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Three horny daughters

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Chapter 1

"Mom would sure shit if she knew we were playing with our
pussies," Eva Ward Giggled.

Sally Ward, their mother, felt a shock run down her body to her
clit. She had left the house, saying she was going to the store,
but she had forgotten her grocery list.

Sally had no idea that her sexy young daughters had started
playing stinky finger. The three girls were so very young, Eva
thirteen, Fay eleven, and little Jan only nine. Eva was the only
one that even had hair on her pussy.

The door was not quite closed, and Sally crept up to the crack
and peered through. Her worst suspicions were realized. Another
shock raced down to her cunt. Her husband Dan had not been giving
her much prick lately, and she was horny, too. Her clit stiffened.

Her pretty daughter's sat in a circle on Eva's bed, slim young
thighs opened wide. Their thin nighties displayed their bodies
provocatively. Their cute pointy tits were out of their nightie
tops, and each girl had her left hand on her tits. Their right
hands were fastened to their cunts.

For being s****rs the girls did not look much alike. Only their
facial features were similar. Sally was dark headed and Dan was
blond, and the daughters had hair color that varied. Eva's tresses
were almost as dark as Sally's. Fay had in-between hair, partly
blonde, and Jan was the real blonde.

"This is fun, doing our pussy thing together," Fay said.

"Yes, I want to see you girls cum," Jan giggled.

"Cumming is where it's at," Fay chirped, her hand moving faster
on her uptilted pussy. "Mom'll be gone a long time, so we can cum
a lot of times."

Sally shuddered, her cunt juice wetting the crotch of her

Sally and Dan were strict with their growing daughters. They
couldn't go out at night, and they couldn't date.

Where did they learn to talk like whores? Sally wondered. Her
girls were smart - all three drew good grades, they didn't goof off
with the books. They swam in the f****y pool, had girl friends
over, went to afternoon movies. They had seemed like normal

And here they were, sprawled out on Eva's bed, watching each
other play with cunts and tits. Awful. Sally had to stop it
somehow. She would not interrupt them, though.

Sally knew that when it was over she would have to jerk her own
cunt till she had relief. Dan hadn't fucked her in two weeks. Sally
was healthy, red-bl**ded, and very attractive. She had fine,
thrusting tits, long legs, a rounded ass and a face that most women
in town really envied. Sally did not look old enough to have three
girls old enough to start cunt play.

But here they were, giggling and enjoying their pretty young
bodies. Sally could see Eva's cunt the best.

Eva's dainty cunt was all moist, the cunt lips swollen out, her
little pink clit sticking up at the top of her pussy crevice. Now
and then Eva gave her clit a careful fondling. Sally couldn't see
the younger girl's cunts, but apparently they were doing what Eva
was doing. Eva, being the oldest, was the natural leader of the
trio, she was bolder and talked more.

"Let's have our cum, Eva," Jan giggled. "My little cock really

"Mine does too," Fay said.

"Yes, my cunt is ready," Eva giggled. "Let's try to make it all
together, huh? But don't jab your fingers in too deep don't want to
tear your cherries."

"Oh, no," Jan tittered. "I want mine busted with a big hot
prick. And you know what? I wish Dad would tear it."

Sally felt a wave of dizziness. Good God. These young foxes
wanted their own father to fuck them. It was obscene. Where did
they get such terrible ideas?

"He's real sexy, and he won't talk to anybody," Eva said. "He's
had his wires clipped, can't knock us up. He can pour his spunk
right up in our cunts."

"I've seen Dad looking at us," Jan said. "He wants to fuck us,
all right."

All three girls giggled.

"He ought to fuck Mom more, though," Eva said. "I haven't heard
them getting any ass for a long time."

"Guys get tired of the same cunt." Fay giggled. "Mom is good

"I bet she plays with her cunt," Jan said. "We should tell Dad
he ought to fuck her at least twice a week."

"They used to fuck a lot, when we were younger," Eva said
"Sometimes I thought the bed was gonna break down."

"That was fun, hearing them," Fay giggled.

"It made my clit stand up," Jan laughed. "I wonder how big Dad's
prick is, when it's hard."

"It sure looks big in his pants and shorts," Eva said.

"We all notice that," Fay giggled. "You know, Mom has about six
or seven cums before he goes off."

"He sure knows how to fuck, that's for sure," Jan said.

Sally gripped the door casing, her cunt streaming juice into her
panties. Those young, pretty sluts knew everything that went on in
the house.

Yes, Dan knew how to fuck. He was an expert in the sack. He made
good money in his insurance business downtown.

Sally had enjoyed some cunt-rubbing in her earlier teen years,
but nothing since then. She loved cock, lots of pumping, spurting
prick. Dan's prick. Now and then a sexy girl did appeal to her.

But to think that she could actually touch her daughters and
slip a finger up their cunts, kiss them and fondle their budding
tits - that was forbidden. And Dan had better not touch their
pretty daughters. either.

This was Friday, Dan would want a few drinks before dinner, and
hopefully a few tit and ass feels. And later on, a good, robust

"Oh, I'm gonna cum!" Jan exclaimed, her right hand moving faster
on her uptilted cunt.

"Me, too," Fay giggled.

Sally stared at Eva's turned on cunt, watching Eva tease a
finger around her stiff, pink clit. Eva's face was flushed, her
tits sharp and stiff. The nipples looked very long and sexy.

"Come, Jan," Eva breathed, jiggling her palm on her cunt. "You
cum too, Fay. Here comes my funnnn!"

"Ohhhh, ohhhhh!" Eva whined, her hand a blur on her wet cunt.
"My cunt's cumming. Uhhhhh - ohhhh - fuuuuck!"

Sally almost gasped. Her right hand shot down to her crotch, she
gripped her cunt mound. She wore dressy pants and a flowery blouse,
very thin bikini panties. Cunt juice was already soaking through
onto her pants. She couldn't go shopping this way.

Whimpers of delight came from her daughters as they hunched and
jiggled the bed with their whipping fingers.

Those dirty little cunts, Sally thought, rubbing her own covered
cunt. I wonder how often they do this.

The three girls finished their cum fun and giggled, looking from
one wet pussy to another.

"Damn good," Jan giggled. "Now let's have another cum apiece."

"Sounds nice," Fay said. "When're we gonna quit this k** stuff
and fuck?"

Jan looked at Eva. "We'd have to take turns," Jan giggled.

"Well, the girl left over could always play with her cunt, like
we're doing now," Fay said.

"Okay," Eva laughed. "Which two of us fuck?"

Sally couldn't take much more of this. Her cunt ached, her tits
itched, and her legs felt wobbly.
Subject: THD (02/20)

* * * * * * * *

"I'll fuck you, Jan," Eva giggled. "Fay, you can play with your
cunt and watch."

"Hell, it was my idea," Fay protested.

"We'll fuck plenty after today," Eva giggled. "Stretch you ass
out, Jan. I'm gonna fuck you good."

"Oh, yes," Jan giggled, lifting her nightie over her head. She
rested on her back, pretty long thighs open wide, her puffy cunt
arched upward.

Sally wanted to tear herself away from the partly opened door,
but she couldn't. She had to watch Eva fuck Jan. Sally's belly
churned with lust, her cunt oozed more juice. She stroked at her
fingers, blades of excitement shooting through her crotch.

"Oh, this is good," Jan giggled, pushing her tits up at her
s****r Eva. "The only trouble is you don't have a cock."

"Shit, I know that," Eva breathed, her cute ass flexing.

Fay watched, her hand returning to her pussy, her other hand
fondling her pretty, swollen tits.

"Can you cum that way?" Fay asked.

"I'm gonna fuck Jan till we cum," Eva muttered. "Even if it
takes all afternoon."

Sally quickened her hand movements. Maybe she wouldn't have to
be naked, after all. She liked to be sitting flat on her ass when
she had her goodies, but a stand-up cum would be better than not
cumming at all.

Sometimes she had fun with herself when she was driving the
f****y car. One hand on the steering wheel, the other inside her
shorts and panties on her itchy cunt.

This was different. She was watching her young daughters play
with their cunts and fuck. Sally didn't see how she could hold back
her passion much longer.

Surges of throbbing lust raged inside Sally's belly, her tits
felt ready to poke holes in her blouse. Her cunt mouth was
twitching, oozing more fuck sap.

"Oh, fuck me harder, Eva!" Jan whined. "I can feel your clit.
It's so damn good!"

"I'll fuck your little cunt till you yell," Eva panted, her ass
working faster. Sally could see the cute pink rosette of Eva's
asshole, the muscles flexing. What a pretty sight.

"Fuck her, fuck her!" Fay cried, her hand whipping her own cunt.

Those rotten young cunts. Was there no end to their sex-talk? It
excited Sally, though.

"Ohhh!" Jan cried, her long legs quivering. "I'm fucking well
going to cum! Hit me hard, s*s. Fuck that little hot cunt of yours
right into my cunt!"

Sally moaned quietly. Her hand jiggled on her cunt curve. Her
crotch was wet, cunt juice going through her panties and pants. The
palm of her hand was slick with pre-cum juices.

Her legs quivered again, she could hardly stand upright. The
fierce ache in her cunt and clit was too damn much. Just as Jan let
out a squeal of delight, Sally felt her own cunt start cumming. She
boxed her crotch swiftly.

"Uhhh, fuuuuuuck!" Jan cried. "I'm getting my cum!"

"My cunt's cumming, too!" Fay bleated, her right hand whipping
her swollen pussy. Her ass jiggled.

"Shit, fuck, I'm cumming!" Eva gasped, her cute ass a blur of

Sally felt the searing delight of her cum shooting up her shaky
legs. The pulses leaped from her tensing clit, and her tits felt
ready to explode. Her hips jerked back and forth like she was
fucking a prick, and she clamped her jaw to keep from shouting.

The room in front of her blurred. All she could see was frantic,
dim movements on the bed as her three sexy daughters went off all

Panting, Sally leaned on the door casing, watching her daughters
finish their fuck and finger fun. How lovely they looked. Long
pretty hair around their shoulders, their cute budding tits, their
smooth, rounded asses. They were as pretty in the face as movie
starlets, and they had minds like whores.

"Oh, boy, that was good!" Fay giggled, still clutching her cunt.

"It sure is fun, feeling a pussy cum," Eva tittered. She lifted
up from Jan and settled on her back, her long, smooth thighs
sprawled wide open, her puffy little hairless cunt exposed.

Sally felt her tongue turn hard. She wanted to eat that cute,
swollen, dainty cunt. She wanted to eat Jan and Eva, too. Oh, but
she couldn't, that would be terribly wrong. There had to be some
decency in the f****y, somehow.

Wiping her wet hand on her pants, Sally shuddered, her eyes
still glued to the picture of her three precious daughters, side by
side now, on their backs, cunts all puffy and shiny with cunt

"Jesus, we gotta do this again," Eva giggled, reaching over to
press her fingers into Fay's cunt. Fay was lying at Eva's left.

"It's my turn for a fuck, s*s," Eva smiled, spreading her
pretty, long legs. "Which one of you two hot cunts is going to rub
your cunt on mine?"

"Oh, let me!" Jan exclaimed.

"Well, bring it over here and fuck me, Blondie," Fay giggled.

Sally shivered with lust. If I was in there with them we could
all pair off and fuck, she thought. God, what kind of a****l am I?"

Sally didn't want her sexy girls out fucking young boys. They
were too damn young. Would their father actually run his prick in
them? All three girls needed cock in the worst way.

Sally had been true to Dan, so far. He was the only man she had
ever fucked. He had plucked her dainty cherry, he had given her
plenty of loving and fucking. But he had never eaten her cunt. She
had never sucked his prick. He had given her three pretty daughters
and from then on the fucking had diminished. Maybe her cunt was too
loose. He had never said anything. He made her cum five or six big
times when he got going.

Then, when he busted his balls and spurted spunk up in her
twitching cunt, she always had another cum. Oh, how she loved his
prick. Many a time she'd wanted to hold his cock in her eager
fingers and slide his prick up her mouth, but after he went off he
lost interest, his cock shriveled.

They always fucked at night, with just a dim light in the corner
of the bedroom. One of her women friends said her husband often
fucked her in different places, maybe in broad daylight. She said
she liked to watch his prick go in. The woman had also said she
wore sexy undies around during the day. Her husband could get away
from work at any time, and they often had "nooners". Or

I'm going to be sexier for Dan, Sally thought, shivering, her
right hand back on her cunt mound.

Jan was crawling over between Fay's long legs. They began
kissing, and, as their cunts met juicily, Sally could see their
tongues sliding and poking.

Eva sat on her ass, away from her s****rs, and started fondling
her cunt and tits, smiling as Jan started her girl fuck. Now Sally
could see Jan's cute ass, the delicate crevice, the pink little
asshole, all puckered and twitching as she fucked.

"You like cunt fucking, Fay?" Eva giggled.

"Jan can really fuck!" Fay breathed. "I can feel her clit."

"I can feel yours, too," Jan giggled, fucking faster.

"We gotta do this a lot, k**s!" Fay exclaimed. "Come on, Jan!
Make my cunt cum!"

Sally was almost beyond being shocked by her daughters. What
filthy mouths they had. The talk excited Sally just the way it
excited her sexy daughters. Maybe some fuck words would give Dan a
big hard-on.

As Jan continued to grind her cunt into Fay's cunt, Sally
gripped her covered cunt with new purpose. She had to have her
goodies again. Going without cock for so long was just murder.
sl**ping with Dan, smelling the spicy aroma from his balls and
body, night after night, had been hard on her.

If he came home right now, I'd rush him in the bedroom and get
him hard and top-fuck him like crazy, Sally thought, rubbing her
hand on her pants and panty-clad cunt.

Dan did let her top-fuck once in a while, which she loved. He
could hold his spunk longer that way, but he acted like her being
on top, fucking him was a kind of put-down. He wanted to be in
charge of a fuck.

"Ohhh, my cunt's cumming!" Fay whimpered, her long legs shaking.

"My cunt's ready to go off, too!" Jan gasped, her cute butt
working faster. "Damn, that's good pussy!'

Eva leaned over and fit her hand on Jan's bobbing ass. As Sally
watched, her own cunt ready to cum, she almost gasped. Eva was
tickling Jan's asshole.

"Oh, fuck your finger in my ass!" Jan cried, still fucking away
at Fay's uptilted cunt.

Eva transferred her left hand to her own cunt, and continued to
play around with Jan's sweet pink asshole. Every time Jan fucked
the tip of Eva's finger struck the ring of pink asshole flesh.

"Get your finger in my ass, s*s!" Jan bleated. "I'm cumming

Eva continued to finger-fuck her own cunt and just as Jan went
into her short cum strokes, Eva shoved her longest finger into
Jan's pretty, tight asshole. Even as fast as Jan fucked, Eva was
able to keep her finger up her s****r's asshole.

"Cum, you blonde cunt!" Eva urged. "You cum too, Fay."

Sally felt on the edge of fainting. She had never heard such
filth or seen such lewdness. Her young daughters were dirty rotten

Mingled cries of girlish delight rang in Sally's ears. The swift
movement of Jan's ass, with Eva's finger still poked in her cute
little asshole, shot more shudders down to Sally's stinging,
burning cunt. Fay was cumming. Eva was cumming, and now Jan yelled
fiercely as she went off.

Sally staggered away from the partly open bedroom door. She
lurched down the upstairs hallway, to the master bedroom, closed
the door and locked it. She rushed out of her clothes, kicked her
heels aside and sprawled on the bed, her right hand flying to her
cunt, her left hand reaching for her bulging tits.

She ran her longest finger into her twitching cunt, pressed her
thumb into her tensing, flaming clit and jiggled her hand for her

She shouted and bucked her ass as the twinges tightened in her
cunt mouth. Her tits were melon-hard, her dark nipples peaked high.
Her clit pulsed, her cunt sucked and clamped like she had a prick
in there, and she cried out again.

Oh, I really love rutty fuck talk, she thought, cumming hard and
fast. I haven't had such a good cum in months. I'm still cumming,
I'm into a multiple. Fuck, fuck, cunt, prick and asshole. Just wait
till Dan comes home. I'll fuck him till he can't get his prick up
any more.
Subject: THD (03/20)

* * * * * * * *
Chapter 2

Sally watched Dan wheel his car up into the double driveway, and
her heart pounded, her clit ached. She wore her tiniest string
bikini, high-heeled beach sandles. After her furious cums while
watching her sexy daughters, Sally had taken a shower and made
herself as fresh and perfumed as possible.

She had sent the girls downtown to the village pizza parlor. She
wanted to have Dan all to herself for an hour or two.

Sally hadn't told the girls she had peeked in on them. She had
to think about that. Those dirty-mouthed young daredevils had to be
disciplined somehow. Bitches.

Dan came striding in the door, his coat and tie already off, and
he saw Sally, posing with her tits arched out and her legs opened

"Damn!" he muttered, dropping his briefcase.

"I was thinking about a dip in the pool before dinner," she
giggled. "But I can think of something more interesting to do. The
girls are downtown, we have the house al to ourselves."

God, how handsome and sexy Dam was. Six feet, blonde and
athletic, wide shoulders and narrow hips.

"Why, you fox you." Dan grinned, catching her around the naked
waist. "What's come over you, Sally!"

She held her lips to his ear and whispered. "I need a fuck,
honey. I want your nice big cock in my cunt."

He hugged her and laughed. "What a change in you, Sally. You
want it here or in bed?"

"Oh, we have sex in bed all the time, when we do have it," Sally
giggled, pushing her bikini-covered cunt at his crotch. "Why don't
we fuck on the sofa, honey?"

"I didn't think you knew the words fuck and cock and cunt,
baby," he chuckled.

"Oh, every nice girl knows the words, Dan. Most of them are too
inhibited to say them. But I learned something today. I won't tell
you where or how, but it had nothing to do with another man."

"One of your women friends, probably," he chuckled, digging his
fingers into her ass.

She started unbuttoning his shirt, caressing his warm, firm
chest, the curly blonde hair.

"Oh, Dan, kiss me and play with my tits, please!" she breathed.

He trembled, drawing her over to the large sofa. They had never
even necked on the big expensive piece of furniture.

Sitting her down at his left, he got his left arm around her
naked waist, and his right hand lifted to her bikini halter. His
mouth came down on her eager lips, and he untied the ribbon that
held the halves of her bikini halter together.

She shuddered with lust. All she had to do was be exciting, be
different and be daring. A few fuck words never hurt anybody. They
turned her on, too.

Her nipple swelled out into stinging peaks, her clit felt inches
long, her cunt was wet with pre-cum juices. As his tongue stroked
in her hungry mouth, she reached over and unzipped his pants. He
kissed her harder, played his fingers across her tits with more

She reached inside his pants and shorts and touched his thick,
expanding prick. Carefully she pulled his big ten-inch prick out of
his opened pants. It was so beautiful, so thick and sexy. She saw
his cock so seldom, and then just in the dim bedroom light.

"Ughhhhh,' he muttered, into her hungry mouth. Then his lips
broke free and his wide grin told her how much he liked this.
"Damn, Sally, you sure are horny today."

"I've been horny for days and days, honey," she giggled. "I
decided I'd be bold, and get some of this wonderful big cock, right
up in my twitchy wet cunt!"

He laughed. "You vixen, I'll fuck you till you can't say fuck
any more. I'll make you cum a dozen times."

"Come on, stud, get this big prick up in my cunt." she breathed.

"Hell, I'm gonna tease you for a while, fox," he chuckled. His
play finger went juicily into her cunt, his thumb pressed her clit.

She arched her crotch upward, squeezed his cock, and she felt
her cunt twitch around his invading finger. When she was real hot,
her cunt tightened on Dan's cock, even when she wasn't going off.

She could feel Dan's pleasure, his surprise at her hungry, bold
responses. Having sex at five-thirty in the afternoon, on the sofa,
the front door not even locked - the risk made it all the more

"Well, tease me and make me cum, honey!" Sally bubbled,
spreading her long thighs, tipping her crotch upward. "I adore your
nice big cock, honey! Its the sexiest prick in town! You know I
never did this, but sometime I want to suck it!"

He trembled. "You sure are more exciting, Sally. I'd sure like
to know who gave you the idea."

"Oh, you'll find out one of these days!" she giggled. She had
some daring ideas she almost hated to admit to herself.

"Good," he said, fucking his finger in her uptilted cunt. His
head lowered to her swollen, itchy tits, and when he kissed her tit
peaks and circled a nipple with his tongue, she felt the first
honeyed surges of her cum.

"Ohhh, Dan!" she breathed. "Ohhhh, it's coming, honey!
Finger-fuck my cunt! Suck my tits! Oh, Jesus, that's good! Ohhh,
fuck, shit! Ohhhhh, I'm cumming all over the place! Uhhhhh!"

She knew her outburst excited him. His huge cock flexed in her
eager fingers. Her cum tore through her aching cunt and hips and

A strange new urge was building inside her, too. Seeing the cute
pink pucker of Jan's asshole had reminded her of the impulse,
although she had felt it recently when she had played with her
cunt. She wanted to try a finger, or Dan's prick, up her own
asshole. It might be dirty, but she wanted it, anyway.

"That sweet pussy of yours really tightens, Sally."

"Isn't that what men like?" she giggled.

"Yeah." He grinned, still kissing and nuzzling her tits. "I got
a real big hard-on. You want to lap fuck it?"

"Oh, yes!" she giggled. "I need prick, honey! I need your fine,
big hot prick!"

