess from fucking Mom last night and the still-wet sex-mess made by fucking Cathy.

I started to enter the bathroom when I heard soft singing. The sound was coming from the kitchen. I turned my ears toward the melodious sound. It was Mom’s voice I heard. She was singing.

Mom hadn’t sung for years. I now knew why. Her songs had stopped at the same time that Dad’s abuse and sexual mistreatment had begun!

A thoughtful question entered my mind. If Dad’s sadistic sex had wounded her body and mind and stolen away her songs, had her tender and passionate sexual encounters with her son given them back?

This question played in my head as I scrubbed my body in a hot tub of water. I began humming the same song Mom was singing. I didn’t hear the door open, but I did see the woman that came into the room and knelt beside the bathtub.

Mom was wearing a bright-blue, silky-satin robe that probably went with some kind of sexy lingerie set. An inch-wide belt made of silk ribbon encircled her waist. I recognized that ribbon. Part of the belt was missing. Why, that mother of mine had cut off a piece of her sexy robe and had tied it to her son’s cock in a delicate bow!

I stared at her in speechless wonder. Finally, I found words and said, “Thanks for the ‘prize-ribbon’, Mom? I really appreciate it.”

I saw her eyes begin to glaze with the moisture of tears. She fought them back and looked at me longingly. She said, “No, I thank you for what you’ve done. You’ll never know what your tenderness has meant to me.”

I watched as she untied the belt. The silky robe slipped from her body. Her body was naked. Mom was short and petite, but at 35, she was a fully-matured woman. Her breasts boldly adorned her chest. The bush of hair between her legs added erotic mystery to her pussy.

The hot water and the sight of my ‘smoking-hot-mama’ brought my cock back to life. It became fully-erect and ready for service if called to duty!

The call to action came! The longing in Mom’s eyes became words, “Jason, I’d love it if you would fuck me this morning! I know that you will want to fuck your s****r after she wakes up, but will you fuck me first, before I leave for work? You will have all day to fuck Susan. All I need is just a quick-fuck now. Maybe tonight you can give me another long one, just like the one last night?”

I reached to pull her into the tub. I kissed her and sat her on my lap with her legs around my waist. I grabbed the tits pushing at my chest. I squeezed and massaged them. My voice spoke huskily, “Mom, I’d love to fuck you right now. You didn’t have to ask. I love fucking you!”

I wasn’t in a bit of a hurry. Apparently, Mom was! She directed me to lean back against the wall. She reached beneath the water, grabbed my cock, and guided it to the opening of her pussy.

Suddenly, she impaled her pussy onto my cock! My shaft sank deep into her vaginal cavity. Her female juices joined the hot water in a joint effort towards smothering and drowning my engorged sex member.

My hands were each hanging on to an ass-cheek, my fingernails were digging in. It seemed to be the only way I had to steady myself as Mom began her wild ride. She took a tight grip on my shoulders. She raised and lowered her body. She did it again and then again. She frantically jumped up and down on my slippery-wet cock-shaft. Water was splashing onto the walls and over the edge of the tub.

My mother was fucking her son in a frenzy of shameless lust. My drowning shaft was well-lubricated with water and pussy-juice. More lubrication was yet to come. Mom’s body shuddered as her pussy released wave after wave of orgasmic vaginal cum. She was squealing with orgasmic pleasure.

The release of her hot vaginal cum stimulated my cock and triggered my own blissful orgasmic explosion. The fluids inside my testicle sack had reached a point of unstoppable eruption. My cock spewed out streams of liquid fire.

Mom stopped bouncing and fell forward on my chest. We were both fighting for breath, yet we both were sexually satisfied. We held each other tightly as our passion subsided.

By my calculations, it had been less than five minutes since I’d pulled Mom into the bathtub. This had been the second ‘quickie’ I’d participated in today. While the end outcome each time had resulted in pleasurable orgasms, I felt a little disappointment. I much preferred my fucking to be preceded by a prelude of passionate foreplay.

Speaking of passion, Mom kissed me and spoke adoringly, “Oh Jason, I love fucking you! I love the joy and comfort you’ve brought back to my life!”

She pulled back, but spoke again, “I know you like to fuck me. A man, even one who is 16 like you, can’t hide a thing like that from a woman. I also know that you love fucking Susan. I wish that s****r of yours knew about our fucking. Even at her age of 12, I think she’s old enough and intuitive enough to understand what you are doing with me. She knows about my emotional and sexual wounds. I think she’d love you for helping me heal.”

It was time for her to know, so I told her, “Mom, Susie does know. She saw me fucking you yesterday before we left for church. And, you’re right about her understanding. She is a very smart girl. She knew about your pain while I had no clue. Susie loves you and she loves me. She has told me that it made her happy to see me fucking you. She doesn’t know that I fucked you last night and this morning. But, I think it would make her happy if she did know.”

