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My girlfriends mother part 4

My girlfriend’s mother, Part 4

Those of you who have been following my adventures with my girlfriend’s f****y will by now know all the characters so I will not go over them again if not then I would suggest that you go to the original and start there.

My next story has quite a few different facets that I hope you will enjoy.

It starts with one of my visits to service my girlfriends mother one rainy Wednesday afternoon, we were relaxing after the first frenzied session and were sitting up on the bed, we were both naked and she was sitting on my cock rocking gently, I was laying half sitting propped up by pillows, I was toying with her nipples which were hard and her aureoles were puckered and tight, she was playing with the hairs on my chest as occasionally she would take a small shiver and her stomach would tighten and I knew she was serving herself so to speak, she put her arms over my shoulders crossing her arms behind my head and kissed me gently on the lips, “I need to ask you a favour” she said, “well two favours actually” she said looking down at my hands on her breasts, “what is it you want?” I asked “can you please stop doing that for a moment” she said ”I can’t concentrate on what I have to say, you know my nipples are sensitive and I cannot think straight with you tweaking them” she murmured, ”is that one of the favours?” I asked, “No!, no” she said, I chuckled, I moved my hands down to her waist but she didn’t stop rocking , “I want to go out on a night out with you” she said looking me straight in the eye, “what sort of a night out and how am I going to get this past Gillian?” I questioned “ you can tell her that you are working” she said “and I fancy a meal and maybe a night club ”she said kissing me again, “you know I don’t get out much only with Pam so I thought It would be nice to go out and I would feel safe with you so who better to take me but the man who spends a lot of time with his prick inside me ”she cooed, my cock did a lurch and she jumped, I have told you before that I am a sucker for women who talk dirty to me “does that mean that I am winning you over” she said kissing me on the nose “maybe” I said mock sheepishly, she laughed “what is the second favour?” I asked “did you know that we have another s****r?” she said more seriously, “ no “ I replied, “she lives in Hull, her name is Sarah and she is coming over for a couple of days then going to a conference in Edinburgh for 3 days, she is two years older than me, you will like her but she is a bit naïve and that is why we wondered if you would go with her to Edinburgh” she explained, she was looking me straight in the eye, “and Gillian?” I queried “she knows about it and understands, she would have gone too but has to work and I know you have some annual leave left, say yes, pleases, please say yes” she purred “you know how grateful I can be” she said as she shuffled her bottom in my lap making my cock do another lurch, she looked down “ does that mean you will” she said seductively, “I suppose so” I said feeling that really I had no choice because these women were ganging up on me and had it all worked out “ fantastic” she said “and now for being a good boy you can fuck me doggy style, I know you like the doggy style because it makes you feel masterful” she whispered “ how do you know? “ I said “because of the way you pound my cunt” she said as she climbed off me and took up position on all fours on the bed “besides!! I like it too because that way you bang my G spot and I really like that” she said laughing, I lined up my cock on her gaping cunt and pushed my prick into her hard, punishing her for her cheek, she gasped and threw her head back “god!! I’m sure you are getting bigger” she croaked, I proceeded to pound her cunt slapping my balls against her clit she started to groan and then came in a stomach clenching orgasm as she bowed her head and lowered her arms to the bed raising her arse and giving me a view of her gorgeous backside and relaxing her buttocks, I wet my finger and pushed it into her rose working it to the first knuckle of my finger, she started to convulse as her cunt gripped my cock and I exploded into her “that’s it give it to me my darling, all of it” she said as she looked through her own legs at my balls swinging, I pumped my seed into her and continued to pound her as my cock wilted and I pulled back, my balls were soaking with her juice then she turned around and pushed her finger across the end of my cock scooping up cum that was dripping from the end and transferring it to her mouth where she swallowed it and looked into space and said “yes!! a very good vintage I think” we laughed together and started to get dressed.

All the arrangements were made for both the night out and the trip to Edinburgh although I had a suspicion that there was something they weren’t telling me about the trip, they were being very secretive and conversation would stop whenever I entered the room

The night came for the evening out, as requested I had donned a suit, I was to pick up Ruth at the end of a ginnel that went from their street which was a cul-de-sac through to the next road so as to not be seen by Gillian, I saw Ruth coming down the ginnel and opened the door for her, she had on a long black coat to her ankles with an angora collar, she looked terrific and I felt very proud that I was going to be seen with this stunner tonight, as she sat down in the car her coat fell open to reveal a top that was split down to her waist so that the inside edges of her breasts were showing so obviously no bra, a short black skirt about two inches above the knee and small mesh stockings finished off with patent leather high heeled shoes, I think my sharp intake of breathe said it all as she beamed at me then leaned across and kissed me lightly on the lips, she looked fantastic and my cock started to lurch as it does when I am in her company, we had agreed to go out of town over to Leeds where we weren’t known, before we set off, I looked at her and said “ I have to know, stockings or tights??” she looked at me and smiled as she pulled back her skirt to reveal her self supporting lacy stocking tops and a pair of bright red panties that gripped her pussy into a camel toe, I nearly wet myself there and then, “stockings of course” she said “it will make it easier for you later” she purred seductively looking at me sideways.