He chuckled. "What if somebody comes in the front door?"

"They'll see a big blonde stud fucking his brunette wife," she
cooed. "Except that I'll be fucking you!"

They both laughed. Oh, this is almost the way it was years ago,
before the girls were born, she thought. We're having sex fun
again. I know men get tired of the same cunt, but not if a hot wife
uses her imagination.

He let go of her, stood up and removed his clothes. She tossed
her bikini halter aside, removed her pussy-juice-soaked bikini
pants, and, as he sat of the sofa again, she crawled up across his
knees, her black-bushed cunt aimed right at him.

"Do you like the new me, Dan?" Sally cooed.

"Damn right, Sally," he grinned. His cock hadn't been this big
and hard in years.

She placed his hands on her shoulders, staring down at his huge,
long prick, shivering with new lust. More clear juice bubbled from
his piss hole, the aroma of his balls inflamed her senses, She slid
her ass along his legs, her cunt nestled at the root of his cock,
her cunt lips burning into his cockmeat. She arched her tits at
him, giggling.

His big, capable hands gripped her ass, stroking and playing.
She had a beautiful ass to go with her long, tapered legs. She
exercised and swam in the pool to keep trim and fit.

Why did men go to whores or call girls? New cunt and some sexy
conversation. Sally didn't have a new cunt for him, but there were
three fresh young virgins who wanted to feel his prick.

She hadn't worked out a plan yet. She was selfish enough to get
all the fucking she could in her new role as the dirty-talking,
daylight-fucking wife. If the newness wore off soon, she would
bring her sexy daughters in on the f****y fuck show.

Could she really do it? She trembled with lewd anticipation.
Those rotten young little bitches would be getting prick away from
home if she, Sally, didn't balm their cunts with some hot cock at
Subject: THD (04/20)

* * * * * * * *

She fucked her cunt at the root of his prick and waved her tits
at him. It was so exciting to be lap-fucking in broad daylight. Her
cunt was drooling more juice on his prick and hairy balls. He
caught another nipple in his sucking lips, and she curved her
beautiful, high, hard tits away out there.

"I wish you could fuck my tits, honey," she breathed. "You make
then feel almost as hot as my cunt!"

"Ummmmm," he muttered, still sucking her tender stiff tit peak,
his hands digging at her ass-flesh.

"Honey, would you tickle my asshole, please?" she whispered. Her
interest in assholes had started when she had watched her beautiful
young girls rubbing cunts and playing stinky finger.

He shivered. His prick tensed. He liked the idea, he really did.
He let go of one tit. A finger toyed around her ass, sending
thrills all through her hips and cunt.

"You're sure full of surprises, Sally," he chuckled. "You been
reading sex instruction books?"

"I talked with one of my women friends," Sally lied easily. Her
own horny young daughters had suggested the idea.

"Well, it's a hell of a kick," he chuckled, his finger teasing
around the tight ring of her ass.

Her clit, pressed tightly to his cockshaft, tensed dramatically.
Strings of delight chased through her whole body. She fucked her
cunt at his flexing prick, and her cunt lips oozed more pussy juice
out onto his cockmeat.

"Push your finger up my ass, honey!" she whispered. "Shove it
way up in there. I'm gonna have another cum!"

Then he did something she hadn't thought about. He brought his
right hand down between her opened thighs, dipping his middle
finger in her drooling cunt, wetting it good, then returned his
hand to her ass. She suspected he had been this route before, but
she said nothing. She waited, shivering.

Gripping her right ass cheek with his left hand, he pushed his
pussy- wet finger up into her asshole. The yield of her tender ring
of ass-flesh around his sliding finger drew a gasp from her throat.

"Oh, that's good, Dan!" she whimpered. "Oh, I'm gonna cum!
Ohhhhh, honey, I'm cumming! Uhhhhh, fuuuuuuck! My cunt's going off!

Her ass fucked swiftly. He kept his finger up her ass and her
cunt clenched like his cock was already in there. How she adored
moving her ass when she was cumming. Always before, it had been
when she top- fucked him, but with his finger up her asshole her
thrusts showed more excitement. She was cumming against the base of
his prick. her tits jiggled, and she moaned with joy as the cum
shivers faded into honeyed relief. her asshole was still tightening
deliciously around his finger.

"Oh, Dan!" she panted happily. "I really went off big! Ohhh, I
need your prick up in my cunt now. I'll give it the best
top-fucking it ever had! I'm gonna cum about six times!"

"Yeahhh," he muttered, his head pressed between her swollen
tits, her clit nestled sweetly against his stiffened cock-root.
"Lift your ass, Sally. I'm gonna take my finger out of your ass
now. It sure tightens on my finger. One day I want my prick up in
that sweet little ass. I want to feel it clamp my cock."

"Oh, me too!" she gasped, gripping his shoulders, lifting her
trembling ass. She fit her cunt swiftly around his swollen
prickhead, she felt the searing heat of his cock sliding up into
her twitching cunt. Her cunt flesh gripped his prick, she dropped
her ass, his cock roared up into the depths of her cunt, and she
started her cum.

"Oh, my cunt's cumming already, honey! Ohhhh, fuuuuck! Ohhh,
it's cumming so damn hard and good! That's the best cock in the
whole world, honey! Ohhhh, shit, fuck, damn! Uh, uh, uhhhhhh!"

She felt her puffy wet cunt tightening around the thick root of
his tensing prick. She jiggled her ass swiftly, her tits dancing
over his naked chest.

She finished her cum and softened against him, her cunt still
twitching around his prickmeat. She felt her cunt juice oozing down
on his hairy balls. Her tits cuddled his chest. His hands gripped
her ass, and she realized how lucky she was.

Her weeks of going without a fuck were over, she knew she would
be getting a lot of cock from now on. He liked her fuck words. They
excited her, too. She had three sexy young daughters who needed
prick in the worst way, and she knew now for sure she would arrange
for Dan to fuck them.

She had watched him gazing at them in a very unfatherly way many
times. When they all went swimming in the pool, the girls loved to
show off in front of him. They pranced around in their mini
bikinis, flirting, waving their cute asses around.

He wanted to fuck his prick into their dainty cunts all right.
He surely would appreciate plucking three delicate cherries. The
whole plan was awful, but it was fixed in her mind now. She had to
go through with it. She had to keep Dan at home at night.

He had been "working late at the office" way too much this past
six months or so. Their last fuck, before today, had been weak and
routine, and the next day she had fingered her clit for relief. He
hadn't squirted much jizz in her cunt.

Not any more. Not as long as she could make fucking interesting
for him. She could tell already he was going to gush a great big
load of spunk up into her fluttering, clenching cunt.

"Oh, isn't this fun, honey?" she giggled, rolling her tits
against his muscular, virile chest.

"Yeah, it sure is, Sally,' he chuckled. He tickled her asshole.
"Think my cock will ever go in that sweet little ass?"

"We'll make it go in!" she giggled. "One of these days I'm going
to have a real big surprise for you, honey. How would you like to
have me bring you some nice, new, fresh pussy!"

His prick tensed, his arms tightened. "Hey, no shit?"

She giggled, her cunt fluttered, her clit stiffened. Oh, he
loved that idea, all right.

"Honest," she purred. "Give me time to set it up. You deserve
some new cunt, honey. I know you probably get a little on the side,
but I want you to be happy at home.

"So you think I've been getting some pussy away from home, huh?"

"A big handsome, blonde stud like you is bound to get offers,"
she said. "Girls like me, with a pretty face and legs and ass, we
have chances too."

"Yeah, I've been thinking about that," he said.

"But if I furnish the new cunt, you'll like it."

"Yeahhh." He grinned. His prick tensed. "Now, come on and fuck
my cock, Sally. Get your hot little cunt moving. Buck it up and
down on my prick and cum."

"Oh, I'm gonna cum real hard for you, stud!" she breathed. "My
cunt is going to go crazy around your big, hard cock!"

She shuddered and began thrusting at his prick. She fucked in
cadence, a few hard lunges, then a cunt-tingling pause.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" she breathed, pushing her tits forward.
"What other words do you want me to say, honey?"

"Dirty it up good, baby," he muttered. "I'm gonna shoot a big
wad of spunk up in your cunt. I'm gonna spray jizz all over inside
your cunt."

"I love it!" she breathed. "I love to fuck your big, hard cock!"

She bounced her ass several times, feeling his cockhead deep in
her quivering cunt. Another big cum was building in her body.

"Oh, my cunt's cumming!" she gasped, fucking faster. "Ohhh,
fuck! Squirt your spunk, stud! Let me feel your cock throb! My cunt
needs your jizz. It hasn't had any for a long time! Uhhhhh! I'm
cumming, Dan! Uhhhhhh!"

"Yeahhh!" he growled. He gripped her bouncing ass, fucked his
prick up her twitching cunt. He fucked her cunt very deep, his
balls pulled up.

She felt the first hard throbs of his cumming prick. Her cunt
went off. Her cunt muscles churned and tightened around his
throbbing cock. She could feel the gush of spunk.

"Fuuuuck!" Dan muttered thickly. "Fuuuuck, that's good hot

"Ohhhhh, my cunt's going crazy!" she cried. "Ohhh, oh, oh,
ohhhhh! Fuck me a big load, honey! Fuck it way up in my cunt!"

Her head whirled, her cunt was going off again, like a balloon
exploding in her cunt. Hard, delicious spasms raked her belly, her
cunt and her asshole.

His fuck-thrusts slowed, his hands fell from her hips. She
bounced her cunt until her cum-tremors faded. Those honeyed twinges
were just divine.

"Did my cunt suck all you jizz, honey?" she asked, rolling her
hard nippled tits on his sweaty chest. She tightened her legs nd
her cunt.

"I got lots left, baby," he muttered, keeping his still-hard
prick up her shivery cunt.

"Oh, good!" she purred. "Slip your finger up my asshole again,
will you, honey? I just love it!"

His hand reached for her ass. He tickled around the sweet

Suddenly the front door opened. The sexy young girls were inside
before they saw what their mom and dad were doing on the sofa.

"Mom and Dad!" Eva gasped. You're fucking!"

"She's top-fucking him!" Fay exclaimed.

"Shame on you two!" Jan giggled. "Before supper, even!"

"Will you three get your cute little asses out of here till we
finish our fuck!" Sally exclaimed.

A bright burst of giggles, and all three pretty daughters raced
across the living room and down the main hallway. Their excited
laughter was silenced by the closing of a door.

"Well, they know we fuck, they just caught us, is all,." Sally

"You don't seem very shook about it," he said.

"I'm your new hot pussy, remember?" Sally cooed. "Should we keep
on fucking or save some for later?"

He chuckled. "I broke my nuts. I could use a rest, baby. That
cunt of yours really sucked out a big load."

She tightened her cunt. "It just loves to snap and cum around
your cock, Dan."

She felt his prick shrinking.

"Let me lick up your jizz, honey!" she breathed.

He grinned. "You sure as hell are different, Sally. Sure, go
ahead. I didn't know you ever wanted to sip up my cum wad."

"I was afraid you'd be shocked, honey," she purred, sinking to
her knees between his opened legs. Her head came down to the base
of his cock, the curly blonde hair tickled her lips and nose. She
began sipping and sucking the warm spunk from his prick and balls.

She slurped and sucked, adoring the rich taste of his jizz. What
a slut she had turned into, but she liked it, and everything
between them was different now.

As she lapped, his prick began swelling again. His beautiful
cock was coming back to life. She shivered and looked up at him.

"Can I please suck your cock, Dan?"

"Hey, let's wait till we can fuck up a real storm," he grinned.
"We don't want to shock our darling young daughters, do we?"

"I don't think they'd be shocked at all!" she giggled. She
kissed the root of his cock. "In fact, I think they want some of
this nice big hot prick!"

He trembled. "Sally, you must be shiting me. Our own daughters?
Jesus Christ."

Even though he protested there was no way he could conceal the
suddenness with which his wobbly cock leaped to a full erection.
Subject: THD (05/20)

* * * * * * * *
Chapter 3

"Mom, I never thought we'd ever catch you and Dad fucking on
the sofa," Eva giggled.

The five had had a nice dinner, the girls had helped as usual,
and now Sally and the girls were in their bikinis, sitting on the
deck near the pool. It was a beautiful warm evening. Soft lights
played across the pool's surface, and dim lights also glowed under
the water.

After dinner, Dan had decided to take a nap, which he sometimes
did early Friday evenings.

"That was exciting, you there in his lap, fucking!" Fay
exclaimed. "But we didn't get to see Dad's prick!"

"Oh, you little sluts," she laughed. "Wanting to see your very
own father's cock. I know you three want more than just a peek at
his prick. It's awful, but I was the same way at your age. What
would you three hot little cunts say if I said you could play
around with your Dad and fuck him?"

Complete silence followed. The trio of cute girls sat there with
their mouths open, their pretty bodies taut with surprise. Their
large eyes opened wide.

"Mom, are you sure you'd let us fuck him?" Eva gasped.

"As sure as I've got a cunt," Sally giggled.

"Oh, Mom!" Fay burst out. "I know he loves to look at us. But
our own dad?"

"Honey, it happens," Sally said.

"I know this girl at school," Jan giggled. "Her dad fucks her
all the time. He eats her pussy and everything."

"When do we start having this f****y fuck fun?" Eva laughed. "My
pussy is geting wet already!"

Sally turned serious. "You'd better not ever say one word about
this, girls. Not even to your friend at school, Jan. You

"Yes!" they chorused.

"But he won't want to fuck us, after he fucked you in the living
room, only a few hours ago," Jan complained.

"You girls don't know your father like I do." Sally smiled.
"After his nap he'll be ready to get another big hard-on!"

"Oh, this is gonna be fun!" Fay exclaimed. "But maybe his cock
is to big for us, Mom. We still have our cherries!"

"Well, I hope so," Sally smiled.

"We do, Mom," Jan giggled. "I've heard a real stud can give a
girl lots of goodies without ever pushing his prick in the girls

"Well, of course," Sally giggled. "You little pussies had lots
of fun without a prick!"

The three daughters giggled. How pretty and young and sexy they
were, long-legged with pointy little hard tits, thick sensual
mouths. Sally imagined them taking turns sucking Dan's cock, their
full red lips around the swollen cock-meat, and she shuddered.

A movement behind the four turned Sally's head. Dan stood there,
grinning. He wore his swim trunks, and the sight of the big lump of
his cock and balls, sent more tremors through Sally's body.

"Oh, Dad!" Eva giggled. "We were just talking about you."

He chuckled. He moved to a deck chair at Sally's right, glancing
from one daughter to the next.

"We were wondering how big your cock is, Dad!" Jan said.

"I'll be damned," he chuckled. "Sally, is that right?"

"Y-yes!" Sally blurted. "I'm afraid our cute young daughters
want you to play around with them, and make them cum!"

"And we want to fuck you, too!" Jan giggled.

Dan shook his head, a wide grin on his handsome face. The bulge
in his swim trunks swelled even larger.

"You pretty girls have any hair on your cunts yet?" he asked.

"I do," Eva stated proudly.

"But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy sex! Besides, we have our
cherries!" Fay giggled.

"Sonofabitch," Dan muttered. "Sally, I thought you were pulling
my leg. Do you know what this means?"

"Honey, I do!" Sally exclaimed. "They won't say one word, to
anybody! They'll be safe, they can have their goodies at home! We
can all have a lot of nice fuck and cum fun!"

Dan's grin was very wide as he stared from one sexy young
daughter to the next. Sally thought his huge cock was going to
burst out of his swim trunks. Her cunt was soppy, her clit as hard
as flint.

The three girls stood, with Jan in the middle, and posed in
front of Dan. They waved their pretty asses and danced their tits
at him. Their bikinis were so tiny that if they'd had cunt hair it
would show.

"Aren't we sexy, Dad?" Eva giggled, moving her hips like she was
fucking. "Bring your cock out so we can see it!"

"Oh, yes, do!" Fay said.

Sally felt more fuck juice oozing into her bikini panty. The
high wooden wall around their pool would keep anyone from peeking
at them. Watching her daughters undulate their asses and weave
their shoulders made her clit tense and tingle.

Dan applauded his daughters' prancing and wiggling. Sally
giggled and clapped her hands, too. Dan's hands went to his trunks,
he slid the elastic band down and exposed the first six inches of
his huge, hard prick.

"Ohhhhh!: the three girls gasped. "Oooo, Dad!"

Sally shook with lust. This was all so new and forbidden and

"Now I want to see some pussy, girls." Dan grinned, pushing his
trunks lower. "And some tits."

"Oh, this is fun!" Eva exclaimed. She reached down and untied
her string bikini. Her pretty s****rs did the same.

"You, too, Mom!" Jan smiled, staring at Sally. "We all want to
see what a good pair of sexy tits looks like."

Shivering, Sally slowly stood and unfastened her bikini halter.
Her tits surged out, high and hard. The three girls had cute tits,
budding with promise, but Sally knew she had the best looking pair
in town.

ŒThose are sure sexy tits, Mom!" Fay giggled. "Dad, don't you
really like those beauties?"

"Yeah, they really stick out there, Sally," Dan admitted. "I
sucked on them when I came home from work."

"Oh, we saw you two fucking!" Eva twittered. "But we couldn't
see your prick! Show us everything, Daddy."

"His cock was sticking up in Mom's cunt!" Jan giggled,
undulating her ass. "Now show everybody your cunt, Mom."

Dan rose to his feet, his prick still riding out from the band
of his swim trunks. As he drew them down, Sally dropped her bikini
bottom. The three young girls gasped, staring from Sally's
dark-haired cunt to Dan's massive ten-inch prick.

"Oh, Mom, your cunt's all pooched out!" Eva giggled. "That sure
is a sexy cunt!"

"I like Dad's prick better!" Jan said.

"Me, too!" Fay breathed, weaving her hips, knees open wide.

"I hope it isn't too big for our cunts!" Eva said. "Mom, does
that big thing ever hurt your cunt?"

Sally felt weak in the knees.

"No, that big cock doesn't hurt my cunt!" Sally exclaimed. "Not
when it's turned on like this!" She reached down to her crotch and
spread her cunt lips apart.

"Oh, mom!" the girls exclaimed.

"I have to get a better look at your cunt, Sally," Dan chuckled.

He walked over in front of her, his blue eyes ranging up and
down her body. He stared at her puffy tits, her held-open cunt. His
huge slanted prick tensed, bubbles of clear cock-juice appeared on
his piss hole.

Sally turned so everybody could see her cunt gash. She continued
to fuck her hips back and forth. She tightened the mouth of her
cunt and her clit stiffened.

"Somebody better fuck me or suck me or finger my cunt!" Sally
gasped. "Or I'm gonna cum all by myself!"

"Oh, Dad!" Eva exclaimed. "Make Mom cum! She needs it!"

"Yes, I sure do," Sally breathed, her hips still thrusting. She
kept her legs far apart, her hands held her puffy cunt lips open,
and more fuck juice dribbled from her cunt hole, down her thighs.

"Isn't that a long clit!" Jan breathed, staring at Sally's cunt.
"Mom, you sure can control your cunt!"

Sally trembled, clenching the mouth of her cunt again and again.
Even Dan was surprised and pleased. His big cock tensed. Sally was
so horny she wanted to scream.
Subject: THD (06/20)

* * * * * * * *

"Oh, Daddy!" Eva exclaimed. "Please push your cock in Mom's
cunt! She needs her cum! See all that cunt juice oozing out of it!
We want to see Mom cum!"

Sally shuddered, watching Dan move closer. The skin around his
prickhead was stretched to the limit. Half his cockknob showed,
shiny and dark blue. More wetness leaked from his piss hole.

"So you want to cum in front of our cute, sexy daughters, do
you?" Dan chuckled. He gripped his prick in his right hand, peeled
back the foreskin, and his swollen purple cockknob popped free. He
bent his knees until his cockhead was aimed at her shivery cunt.

"Daddy, you have such big, sexy nuts!" Jan breathed.

Sally hardly heard the words. She was entranced with Dan's hard,
wet cockhead moving toward her twitchy, spread-open cunt. She
wished he would suck a tit, but he could do that later. All of her
senses were concentrated on Dan's approaching cock.

When his prick-knob was just inches from her hungry, leaky cunt,
she stepped forward, thrust her hips wildly, and took his huge cock
up into her cunt.

The girls cried out with excitement.

"Uhhhhh!" Sally yelled. "Uhhh, my cunt's cumming! Ohhhh, Dan!
Fuck your cock in hard! Uhhhhh, fuuuuuuck!"

Dan responded quickly to her request, jamming the whole ten
inches into her eager pussy.

Her cunt exploded. Wave after wave of honeyed delight curled
through her belly, her legs and tits. Her inner cunt clenched his
prick in swift cadence.

Dan bucked once more, and drew his prick out of her
still-cumming cunt.

Sally wobbled and dropped into a deck chair, her head whirling.
Her hips continued to move in fuck motions. The cum fun was still

"Oh, Daddy, you sure did make her cum hard!" Eva exclaimed. "Now
your cock is all slick with Mom's cunt juice!"

"Oh, it sure is a sexy cock!" Jan said. "Daddy, when do we get
to feel it up in our cunts?"

"I gotta get those sweet little cunts good and wet, girls," he
grinned. "Sit your cute asses down in chairs and I'll start to work
on them."