An unexpected voice quietly spoke, “It does make me happy! Oh, I’m so glad to see you two fucking again! I know about last night, too. Mom, you and Jase did make a lot of noise. But, I’m really happy for you Mom!”

Susie had quietly entered the bathroom. She had seen Mom sitting in my lap fucking me. She had watched without interruption.

At first, the voice had startled and embarrassed Mom. She had been caught bare-ass naked wildly fucking her son. But, she recovered quickly. She said, “Oh Susan, I’m glad you’ve found out. I’m really glad you’re ok with it. I’m leaving for work as soon as I get dressed. You can get Jason to fuck you.”

Mom’s name was Nell, but she was never called that here in this house. She was, Mom. But, I now called her by name, “Whoa-there-Nellie! Hold your horses. I think I ought to have a say about who’s going to get fucked and when! Hells-bells, I just shot my wad inside your pussy! I’ll need a little time for my ‘poor-old-wore-out’ cock to recover! I don’t know if that ‘limp-little- fella’ can handle back-to-back fucks!”

Now, I didn’t mention to those two ladies that I’d already had ‘handled’ one back-to-back session of fucking. I’d fucked Cathy and I’d fucked Mom. Goddamn-all-damn-mighty, I’d needed a little time before I could fuck Susie! But, I certainly wasn’t going to let his day go by without dipping my cock into my sweet s****r’s hot little hole!

That s****r of mine had dropped to her knees beside the bathtub. She was speaking and my mind caught up with her words, “Jase, I’m going to give you an argument about a few things you just said. First, your cock is not ‘wore-out’. It’s just resting up from fucking Mom. Second, your cock is not a ‘limp-little-fella’. It’s just temporarily ‘erectly-challenged’. It’ll wake up here in a minute and will bloom to full-erection and be ready to fuck me! And third, mister I know for a fact that you can handle ‘back-to-back’ fucks! I’ve had your ‘big-fella’ inside my pussy in back-to-back fucking parties!”

Mom laughed at the playful banter. She had lost all of her sexual embarrassment and inhibitions. She had no shame in her nudity, not even in the presence of her p*****n daughter. She climbed to her knees in the tub. My cock slipped out of her pussy.

That mother of mine reached out towards her girl-c***d. She grabbed the hem of that girl’s short tank top and pulled it off. She then removed her daughter’s panties.

Mom then spoke, “Girlie, you are just asking for a fucking! I’m going to climb out of this tub and let you climb in. If you can get his cock to stand up, then you can get your fucking. But, I’m going to watch the show! I want to see my son’s beautiful big cock inside my daughter’s pretty little pussy!”

Surprisingly, Susie offered no objections. In the past two days, she too had lost all sexual inhibitions. Mom jumped out of the tub and Susie jumped in.

Holy-shit, there were two bare-ass naked females hovering over me! They didn’t know about my earlier fucking with the next-door neighbor. Now, how in the holy-goddamn-hell am I supposed to get my cock up stiff enough for pussy penetration three times in a row? It just couldn’t be done! No, it couldn’t!

My s****r settled into the lap that my mom had just vacated. Her sweet little tits were pressed tightly to my chest as her arms encircled my neck. That wanton young vixen kissed me with wet, impassioned lips. Her tongue darted into my mouth. That wicked little hell-cat was r****g my mouth with her tongue! Well, I tongue-****d her mouth in return!

Lord-a-mercy, I loved that sweet young lady and her luscious feminine body. Hers was my first pussy. She was my first fucking partner. I would fuck her any time I could. But, right now I wasn’t ready. I told her so softly, “Susie, can’t we slow down. Listen, I just fucked Mom. I’d like to have a slow playful fuck this time. I’m not sure if you can make me hard just yet!”

Susie responded adamantly, “Damn Jase, you haven’t fucked me since yesterday afternoon! I’m horny as hell and I need to get fucked right now! And don’t you worry about getting hard. I’ll get you hard! I’ve heard it said that any girl that can’t get a guy to have a hard-on is a girl that doesn’t deserve to be fucked!”

That girl pulled the drain plug and the tub began emptying. This mischievous little imp wanted nothing to hide her body from her b*****r’s view. She knew that I loved the sight of her perky peach-size tits and her bare-nude pussy-mound.

Susie began barking out orders. I was told to stand up on my knees. She grabbed the too-flexible shaft of my cock and gently massaged it. She bent over and captured my cock in her mouth. She sucked and licked. Despite my worries, bl**d was again filling the blue veins encircling this sex-appendage.