I set off for the restaurant, she took off her coat in the restaurant and immediately got a lot of attention from the waiters who I realised were trying to get a glimpse down her cleavage, although her top was split down the middle with a V to just above her breasts, the fabric was close at the edge cradling her breasts and holding them apart to show the naked cleavage where her bra would normally be, we chatted as we ate mostly about my forthcoming wedding to Gillian, she was a very beautiful woman and had been hurt by her losing her husband so it was nice to give her something that she wanted, she looked radiant and happy and pleased to be out on the town for a change.

We finished the meal and the bottle of wine and headed out along the street from the restaurant, as we passed the door of a nightclub she said “ this looks alright” we approached the brightly lit door where a doorman said are you members, I pulled my warrant card out and showed it to him, he allowed us into the club, they welcome the police because they think there is less chance of trouble, we found a table in a booth and sat down while a glamorous waitress ask us if we would like a drink on the house, they also like beautiful women to frequent because it attracts the men with the money who will splash out for a bit of skirt and buy champagne etc.

Ruth was thoroughly enjoying herself and we had a few smoochy dances where she thanked me for the evening and pushed into me with her hips, needless to say my cock was on very close standby and although it was not hard I could feel the pre-cum oozing out, the music was good and she was getting some male attention as she danced with a couple of other guys, I could see that they were tenting but she skilfully avoided contact with their hips and cocks as she chatted with them during the dance.