Sally rested limply in her chair, her legs sprawled apart, her
cum juice oozing from her puffed-out cunt mouth. Only two big
lunges of his swollen prick into her eager cunt, and she'd gone
off. How totally wonderful. She dropped her right hand to her
tender, heated cunt and watched her daughters sit in chairs. She
moved over to where her husband was.

He was on his knees between Eva's slender long legs, staring at
her virgin pussy.

"No if I had three mouths and three pairs of hands, I could suck
and play with your dainty cunts all at once," Dan said.

"Oh, I could help you out!" Sally breathed.

"Oh, Mom, please do!" Fay exclaimed.

Sally shivered, gave Dan's ass a cozy thrust with her cunt, and
moved over between Fay's cute long legs.

"Mom, do you know how to eat pussy?" Fay giggled.

"I'll show you, you hot little cunt!" Sally breathed. She fit
her hands beneath Fay's firm, smooth ass, cupping aa cheek in each
palm, lifting the fragrant crotch toward her mouth.

Dan's head was already buried between Eva's spread-open thighs,
and a faint slurping sound reached Sally's ears. Eva whimpered, her
head turning back, her hands caught in her father's thick, curly
blonde hair. It was such a horribly appealing sight that Sally's
cunt began to drool more fuck sap.

Suddenly Jan leaped from her chair and moved behind Fay, sliding
her hands across Fay's shoulders, down to Fay's perky little tits.
As Jan's finger closed on Fay's cute tits, Sally kissed the warm,
sugary cunt slit belonging to her own daughter.

"Ohhh!" Fay giggled. "Yes, play with my tits and kiss me, Jan!
Mom's going to eat my cunt!"

"Oh, oh, ohhhh!" Eva whimpered. "Oh, Daddy, that's good!"

Sally quaked with lust. She glued her lips to Fay's cunt,
tasting the forbidden pussy fruit. It was so very sweet, so soft
and sensual. Greedily she kissed and sucked, her lips moving upward
toward the cute little pink clit she had glimpsed earlier.

As Sally's lips closed around the dainty spike of her own
daughter's clit, as Fay shivered and tipped her cunt forward, young
Eva whimpered fiercely.

"Oh, Daddy, I'm cumming!" Eva cried. "Oh, my little pussy is
cumming in your mouth! Ohhhhhh, my cunt is cumming big!"

Sally shook with lust. Her hard, quick cum around Dan's prick
had barely touched her frenzied craving. of Fay's precious little
clit between her lips, the tensing of Fay's clit, sent a rage of
passion through Sally's body.

"Ohhh, ohhh, Non!" Fay breathed. "You sure can eat pussy!"

"Uhhhh!" Eva whimpered as Dan continued to eat her cunt. "Oh,
Dad, that's so dreamy good!"

Sally gave Fay's clit a few more sweet sucks, and moved her
mouth lower. Her tongue fucked into Fay's tight little cunt hole.

"Ohhh, Mom, don't tear my cherry with your tongue!" Fay gasped.
"I want to save it for Dad's big, hot prick!"

"We all want to do that, s*s!" Jan laughed.

Sally moved her lips back to her pretty daughter's clit. Fay,
trembling, arching her cunt toward Sally's eager mouth.

"You about to cum, Fay?" Jan giggled. "Your tits are turning
hard at the tips."

"Y-yes!" Fay gasped. "Sally, eat me fast! My pussy wants to cum,
right now!"

Sally trembled, bringing her right hand over on Fay's asshole.
She pushed a finger at the tight ass, she sucked harder on Fay's
tensing clit.

Fay's asshole twitched, her hips jerked, her face twisted. "Yes,
push your finger up my ass!"

Sally drew her hand back, then slipped her fuck finger up to the
lower part of Fay's puffy cunt slit and dipped into the cute soppy
cunt hole. She wet her finger good, moved her hand back to Fay's
ass, and shoved her pussy-slick finger up her daughter's asshole.

"Ohhhh!" Fay whimpered, her legs jerking. "Ohhh, Mom, you're
making me cum!"

Sally felt the little clit pulse. She sucked very hard, and
jacked her finger in and out of Fay's ass.

"It's cumming, Mom! My cunt's cumming, just for you!" Fay

Fay's vivid responses, her cries of delight, shook Sally deeply.
A mother eating her precious daughter's virginal cunt. Was she a
b**st? She watched her girl shake and shimmy as her cunt went off.

Jan drew away from behind her s****r, and sank into a chair, her
cute cunt tipped up, her pink clit peering from the top of her
swollen cunt slit.

"It's my turn for pussy fun," Jan said. "Blondes need it too,"

"I'll do it," Dan said, grinning over at Jan.

Sally would have offered, but she was still enjoying herself
with Fay. Eva rested limply in her chair. Dan had made her cum, she
was resting. The pretty brunette sat with her legs sprawled open,
her cute pussy very swollen, cunt juice shiny along the dainty
crevice, her clit not as stiff as before.

They can't take as many cums as I can, Sally thought, watching
Dan move over in front of blonde Jan. Jan was her dad's favorite.

"Daddy, will you give me some prick, please?" Jan cooed, staring
at his big, ten-inch cock.

"Baby, that's too much prick for your cunt." He grinned. "all
three of you girls have real tight cunts."

"How do you know, Daddy?" Jan giggled.

"I've been sucking Eva, and all of you girls are alike," Dan

"Well, you know best, Daddy!" Jan cooed, puzzled. She arched her
cunt up at him. "Please make it cum, Dan! Suck my cunt, or tongue
it, and finger it! I'm so horny I could scream!"

Sally kept her finger in Fay's asshole and began to sip the
swelling cunt flesh again. It was so sweet and tasty. Dan was
probably right about cunt size on the girls, he'd had his finger
and tongue in a lot of cunts. Men could do that and get away with

Sally watched Dan sink to his knees between Jan's long, shapely
legs. This time h put a patio cushion under his knees. He had spent
a lot of time in that position in front of Eva, eating her dainty,
fresh cunt.

"Oh, Daddy!" Jan breathed, as Dan fit his hands beneath her cute
rounded ass. "I wondered if you'd ever want my pussy!"

"He's been wanting all of our cunts, Mom! Fay giggled. "Just
like you."

"You foxy little cunts!" Sally laughed. She looked across at her

Dan grinned. "I'll get my prick in their cunts somehow. They
sure are small, though."

"Cunts stretch," Sally giggled. "You said after we ate their
cunts, they'd be ready for your cock."

"We'll see," he chuckled. "Right now I'm gonna get Jan's pretty
little pussy ready for cock."

"Yes, hurry and eat my cunt, Daddy!" Jan breathed. "i need a cum
real bad!"

"I need a cum, too!" Eva giggled, sitting up in her chair.

"Well, play with your clit, Eva," Sally giggled. "You can watch
your s****rs cum. Dan and I can't eat three cunts at once. Our
tongues aren't that long!"

Sally shuddered, fastening her mouth on Fay's dainty, wet cunt,
and wiggled her finger in Fay's tight little asshole. Fay shivered,
her cunt tipped up, and Sally snaked her tongue deep into the
fragrant tight cunt hole.

"Ohhh, Mom!" Fay whimpered, thrusting her hips, her cute asshole
clenching Sally's finger.

A louder cry of delight came from Jan. Dan's mouth was glued to
the hairless little cunt, he was cupping Jan's ass cheeks, really
going after her pussy.

"Oh, Daddy, that's so gooooood!" Jan whimpered, her hands
kneading her budding tits." If your prick feels half this good I'll
cum a dozen times.

"Let me help you some, s*s," Eva giggled, leaving her chair. She
wiggled over behind Jan's chair. Eva's hands dropped down to Jan's
tits. Eva leaned her head down and they kissed.

Sally sipped and sucked at Fay's swelling cunt. Fay shivered,
her hands playing with her tits, a look of intense delight on her
pretty sensual face. Sally could feel the tight circling membrane
of her daughter's cunt, her dainty cherry.

Something about making a virgin girl cum was very exciting.
Sure, the girls had been fooling around for months, maybe years.
But they were her own sweet daughters, all virgins. Feeling them
cum was so delightful. So daring and forbidden.

"Mom, get my clit and suck it!" Fay gasped. "I'm ready to cum!

Sally slipped her wet mouth up to Fay's tensing clit, fastened
her lips around the little clit, and pushed her finger further up
Fay's tight asshole.

"Ohhh, ohhhh!" Fay cried, her legs shaking, her hands flying on
her tits. "My cunt's cumming, Mom! Oh, it's cumming right now!"

Sally shook with lust. She sipped and sucked the dainty
quivering pussy. The cunt juices were so fragrant and sweet.
Subject: THD (07/20)

* * * * * * * *
Chapter 4

"Ohhh, my pussy is cumming!" Jan cried, her long legs shaking.

Eva, who had just stopped kissing her s****r, gripped Jan's tits
even tighter. Sally could hear the slurping of Dan's mouth on his
blonde daughter's upcurved cunt. Sally wondered if Dan had a finger
up the young blonde's ass.

"Cum, s*s!" Eva urged. "Cum big and hard around your daddy's

"Uhhhh, shit, fuck, cum!" Jan bleated, her face twisting. "Ohhh,
it's so fucking good!"

Sally felt Fay's pretty, wet cunt twitch as Jan started her cum.
Sally sucked faster on Fay's stiff little clit. Fay shook, and her
legs drew in against Sally's ears.

"Ohhhhh, fuuuuuuk!" Fay cried, her head turned back. The vivid
shakes of her body told Sally how hard Fay was cumming.

"Daddy, I'm cumming" Jan whimpered, her legs shaking. "Ohhhh,
fuck! Ohhhh! You're so good with my cunt!"

Sally rested, letting Fay go limp after her cum. The girl's
puffy little cunt was still twitching. Fay's asshole still
tightening lightly around Sally's finger.

Raising her head, Sally watched Dan finish Jan's cum.

"Good pussy, Jan," he grinned. He looked up at Eva, who was
still playing with Jan's tits. "Your little cunt is really tasty,
too, Eva."

Eva giggled. "When do we get some prick, Dad? When are you going
to bust our cherries?"

"Not in a damned deck chair, Eva," Dan said. He rose to his
feet, tensing his ten inches of prick.

Sally lifted her face from Fay's expanded cunt. She drew her
finger out of Fays' tight little asshole.

"Don't stop, Mom!" Fay begged.

"Honey, we want to get some of your father's cock, don't we?"
Sally asked.

"Oh, yes!" Fay giggled. She was staring at Dan's prick, like Jan
and Eva.

"Let's all go upstairs to our bedroom," Dan suggested. "When I
fuck a cunt I usually like it on a bed."

"Oh, you can fuck our cunts anywhere, Daddy!" Jan exclaimed.
"That was sure something when Mom fucked you on the sofa, down in
the living room."

"Yeah, your mother is turning into a real lively piece of ass,"
Dan chuckled.

Sally giggled and the three girls laughed.

The five trooped inside, and upstairs to the master bedroom.

Eva walked toward the bathroom and Dan said. "Don't wash your
cunt, honey. I like a nice wet pussy."

"I'm gonna piss, Daddy!" Eva giggled. "After cumming so hard I
always piss."

"Well, leave the door open so we can watch you piss," Dan said.

"Oh, you dirty things!" Sally exclaimed. But she realized that
she too wanted to watch her daughters piss. Shuddering, she watched
Eva wiggle into the bathroom.

A rush of yellow piss flooded down into the toilet bowl. The
splash of piss, the stream of it coming from Eva's puffy cunt, sent
shivers of awful excitement through Sally's body.

Eva dabbed at her cunt with a toilet tissue and pranced into the
bedroom. She posed in front of Dan. "My pussy is still pretty
slick, Dad!"

"We'll see," Dan grinned. He reached out and placed his hand on
Eva's swollen cunt.

"Ohhhh!" Eva giggled. "That's good!"

"Still pretty snug, Eva," Dan said. "Come on, Fay and Jan, I
want to watch you piss."

"Oh, me too!" Sally blurted. What a slut she was.

Fay and Jan laughed, and Fay moved into the bathroom, standing
the way Eva had. The gush of yellowish piss splashing down into the
bowl made Sally's clit throb. Strings of girl cum, like spiderwebs,
led from Fay's cunt to the toilet bowl.

See how juicy my cunt is?" Fay giggled.

"Yeahhh," Dan muttered, watching Fay closely.

Fay wiggled out of the bathroom, and stood in front of Dan, her
crotch tipped forward, her legs apart. She reached out and touched
his huge wet- knobbed cock.

"Ohhhh!" Fay breathed. "Eva, feel it! Isn't that some big, hard

Eva's right hand shot out, her soft little fingers closed around
Dan's cockshaft, and a bubble of fresh clear juice showed on his
swollen prick- knob.

Dan trembled, he pushed his right hand at Fay's cunt. His left
hand went to Eva's cunt. Sally watched his middle fingers slip
juicily up into his daughter's cunts. Fay and Eva kept playing with
Dan's prick.

"Yeah, they're both getting real slick," Dan chuckled. He
glanced over at Jan. "Why don't you piss now, Jan? I want to see
that piss coming out of your sweet little cunt.

"I sure will, Daddy!" Jan giggled.

Sally was weak in the legs. Her cunt drooled, her tits felt
ready to burst with passion. Her nipples burned. She watched leggy
Jan straddle the toilet bowl and the stream of yellow piss shot
down into the toilet.

Sally felt her head spin. But she was having fun, she really
was. She was saying things and doing things she had always wanted
to. Her cute daughters had taught her something.

Sally knew for sure now that the girls had listened in when she
and Dan had fucked. Rotten little cunts! But who was the worst now?

"Let's stop fooling around and fuck!" Sally exclaimed. "Dan, are
you going to get your cock in me, or fuck one of the girls?"

"Well, I can't fuck you sexy cunts all at once." Dan grinned.
"So you four decide which one gets my meat first." He drew his
fingers out of his daughters' cunts, walked to the bed and
stretched out on his back.

The view of his big hairy balls sent shivers up and down Sally's
body. She could hardly keep from running to the bed and leaping up
on his cock.

"Oh, Eva, you go first, honey," Sally breathed. "We can watch
you take his prick way up in your cunt!"

"I sure will try hard!" Eva giggled, racing to the bed.

While Eva straddled her father, Sally and her other two
daughters crouched beside the bed, staring at Dan and Eva. Sally
was between Fay and Jan, the blonde at her left. Giggling, Eva
raised her cute ass high and tried to find Dan's cockhead with her
cute, wet puffy cunt. Her long legs trembled with effort.

"Get your pussy forward a little, Eva," Dan said, gripping his
cock and pointing it straight up. Eva stared down between her
extended arms and thighs, her dark long thick hair trailing across
her father's broad, muscular chest.

"Oh, I see your cock now, Dad!" Eva exclaimed. She changed
position, her ass lowered again and this time she touched her cute
little cunt to his prickhead.

"How does dad's prick feel, Eva?" Jan asked.

"Goooood!" Eva breathed, pushing down. His cock-knob went
further between her delicate cunt lips.

Dan's cock tensed. Fuck juice leaked down his cockshaft.

"Ohhh, shit!" Eva gasped. "It hurts!"

"Wiggle your cunt and try again, honey!" Sally breathed.

"Oh, that's sexy!" Jan giggled.
Subject: THD (08/20)

* * * * * * * *

"Come on, Eva!" Fay exclaimed. "Drive his prick up your cunt!"

"I'm afraid her little pussy isn't going to spread enough," Dan
said. "That hot little cunt sure feels good, though."

"Oh, I want your prick, Dad!" Eva whined.

"Well, if he can't tear your cherry, wiggle you clit around on
his cock-knob," Sally breathed.

Eva strained, her face twisted with passion. Her dainty cunt
lips twitched, she hunched very hard, and her body shook. Suddenly
her pretty little cunt began to spread around his big cockhead.

"Uhhhh!" Eva whined. "Oh, shit, fuck, Daddy!"

Sally gasped as the prick-knob oozed upward into Eva's cunt.

"It's my cherry!" Eva cried. "It tore! Oh, Daddy, you got my

"You're doing fine, honey," Dan encouraged her. "Come on down."

Father and daughter gazed into each others eyes as she settled
slowly onto the rigid shaft of his cock. There was no more pain,
only the lingering smarting of her ripped cherry. It was a growing
sense of fullness that verged on discomfort as her pussy swallowed
more and more of the fat shaft. It seemed endless.

"Oh look at that!" Jan breathed. "Daddy's prick is going all the
way into Eva's cunt!"

"I sure want Dad's prick!" Fay gasped.

"We all do Fay!" Sally said, staring as Eva's cunt accepted
every solid inch of Dan's prick. It was amazing. But then cunts
were stretchy, built for cock.

"Fuck, that's a good tight cunt!" Dan muttered. He cupped Eva's
budding tits and squeezed them.

Eva perched above him, long legs spread apart, a look of supreme
delight on her flushed, cute face. "It feels like your cock is
clear up in my throat, Daddy!"

"Well, go ahead and fuck Dad's prick, Eva!" Jan exclaimed. "You
got it, now fuck it!"

"Uhhhh, ohhhhh!" Eva whined, stroking her cute rounded ass.
"Daddy, it's wonderful! Are you gonna fuck a big load of jizz up my

"Just go ahead and fuck, Eva." Dan grinned, kneading her swollen
little tit buds. "That's the way, move your pretty ass. Isn't that

"Oh, Daddy!" Eva whined. "It's cumming! My pussy is gonna cum!"

"Good!" Dan chuckled. "Fuck as fast as you want to, cutie. Get
your tight little cunt off around my prick!"

Eva strained and pumped. Her face contorted, her head swung
back, her pretty ass bobbed like a cork on the water with a fish
jerking the line. Sally could see cunt juice, tinged with red,
oozing from her pretty daughter's stretched little cunt. Cherry
bl**d. Eva pumped, her legs jerked, her tits pushed out, and she

Eva gasped and bucked her ass, little cries of delight bubbling
from her throat. Dan wasn't spewing jizz yet.

"Uhhhh, oh, oh, ohhhh!" Eva cried, slumping down on Dan's chest.
"Oh, Daddy, I never had a cum like that one!'

"With that much prick up in my cunt, I could cum hard, too!" Fay

"You'll get your turn at his cock, honey," Sally said to Fay.
"See how good your father is, girls? You can have your fun on his
prick and he doesn't squirt. He can really save his jizz. That way,
a hot pussy can cum a lot of times!"

"You just want his spunk, Mom!" Jan teased.

"Oh, you little cunt, you!" Sally giggled. "Show me a girl who
doesn't want a load of spurting jizz in her cunt!"

"Not this pussy!" Fay giggled. She looked at Eva, who was
sprawled above Dan. "Come on, s*s. You had some of his cock, it's
my turn!"

"Oh, I hate to stop fucking!" Eva gasped.

"Come on, get up off his cock, honey," Sally demanded. "You had
your cherry torn and your first cock. We have three eager cunts
here. We want our share of prick!"

Eva sighed and lifted her body. As Dan's huge cock emerged from
Eva's puffy-mouthed cunt, a flow of pussy juice trickled down her
left thigh, reddish in color.

Sally shook with lust, but she didn't want to be selfish. "Okay,
Fay, climb your cute ass up there and see if you can work his
cockhead into your pussy."

Eva crawled to the edge of the bed, legs apart. While Fay was
mounting Dan's prick, Sally dropped to her knees between Eva's
long, pretty thighs, her mouth aimed at Eva's cunt. Eva tipped her
crotch up, Sally lapped the fragrant cunt juice and cherry bl**d.

Sally worked up along Eva's thighs to the cute rosette of her
daughter's just-fucked cunt, her mouth greedy.

"Ohhh, Mom, that's good!" Eva whined.

Face twisted with lust, Fay strained and wiggled her ass around
like Eva had done.

"Ohhhh, Daddy!" Fay whined. Her hips tipped forward, where his
fingers played with her little pink clit.

"Your cunt's real tight, Fay," Dan said. "I'm gonna get your
cunt to cum this way, and your slit might open up more."

"Oh, whatever you say, Daddy!" Fay cried.

"Why don't you get her down on the bed, Dan," Sally suggested.
"Eat her pussy! That'll loosen it up good!"

Dan looked at Sally. "I think you're right, Sally. I want to eat
some of this fresh young cunt."

Fay nodded, climbed down from her position above Dan, and
stretched out beside him. Grinning, Dan slid between Fay's long
thighs, sk**ded his hands between her thighs, and crouched. His
head came down to Fay's upcurved pussy.

As Dan started lapping Fay's cunt, her face showed her intense
pleasure. Dan knew how to nibble cunt. He had not learned it at
home, that was for sure.

"Oh, Daddy, that's really good!" Fay whined, her long legs
shaking. "I'm ready to cum, already!"

"Oh, play her cunt along, Dan!" Sally gasped. "Make her wait for

"Oh, Mom, I need my cum now!" Fay wailed.

Sally was in a frenzy of passion. She looked at Jan, glanced at
the carpeted bedroom floor, and Jan winked. Sally's cute blonde
daughter sank to the floor and Sally swept between her sexy
daughter's opened legs. Sally glued her cunt to Jan's restless

"Oh, Mom, you sure fuck good!" Jan purred. "Eva got her cunt
popped, Fay's gonna cum on Daddy's mouth, so we might as well have
our fuck fun!"

"Oh, you hot little cunt," Sally breathed. "I'll fuck you and
then I'll eat you! I'm crazy with the heat!"