I was told to turn around. Susie climbed to her own knees and put her arms around me. With her abdomen and pussy pressed to my back and ass, she again massaged my cock. Hot-bl**d raced faster up and down my shaft!

My wicked, wanton little s****r spoke seductively, “Oh Jase, if I had a cock I’d stick it into your asshole and ram it in deep! I’d ass-fuck you and fill you with the same glorious cock-cream that you fill my pussy with!”

A blast of electricity shot through my body. A fiery lightning bolt of lust struck the shaft of my cock. Every muscle in my body stiffened, including the muscle that was my cock! My mind began silently shouting, “It’s alive! It’s alive!”

Just as bolts of lightning had awakened Frankenstein’s monster, so too had Susie’s words and actions revived my cock. The shaft sprang to fully-engorged erection. Hot-damn-almighty, it was hard enough for fucking! I felt like shouting out, “Run all you mothers and hide all your daughters! My cock is aroused the monster is hungry for pussy!”

It was now time for me to take charge of the situation in the bathtub. If Susie wanted a fucking, then Susie would get a fucking! I twisted around in the tub. My cock was torn from her grip. I ordered her to turn around. I put the shaft of my cock against the crack of her ass.

I reached around to grab her two tits. I played with those beautiful-boobs more roughly than I intended to. I moved one hand and cupped her pussy. My hand squeezed and two fingers entered the vaginal opening.

I ordered Susie to bend over with her ass in the air. I looked at Mom. Her hands were covering her mouth in astonished amazement. I told her to hand me the jar of Vaseline on the vanity behind her. She reached for the jar, but she didn’t hand it to me. Instead, she stuck her fingers in the jar, grabbed my cock, and liberally coated the head and shaft with the thick lubricant.

Just as I had ordered, Susie had bent over and her ass was pointing straight at my cock. I had a decision to make. I had a choice of two inviting ‘rear-loading’ orifices in which to insert my cock.

Susie’s sweet little pussy mound offered enticing temptation. My favorite place to house my cock was inside her hot-pink pussy-hole! I’d wanted to stick my cock into that hole ever since I woke up this morning. Now I had a chance.

But, that wickedly mischievous little s****r of mine had startled my mind when she brought up the idea of ass-fucking! Never, ever in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that I would even contemplate sticking my cock in an asshole! Yet, that sweet little girl had said she’d ass-fuck me if she could. Well, if she would do it to me, then I would do it to her!

I grabbed my cock and touched her asshole tentatively. I pushed gently. The thick lubrication Mom had coated my cock with made penetration effortless. The head of my cock entered. The shaft followed until four of the six inches were inside. I pumped in and out. I pumped three times.

Susie didn’t say a word, but she squealed and screamed. Was I hurting her? Did she like it? Did she like ass-fucking as much as pussy-fucking?

Well shit, I wasn’t going to wait to find out! I already knew which one I preferred! I pulled my cock out of her ass. It still had plenty of lubrication. I plunged my shaft deep into Susie’s pussy!

Hot-damn-holy-hell, my cock was home! My sweet s****r’s pussy wrapped around my shaft with a warm, comforting embrace. Two ‘long-lost’ lovers, a cock and a pussy, had been reunited!

This time, I pumped in and out with invigorated passion. My testicle sack had brewed up another load of cream and my cock began to enthusiastically deliver the contents to its designation. I spilled every last drop into Susie’s vaginal hole. For the third time this morning my body shook and shuddered with joyous orgasmic delight!

Susie was again squealing and screaming. But, this time I had no doubt as to the meaning of the sounds. That girl’s body was quivering and quaking as waves of blissful orgasms raced throughout her mind, body, and soul.

And then it was over. Unbridled lust and passion slowly subsided. Susie turned around to face me. I pulled her close. I pulled Mom close, too. I cupped a pussy in each hand. One was exotic, mature, and covered with erotic-bush. The other was young, beautiful, and perfectly nude.

The two pussies I held were still dripping with sex-juices and my hands were becoming coated with the evidence of sexual pleasure.

As I squeezed the pussies, I spoke with a voice of authority, “Listen here you two ladies, I reckon that these ‘quickie’ fucks are alright… sometimes. But, I’d like to get more play time with the next fucks. So, Mom, tonight I’m going to fuck you again, but I’m going to take my own sweet-damn-time doing it! And, Susie, after lunch I’m going to fuck you again, but I’m going to be in charge and I’ll play with you all the-damn-day-long if I want!”

Two smiling faces were grinning as I looked from one to the other. Two heads were nodding in a sign of affirmative agreement. Neither one of these naked females had a single objection to my plans for fucking.

It was a damn-good plan for fucking, even if I say so myself!

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