She sat down again glowing,“ this is great” she said then reached across and put her hand on mine but didn’t say anything, just smiled, I excused myself and went upstairs to the toilet where I let out a big sigh of relief and considered having a wank because she was driving me crazy, I dismissed the idea and had a quick wash on my face and then headed back down stairs again, as I walked out of the toilet I noticed a window at the end of the passage that was open, the window was full length and the curtains were blowing inwards, it was an emergency exit so I walked out onto a fire escape to get some welcome air which I thought might cool me down a bit, the fire escape had another set of steps in the corner that went up to the next level in a sort of a zig-zag, I leaned on the rail which overlooked an ally behind the club, the street was lit by sodium yellow lights but there was no traffic just a couple of cars parked opposite to the club, I stood for a few moments and then I saw the club door below me open and the lights from the club illuminate the street, a short stocky black guy walked into view followed by a woman that I recognised to be Ruth, I felt like calling out but stood mesmerised as they crossed the alley and stood in front of one of the cars, he put his hands on her hips and kissed her, I knew from their actions that she was tonging him as she raised her arms and d****d them across his shoulders dangling her hands behind is head, this was her signal for him to make a move, he raised his hand from her waist and cupped her breast, his thumb moved under the fabric of her top and started to caress her bosom, she did not object, I jumped as a voice beside me said “that’s my husband down there with your woman,” I turned to face a tall slim black woman who was standing beside me with her arms folded across her chest and a cigarette burning in her dangling hand, I looked back at the spectacle, the guy now had his hand into Ruth’s top and was feeling her breasts, she was responding by pushing her hips against him, “she’s not my woman, she’s my girlfriends mother” I replied as the show continued as my cock was moving rapidly to erection, you know he’s going to fuck her don’t you??” she said, I took stock of her, she was a beautiful woman with tight frizzy hair nicely made up with just a hint of blusher, she was wearing a dark red boob tube top that was fighting to try to contain her ample breasts as she was obviously without bra but her tits were jutting out in front, her nipples erect in the cool night air, a short black skirt similar to the one that Ruth was wearing and lurex stockings together with dark red shoes, her shoulders were bare and she had on a gold necklace, “she is a single woman” I said “ she knows what she is doing” I commented, “ and you?” I said “why don’t you intervene if it’s your husband??” “I’m passed caring” she said, “he is always at it, he has odd k**s everywhere, we have none because you cannot get k**s with a condom and I insist he wears one because he has had every STD known to man,” she must have seen the alarm in my eyes because she quickly said “ Oh!! Don’t you worry none, he will use one on her tonight because he does not want any more paternity suits against him” she moved closer putting her arms on the rail and flicking her cigarette out into the alley, I looked at the alley and by now I could see that both of Ruth’s breasts were out of her top and in his hands, I could see the outline of his black fingers on her skin as he groped her and she in response was humping at him with her hips, she was obviously very horny, I felt the shoulder push gently against me and turned, the woman was leaning on the rail beside me, she was resting her breasts on her arms which were being pushed up inside her top with the top of her breasts peeping out of the top of it, my cock twitched as I caught a whiff of her perfume, she looked at me then rested her forehead on my shoulder, as she watched the alley, I turned back to look and saw Ruth bending down and removing her knickers, she stuffed them in the guys pocket and came close to him again rubbing her hand up and down the front of his trousers, “here it comes” said my fellow spectator as she put her hand on my arm and squeezed it, I turned again and the woman’s face was very close to mine, she had a very hungry look in her eyes as she leaned forward and kissed me lightly on the lips staring at my lips as she did so, I returned my gaze to the alley as she rested her head against mine, I could smell her cigarette mixed with her musk and my cock moved again, Ruth now had his zip down and had pulled his short very fat cock into view, she was looking at it and pumping it, “is he infected at the moment” I asked fearing what was coming next” No he’s alright at the moment, how about you?” she asked staring me in the eye as she pulled down her top and her black shiny tits sprang into view, they were rock hard with black nipples that were about half an inch long and large black aureoles surrounding that were distended and swollen and I knew that she was getting horny as well, she put her arm through mine pushing her breasts into me, I gulped “ I’m clear, never had one yet”, I looked back at the street, and as I expected Ruth had gone down on the guy his fat cock protruding from her mouth as she sucked at him while she wanked him, the woman beside me was pulling me gently sideways to the corner of the escape platform, she took my hand and pushed it up her skirt, I could feel the wet on her knickers, I reached for the top and tugged them down a short way then slipped my hand into them to feel her damp pussy, she clamped her mouth on mine and I felt the pink tongue come through the black lips and into my mouth as I responded by sliding my fingers down her slit and inserting two fingers into her cunt, she started to hump at my fingers, I removed my fingers and put them to my mouth to taste her cunt on my lips, she groaned “come on white boy, fuck this black pussy, don’t you want to get your white cock into me like my husband is going to do to her” I looked back down at the alley, Ruth was standing again and he had his fingers in her cunt as she stood with one leg raised and her foot on the bumper of the car, her cunt plainly in view, she was pulling his cock that was by now a bit longer but just as thick, I turned to the girl beside me and she put her arms up around my neck then I took hold of her tits and squeezed them, milking them and pulling at them as I groped her, she was panting harder now and she reached down and unzipped me feeling for my cock which was by now was rock hard and raring to go, she had a struggle to pull it out but then it came free and sprang out into her hand and she looked down at the shiny wet end and groaned again “ my, my white boy, you could be a nigger with all that meat” she chuckled and looked at me with sparkling eyes, she leaned down and dropped her knickers to her ankles and stepped out of them then sank to her haunches with her legs apart and took my cock in her hand and wrapped her mouth around the end, I could see her black hair covered pussy glinting in the amber light from the street, she moved her other hand onto her pubic cushion and slipped her fingers into herself as I looked back into the street, Ruth was just pulling him into her as he was pulling on the condom, I breathed a sigh of relief as he pushed his cock up into her almost lifting her off her feet, I saw her dig her teeth into his shoulder as he pushed right up inside her and proceeded to fuck her, my attention was being brought back to my cock that was being worked by an expert, I disengaged and lifted her to her feet then pushed her back onto the stairs and sat her on a couple of steps up , she got the message and moved up another step, lifting her feet to the step below and opening her legs wide, I buried my face in her cunt and started licking, she grabbed my head and started to come into my mouth “ Oooooh come on white boy, eat that black pussy, get your tongue in there and lick it out, god for a white boy you are good” then she came with a shuddering shake that rattled the fire escape and she started to gag as her throat closed up with the muscular contractions of her stomach, her cunt poured juice into me, she tasted so sweet, I couldn’t believe how good she tasted, she threw her head back gasping for air and let out a loud moan that I was sure could be heard in the street but I looked up to see Ruth spread across the bonnet of the car face down with the guy banging away at her cunt from behind, her tits were out and flattened on the bonnet, I returned to my quest of eating the girls cunt, the girl pulled my head away from her cunt and kissed me full on the mouth thrusting her tongue into my mouth and squirming it around then she got down off the stairs and turned around, lifting the back of her skirt with one hand as she bent over and put her other hand on the lower step, I was now faced with a gorgeous black arse with twitching buttocks and I could see the pink interior of her cunt between the dark lips of her vulva as the juice ran out of her “come on honey get your cock on in there and give it to me to the top, I wanna feel it inside me, come on fuck me” I obliged sinking my rampant knob into her soaking cunt and shoving it all the way in, she gasped and came again with another shuddering orgasm and her legs began to collapse I caught her and held her up still banging away at her “ no you don’t escape me that easy” I said, “I’m not done with you yet” I said to her as she moaned and came again, I could see her juice dripping onto the step as it oozed around my cock and fell to the floor, I looked and could see that the guy now had Ruth sat on the bonnet with his cock inside her squeezing her tits as she leaned back with her hands on the bonnet, he was certainly giving her a good time, I went back to my job with my cock still inside the girl I felt underneath her and started to grope her tits, she came again then pulled away from me panting with wild eyes staring at me then she came at me again pushing me back to the railings and lifting her leg onto the top of the railings then grabbing my cock she shoved it into her cunt, wrapped her arms around my neck and started to thrust her hips at me fucking me as I thrust upwards into her whilst grabbing her tits, squeezing them then taking the enormous nipples into my mouth and sucking on them, she exploded again with another orgasm, “Oooooh you fucking bastard” she cried “fuck me and squeeze those black tits, you love those tits don’t ya, now give me your load, make me pregnant, shoot it into me, let me feel the warm juice from ya pumping into me,” I obliged on both counts again, coming twice in succession, something I have never done before or since, she growled again as she felt the burst of my load inside her and I just kept on pumping it in, “ that’s it sweetheart let it go, fill me up” she whispered, my cock faded and she stepped back picking up her knickers, she pulled up her top to cover her fabulous breasts, leaned forward and kissed me full on the mouth, I looked up and Ruth had disappeared but I noticed that the light from the doorway as it closed, I put my cock away and walked back with the girl to the toilets where she disappeared inside, I went into the gents and washed my cock in the sink and freshened up my face, I felt drained, I went down stairs and walked through the club back to our table, Ruth was sitting there just as the guy was walking away, “are you looking for your wife?” I queried, “No I am not married” came the reply, my jaw dropped and I smiled to myself, Ruth stood and put on her coat, “I’m ready to go” she said smiling at me “have you had a good night?” I asked, “yes it’s been fantastic but it’s not over yet I hope” she said as she grinned at me,