Sally felt the sweet quiver of Jan's cunt, the dagger of her
clit. Jan whimpered, tipping her cunt high, and Sally stroked.
Their juicy cunts slapped and squished together. Sally felt her
pretty blonde daughter shudder, felt Jan's clit stiffen. Sally
fucked like a demon.

"Ohhhh, my cunt's cumming, Mom!" Jan wailed.

"My cunt's cumming too, honey!" Sally cried. Waves of exquisite
delight swept her crotch, her tits and cunt. Her cunt mouth
tightened as the nuances of delight drew another cry from her

Resting on Jan's quivering body, Sally heard Fay's harsh cry of
pleasure. Sally could not see Eva. She was probably playing stink
finger. The bed jiggled. Sally had to see what was going on.

"Oh, Daddy, you sure know how to eat pussy!" Fay gurgled. He was
on his hands and knees, his huge prick angled forward, wet on the
knob and piss-hole. Eva stood on the other side of the bed, her
cunt looking extremely puffy. Fuck-juice leaked from her hairless
puss down her thighs.

ŒMighty tasty cunt, Fay," Dan smiled., smacking his lips.

"Oh, Daddy, will you please fuck me now?" Fay breathed. She
opened her legs further. "I'm sure you can get your prick in there

"Yeahhh," he said, crawling forward. Eva stared, her right hand
on her expanded cunt, fingers toying with her stiff pink clit.

Sally sniffed the fragrance of fresh, young cunt, and her clit
hardened again.

"Get your cock in Fay's cunt!" Eva breathed, staring. "It went
up in my cunt! I want to see your prick go in her!"

Jan was now watching Dan and Fay.

Dan crouched in his fucking pose, lowering his huge, shiny-wet
cockhead toward Fay's swollen pussy. Fuck juice glistened between
the petals of her cunt. Fay's little tits were larger than Sally
had ever seen them.

Dan's cockhead touched Fay's cunt.

Fay trembled, her legs swung further apart, her crotch angled
upward. "Oh, that's good!" Fay breathed, staring down at Dan's
prick. "It sure beats fingers or pussy!"

"This is where a cock belongs, Fay," Dan muttered, as his ass
muscles tensed. "Right in a sexy girl's cunt."

Fay flinched. "Oh, Daddy, it hurts!"

Sally watched Dan crouch there, his huge prickhead between Fay's
juicy cunt lips, his ass quivering. He pushed down again. Fay
whimpered in discomfort and flinched again.

"Dan, it's too big for Fay's cunt!" Sally breathed.

"Hell, I took it!" Eva exclaimed.

"All cunts aren't the same size," Sally said. "I'll bet if you
had another cum you could take his cock, honey."

"Oh, Mom, I'll do anything top have his cock up my cunt!" Fay

"I tell you what, Fay," Dan said. "Reach down and hold my prick
and jiggle the knob on your clit. That'll make your pussy cum."

"Oh, I sure will, Daddy!" Fay breathed. She gripped his prick in
her right hand, squirmed her ass in a favorable position, and
started sliding Dan's cockhead against her stiff, pink clit.

Sally shook with envy. Several years earlier she and Dan had had
sex that way. Cock against clit. It was fun. It was different,
especially if he broke his nuts and gushed jizz all over her cunt
and ass.

"Yeah, you're getting the hang of it, Fay," Dan said. On his
hands and knees he kept his cock in the right position.

Fay whimpered and her face twisted with delight.

Sally watched her pretty daughter enjoy her first feel of prick.
Fay had such a happy look on her face. Girls needed this more than
anything. How much better it was having her pretty daughters get
their sex at home. Dan wouldn't hurt them. He wouldn't ram his big
ten-incher into a dainty, virginal cunt unless the cunt was good
and ready.

"Don't rush it, honey!" Sally breathed. "Play it along! That's
where the fun is, dragging it out!"

"Oh, I want some of that!" Jan giggled. "Daddy, are you going to
cum in her pussy?"

Dan muttered, his arms quivered, his ass muscled flexed. His
nuts were starting to draw up.

"See his balls!" Sally exclaimed, her cunt streaming juice down
her legs. "When they pull up into a knot, it means he's going to go

"Oh I know that!" Eva giggled.

"But he didn't squirt in your cunt," Jan said. "You went off on
his prick, but his prick didn't cum in your cunt."

"Okay, okay," Eva said, peering in at the prick and cunt action.

Fay was indeed taking her time, wiggling his cock-knob on her
clit, then resting. "Oh, Daddy, it's so good I don't want to cum
yet!" Fay gasped.

"Take your own sweet time little girl," Dan said.

Sally shook with lust. Dan wasn't fooling Sally. His balls were
bunched up high in his ball sac, he was trembling with pleasure. In
a few moments Dan was going to cum. In a very short while he was
going to spray spunk all over Fay's delicate cunt.

"Oh, Daddy!" Fay cried, her hand whipping faster. "Ohhh, I'm
gonna cum! Oh, please shoot your jizz in my cunt!"

Sally staggered, gripping the side of the bed. This was almost
too much. Her cunt was feverish for prick or pussy or fingers.

"Uhhhh, fuuuuuuck!" Dan groaned, his face contorting.

Sally halfway expected him to fuck his cock into Fay's cumming
cunt, whether it hurt her or not. But Dan didn't. Sally watched his
huge prick throb. Just as Fay yelled, as her little pink clit
pulsed, a gush of yellowish-white spunk sprayed all over Fay's cunt
mouth, then up across her belly. Once free of Fay's pussy, he moved
his ass, fucking his gushing prick along her tummy. His moans of
relief were vivid in Sally's ears.

Fay whined and bucked her pretty ass, her long legs shaking, her
little hard, pointy tits arching high.

"Oh, that's sexy!" Fay breathed.

Dan finished, he fell over at Fay's side, and Sally rushed onto
the bed. She swept between Fay's still-opened thighs and glued her
mouth to her pretty daughter's still-virginal pussy. She began
licking the spent jizz up in her mouth, licking and slurping,
loving the taste of hot spunk.

"Oh, Mom, is that jizz good?" Jan asked.

Sally hardly heard her daughter. She was busy lapping jizz from
Fay's trembling belly.

"Move over and suck his prick, Mom!" Eva exclaimed. "There's a
lot of spunk on it!"
Subject: THD (09/20)

* * * * * * * *
Chapter 5

"I'll decide who sucks my prick," Dan said, his cock now resting
half limp on his hairy belly. He looked at Jan. "Come her, you sexy
little blonde. Do you want to take my cock in your mouth?"

"Oh, Daddy, I sure do!" Jan exclaimed, quickly circling the bed,
her cute ass undulating. Jan leaped on the bed, crouching at Dan's
left, leaned her head down and began licking up dribbles of jizz.

Greedy slurping sounds came to Sally's ears as she continued to
suck her sexy daughter's cunt. Dan was still the boss in the

Sally trembled, her tongue shooting into Fay's tight little
cunt. She was still sucking out droplets of jizz that had spurted
up inside Fay's virginal cunt. Spunk and pussy dew. It was a
totally delicious feast.

"Oh, eat me till I cum, Mom!" Fay breathed, her flat belly
fluttering, her legs restless. "I really wanted Daddy's cock! But
I'll settle for your tongue!"

Sally moaned into her cute daughter's cunt, stroking her tongue
faster. Sally realized suddenly that Eva was moving to the foot off
the bed, sliding toward Sally's crotch.

Sally lifted her ass, spread her thighs, and Eva giggled,
squirming until her head was between Sally's spread-apart legs.

"Mom, your cunt's really pooched out!" Eva giggled.

Sally whined into Fay's cunt, feeling Eva's hands caress her
ass. Then a warm, wet tongue wriggled along Sally's dewy cunt slit.
The delicate tongue shot into Sally's cunt.

"Mmmmm, offf, ohhhhh!" Sally blurted.

Eva's hands gripped Sally's ass, Eva began the swirl and flick
of her busy little tongue, sent tremors all through Sally's body.

Now Sally could see Jan lift her head, take Dan's hardening
prick in her right hand, and kiss the swelling cockhead. Jan's
fresh, red lips spread around Dan's cock-knob.

"Jan, baby, I didn't know you could suck prick."

Jan giggled, opening her lips farther. Dan loved it. Sally loved
the feel of Eva's mouth on her swollen, dripping cunt. Eva had
almost all the cunt juice drained from Sally's cunt, and now she
glued her lips to Sally's tensing, cum-ready clit.

"Swing that pretty little ass around here, Jan" Dan chuckled. "I
want to eat your nice, fresh pussy."

"Ohhhhh!" Jan giggled, her mouth still wet with Dan's cock juice
and traces of jizz. "I hoped you'd eat my cunt, Daddy!"

Sally was enjoying herself too much to offer any comment. The
entire f****y was now pleasantly involved in sex games. Dan hadn't
been able to tear Fay's cherry, but Fay had had her cum fun against
his prickhead.

Jan was now above her father, her crotch aimed at his face.

"Hold it right there for a second, honey." Dan said. "Let's see
what we've got here."

"Okay, baby." Dan said. "Bring it down here so I can eat it."

Her cunt came down and Dan's long tongue snaked up into her
pussy. Dan's hands were gripping her ass, pulling her cunt lower.
Jan whined as she spread her lips around his thick shaft and took
more of her father's now- rigid prick into her mouth.

"Ohhh, Mom!" Fay whined, her hands stroking across her tits.
"Make my pussy cum! I need it real bad!"

Sally was so involved with enjoying Eva's mouth on her own
puffy, achey cunt she almost forgot about Fay. Well, Fay could
wait. She'd had a big cum against Dan's throbbing, spurting cock.
Sally needed her cum fun, too.

Resting her mouth on Fay's dainty, shivery cunt, Sally tipped
her cunt lower, and felt the clinging grip of Eva's lips. Eva
certainly knew the ins and outs of sucking cunt.

Suddenly Sally felt Eva's finger pushing at her asshole. That
knowing little cunt. There weren't many secrets left around the
Ward house. Eva knew how Sally loved having her asshole poked and

"Come on, Mom!" Fay cried, thrusting her cunt at Sally's mouth.
"Draw the cum out of my cuuuuunt!"

The pump of Eva's finger in Sally's twitching asshole, the suck
of Eva's lips on Sally's stiffened clit, brought Sally right to the
edge of her cum. It was so hard to give Fay any sucks and cunt
kisses while Sally was almost ready to cum on Eva's cloying mouth.

Jan's blonde head rose and fell in seductive rhythm as she
gobbled her father's cock. Slushy sounds came from Jan's crotch
where Dan was lapping and sucking his daughter's sweet, virginal

Sally felt like she had another hot balloon in her belly and
cunt, ready to explode. Eva was sucking string after string from
Sally's flexing clit. Fay whimpered and urged her pussy tighter to
Sally's mouth.

"Damn it, Mom, make me cum!" Fay gasped, stroking her hips.
Fay's cunt drooled wetness out on Sally's mouth. Eva's lips stopped
sucking Sally's clit, and Sally lashed her tongue into Fay's cunt.
She adored tongue- fucking her daughter.

ŒUhhh, fuuuuuucking shiiiiit!" Fay cried. "My cunt's cumming!"

Eva went to work again on Sally's cunt. Fay softened and rested,
leaving Sally free to concentrate on the sensations Eva was
arousing in her cunt and clit. Sally lapped up pussy juice, Fay's
cum wetness. Sally could enjoy that while Eva nibbled and gnawed at
her cunt.

Suddenly Sally saw Jan lift her head from Dan's prick. Her
pretty face twisted, her cute ass shook. Dan's face was buried up
in his blonde daughter's cunt, and he had a finger pushed into
Jan's dainty little asshole.

"Oh, Daddy!" Jan whimpered. "Ohhhh, my pussy is cumming! Ohhh,
it's read good! I love that finger in my ass! Uhhhhh! Suck the fun
out of my cunt! Uhhhh!"

Just as Jan had her cum, Sally felt the start of her own. The
view of Dan's huge prick, all wet with jan's saliva, shiny and
hard, filled Sally with even more lust.

Sally shook and trembled in her cum, her cunt mouth clenching
and tightening, her clit pulsing beautifully. Eva sucked the cunt
flow from Sally's pussy. The whole f****y loved cunt juice and

"Oh, you sure came hard, Mom!" Fay giggled. She crawled from the
bed, lurching into a chair, her pretty thighs sprawled open, her
cunt very puffed.

Her cum finished, Sally rolled onto her back, and Eva slid up
between Sally's legs. How sweet to feel her lovely young daughter's
wet, slick pussy pressed to Sally's cunt.

Dan and Jan were changing positions, too. His finger was no
longer in her asshole. She was on her back, and Dan moved between
her long slender thighs.

"Oh, Daddy, please get your big long cock in my pussy!" Jan
whined. "I need prick! Tear my cherry and shoot a big load of jizz
up in my cunt!"

Dan, crouched on hands and knees, smiled down at his blonde
young sexpot daughter.

"I've had my finger in there, Jan baby, and it's even tighter
than Fay's cunt," Dan grinned. "I don't want to rip your cherry
just yet, anyway. I want to enjoy your body and your mouth and
tits, I want to think about it and look forward to it."

"Oh, Daddy, that's just mean!" Jan giggled. "You sure did eat
the fun out of my pussy. I love that!"

"You suck a lot of cock, too, Jan," Dan chuckled. "You're very
good at it. You almost sucked my jizz."

"Let me, Daddy! Please!" Jan pleaded. "You shot a big gob of
spunk right at Eva's cunt. Shoot a load in my mouth!"

"I'd like to dump a wad up in your pretty little asshole, Jan."
Dan smiled. "But it's even tighter than your pussy. The thing is,
we don't want to get in a hurry here. You girls can have your fun
and two of you can keep your cherries awhile."

"I heard that, Dad," Fay said. "I think it's mean, too. We want

Dan looked over at Fay. "You and Jan will get cock sooner than
you think. Hell, enjoy."

Jan reached down and caressed her father's tensing prick,
drooling with wetness. Shiny strings glistened in the light as they
leaked down on Jan's belly. Jan giggled and smeared the dribblings
on her pussy.

"Well, Daddy, do I get to suck your prick some more?" Jan asked
her father.

"No, I want you on top," Dan grinned. "Get your little cunt hole
at the root of my prick and get yourself off."

"Oh, Daddy, you sure are a lot of fun!" Jan giggled.

Sally watched Dan move down on his back, and Jan quickly
straddled him. She dropped her swollen cunt against the base of his
prick, rotating her ass.

"Oh, this is gooood!" Jan tittered. "My clit is right on your
cock. Mom, did you ever try this way to fuck?"
Subject: THD (10/20)

* * * * * * * *

Sally shuddered. "No, Jan. Your father got his prick in me when
we fucked. It's better that way."

"Oh, I know that!" Jan giggled. "Come on, Daddy, play with my
tits. Ummmmm! If you won't rip my cherry today, please give me a
lot of cum fun!"

"I'll make that little pussy cum so many times you'll fall over
in a faint," Dan chuckled.

Eva's slow fuck thrusts brought Sally back to her own body. She
spread her legs wide and tilted her cunt up so Eva could fuck it
easily. The slick, wet, cloying smash of cunt on cunt shot stings
of delight along Sally's body.

"What about me?" Fay asked, from her chair.

"Finger-fuck your cunt, s*s," Jan muttered. "Just don't rip your

"Get one finger up your ass, too, s*s," Eva said.

"You think you're so damn smart, taking prick," Fay said. "Jan
and me, we have to wait for it!"

"Girls, don't fight," Sally broke in. "Dan knows best. If your
cunt is too tight for prick, okay. He doesn't want to hurt you or
Jan. Now let's go ahead and enjoy ourselves.

"I'm having a good time, Mom," Eva whispered, thrusting her cunt
slowly into her mom's swollen cunt.

"You sexy little fox," Sally breathed, hugging her daughter.

Eva continued to fuck slowly, lingering after each thrust. Sally
felt Eva's little clit poking at her clit.

"Ohhh, I'm starting to cum, Daddy!" Jan gasped, her narrow ass
bobbing up and down, around and around.

"let your pussy cum, Jan," Dan encouraged.

"Ohhhhh!" Jan whimpered, her cute ass flying. "Jesus, shit! My
cunt's cumming, right now!"

Sally heard the sexy slap-slap of Jan's puffy cunt against her
father's cock-root, and trembled with delight. Dan was hoarding his
jizz. He might let Jan suck out a spunk load, and he might not.
That was one thing that made Dan so appealing. Often he surprised

"Well, let your pussy cum, Jan," Dan urged, cupping her
cutie-pie tits. "Have a big one!"

The swift, dramatic thrusts and bounces of Jan's hips was a
delight to watch. Dan's wide grin told Sally again that the dainty
blonde Jan was his favorite.

I hope I see Dan tear her cherry, Sally thought. I bet he could
have f***ed his prick into Fay's cunt, too. He's like a big cat,
playing with a mouse.

"Uhhhh, ohhhh, fuuuuucking shiiiit!" Jan wailed, her face
twisted with lust. "Oh, Daddy, I'm cumming real big and hard!"

"That's the way to cum, baby," Dan muttered, squeezing Jan's
cupcake-sized tits. "Shoot your cum right at my prick!"

Sally watched Jan finish her cum, and Eva humped faster. The
scene excited Eva, Too. Her cute little ass worked swiftly, her
tiny clit tensing and throbbing. Suddenly she cried out, her slim
body shook.

"Fuuuuuuck!" Eva whimpered. "Oh, Mom, cum with me!"

"I'm cumming, honey!" Sally moaned. "That's the way, fuck you
little cunt right in my cunt! Ohhhhh, you sweet young thing! You
feel so damn good!"

Sally felt the hot balloon explode in her belly, and a torrent
of spasms gripped her cunt. She bucked and kicked, whimpering with
joy. Eva down-fucked and Sally up-fucked. The slippery pussy flesh
bouncing and squirming into Sally own leaky cunt hole gave her a
delicious sensation.

Eva stopped thrusting and rested limply in the saddle of Sally's
thighs. Both were panting unevenly, savoring the last twinges of
their cums. Sally slid her right hand down to Eva's ass and pushed
her finger into the tight little asshole.

"Oh that's good!" Eva breathed. "Mom, you awful thing, you!"

"It sure is nice and tight, Eva," Sally breathed.

Jan was so pretty, above her father, her legs tight at his
sides, her cunt mashed to the root of his huge cock. His prickhead,
resting on his belly, oozed a lot of fuck juice. His piss hole
looked really big, like he was almost ready to shoot a wad of jizz.

A stream of yellow piss splashed across his belly. Jan looked
down at his prick and giggled.

"Dad, that sure is sexy," Jan said. "Want me to piss?"

"Yeah, splash it all over my belly and balls," he muttered.

Jan laughed, lifted her drippy, swollen cunt, and a flow of
yellow piss rushed from her cunt, mixing with Dan's piss. The flood
of mingled piss dribbled and flowed, running down across Dan's
belly and onto the bedsheet.

Sally felt Eva tremble. Eva looked at Sally. "Mom, let's piss,
too! We both had our cums. Keep your finger up my ass, too."

Sally trembled, letting her piss go, and Eva began to flood
Sally's cunt and asshole with warm, yellow piss. The rush of
bladder liquid was almost like jizz splashing around on Sally's

"Oh, that's good!" Eva exclaimed, her asshole tightening on
Sally's deep finger. Eva settled down on Sally's body again.

Fay remained in the chair, legs apart, her finger fucking in and
out of her swollen, hairless cunt. Her left hand cuddled her tits,
first one, then the other.

Sally looked over at her pretty daughter. "Haven't you had your
cum yet, honey?"

"No," Fay said. "Fuck! I want two or three more, at least!"

"Maybe that little cunt is all shot out for now." Sally giggled.
"a pussy can't keep cumming forever."

"I'll make it cum or bleed!" Fay whimpered, her right hand
whipping at her uptilted cunt.

"Cum, Fay!" Eva urged. "Cum big!"

"Uhhh, ohhhh, fuuuuucking shiiiit!" Fay cried, arching her hips
even higher.

"Is it cumming now, honey?" Sally asked, trembling with

"Almost!" Fay whined, her long legs shaking. "Mom, say something
real dirty! That'll make my cunt cum.

Sally stared at her daughter's hand-manipulated pussy. She did
want to help Fay get her gun off one more time, at least.

"Cum, Fay, cum!: Sally cried. "Next time your father will get
his prick up in your cunt and spray it with jizz! Can't you just
feel all the prickmeat in your snug little cunt? Can't you feel his
big balls pulling up? Can't you feel his big cock throb?"

"Uhh-ohhhh, fuuuuck!" Fay cried, her ass lifting. "Uhhhh-yes,
it's cumming now, Mom! Oh, Jesus fucking shiiiit! My clit's
cumming, my cunt's cumming!"

The shakes of Fay's body gave Sally deep pleasure. Helping her
daughters have their cums was so utterly divine. Fay whimpered and
continued to whip her pussy as she enjoyed her cum. Finally, her
hand fell to her side, she slumped in the chair, eyes closed,
breathing heavily.

Dribbles of cunt juice oozed from her expanded cunt mouth. Fay's
clit lost it's stiffness, disappeared into the folds of her cunt
flesh at the upper reach of her puffed-out cunt.

Finally Fay opened her eyes and smiled at Sally. "Oh, Mom, that
was wonderful! You know how to make my cunt cum real hard!"

"I'll do better the next time I tongue-fuck your pussy," Sally
giggled. "A finger up your ass will make you cum even better."

"Mom, you're so filthy!" Fay giggled. "I've had it, k**s. I
gotta take a nap. My pussy really is shot out for now."

The girls left.

"I can't get over the change in you, Sally," Dan said, his right
hand fondling her tingling cunt. "You're better fucking than you
ever were."

Sally giggled. "Now that the girls are gone, I can tell you,
stud. I caught them playing with their cunts. Sitting and facing
each other, tickling their clits. Before long they were eating
pussy and cumming like veterans!"

Sally reached for his swelling, wet-headed cock and squeezed it.
Her cunt was already drooling juice onto his fingers.

Dan chuckled. "How do yo want my prick, Sally. Up the cunt or up
the ass?"

"Oh, give me a good ass fuck, honey!" Sally breathed "I love
your finger in it, but your cock is ten times better!"

"Well, turn over and lift your ass," Dan grinned. "I saved you
a big load of jizz."

"Oh, I hoped it was for me!" Sally breathed. She moved onto her
hands and knees, angling her ass and cunt upward.

"I better wet my prick in your cunt, first," Dan said.

"Yes! Sally breathed. "It's right up there for you, honey."

Dan oozed his rigid cock into Sally's cunt. Her cunt fluttered
and tightened on his big, burning prick.

"Oh, Dan!" Sally moaned. "Save my asshole for later! I need your
prick right where it is! Jab your big gob of spunk in my cunt!"

"Feels damn good, baby," he muttered. "How come we never fucked
this way before?"

"I was too bust being nice, Dan." Sally giggled. "I don't blame
you if you got some pussy on the side, honest. I was too cold!"

"Yeahhhh," Dan said, fucking in three times, then resting. "You
sure can tighten that cunt, Sally."

"It tightens when your prick ins in there!" Sally said. Fuck me
good, Dan. Fuck me till my eyes pop out!"

Dan shuddered, his huge cock tensed in her eager cunt. He began
stroking faster. The slap of his stomach against her ass, the feel
of his big balls dangling against her thighs, sent tremors of
delight all through her.

"Talk to me when you cum, baby," he muttered. "Dirty it up. I
didn't realize you knew so much fuck talk."

"Ohhhh, fuck me harder, stud! Uhhhhh, ohhhhhh, fuck! I love it
backside. My cunt's cumming, Dan! I'm gonna cum about three times!
Ohhhh, my cunt's ready! Fuck me with your big hard cock! Uhhhh,
ohhhhh, shiiiit, fuck!"

Dan groaned, his plunging prick throbbed, his balls knotted
against her lower cunt lips, he bulled his cock at her so fast and
deep he pushed her down flat on the bed.

He followed her down, fucking her spasming cunt.

"Cuuuuuunt!" he shouted. "That's good cuuuuuunt!"

Her cunt-clenches had the intensity she loved, which she hadn't
felt since he had first fucked her. She was cumming, and cumming
again. Her own cries of delight rang in her ears. The bed shook.

"I'm cumming again!" she whimpered, lifting her cunt as high as
she could. "My cunt's cumming around you big, hard cock! Oh, Dan!
This is the best fuck I've ever had in my whole life!"

His fuck-thrusts finally slowed. He gave her a few hard jabs. He
sank down on her body, his prick still buried in her twitching

"Man, that's good cuuuuunt!" he said. "You sucked a big load of
spunk, Sally."

She giggled and moved her cunt against his cock-root, her cunt
lips twitching around his jizz-smeared prick.

"Honey, when you take your cock out, let me lap up the jizz,
will you?" Sally breathed.

"Hey, sure," he said. "I like the way you eat my spunk. You can
suck my cock, too."

"Ohhhhh, wonderful, honey!" she gasped.

He drew out, dropped onto his back at her left. Sally gazed at
his jizz-smeared prick, and the b**st in her took over. She leaped
into position, she opened her lips and began lapping his jizz. She
couldn't seem to get enough.

What a hot bitch she was.
Subject: THD (11/20)

* * * * * * * *
Chapter 6

"Well, come in, Lana." Sally smiled.

"I thought you'd never answer the door, Sally," Lana said.

"I was out by the pool," Sally answered. "As you can see, I'm
wearing a bikini."

"You look just horribly sexy in it, too." Lana giggled, her
green eyes gliding up and down Dally's body. Lana was a gorgeous
redhead Sally had known awhile.

Today Lana wore very snug red shorts and a tank top that bulged
with shapely tits. She had wide shoulders, long legs and a
beautiful ass. Her husband was away most of the time. He was about
twice Lana's age, and the redhead had often complained to Sally
that she never got enough sex.

"Come on out and sit by the pool, honey," Sally offered,
noticing how Lana's nipples indented the snug fabric of the tank

Lana gave Sally a ravishing smile. The twitch of her ass as she
undulated ahead of Sally gave Sally an itch in the clit. "Where's
that big sexy husband of yours, Sally?" Lana asked, moving out on
the patio.

"Taking a nap. The girls went to a movie. Have a chair and rest
your pretty butt."

"I'm glad you noticed, honey." Lana laughed. Her voice was
throaty and sensual. Her mouth was thick, lips pouting outward.
"You're the one with the cute figure, Sally."

They took deck chairs, Lana at Sally's left. It was a lazy
Sunday afternoon. The three girls, Dan, and Sally had taken a rest
all of Saturday. Sally was getting horny again. Her three darling
daughters had awakened her urge for pussy. And Lana was acting very

Lana let her long legs spread apart, leaning back in the chair.
Sally could see the line of Lana's cunt slit under the shorts. No
panty line, either. Under those fetching shorts was bare cunt. And
under the tank top were bare tits.

Lana giggled, her ass restless in the chair. "I'd sure like to
get some of Dan's cock." She lowered her voice. "And I bet we could
have some fun, too."

"You must be really hot in the pussy, Lana."

"God, I am, honey," Lana purred. "Ed's been gone two months.
What the hell is a hard-up young wife supposed to do, anyway?"

"Finger your clit, honey."

"I'd rather have you finger it, Sally," Lana said, winking. She
fluttered her tongue between her fleshy red lips, then jabbed it in
and out.

"Or eat it, huh?" Sally smiled.

"Oh, would you, Sally? You can't imagine how damn hard-up I am!
I've been considering buying one of those fake pricks!"

"I hear they really work," Sally said. "Especially when they

"Stop teasing me, Sally," Lana pleaded. "Let's go somewhere
right now and fuck!"

Sally laughed. Her cunt was turning wet. Dan surely wouldn't
care. The last time Lana had dropped by, wearing tight shorts and
a snug blouse, Dan had ogled her body.

"Well, come on in, Lana," Sally said. "I think we can find a
nice place to enjoy ourselves."

Sally led the way upstairs toward the back, to a bedroom
reserved for guests. Lana let her left tit jiggle against Sally's
arm. When the door closed, Lana whirled and glued her mouth to
Sally's opening lips. Lana's tongue went swiftly into Sally's
mouth. Lana's cunt mound pushed warmly at Sally's bikini panty.

As Sally softened, enjoying the lithe redhead's tongue and
mouth, Lana's arms clamped around Sally's naked waist, drawing
their cunt curves more snugly together.

Lana stroked her hips in slow motions. Her long legs opened, and
she whined into Sally's mouth. Trembling, Sally stroked back,
feeling her nipples stiffen. Her clit began to tingle. How nice it
was to feel a hot pussy her own age.

Lana tore her mouth free, breathing unevenly. "God, you're
delicious, Sally! I never saw you look so sexy! I'm hot for Dan,
too, but I want your cunt, honey. I need your cunt real bad!"

"I'm sure Dan would like a red-headed pussy like you," Sally
giggled. "Did you know he's got ten inches of prick?"

"Oh, hell!" Lana gasped. "I just knew he was well hung!"

"When he fucks that big cock in my cunt I go nuts," Sally
teased. "Get your clothes off, Lana. We're gonna fuck!"

"Yes!" Lana gasped. She broke free and quickly lowered her
shorts, then lifted the tank top away. Her auburn cunt bush opened
down the center to show her swelling cunt lips, the stiff pink clit
peeking out at the top.

Sally shivered, removing her mini bikini. Lana stared at Sally's
naked body, and her tongue shot out, the tip wiggling. Lana's tits
were beautiful, high and thrusting, with long coral nipples.

Lana backed to the bed and fell across it, her legs opened, her
puffy cunt arched upward. Her sexy tits stood up like creamy

Sally crawled onto the bed, right between Lana's spread thighs.
Their cunts slushed together, their tits mashed close, and Sally
started fucking that sexy, red-bushed cunt.

"Uhhhh, that's good, honey!" Lana breathed, upfucking. Her long
legs made a wide V. The curly bush of Lana's cunt hair mingled with
Sally's dark cunt hair.

"Oh, I've sure been wanting to fuck you, Sally!" Lana gasped,
her hands digging at Sally's busy ass. "Feel our clits? Uhhhh!
Jesus, you sure know how to fuck a cunt, Sally!"

Sally ground her cunt at Lana's cunt, feeling the sweet, cloying
pussy lips pressing into her own cunt. Sally jiggled her hips.

"I'm already cumming, Sally! Ahhh! Ohhh, shit fuck sonofabitch!
Ram your cunt hard, Sally! Uhhhh! Ohhh, my cunt's cumming!
Jeeeeesus, fuck, it's cumming real big!"

Sally shook with lust. She didn't try to drag it out, she went
for the goodies. Their cunts slapped together, Sally felt the
redhead's clit pulse. Lana's clit was a lot longer and better
developed than Sally's daughters' clits.

Lana squealed. Her quick thrusts almost tossing Sally off the
cumming redhead. The mouth of Sally's cunt clenched in quick
rhythm, and Sally's own clit throbbed. Sometimes a quick cum was
the best kind.

"Uhhh!" Sally whined, driving her cunt furiously at the writhing
cunt beneath her. The connection was so slippery with cunt juice
Sally could hardly keep their pussies joined. The surges of Sally's
cum fed her craving for cunt.

Lana's legs dropped, she lay there panting, keeping her cunt
tipped up high for Sally's pleasure.

"Let me eat your pussy, Sally!" Lana breathed. "Let me suck the
cum right out of your cunt!"

Sally rolled over on her back, and Lana leaped between Sally's
opened thighs. The redhead dropped her face down on Sally's crotch
and started lapping up the cunt flow from Sally's puffed-out cunt.
But Lana didn't turn around so the could do sixty-nine. Sally
arched her crotch up and watched the greed-mouthed redhead eat her

After Lana had lapped and sucked the fuck juice from Sally's
cunt mouth, the redhead's silky lips fastened onto Sally's clit.
The redhead moaned fiercely as she sucked Sally's tender, stiff,
quivering clit. As Lana continued her pleasant chore, Sally saw the
bedroom door open slowly.

Dan's head appeared, then his big, naked body. His cock stood up
and out, fuck juice already leaking from his piss hole. He grinned
and held his finger to his lips.

He crawled quickly onto the bed, gripped Lana's hips and found
her cunt with his prick. As he fucked his monster cock into Lana's
curved-up cunt, Lana cried against Sally's cunt.

"Mmmm, ffff, ohhhhh, fuuuuuck!"

"Damn it, suck my clit, I'm ready to cum!" Sally whimpered.

"Uhhh, ohhh, fuuuuck. Dan's got his prick in my cunt!"

"Well, make me cum, Lana, or I'll tell Dan to take his cock out
of your cunt!" Sally cried.
Subject: THD (12/20)

* * * * * * * *

"Oh, fuck, shit!" Lana moaned. He lips sucked Sally's clit.

"Uhhhh, my cunt's cumming! That's it, suck the shit out of my
clit, Lana! Ohhhhh!"

Lana kept her mouth glued to Sally's cumming cunt. Sally
whimpered with relief, and Dan grinned down at her, fucking his
prick in and out of the redhead's cunt.

"Damn good pussy, Lana!" Dan chuckled. "Real tight around my
prick. Hold your ass still, baby."

Lana lifted her mouth from Sally's cunt. Lana's face twisted
with passion as Dan fucked his cock in and out of her cunt. The bed
jiggled, Lana's beautiful tits shook with each hard jab of Dan's
prick. His crotch began slapping Lana's ass cheeks.

"I've been wondering when I'd get my cock in your cunt, Lana,"
Dan muttered. "I heard you two in here fucking. I could hear you
telling clear downstairs. I'm glad I woke up, though. This is
really good cunt."

"Fuck her good and hard, honey!" Sally breathed, smiling up at
her husband. "Her old man doesn't give her nearly enough hot, hard
prick. She's a good woman-fuck, too."

"Oh, sweet fucking shit!" Lana wailed. "Fuck faster, Dan. I'm
cumming! Uhhhh! Fuck a big load of jizz up in my cunt, stud! Fill
it clear full of your spunk! That old fucker I married can't get it
up anymore! I suck it and play with it and rub my tits on it. His
old tired nuts won't pull up!"

"My nuts are pulling up, baby," Dan growled. "Can you feel my
balls against your cunt? Hang onto your tits, baby, I'm gonna fuck
a load of jizz clear up in your throat!"

"Uhhhh, fuck!" Lana cried. "Yes! Yes! Jesus, I can feel your
balls, now! Uhhhhh! My cunt's cumming! It's cumming like a freight
train on a downhill pull! Uhhhh! My cunt's going crazy! Oh, fucking
shit sonofabitch!"

Sally shuddered, feeling the hard shudders of Lana's tits and
shoulders. The jolts of Dan's fuck-thrusts were almost like Sally
was getting fucked herself. Just as Dan completed his fuck, Sally
felt spunk dribbling from Lana's cunt onto her own cunt. The feel
of jizz on her tender cunt was really good.

"God damn, that's good!" Lana gasped, mashing her whole body
down on Sally's body.

"I'm not through fucking your cunt yet, baby," Dan said.

"Oh, Dan, I went off so hard I gotta rest!" Lana gasped. She
slid away and flopped on her back at Sally's side. Lana's cunt was
smeared with spunk, all through her cunt hair, along her belly. The
rich aromas made Sally's cunt itch and her mouth water.

Dan crouched there, his prick still rigid, gouts of jizz
drooling from his prickhead.

"Turn over, Sally," he said. "I'm gonna fuck you in the ass."

"Yes!" Sally exclaimed. Quickly she rolled over and crouched on
her hands and knees, her ass tipped up high. She had been hoping
for this, his cock in her asshole, and now he wanted it. Sally was
disappointed with Lana. All that yelling and cursing, then one big
cum had pooped her.

Of course Lana had had some cums with Sally, but Dan's cock had
driven her bananas. A beautiful big cock. Lana had surely never had
so much hot prick in her cunt.

Dan gripped Sally's hips, her dipped his cockhead in her
fleshed-out cunt, and then centered on her as pucker. Dan knew that
one big prick lunge into Sally's cunt would make her cum. Dan
wanted to feel her cum with his cock up her ass. It felt so
wonderful in her ass, so very snug and sensual.

"Sally, is he going to fuck you in the ass?" Lana breathed. The
redhead was flat on her back, legs spread, her flushed cunt oozing
Dan's jizz.

"Yes, I adore his cock in my ass," Sally breathed.

"God!" Lana gasped. "I never had a fuck that way!"

"Where have you been, honey?" Sally asked. Dan's cockhead began
to spread the snug circle of her assflesh. His jizz and her
friend's cunt juice made enough slickness.

"Yeahhh," Dan said, pushing his big, burning prick slowly into
Sally's twitching asshole.

"Jesus, I gotta watch this!" Lana gasped, moving to her hands
and knees. She peered at Sally's ass, where Dan was fucking his
prick in carefully.

The feel of his cock, his big balls dangling down on her leaky
cunt, where her cunt juice wet them, sent hot tremors through her
body. "Ohhh, Dan!" Sally wailed. "That cock of yours is clear up in
my liver!"

"Lana didn't want any more cunt fucking, so you get the next wad
of spunk, Sally" Dan muttered.

"I had such a hard cum!" Lana protested. "I never went off so
fucking hard in my whole life!"

"Well, if you ring that cunt around here, Baby, you better be
able to cum hard and a lot of times," Dan said.

"I'll do better, you two!" Lana said. "My cunt's gettin hot
again right now."

"You're gonna have to wait for cock, Lana," Dan said. "I got it
rammed up Sally's ass, and it's damn good."

"Ohhhh, it sure is!" Sally whined, back-thrusting her hips.

"Jeeeesus, Ed never did that, even when he could get a hard-on,"
Lana said.

"Didn't you fuck a few other guys before Ed?" Sally giggled.

"I was really into pussy for a lot of years," Lana said. "Go
ahead and fuck, Dan. "My cunt's on fire! I'm ready for your prick

"Play your fingers on your cunt, Lana." Dan chuckled. "You got
a good tight cunt. I'll fuck it again if you keep it wet and

"I hate to finger-fuck my cunt," Lana said. "Look at my

"Why don't you spread out under Sally's head, and she'll
tongue-fuck your cunt," Dan said.

"Why, you awful thing, you!" Sally cried. "Come on Lana, bring
it down here. I'll eat your cunt and make it cum!"

"Ohhhh, I love to be sucked!" Lana breathed. She slid around and
worked her cunt directly beneath Sally mouth.

The hairy lips of the redhead's cunt were still creamed with
some of Dan's spunk, and Sally trembled with greed. Sally licked
the spun up into her mouth, getting every drop of the jizz she
could. The kinky hair on Lana's cunt tickled Sally's tongue, but
she finished, and started playing the tip of her tongue up and down
Lana's cunt slit.

"Uhhhh, that's good!" Lana whined. Her crotch swung higher, and
Sally sneaked her right hand under the sexy redhead's ass.

Sally began to stroke her tongue deep into the hot, slick,
quivering cunt gash.

"Oh, you're good, Sally!" Lana cried softly. "You sure can eat
pussy! Ohhhh!"

With a mouth full of eager, slick cunt, Sally couldn't answer.
Dan's huge prick was fucking sweetly in and out of Sally's
twitching ass. The measured rhythm of his fuck-strokes made Sally's
inner asshole clench.

"That's it, suck my clit!" Lana moaned, her long legs trembling.
"Fuck, that's good! Don't stop now, Sally. Uhhhh!"

Sally wet her finger in Lana's cunt and began pushing it up the
red- head's ass.

"Ohhh, fucking shiiiit!" Lana cried. "You dirty thing, you!
Uhhhh, but it feels so good! Keep it going! I'm gonna cum all over
the place!"

"Yeah, let me see you cum with Sally's tongue in your cunt,
baby." Dan said. "That's a nice, big pair of tits."

"I love to have then sucked and played wit, stud!" Lana panted.
"Dan, I'm sorry I couldn't take any more of your cock. I had such
a big, wild cum it took the top of my head off!"

"Yeah, your cunt tightened pretty good, Lana," Dan chuckled.
"You want my prick up your ass?"

"Ohhh, not now, Dan!" Lana cried. "Sally's got her finger in my
ass. Jeeeesus, it's good! Your pretty wife can sure eat cunt, Dan.
Ohhh, fuuuuck! Ohhhh, Sally, I'm cumming!"

Sally trembled with delight as Lana had her leg-kicking, ass-
clenching cum. Lana's long, thick cunt pulsed, her hips pressing at
Sally's sucking mouth. Her cunt mouth clamped.

Sally fastened her mouth to Lana's quivering cunt hole and
suctioned out the flow of cum. It was so sweet and tasty. Lana's
cunt mouth was still twitching.

"That's good cunt, honey," Sally commented. She looked around at
Dan. "Thanks for not making me cum while I was eating Lana's cunt,
honey. Now will you fuck my ass and make me cum? I need it! It
feels so fucking good up my ass!"

"Yeah, baby," Dan muttered. His measured strokes, the deep hard
thrusts into her ass, shot tremors all through Sally's body. Lana
crawled around so she could watch Dan fuck Sally asshole.

Sally cried out as the first pulses of her cum shook her cunt
and ass and clit. The action of Dan's huge cockhead in her ass
almost knocked her flat on the bed, but she kept her doggie pose.

"Uhhh, fuuuuuuck!" Sally wailed. "Shoot your jizz now, Dan! I
want to feel your prick throb! I can't wait! Show Lana how you
squirt a load up my asshole!"

"Yeah, I'm ready to drop my spunk, baby," Dan growled, his
crotch slapping at Sally's ass cheeks.

"Oh, his balls are pulling up, Sally!" Lana breathed, her face
only inches from Sally's upturned ass. "He's gonna pump his spunk
up in your ass!"

"Ughhhh!" Sally cried. "My asshole is cumming! My cunt is
cumming! Fuck your spunk now, Dan! Fuck it hard!"

Dan fucked Sally's ass with bull thrusts, he groaned, his
strokes quickened. His cockhead seemed to reach all the way up
between her shaking tits. He was cumming.

"Fuuuuck!" Dan shouted, fucking his prick in even harder. His
prick throbbed. Her ass was clamping and spasming.

"Dan, I can feel your jizz squirting up my ass!" Sally whined.
"Fuck it good and hard, honey! God, that's good!"

Sally's knees gave way. Dan followed her down, his ass stroking
with pile-driver f***e. His last fuck-thrusts moved her along the
bed. She felt spunk oozing out around his thrusting prick. Finally
he settled down, his huge cock still crammed into her fluttering

"Jeeesus, I never saw anything like that!" Lana breathed. She
sat with her thighs apart, her right hand on her cunt. Her long
fingernails kept her from doing a correct job on her shiny pink
clit. Sally watched, her ass filled with vibrant prick.