Nothing was said most of the way home, we were both quiet, “you saw me in the alley didn’t you?” She said eventually “yes, I watched “ I replied, she was silent for a moment “are you upset?” She asked “no, I just wish you had told me that that was what you wanted” I replied, we were getting close to home, “can we stop and talk?” she said, so I drove down a small country lane that Gillian and I used to shag when the house was full and parked in a secluded enclosure, she took off her shoes and pulled her legs up curling them onto the seat and I noticed that she had her knickers back on, I moved towards her and put my arms around her, she came to me kissing me on the mouth,
“you know I love you don’t you and I don’t want to hurt you but I had to know, since my husband went I had to know if I still had it, if I could still create the attraction, I needed that guy to fuck me tonight for my own peace of mind, I know that you are a big tonic to me and you do my ego good with your interest in me and the way you respond to me and I must confess that I get a bit jealous of Gillian and what she has in store for her with you but I hope we can still be friends and perhaps lovers” she said, “how can I convince you that I am still very much attracted to you” I replied “ fuck me “ she said as she reached for her knickers and pulled them off then got hold of her top and literally ripped it open as her tits came bouncing out, I leaned over and pushed her seat back as far as it would go, then I climbed out of the car taking my jacket off as I walked around, I opened the passenger door and took my shoes off, then my trousers and boxer shorts, then climbed in and knelt in the passenger foot well, she lifted her legs and opened them wide resting her feet on the dash board, her pink cunt interior was wet so I sank my face into her and ate her cunt, pushing my tongue inside and making her juices flow, as she came into my mouth “oh my darling, oh my lover” she said “ fuck me, fuck me hard, I want you so bad” she said “did you like watching, did you like watching that big black cock violate my cunt, come on now, show me you liked it, show me you enjoyed watching me suck on his fat cock” she hissed and with that I sank my cock into her cunt and banged her as he squeezed her tits and pulled at her nipples, we came together as my load surged into her as she felt the warm juice flood up into her cervix as she thrashed in her seat, what a woman!!!!

To be continued………

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