"Lana, you gotta take those damn long fingernails off," Sally
giggled. "You can't make yourself cum that way.

"How do you make your cunt cum at home, anyway?" Dan asked.

Lana giggled. "I get in the shower stall and let the pulse spray
shoot water on my clit."

"Yeah, I'd like to see that," Dan chuckled. "You never had a hot
prick up your asshole?"

"No! It sure as hell looks wonderful!" Lana breathed.

"When a woman hasn't had a fuck in a long time, her cunt really
gets slick," Sally said. "I like your cunt, honey. We can have some
pussy fun every once in a while."
Subject: THD (13/20)

* * * * * * * *
Chapter 7

"Daddy, is today when you pick my cherry?" Fay giggled, posing
in front of Dan.

Sally shivered. It was Thursday evening. The whole f****y was
out by the pool. The day had been hot, and now the air temp was
just right.

The girls wore the tiniest bikinis Sally had ever seen. Sally's
own bikini was mini enough. The snug panty barely hid her thatch of
curly dark cunt hair. Her pretty young daughters didn't have to
worry about that. Except for Eva they had no fuzz on their cunts.

"Yes, Fay, tonight I'm going to pluck your pussy rose," Dan
grinned. He was sprawled at ease in a deck chair, his swim trunks
showing his huge prick lump. He'd had to go out of town on
business, and Sally hadn't had him in her bed since the fuck and
suck party with Lana.

Sally could not remember when she'd been so horny. She hadn't
boxed her cunt, and the girls said they hadn't played and pussy
games recently.

"Oh, I sure need it!" Fay trilled, wiggling her ass, arching her
tits out. "Daddy, does my pussy look good?"

"It'll look better naked, Fay," Dan grinned.

Jan undulated up beside Fay. "Daddy, when are you going to bust
my cherry? Eva's been telling Fay and me how damn good your big
cock feels in her pussy. We need it bad!"

"Girls," Sally giggled. "Don't rush you father. When he gets
ready, he'll pluck a cherry, and not before."

Fay sighed. "Well, Daddy, you can at least eat Jan and me. You
sure do suck a mean cunt!"

Dan laughed, his eyes sliding up and down his sexy daughters'
bodies. Sally, seated at his right, noticed that his prick bulge
was growing in size.

Eva giggled, moving up behind Sally's chair. "Why cool off a hot

Jan said, "Daddy, why don't you bring your nice big cock out and
let me suck it?"

"Oh, me too!" Fay exclaimed.

"I think I'll play with Mom's tits," Eva giggled, sliding her
hands down into Sally's snug bikini halter. "Mother dear, you sure
have a beautiful set of tits!"

"How do you think I kept your father at home all these years?"
Sally giggled. "Of course he likes my cunt."

"And your good tight asshole, too," Dan chuckled. He stood up
and slid his swim trunks to the deck, returning to the chair.

"Oh, that's a sexy prick!" Jan breathed. "I can't believe you
got all that hot meat up in Eva's cunt!"

"It's damn snug in my cunt, Jan," Eva said. She was unfastening
Sally's bikini halter, her warm fingers stroking and squeezing.
Sally shivered, her nipples turning hard.

"Isn't that what you want, Daddy?" Fay tittered, staring at
Dan's huge, high, hard prick. She couldn't take her eyes off of it,
either. Her cunt was already oozing fuck juice out in to her tight
bikini panty.

"Good snug pussy is what a man wants, girls." Dan grinned. "Now
show me your little cunts."

Fay and Jan giggled, removed their halters and pushed their
bikini panties to the deck. Sally stared at Fay's cunt, then at
Jan's cunt. They were so cute and alluring.

The two girls wiggled and danced in front of Dan, writhing their
sweet, tight asses. Jan opened her long legs and stroked her hips
like she was fucking. Dan applauded. Fay spread her legs, then
turned around so her father could see her ass.

"Yeah," Dan said, his prick stiffening. "Show me your asshole,
Jan. Spread your ass cheeks apart so I can get a good look."

Jan laughed, turned her back to Dan, and both girls pulled their
ass cheeks away from the crack so Dan could see their pretty tight
little assholes.

Eva whispered in Sally's ear. "Mom, while they're screwing
around with Daddy, let's fuck."

"Oh, Eva, play with my tits some more," Sally breathed. She
enjoyed tit-fondling almost as much as she enjoyed clit-play.

Dan was teasing his prick and droplets of prick dew oozed out on
his big cockhead.

"Jan, we're getting his juice up!" Fay giggled.

Sally watched her pretty young daughters drop their hands to
their cunts and open their cunt slits. Both tiny pink clits were
clearly in sight."That's better, girls," Dan grinned. "Bring your
cunt over here, Fay, and get it used to the feel of prick."

"No fair!" Jan protested. "My cunt wants cock, too!"

"Me first!" Fay exclaimed, moving in close to Dan, standing
between his legs.

He sat straight up, aimed his cock with his right hand, and Fay
was just tall enough to touch her cunt to his cockknob.

"Ohhh!" Fay giggled. "Daddy, that's good!"

"You hold my prick, Fay. Play my cockhead on your clit."

Sally watched fay grip Dan's prick and start her clit-prick
play. Fay's legs quivered as she danced Dan's cockhead against her
pink, stiff clit. Eva, Jan, and Sally stared at the scene.

"Mom, take your panties off," Eva said. "I want to eat your

"Oh, you little devil, you!" Sally gasped. "Okay, daughter,
dear. I sure need it!"

Fay whimpered, her cute little ass quivering. Her virginal cunt
mouth was turning juicy, her tiny pink clit was swollen. She was
gripping Dan's shoulders, whipping her hand, jazzing his cock knob
against her dainty swelling cunt mouth.

"Ohhh, Daddy, I'm cumming!" Fay wailed. "Ohhhh! I want your
prick in my cunt! Uhhhh! Ohhh, fuuuuuck!"

Fay's hips stroked, but she couldn't drive her father's cock
into her cumming cunt. She stood there, shaking with joy, while she
finished her cum.

Sally watched Eva crouch between her wide open thighs. Seeing
Fay come by rolling Dan's prickhead against her dainty little clit
made Sally's cunt ache fiercely. Fuck-juice was oozing from her
cunt, wetting her dark cunt bush.

"Oh, that's a beautiful cunt, Mom!" Eva giggled, staring at
Sally's swelling, leaking cunt.

"Suck it, honey!" Sally breathed. "Suck the fucking cum right
out of my fucking cunt!"

"Keep talking, Mom!" Eva giggled, her pretty mouth aiming at
Sally's uptilted cunt.

"Yeah, I like it," Dan grinned, looking over at Sally.

Fay staggered and backed away, dropping into a deck chair. Jan
leaped forward, taking Fay's place. Dan reached out and played with
his blonde daughter's cunt. Jan was his favorite, all right.

"That's a very cute little pussy, Jan," Dan said, sliding his
finger up into her cunt.

"Ohhhhh!" Jan giggled. "That's so damn good!"

Dan slid his finger in and out. Jan's pretty face twisted with
pleasure, her hips curled toward his hand.

"You fucked Eva!" She breathed. "Daddy you just gotta get that
big prick in me!"

"I'll get my cock in your cunt, baby," Dan chuckled. He glanced
over at Fay. "But like I promised, Fay gets her cherry popped
first. Okay, Jan, bring your cunt over here."

Jan moved quickly, arching her cunt forward, gripping Dan's cock
in her right hand. Her cute pussy was already puffy and wet, her
pink clit standing up stiffly.

"Don't be in a rush, like Fay was," Sally laughed. "Get a lot of
fun out of it, Jan, honey. Maybe Dan'll be so excited he'll pour a
load of jizz at your cunt."

"I sure like to see that spunk!" Fay breathed, watching Jan and
Dan. "Come on, Daddy, shoot a big load at Jan's pussy!"
Subject: THD (14/20).

* * * * * * * *

"What I want to see is your father's big prick stretching your
cunt, Fay," Sally said. "Come on, Eva, suck my cunt. Suck my clit
and poke a finger up my ass! Make me cum hard!"

She shuddered as she felt Eva's finger push up into her asshole.
It went in smoothly. Sally's ass clenched sweetly. Suddenly Eva's
mouth was clamped to her cunt. Strings of sheer delight spread
through her crotch and belly. Her clit stiffened.

Jan was taking her time with Dan's prick against her dainty,
swelling cunt mouth. Her flesh seemed to cling to Dan's cockhead.

"Daddy, I gotta cum now!" She wailed, her cute ass quivering.

"Well, cum, s*s," Fay said. "You sure took long enough!"

"I have to get all the goodies I can, damn it!" Jan gasped.
"Uhhhh! Ohhh, Daddy, here comes my cum! Uhhhh! Fuuuucking

Sally loved every word and every stroke of Eva's busy tongue.
Eva's finger up her ass, Eva's clinging mouth on her cunt, gave her
the thrills she'd been missing. Waiting and waiting for Dan's prick
was just awful.

Jan shook and whimpered as she ended her cum on Dan's cockhead.
Sally could see her blonde daughter's rosy red clit standing high,
right above the head of Dan's swollen pussy-wet prick. His face
looked taut. He'd be shooting his load of spunk before very long.

Pretty Jan backed away and dropped her ass in to a chair. Sally
was well aware that her cute daughters could not cum time after
time. A cum took a lot out of her sexy daughters. Already Fay was
moving over between her father's strong, hairy legs, staring at his
huge, pussy-slick prickhead.

"Not this way, Fay," Dan muttered. "Get your cute ass over on
the patio cushion. I want some cunt around my prick."

Fay backed away, turned, and ran to the thick patio cushion. It
was filled with air, about a foot thick. She spread her legs and
tipped her cunt up.

Dan pushed himself up and walked slowly to the cushion where Jan
lay. He stood over her, slowly stroking the jutting shaft of his
thick, ten inch cock.

"You sure you wanna do this, Fay?"

"Ohhh, yes!" Fay trilled. "Ram you cock clear through me, Daddy!
Bust my cherry and shoot a big load of spunk up in my cunt!"

Dan crawled above her, brought her long legs back with his
shoulders, and slanted his swollen prickhead at her cuntlips.

With his eyes holding hers, Dan lowered his hips slowly.

"Ohhh!" Fay cried out, her legs shaking. "Oh, Daddy, it's going
in my cunt!"

Sally watched the play of muscles in Dan's ass, the curve of his
back, his big balls. Jan moved around behind him, so he could see
better. Sally wished she could get a close-up look too, but Eva was
giving her too much tongue. Eva could sure eat cunt.

The faint slurping sounds of Eva's clinging mouth, the stroke of
Eva's tongue in her cunt, shot more blades of joy through Sally's

"Jeeesus, that's good, Eva!" she cried, her tits shaking in her
cupping hands. "Make my cunt cum, Eva! Make it cum right now!"

Curling her hips forward so Eva could have more freedom to jab
her finger in her asshole, Sally opened her thighs further. Eva's
right hand shot down to her cunt, and rolled her tensing clit. That
did it.

"My cunt's cumming, Eva!" Sally cried. "Uhhh, fuuuuck!"

Her ass tightened on Eva's finger, her cunt clenched on Eva's
poking tongue, her hand-teased clit pulsed wildly.

Sally moaned, drinking in the heaven of her violent cum. Eva's
finger came out of her twitching asshole, Eva's mouth lifted from
her puffed-out cunt. Eva's face was all wet with Sally's cunt flow,
and she giggled, smacking her lips.

"That sure is a sexy cunt, Mom!" Eva smiled, staring at Sally's
drooling cunt. "Now I'm lap up your cunt juice."

Sally trembled as her daughter sipped and sucked her wet
protruding cunt flesh. Eva lapped up every drop of cum flow.

On the patio pad, Dan was having a problem with Fay's cunt. He
was not having much success forcing his prick into Fay's uptilted,
virginal pussy.

"Daddy, come on, get your cock in me!" Fay whined. "I don't care
if it hurts, Daddy! Fuck your prick in me! Bust my cherry and make
me cum!"

Sally watched Dan's ass muscles quiver. This was a big moment
for him, plucking a dainty young cherry.

Fay flinched, and her legs quivered, and Dan grunted. HIs huge
fuck knob was squeezing into Fay's virginal cunt.

"Yeahhh!" Dan muttered, his back arched, his narrow hips moving
up slowly between Fay's thighs. Fay yelped, her face showing pain,
as he tore her cherry, then a happy smile touched her face. She was
feeling her very first hot prick.

"Ohhhh, shiiiit!" Fay cried, clutching her father's strong
shoulders. "It's going in my cuuuuunt! Ohhhh, it's big!"

She doesn't know how good just yet, Sally thought, shaking with
lust. Wait till he fills her cunt with spunk. Wait till she cums
around her father's cock.

"Oh, Daddy, I love your cock! My cunt is crammed with your

Dan let his prick soak in his daughter's cunt for several
seconds. His handsome face contorted with pleasure. He began to
stroke. The flex of his ass muscles, the easy rhythm of his
thrusts, filled Sally with awful envy. How he could fuck! A few
deep strokes, then a pause. Fay's head rolled from side to side,
she was in a sex coma, adoring every jab, every smooth drive of his

"That's a good place to fuck, Mom," Eva said to Sally. "See
Fay's ass bobbing up and down!"

"Dan likes a good springy mattress, honey," Sally murmured, her
cunt leaking more juice. "See him using his knees and arms? He's
letting the air mattress do his fucking."

"I sure do want my turn at Daddy's cock!" Eva breathed. "But I
guess Jan'll be the next pussy. Look at Jan's asshole! Isn't it
cute? I think I'll go over and slide a finger up her shitter. She
can have her cum while she's watching Fay take Daddy's big, sexy,

"Hurry back, Eva," Sally giggled. "I want to eat your pussy!"

Eva giggled and moved over beside Jan. She began playing around
with Jan's pretty little asshole pucker. Jan tipped her ass
backward, still watching Fay take prick, her own father's big,
rigid prick.

"Ohhh, Daddy!" Fay cried. "Ohhh, I'm cumming! Fuck me faster,
Daddy! Ohhhh, Jeeeesus, shit! Uhhhhh!"

Sally trembled and crawled over near her pretty daughters. Both
were crouched so they could see every stroke of their father's
cock. Now Sally could hear the squish of Fay's cunt every time he
stroked deep. When Dan came out, Sally could see the redness of
cherry bl**d in Fay's cunt juice. The goop was trickling down on
Fay's ass crack.

"Oh, look!" Jan cried. "Daddy's nuts are pulling up! He's gonna
squirt his load in Fay's cunt."

Fay squealed, Dan stroked fast, his big balls knotted against
the root of his prick, and his yell of triumph rang around the pool
enclosure. The flex of his ass muscles, the furious strokes of his
hips, sent waves of lust through Sally's cunt and belly.

Fay's orgasm passed, her slender legs dropped from Dan's
shoulders. Dan stroked into her snug pussy a few more times,
grimacing with the excruciating pleasure of the velvety caress on
his super-sensitive cock- knob.

"On your back, Dan!" Sally gasped. "Let me suck up your fuck

Dan nodded, sank down on the cushiony deck pad, and Sally
scrambled around between his sprawled legs. Sally crouched and
lowered her head to Dan's crotch. The taste of spunk and cunt and
bl**d made her own cunt throb with excitement. She licked his hairy
nuts, gently holding his balls in her hands. She lapped the
fuck-mix from Dan's still-hard prick.

He grinned down at her. "You sure like to eat cock, Sally."

"Mmmm, ffff, ghhhh!" she muttered, her mouth full of his cock.

What excited her now was the view of Eva sucking the spunk and
bl**d and cunt juice from Fay's swollen pussy. Eva really adored
sucking cunt. Her tongue was as long as a short prick. The
lap-lap-lap of Eva going after her pretty s****r's cunt was music
in Sally's ears.

Eva wasn't going to stop. She was pushing a finger up Fay's ass,
and her mouth was glued to Fay's uptilted cunt.

"Jeeeeeesus, Eva!" Fay whimpered. "You got a tongue a mile long!
Uhhhh! Just keep fucking my cunt with it!"

Fay's arms flopped on the resilient deck pad, her long pretty
legs quivered. Sally could hear the luscious sound of Eva gnawing
her s****r's just-fucked cunt. Eva had licked up almost every drop
of Dan's gushing spunk load. Now Eva was going to make her s****r
cum with her long tongue and sucking lips.

"Give my cock a rest, Sally," Dan grinned. "You got all the cunt
juice and jizz."

ŒOh, Daddy, let me suck your cock!!" Jan implored.

"After a while, sweet blonde baby," Dan chuckled. "Why don't you
eat your mother's cunt. It looks like it needs sucking."

"You're so mean, Daddy!" Jan giggled. "I sure wish you'd tear my

"Tell you what, blondie," Dan smiled. "Bring your pussy over her
and I'll play with it while you eat your mother's cunt."

"I'll go for that!" Sally gasped. She arranged herself on the
cushiony pad so Jan could eat her cunt. Jan's cunt was now within
easy reach of Dan's right hand. As Jan began to lick her mouth up
and down on Sally's cunt slit, she saw Dan's hand disappear behind
Jan's pretty, round ass.

"Oh, Mom, I'm going to love eating you cunt!" Jan giggled, her
hands wedging beneath Sally's ass. Sally arched her cunt toward her
blonde daughter's opening lips, and Jan glued her mouth to Sally's
cunt. Jan's tongue wasn't as long as Eva's, but it certainly felt

"Oh, Jan, that's lovely!" Sally moaned. The view of Dan's
half-hard cock resting on his belly was terribly tempting. But if
he wanted to rest his prick, that was what he should do.

As pretty Jan sucked the thrills out of Sally's cunt, the sound
of Fay cumming against Eva's suctioning mouth filled her with

"Uhhh, ohhhh, fuuuuck!" Fay cried shrilly. "You're sucking the
fun right out of my cunt!"

Her legs kicked, her tits arched upward and her face twisted
with lust. Dan's cock was swelling again. The sound of his daughter
cumming was exciting him.

I just hope he can fuck Eva and me, Sally thought. Fay's had her
big gush of jizz, she's had her cum around Dan's prick. He won't
fuck Jan, he's saving her pretty virginal cunt for some other time.
She could just reach Dan's rigid prick. She took it on her hand and
felt a sweet surge of more cum thrills in her twitching cunt.

"That brought my cock up, Sally!" Dan chuckled. "Now some cunt
is gonna get fucked.
Subject: THD (15/20)

* * * * * * * *
Chapter 8

"Eva, I think it's time I fucked you up the ass," Dan said,
grinning at his oldest daughter.

"Daddy, I only hope you can!" Eva trilled.

Sally rested amid her beautiful daughters, all laying in deck
chairs by the pool. Eva sat on Sally's left, Fay and Jan at Sally's
right. Dan sat away from the group, his cock dangling between his

"Daddy, you can't get that big cock up anybody's ass," Jan
giggled. "It's soft!"

Dan laughed. "If one of you sexy pussies will come over here and
suck it and rub your tits on it, my cock will come right up."

"Sally, you suck his prick!"

"Come on, Mom!" Fay said."We want to see you gobble Dad's cock.
I bet you really know how!"

"If I suck his prick I want to fuck it!" Sally giggled.

"Well, Dad'll give you some prick in the cunt, won't you, Dan?
Jan asked.

"Or up the asshole," Dan grinned.

Sally shook with lust as she left her chair and sank to her
knees between Dan's strong, muscular legs. She placed a pillow
under her knees. She wanted to be there a long time.

Just the odor of his prick and nuts started her cunt juices
flowing. Her tits were already as big as they could get. They ached
for kisses and rubs. The view of Dan's cock, as it began to
enlarge, made her moan with delight.

Sally fitted her swollen tits against Dan's prick and rolled her
tit flesh against his balls.

"Yeah," Dan chuckled. "Sally, you have the sexiest pair of tits
I ever saw. They're getting my prick up."

"I wish I could fuck your prick with my tits!" Sally breathed.

"A cunt or asshole is where my cock longs to be, Sally," he
chuckled. "But your tits are damn good."

"I sure wish I had big tits like Sally," Jan exclaimed.

"They'll grow, Jan, baby," Dan said, looking over at his blonde

Sally watched Dan's prick enlarge, feeling it burn against her
tender tits. Since his cock-knob was just a few inches from her
mouth, she gripped his shaft in her right hand and touched her
eager lips to his prickmeat. Her mouth opened and she took Dan's
big prick knob into her throat. Her lips twitched around his
heated, thick cock. Her cunt was drooling fuck sap, her tits were
puffed and itchy.

Sally watched Fay drop to her knees between Jan's pretty, opened
thighs. Eva slipped over behind Sally, her soft little fingers
fondling Sally's ass and leaky cunt. Sally spread her thighs so Eva
could play with her cunt and ass.

"Ohhh, Fay, that's good!" Jan exclaimed. She was busily playing
with her own tits. Dan had told her to fondle her tits to make them
grow. Jan did exactly what her Daddy told her.

Her mouth full of vibrant cock, Sally felt Eva playing with her
ass. Eva dipped a finger in Sally's cunt, wet it good, and started
sliding her finger up Sally's twitching shitter.

Sally pumped her mouth slowly on Dan's big, tensing prick. The
aroma from his balls made her dizzy. His prick flexed in her eager,
sucking mouth. Eva's finger stroked slickly in her ass. Sally felt
another balloon swelling in her belly. She needed a cum. Her clit
was on fire, her cunt mouth was twitching. Her asshole tightened
delectably around Eva's finger.

"Mmmmm, fff, ahhhhh!" Sally gurgled, making her strokes longer,
giving Dan lots of sliding mouth. She coiled her tongue around his

"Damn good, Sally," Dan chuckled. "You want my fuck load in your

"Oh, shoot it up in the air, Daddy!" Jan gasped, her face
already twisting with passion. "I never saw a prick shoot jizz!" I
want it up in my cunt, but let all of us see you squirt!"

"Do it, Daddy!" Eva giggled. "Mom, be sure and lift your mouth
before he cums!"

"Maybe I want my spunk in Sally's mouth," Dan chuckled.

"Please, Daddy!" Jan implored. "I want to see you shoot your
jizz! Squirt it all over Mom's sexy tits!"

"Right," Dan grinned.

Sally knew he wouldn't refuse when blonde jan asked him. She was
the apple of his eyes.

Fay gobbled her mouth tightly to Jan's cunt, and Jan whined.
Jan's long opened thighs trembled, her head turned back. Sally was
almost certain that Fay had a finger up Jan's asshole. The young
girls were learning.

Sally slowed her mouth strokes on Dan's cock. He smiled down at
her. He ran his fingers through her hair and tickled her ears. Dan
didn't want any quick hard sucks, he liked to drag-out the fuck

Eva now had both hands working, one finger up Sally's ass, the
other sliding in Sally's twitching cunt. It was so lovely, sucking
cock and having her cunt and asshole played with.

"Ohhh, shit, fuck!" Jan cried out. "Eat it fast, Fay! Eat the
cum out of my cunt!"

Sally watched her pretty daughters, her cunt flaming, her ass
already tightening.

"Come on, Fay!" Jan pleaded. "Suck harder. My cunt wants to cum
right now!"

Suddenly Jan's slim body shook, her long legs jerked, her cute
tits arched out. A fierce squeal erupted from her throat. Sally
watched the cum shivers rake Jan's body, and her own cunt started

"Ughhh, ffmmmmmm, ohhh!" Sally gurgled around Dan's cock. Fuck
juice flooded her crotch. Her cunt mouth clenched, her asshole
clenched, her clit pulsed wildly.

"Mom, that's the way to cum!" Eva breathed. "Your cunt sure does
tighten."Sally couldn't answer. Dan was getting close to his cum.
Sally didn't want to spoil his big moment for him. She sucked and
sucked. His big balls began to draw up in his nut sac, his prick

"Yeahhhh!" Dan muttered. "That's the way to eat prick, Sally!
Just a little bit more! Uhhhh. Yeah! Okay, mouth-fuck my cock
really fast! Fuuuuuuck! Ughhhh!"

"Take your mouth away, Mom!" Jan cried out.

Just in time, Sally jerked her ducking lips from Dan's cock. She
kept her right hand on his prickshaft. His ten inches of thick cock
throbbed in her fingers, his ass jerked. Suddenly a spout of white
jizz shot high in the air. Dan cursed. Sally remembered what her
daughters wanted, and the next throb of cum wad splashed across her
arched-out tits. The warm, creamy cum load smelled just delicious.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh, fuuuuuck!" Dan gasped, as another spurt of jizz
went over Sally's shoulder and struck Eva on the tits.

"Ummmmm!" Eva cried, smearing the spunk across her budding tits.
She licked the sticky cum off her fingers.

"Oh, that's really something!" Jan cried. "Mom's got jizz all
over her tits!"

"I'd rather have it in my cunt!" Sally gasped, still trembling.

"You'll get your cunt full of cum, Sally," Dan said, his prick
still rigid in Sally's gripping fingers. Droplets of cum still
leaked from his piss hole, his prick tensed and flexed.

Greedily, Sally returned her hungry mouth to Dan's cock. She
sipped the rich cum from his tumid prick, moaning with joy. Eva
removed her hands from Sally's ass and cunt, she dropped into a
chair, legs sprawled.

"Now I need a cunt suck," Eva giggled. "Who's gonna eat it for

"I will, s*s!" Jan exclaimed. "Fay made me cum, so I'll make you

"I sure like to watch these girls of ours eat each other's
cunts," Dan said.

"We want you to watch us cum, Daddy!" Jam giggled, moving down
between Eva's opened legs.

Dan stared at Jan, his cock tensed in Sally's mouth. Then he
gazed down at Sally. "I feel like fucking you up the ass, Sally."

Sally gave his cock a few more strokes with her mouth and lifted
her head. "Anything you want, stud. I love your prick up my ass!"

"I'm afraid to fuck our daughters up the ass," Dan said. "I
don't want to tear their sweet little assholes.

"Oh, I bet you can get your prick up there, honey!" Sally said,
shuddering. "If you take your time and use a lot of cunt juice."

He chuckled, his cock flexed. He pointed to the patio cushion
where he had fucked Fay. Sally nodded eagerly. She was so glad he
still wanted sex with her, when he had all this fresh young pussy.

Sally moved down on the resilient pad, on hands and knees, and
Dan moved in behind her. He was still watching Jan eat Eva's cunt.
Fay was in a chair, legs open, her swollen cunt drooling juice.
Traces of bl**d still streaked her pussy wetness. Dan had ripped
her cherry good.

"Oh, you're sure eating my cunt, s*s!" Eva giggled, molding her
tits in her hands.
Subject: THD (16/20)

* * * * * * * *

Dan's big cockhead slipped into Sally's eager cunt. She moaned
and back-stroked, driving his cock to the depths of her twitching

"That's damn good, baby," Dan muttered, ramming his cock deep.
"Maybe I'll fuck your cunt before I pour my jizz up your ass."

"Oh, Daddy!" Fay cried, moving to the patio pad. "Fuck me from
behind, like you're fucking MOM! Please!"

"Okay, get your cute ass down here," Dan said.

Fay yelped with joy and sank to her hands and knees right beside
Sally. Dan stroked his cock in Sally's shivery cunt, drew it out
and moved over behind his daughter, Fay.

"Didn't get enough prick when I busted your cherry, eh?" Dan
said to Fay as he spread her puffy pink slit and positioned his fat
purple cock- knob.

"Daddy, I'll never get enough of your prick!" Fay breathed,
squirming in anticipation.

Dan leaned into her. The tight ring of her pussy resisted for a
moment. Then yeilded and four inches if his massive poker squeezed
into her tight-clasping channel.

"Oh, your cock's going in my cunt." Fay whined in deliciousd
discomfort, pushing back eagerly. "Ohhhh, that's so damn good!"

"Ughhhhh," Dan said, stroking in hard, burying his rigid shaft
to the balls. "Good ass!"

"What am I going to do?" Fay implored.

Sally had an idea. "See if you can slide your body under mine
and lick my cunt, honey. I'll eat your pussy, and Dan can keep
fucking me up the ass!"

"I sure will, Mom!" Fay exclaimed. She moved around and slipped
her shoulders between Sally's opened thighs. Fay squirmed forward
until her head was beneath Sally's crotch. Fay's fragrant, swollen
pussy was just below Sally's head. Sally glued her mouth to her
daughter's puffy cunt just as Fay began lapping and sucking.

"Oh, I can see your prick going in and out of Mom's asshole!"
Fay gurgled.

"Suck my cunt, honey!" Sally moaned. "I'm damn near ready to
cum!" Uhhhh! That's the way, Fay. Eat my cunt good!"

The only sounds for the moment came from Fay's greedy lips and
Sally's hungry mouth. Both were eating cunt. Dan was fucking Sally
up the ass.

"Jeeeesus, Jan, you really can eat cunt!" Eva cried from the
deck chair.

Sally shuddered, dipping her tongue into Fay's tasty young cunt.
Fay was stroking her tongue up in Sally's twitching cunt.

"Make Eva cum, Jan," Dan muttered.

"She's getting there, Daddy!" Eva whined. "Is Mom's asshole real

"Yeah, it's good and tight, baby," Dan said.

He began stroking once more. Sally braced herself for his long,
deep cum strokes. His prick was enlarging, he would be shooting his
jizz before long. His prick juices were making her ass real slick.
He didn't need any more cunt wetness.

Now Fay was sucking Sally's excited clit. Strings of joy
gathered in Sally's crotch. She licked and sucked Fay's uplifted
fresh young cunt. Dan's' pokes into Sally's asshole came faster.
But he waited again, enjoying the delay.

"That sure is a pretty little asshole, Jan," Dan said.

Jan had a mouth full of Eva's cunt, and couldn't answer. But she
wiggled her ass and tipped it out further. Sally shook with
passion. She was just on the verge of cumming.

"My asshole is just as cute as Jan's!" Eva gasped.

"I'll fuck a big wad of jizz up both of your assholes!" Dan

"Oh, do it, Daddy!" Eva cried. "Even if it hurts!"

"I got my cock up Sally's ass right now," Dan muttered. "And
she's ready to cum. Cum, Sally! Cum! Get your cunt off!"

Sally shouted as the throbs of her cum shook her body. Her cunt-
mouth clenched around Fay's stroking tongue, her asshole tightened
around Dan's plunging prick. Poor Fay wasn't cumming, though.

"Uhhhh, ohhhh, Dan!" Sally shouted. "Fuck your spunk up in my
ass! My cunt's cumming hard!"

The heavy, deep strokes of Dan's prick, the lunge of his ass,
almost f***ed Sally flat on top of Fay. Just as Sally had the best
of her cum, Fay wormed out from under her.

"Fuuuuucking sonofabitch!" Dan shouted, his strong thrusts now
forcing Sally to the deck pad. He followed her down, still pumping
his throbbing cock in Sally's twitching, spasming ass. Sally could
feel the belch of his jizz in her ass as his big balls knotted
against her cunt mouth.

Dan's last lunges in her clenching asshole drew another shout
from Sally's throat. He was a regular fucking machine.

Fay was on her back, whipping her cunt with her right hand.
Sally felt sorry she hadn't made Fay cum. The feel of Dan's cock
stroking in her ass was delicious.

"Swing you pussy around, Fay!" Sally gasped. "Let me eat it till
you cum!"

Fay scrambled closer, her long legs wide open, scooting her ass
right in front of Sally's face. Sally lifted her head far enough to
clamp her lips on her pretty daughter's silky wet cunt.

"Eat Fay good, Sally," Dan chuckled. "Come on, Fay, get your
goodies! Cum on your mother's mouth!"

"Ohhhh, it's cumming, Daddy! Uhhhh!" Fay cried.

Sally slid her hands under Fay's ass, pushed a finger up her
tight little asshole and felt her daughter reach her cum. Fay's
squeal of delight from her pussy=wet lips sent sweet shudders
through Sally's body. Her cunt and asshole clenched, Dan muttered
his pleasure as Sally's asshole tightened around his still-buried

"Oh, Mom, you sure can eat cunt!" Fay whimpered, as her asshole
twisted around Sally's invading finger.

Eva was having her cum. Her long legs shook, her face twisted,
and Jan sucked greedily at her s****r's cumming pussy.

"Oh, Jan, it's damn good!" Eva wailed. "Love that finger up my

Sally watched Eva finish her cum. Her daughters loved sex and
cumming just as much as mother did.

Jan finally unfastened her mouth from Eva's swollen, leaking
cunt, and moved into a deck chair, wiping her lips with her hand.
Then she sucked the pussy juice off each finger.

Sally gave Fay's pussy a few lingering sucks and kisses. Fay
crawled away and dropped into a deck chair between Jan and Eva. All
three girls looked pooped.

Dan drew his shrinking cock out of Sally's ass. He sat back on
the cushion, and Sally turned quickly, licking up and down his cock
for the last dribbles of jizz. Dan grinned, watching his wife.

"You sure love to drink spunk, Sally," he said.

"Mmmmmmm, it's so good!" Sally giggled. "My cunt tightens at
every lick!"

The three girls giggled.

Dan stretched out on his back, smiling over at his three pretty,
sexy daughters.

"Now, which girl is gonna suck my prick and bring it up hard
again?" he chuckled.

"Oh, let me, Daddy!: Jan exclaimed. "I just adore your big cock!
I can hardly wait to get it up in my cunt!"

Dan nodded. "Your cherry will keep a few days, Jan."

Sally watched her blonde daughter sink to her knees between
Dan's strong legs.

"Don't you want to nibble my pussy, Daddy?" Jan purred.

"Not this time, sweet Jan. Just practice eating cock," Sally
could see his prick already swelling. Cock juice leaked from his
enlarging prick- head.

Jan took his half-hard cock in her right hand. lowered her head,
and kissed his swelling cock-knob. Dan grinned, and his cock began
to stiffen. Sally shook with envy. Jan opened her full red lips
enough to slip his prick-head into her hot mouth.

"Mmmmmmmm!" Jan whined. Slowly she drew more prick up into her
mouth. Dan's wide grin told how he liked it. As Jan began to pump
her mouth on his cock, Sally looked at her other two daughters.

"What do we do for our fun, girls?" Sally asked.

"Fay and me, we'll take turns eating your cunt, Mom!" Eva
smiled. "We know you need a lot of cums."

"I sure do!" Sally breathed, watching Jan suck her father's
tumid prick. "And get a finger up my ass, too!"

Fay dropped to her knees between Sally's thighs and Eva moved
around behind Sally's chair. Eva dropped her hands down to Sally's
swollen tits.

Giggling, Fay pushed her right hand beneath Sally's ass. Sally
felt the seeking finger locate her asshole. Fay dropped her mouth
on Sally's upcurved achey cunt, her lips burning Sally's cunt lips.
As Fay's tongue went deliciously into Sally's cunt, Dan uttered a
moan of pleasure.

"That's the way to suck prick, Jan," Dan said. His cock was very
hard now. Jan's blonde head moved slowly up and down, her clinging
red lips leaving saliva trails along her father's prick.

"Play with my balls, too," Dan grinned. "Be very gentle."

"Mmmmffffmmmm!" Jan answered.

"Jan sure knows how to suck cock!" Eva giggled. "I ought to get
over behind her and make her pussy cum!"

"Honey, you play with my tits!" Sally breathed, feeling Fay's
tongue stroke deep in her cunt. Fay's finger started up Sally's
asshole. Her young daughters were so nice to her.

"Having fun, Mom?" Eva giggled, tweaking Sally's tt peaks.

"Oh, yes, you sexy little foxes!" Sally breathed. Fay had
Sally's clit in her lips, the sweet sucking of her mouth gave Sally
delicious thrills. Sally lifted her crotch higher, and Fay's finger
moved faster in her asshole.

"I sure love your tits, Mom!" Eva purred. "I hope mine are this
big when I grow up."

"Sexy tits run in the f****y, k**s," Sally giggled. "Oh, Fay,
you're making me cum!"

"Tell us about it, Mom!" Eva breathed. "Tell Fay and me how good
it feels!"

"Ohhhh, shiiit, fuuuuck!" Sally cried, her cunt mouth twitching.
"My cunt's cumming hard! Ohhhhh, Fay, it's really good! My asshole
is cumming, too! Uhhhhhh!"

Sally bucked as her cum flooded her crotch and cunt and tits.
The chair creeked, her heels shook against the deck. Her clit was
cumming and cumming, her cunt tightened vividly.

A loud groan from Dan made her look across at the action on the
patio cushion. Beautiful Jan had jerked her mouth from Dan's cock,
and a fountain of whitish spunk spurted high in the air, splashing
down on his belly. Another throb of his huge prick shot a creamy
wad across Jan's tits.

"Ohhhh, fuck, that's sexy!" Jan moaned, smearing her father's
spent jizz across her tits.

"Eat his spunk, Jan!" Sally cried. "Don't let that jizz go to
waste! You should have taken it in your mouth!"

"Damn it, Mom!, her jerked my hand away from his prick!" Jan
complained. She moved quickly to bend down and lick up the spunk
from her father's belly. More jizz dribbled from Dan's still-rigid

Dan rested limply, his eyes closed. He reached down to his cock
and jerked it several times. More jizz oozed from his piss hole.

"Oh let me suck your cock some more, Daddy!" Jan giggled, her
lips wet with jizz.

"I've had it for a while, girl," Dan muttered. "I'm taking a
Subject: THD (17/20)

* * * * * * * *
Chapter 9

"I really don't think she's ready," Dan said. "She's just too

"Dan, honey, she wants it!" Sally insisted.

"She's so small." "I never thought I'd regret having such a big
cock." Dan lamented.

"She'll be the tightest pussy you ever had, honey," Sally

"I sure wish Daddy would hurry up and pick my cherry, Mom," Jan
said. "He's fucked Eva and Fay."

"He'll be home pretty soon, Jan," Sally giggled. It was Friday,
and Dan had been out of town again. Sally was just as hungry for
prick as her pretty daughter was.

Sally and the girls, Eva, fay, and Jan, were out by the pool
again, wearing bikinis. Another fine warm day, the evening just for
swimming or fucking.

"Why is he saving my pussy for last?" Jan complained.

"He likes you a lot, Jan" Sally smiled. "He wants your first
fuck to be a big event."

"It sure does feel good up my cunt, Jan," Eva teased, spreading
her long legs. She rested on the resilient patio cushion that had
seen so much action Tuesday evening.

"You don't know what you're missing, Jan," Fay giggled. "His
prick goes up in my cunt so damn far!"

"Yes, it feels like it's clear up between my tits!" Eva laughed.
"I sure wish Daddy would hurry. All this pussy waiting for him, and
one more cherry to pick."

Suddenly Dan appeared at the sliding glass door n the pool and
patio. He wore swim trunks. Sally felt a sharp thrill in the cunt
and tits. He sure was handsome.

"Oh, Dan!" Sally cried, leaping from her chair. She ran up to
her husband and pushed her almost naked body tightly to his. "We
sure have missed you and your big cock, honey!"

"Just what I need, Sally," he grinned, gripping her as in both
big, strong hands. "Some good, hot wifely cunt." "It's juicy
already, stud!" Sally giggled. "Do you have some new sex games we
can play?"

"Wait and see," he said, kissing her on the mouth. His tongue
snaked into her eager, open lips and he slipped his right hand
inside her bikini panties from the rear. He tickled her asshole,
pushing at her tender ass pucker. Shivering, she arched her hips
backward. His finger went down to her cunt, and returned to her

His tongue stroked deep in her mouth and his pussy-slick finger
entered her shivery asshole. It was so damn good she moaned into
his lips.

"Daddy's fingering Mom's ass!" Eva giggled.

"I think he likes a tight ass better than cunt!" Fay exclaimed.

"Well, I want his prick in my cunt!" Jan said.

"He hasn't fucked any of us in the ass yet," Eva remarked. "Mom,
is it really good?"

Sally whined. She tore her mouth free. "It's so damn good I'm
gonna cum!"

"Cum, Mom, cum!" Jan exclaimed. "Daddy, pull her panties down so
we can see you finger-fuck her ass!"

He didn't answer, and Sally felt one of the girls yank her
panties down her legs. Giggles from all three of her daughters made
Sally shudder.

"Yeah, get your cum, Sally," Dan chuckled. "You sure have a god
tight asshole."

"Uhhhh!" Sally cried, the tremors of her delight shaking her
legs and tits and ass. "Uhhhh, it's been so long, Dan! Ohhhh, it's
cumming hard, honey!"

"Oh, look at Mom cum on Daddy's finger!" Jan cried.

"Yes, Mom, you sure get a hot cunt real fast!" Eva trilled.

Sally didn't hear any more for a while. She was too busy having
her cum. Her cunt mouth tightened and her asshole clenched swiftly.
Dan kept poking his finger in and out of her ass until her cum was
over. She relaxed against him, her legs shaky.

"You sure can make me cum fast and hard, stud!" Sally giggled.

"We want our cums!" the girls chorused. Sometimes they did that,
saying the same words at exactly the same time.

"Are your pussies slick and ready, girls?" Dan chuckled.

His finger came out of Sally's asshole, she stepped away and
dropped her bikini panties to the deck. She reached up to undo her
halter and let her big shapely tits out. A good, hard cum sure made
them tender. Her dark nipples were as stiff as pokers

"Daddy, you have three young cunt here who want to fuck!" Eva
giggled, swaying closer to her father. "And one of these young
cunts wants you to rip her cherry!"

"That's me!" Jan exclaimed.

She glided closer to Dan, twitching her pretty ass. In a moment
all three were lined up in front of their father, undulating their
asses, arching their budding tits out. Eva reached for her bikini
halter and the other two girls did the same. The trio of mini
halters dropped.

Dan grinned.

"I don't see any cunt yet."

"Okay, we'll show you some cunt!" Eva laughed. "Come on, girls.
Wave your cunts at him!"

Sally watched her three lovely daughters and her moist clit
throbbed with passion. How very pretty they were! Giggling, they
drew their mini- panties down, exposing their cute, hairless cunts.
They writhed their bodies, smiling.

"Now let's see your prick, Daddy!" Jan exclaimed. "You promised
me I'd get my first fuck today! I sure need it!"

Dan grinned. Slowly he slid his tight swim trunks down his thick
muscled legs. His wonderful big cock stood out sharply, slanting
upward. Sally could see the fuck dew leaking from his piss hole.

"Oh, that's some prick, Daddy!" Fay giggled. "Did all of that
big thing really go into my pussy?"

"It sure did, baby," Dan chuckled. "Now turn around and let me
see those cute assholes."

The girls all laughed and turned slowly, bending down from the
hips. All three peeked back over their shoulders. Dan came forward.
Sally quaked with passion. Jan was in the middle, Fay at her left
an Eva at her right.

"I want to fuck some young ass, girls," Dan said, resting the
head of his prick against Jan's pretty little asshole. His left
hand went to Fay's ass, his right hand went to Eva's.

"Oh, Daddy, are you going to fuck me in the ass before you rip
my cherry?" Jan giggled.

"I never heard of a guy fucking a girl in the ass before he took
her cherry," Eva said.

"Lots of things about sex you girls never heard of," Dan said.
"Damn it, Fay, hold still."

"Play with my pussy, Daddy!" Fay giggled. "It's right there."

"Yes, Daddy, finger our cunts!" Eva giggled.

Sally dropped her right hand down to her cunt. She spread her
thighs, cupping her stinging, leaking cunt with her fingers. Dan
wanted young cunt today, he could enjoy his wife's cunt later when
they were alone.

She watched Dan's finger slip into Fay's cunt, then his other
middle finger entered Eva's pussy. His cockhead was still pushing
at Jan's ass. Sally stared at Dan's big nuts, dangling heavily. His
strong legs were spread so she could see his hairy ass and nuts.
Shuddering, she moved up behind Dan, sank to her back on the patio,
staring up at his prick and balls from below.

He was rubbing the knob slowly up and down Jan's ass crack, only
an inch from her hairless pink pussy slit.

The view of his prick was terribly exciting. Seeing it from
below added to her prick fever. Dan looked down at her and grinned.
His fingers were sliding slowly in and out of Eva's cunt and Fay's
cunt. He pushed his cock down below Jan's asshole, in against her
pretty, hairless cunt.

"Oh, Daddy!" Jan gasped. "Put it in, put it in my pussy!"

"Not yet, baby," he chuckled. "Just get the feel of it."

"Oh, it feels good, Daddy!" Jan breathed. Her fresh young
cuntlips were spreading for his big, wet-headed prick. She tipped
her hips back farther, writhing her ass. Sally could see cock juice
leaking out of Dan's prickhead, mixing in with Jan's cunt juice.

"Jesus, that's good!" Eva giggled, angling her cunt back and
upward onto Dan's probing fingers.

"Get you hand down and play with your clit, Eva," Dan said. "
You, too, Fay. Get a standup cum."

"Oh, Daddy, you're so mean!" Jan breathed.

Sally stared upward, shivering. Fay and Eva now had their right
hands on their clits. Dan was still pumping his fingers into their
puffing cunts.

"Daddy, please get you prick in my pussy!" Jan breathed. "Rip my
cherry! Shoot a big load of jizz up in my cunt! Eva and Fay got it,
now it's my turn!"

"It won't be long, pretty baby," Dan muttered.

Sally stared up at Dan's huge prick. His prick knob was partly
between Jan's wet, swollen cunt lips. Her cute ass was wiggling.
Her right hand was busy with her clit.

"Get your cum, Jan," Dan said. "Get you cunt to cum and that'll
help open your ass up for my prick."

"Yes!" Jan gasped.

Sally played with her achey clit, watching Dan's big nuts and
his huge hard cock. Jan's cunt was so slick a string of shiny cunt
dew started drooling downward, and Sally slid over so she could
catch it in her mouth.

As the fragrant slick streamer of cunt juice and prick goo
touched her tongue and lips, she moaned with delight. It tasted so
Subject: THD (18/20)

* * * * * * * *

"Ohhhh, it's good!" Jan whimpered, her right hand flying on her
clit. "My pussy is cumming! Uhhhhh! Ohhhhh, Daddy, I'm cumming with
your prick almost in my cunt!"

"Cum, baby, cum!" Dan urged.

"Ohhhhh, I'm cumming too!" Eva whimpered. Her legs trembled, her
hips thrust back at Dan's diving finger.

"Jeeeesus, I'm cumming!" Fay whined. Her right hand whipped her
clit frantically.

Another stringer of cunt juice and prick dew reached Sally's
eager mouth . She moaned and kicked, whipping the pangs of cunt
pleasure from her stinging pulsing, clit.

All three girls were finishing their cum, whining and moaning.
Dan's cockhead was still just at the door of Jan's cunt. His big
balls were pulling up in his nut sac. Maybe he was going to shoot
his jizz against Jan's quivering, puffing cunt lips.

But Jan ended her shaking and wiggling, Dan was saving his spunk
for when he got his fuck in Jan's cunt or asshole.

Dan's fingers came out of his daughter's cunts, wet and shiny.
He gave Fay and Eva a pat on the ass and stepped back from Jan.

Giggling, all three girls turned to stare at Dan and his monster

Dan stood in front of them, grinning, glancing from one to the
next. "Four hot, wet cunts, and which one do I fuck?" he chuckled.

"Daddy, you promised to rip my cherry tonight!" Jan said,
spreading her long legs. "It sure is good cumming with your cock
almost in my pussy!"

"Cumming is always good, girls," Sally laughed. "Only some cums
are better than others! Dan, what's next? You've got us all ready
to fuck. Squeeze that big cock in somewhere!"

"Me first!" Jan exclaimed. "I need it bad. You can all watch me
take my first prick!"

Dan stared at his blonde daughter, his cock flexed and more
prick juice oozed from his swollen cock knob. His cock skin was
peeled back so the females could all see his huge, purplish, naked

"Yeah, I think it's time, Jan," he said. He walked over to the
patio pad and stretched out on his back. "Only you're gonna tear
your cherry yourself, Jan baby. If it hurts, you can stop."

"Oh, I sure have waited a long time for this!" Jan gasped. She
ran to the patio cushion and quickly spread a leg on each side of
his body.

"I thought you wanted some asshole fucking, Daddy," Eva giggled.

"I do, Eva," Dan grinned. "Later. I gotta rip Jan's cherry. Her
pussy felt real good a minute ago. Why don't you girls and Sally do
a little cunt sucking?"

"Oh, we all want to watch Jan lose her cherry, Daddy!" Eva
answered. "We can eat pussy anytime! We want to see prick!"

Sally followed her two daughters as they crouched beside the
patio cushion, one on each side. Sally moved behind Jan where she
would have the best view of her daughter's cunt stretching around
Dan's huge, hard cockhead.

Jan was not wasting any time. She lifted her pretty ass, still
wet with cock juice. Her puffy cunt was slick with girl cum. Her
hips lifted high, Dan held his cock at the right position, and Jan
fastened her dewy virginal cunt against his prick knob.

"Ohhhhhh, that's good!" Jan breathed, her legs trembling.

Sally had an idea. She moved in closer and started playing a
finger around Jan's cute, tight little asshole. The prick juice
still on it made Jan's ass flesh nice and slick.

"Oh, Mom, that's good!" Jan whimpered.

"Get your pussy around his prick, honey," Sally breathed. "Then
you'll know what good really is!"

Jan whimpered, her ass quivering. She pushed downward, her cunt
lips spread slickly. Her slim legs quivered.

"Fuuuuucking shiiiit!" she cried. "It won't go in!"

"Hey, keep wiggling your ass," Dan said. "It'll go in pretty
soon, Jan. Have a cum up there if you want to!"

Sally stared as Jan's ass muscles rippled. Her legs shook. She
stroked down. Her cunt stretched. Suddenly Dan's tremendous
prickhead started up into Jan's virginal nine year old pussy.

"Ohhhh, it hurts!" Jan whimpered. "But it's going up my cunt!"

"Yeah, that's a tight little cunt, baby," Dan muttered.

Jan's ass moved again, she cried out sharply. "I ripped my
cherry! Ohhh, God, this is so damned wonderful! Uhhhhhh!"

Sally shook with passion. Seeing Dan's thick, dark prick halfway
up in Jan's juicy little cunt sent tremors of lust all through
Sally's body.

"Bring it down, baby," Dan urged. "Get more prick up your cunt."

"Uhhhhh!" Jan cried, "Ohhhhh, sucking, fucking, shiiiiit!" More
inches of hard prick oozed up into her cunt. She shook, her ass
quivered and she stroked down hard.

As those dainty cunt lips settled around the root of Dan's cock,
Sally moaned with lust. Dan's big hairy nuts were pulling up.

"That's real good cunt," Dan said. His hands now gripped Jan's
hips. He stroked his ass upward. "Yeahhhhhh!"

"Oh, Daddy, that's the best cock in the whole world!" Jan cried.
"You tore my cherry! Let me fuck now, please!"

"Easy, Jan," Dan said. "Let it soak up in your cunt a while. It
isn't juicy enough for good fucking yet."

"Daddy, this is really fun!" Jan breathed. "I'll do whatever you
say! You picked my cherry, that's the important thing!"

"No, baby," Dan grinned. "The main thing is when you cum and I
bury a load of jizz up in your cunt."

"Ohhhh, I can't wait for that, Daddy!" Jan gasped. "Eva and Fay
have been telling me how good prick is! Now I believe every word
they said!"

Sally brought her head closer to Jan's ass, breathing in the
sweet aroma from Dan's balls and Jan's pussy. She slid her right
hand down to her cunt. She was ready to start finger-fucking
herself when she felt a soft young body touch hers.

"Stay on your hand and knees, Mom," Came Eva's voice. "I want to
back-fuck you."

"But honey - " Sally began, and then she stopped. The press of
Eva's silky young body, the sensation of having her daughter's cunt
pressing into her ass and crotch, made Sally quake with need.

Eva started stroking her ass. The squish of her cunt on Sally's
asscheeks, the warm girl flesh, was just wonderful.

"I wouldn't care if you slid under me and ate my cunt, Eva!"
Sally breathed. But she angled her ass higher, giving Eva a better
shot. The slow stroking filled Sally with raging lust.

"Okay, now you can fuck my prick, Jan," Dan said.

Sally trembled, staring at the cock and cunt connection. Jan's
cute ass went up and down, up and down, exposing several thick
inches of Dan's prick every time Jan stroked. The girl juice from
Jan's stretched cunt was tinted red. Cherry bl**d. Sally's mouth
watered, she wanted to lap up that excess cunt juice mixed with
Dan's pre-cum fluids.

"That's the way to topfuck, baby," Dan said. "Come up on it,
then stroke down hard."

"Oh, Daddy, this is so delicious!" Jan gasped. "It feels like
your cock is clear up between my tits!"

"Goooood cuuuuuunt!" Dan muttered. His balls were knotting at
the base of his cockshaft. "Easy now, Jan. Fuck a few times and
then rest. Yeahhh, I want to make this fuck last a while."

"I could fuck up here all day, Daddy!" Jan gasped. "Ohhhh, I
gotta cum! I can't hold it back!"

"Okay, baby," Dan muttered. "Ride it high and we'll fuck some
more later! Yeahhhh!"

Jan's slender hips were already pumping faster. But even in her
excitement there was still caution in her movements, her
downstrokes were restrained, controlled.

Sally watched Dan's big nuts tighten. His legs quivered, his ass
lifted higher. Jan's ass bobbed like a cork on water. Her wild
whimpers were like daggers in Sally's senses. The swift flash of
Jan's ass, as more pink-colored cunt juice oozed from her pussy,
signaled Jan's cum.

Jan squealed. Dan moaned fiercely as his nuts began to burn and
he forgot his concern for Jan, his grip tightened on her hips.
"Down, honey!" Dan urged. "All the way, baby!. I want to put my
load all the way up in there!"

Jan squinched her eyes and bit her lip, squirming in discomfort
as Dan bucked spastically under her.

Sally could almost feel the gush of hot spunk up in her own
spasming cunt. Jan was having her first-fucked cunt sprayed with
her father's hot jizz. Just as Jan finished her first fuck ride,
Sally felt her cum arriving.

Eva whimpered, her cunt slushing into Sally's back-tilted cunt
and asshole. Sally's tensing clit started pulsing.

"Uhhhhh, fuuuuck, I'm cumming!" Eva wailed.

"I'm cumming too, Eva!" Sally cried, her tits shaking. "Fuck me
hard, Eva! Fuck your cunt at my cunt!"

Sally swept through her orgasm, and saw that Jan was resting
limply on top of Dan, her cunt spunk all down on his shrinking
balls. Sally scooted forward and fastened her lips to the base of
Dan's cock. She lapped up the spunk and pink-colored pussy juice.
It was such a tasty treat. Sally's greed mouth sucked up all the
drooling jizz, all the cherry bl**d.

"It feels good!" Jan breathed. "Mom, you've got a mouth like a
suction pump."

"Yeah, that feel really good, Sally," Dan agreed.

When Sally had licked up all the jizz, she raised her head.
"Jan, honey, your pussy juice is so sweet!"

"How do you like cumming around your father's cock, Jan?" Sally

"Ohhhhh, it's the best cum I ever had, Mom!" Jan breathed.
"Daddy, can I stay up here and fuck till I cum again?"

Dan's limp prick pulsed with excitement at the thought of slowly
coming hard inside her, stretching the virginal little channel

"I think you need to rest your pussy, Jan," Dan chuckled. "It
went off really hard."

"That's when it's good!" Jan giggled.

Dan took Jan by the hips and lifted her ass. Dan's big
jizz-creamed prick slipped down out of Jan's pussy and flopped
against his belly with a wet splat. Just as Jan dropped down on her
back, Sally took Dan's prick in her eager mouth and sucked up the
rest of his spunk.

Dan was hardly aware of his wife's lips on his limp cock. Eva
was over between Jan's legs, lapping Jan's cunt, sipping the cunt
juice and more drooling spunk.

Clean her up, Eva. Dan thought. Keep her hot and wet until I can
get it up again. I want to fuck that some more.

Sally hated to stop sucking Dan's cock, but he shook his head,
and Sally backed away. Fay sat in a chair, her legs opened, her
fingers molding her swollen cunt. Sally and Eva took chairs.

"I had a big cum on my fingers," Fay giggled.

"Well, I sure need a cum!" Eva said. "I made Mom cum, so who's
gonna get my cunt to cum?"

"Bring it over here, Eva," Dan grinned. "Jan's pooped for now,
and I feel like eating pussy."

"Oh, yes," Eva giggled. She opened her long thighs above Dan's
head and dropped her mouth toward his prick, resting on his belly.
Eva kissed his cockhead, moaning with joy.

As Eva took Dan's prick into her mouth, Sally heard Dan lapping
and sucking at Eva's pussy. Dan's right hand went to Eva's ass and
he began pushing his best finger into her asshole. Eva whined,
pumping her mouth on Dan's prick.

We're all a****ls, Sally thought. But we all love it.

Fay giggled, moved over on her knees between Sally's open
thighs, she fastened her mouth on Sally's hairy cunt. Her tongue
dived into Sally's cunt-hole.

"Yes, Fay, that's it! Sally gasped, fitting her hands on her
tender swollen tits. "Suck the cum right out of my cunt!"
Subject: THD (19/20)

* * * * * * * *
Chapter 10

"Bend over that wall, girls," Dan said. "I'm going to fuck some
virgin assholes."

"Oh, good for you, Daddy!" Eva giggled.

Sally watched the three girls lean over the low concrete wall at
the end of the pool. Part of it supported the diving board.

After Fay had eaten Sally's cunt and Dan had enjoyed Eva's cunt,
the group had rested awhile. Now Dan was lining his cute daughters
up for asshole fucking.

"Let me have some prick up the ass, too!" Sally pleaded.

"You can help me slick the girls' assholes with cunt juice,
Sally," Dan grinned.

Sally waited for Dan to pick the first girl. Eva. He had busted
her cherry first, so he was going to fuck her ass first. Dan stood
behind the three girls, his prick high and hard, cock goo drooling
from his piss hole.

"Come on, Mom," Eva wiggled. "Play with my cunt and slick my ass
with juice, like Daddy says."

"Let Fay and me watch, Daddy!" Jan exclaimed.

"Sure," Dan grinned. "Just remember your places.

Sally moved up behind Eva, dipped her best finger in her
daughter's swollen, leaking cunt. When it was good and wet she
rubbed the pussy dew around on the cute pucker of Eva's asshole.

Dan gave Sally a finger up her cunt; the girls all giggled, and
then he stood behind Eva. Bending over, her legs wide apart, her
ass was at just the right height. Sally was happy that the entire
f****y could be together for this.

Gripping Eva's hips, Dan pushed his prickhead against Eva's ass
pucker. He took his cock in his right hand and brushed his cock
knob around to make her little asshole wet with his cock-juice.

"Oh, does it hurt, Mom?" Fay asked, peering closely.

"It feels too damn good!" Sally breathed.

Dan nudged his prick at her dainty asshole. Eva trembled,
tipping her hips back and up.

Dan pushed harder. Eva winced, and then his big prickhead
started into her ass. Sally shook with envy.

"Ohhhh, it hurts real good!" Eva whined.

With about three inches of his prick in Eva's ass, Dan rested.
The wide smile on her face told the others how good it felt.

"Now, reach down and play with your clit, Eva," Dan said. "When
you cum, your asshole tightens. That's real damn good."

"Oh, Daddy, it already feels good!" Eva exclaimed. "Give me more

Sally watched Eva shoot her right hand down under, to her cunt.
Her fingers were busy on her clit. Dan's ass trembled, he pushed
more cockmeat into his daughter's ass.

"Yeah," he muttered, stroking out, then back in. "Yeahhhh,
that's damn fine ass, Eva!"

"Oh, Daddy, I'm about ready to cum!" Eva gasped. He hand was
flying on her cunt and clit.

"Cum, baby, cum big!" Dan urged. His prick was now fully buried
in Eva's asshole. Eva's legs shook, her face twisted.

"Cum, Eva, cum!" Jan breathed, standing in close.

"Uhhh, ohhhh, it's coming, Daddy!" Eva cried.

Her slim legs vibrated, Dan stroked in and out, and Eva's fierce
cry of delight rang around the pool area. Her asshole did clench
Dan's prick.

"Yeahhhh!" he growled. "Fuck, that's a good tight ass, Eva!"

"Ohhhh, ohhhh, cunt fucking is fun, but this is better!" Eva
whimpered. "It's so damn tight!"

Dan patted his daughter's ass, her hand came away from her cunt,
her fingers all slick with pussy juice. Dan drew his cock out of
Eva's asshole. The girls and Sally stared at his prick.

"Why didn't you squirt your spunk in my ass, Daddy?" Eva asked.

"I got three more asshole to fuck, baby!"

That includes me, too, Sally thought, her cunt juice leaking
down her thighs. Maybe I'll be the one to take his jizz.

"Okay, Fay, you Œre next," Dan said.

"Goody, goody!" Fay giggled, moving to stand at the wall. Eva
rested in a chair nearby, legs sprawled. Sally knew that Eva had
had enough for awhile. Eva had enjoyed a tremendous cum.

Fay was already starting her cunt play as Sally used her own
cunt flow to moisten Fay's pretty little ass. Dan grinned his

"You have more cunt juice than the girls, Sally," he said.

"I've had more practice, stud!" Sally giggled.

Dan slipped his finger in Sally's puffed-out cunt and spread her
juices around on the head of his prick. Sally was slicking up Fay's
ass. Dan brought his swollen cockhead against Fay's dainty asshole
and pushed.

"Uhhhh, ooohhhhh!" Fay gasped. "Daddy, that's so good!"

"Yeah," he muttered, his ass muscles bunching. "That's really
fine tight ass!"

"Oh, Daddy, fuck some jizz up my ass!" Fay whined, her right
hand whipping her clit.

Dan groaned and stroked his prick all the way into Fay's
asshole. Her legs trembled. Dan's grip on her hips held her steady.
Fay's legs were about ready to give way.

"Don't cum yet, Fay, this is too fucking good," Dan said,
stroking again and again. It looked like he was going to gush a
load of jizz in Fay's ass. His prick had gone in very smoothly.

"I gotta cum!" Fat cried. "I'm not playing with my pussy!"

"You got a very sexy asshole, baby," Dan growled. His fuck
thrusts quickened. He was cumming.

"Ohhhh, Daddy, I'm cumming hard!" Fay cried. "Fuck your spunk up
in my ass!"

Dan groaned, his balls were knotted tightly at the root of his
pumping prick. A few more strokes and he had his cum. He shouted,
his ass whipped in and out, and Fay screamed. Sally knew how
precious these few seconds were for Fay. Her asshole was clenching
around Dan's pumping prick.

Sally dropped on her back between Dan's outspread legs. When his
huge cock finally came out of Fay's twitching asshole, a gush of
spunk oozed out and a big glob of the white jizz dropped into
Sally's opened mouth.

She drank the hot, slick spunk, greedily catching the next pulse
of jizz. Dan now aimed his cock at Sally's mouth so she could get
every drop od excess spunk. It tasted so very good.

"Mom, you sure love sucking jizz!" Jan giggled.

"if I can't have his wad in my cunt o ass, I'll take it in my
mouth, honey," Sally giggled, smacking her lips.

"It sure is tasty!" Jan giggled. "Okay, Daddy, now it's my turn
for an asshole fuck!"

Dan grinned, his prick not as thick as before. Sally got to her
feet, another gush of cunt juice drooling down her thighs. Jan
wiggled into position against the concrete wall, her ass lifted up
and out. Her puffy cuntlips showed, too.

Sally dropped into a chair, her cunt and tits flaming. Fay
staggered into another chair, her right hand on her cunt. Eva was
now recovered from her asshole cum, and she moved over in front of

"Mom, let me suck your cunt," Eva smiled. "I think you need a

"Honey, I need a lot of cums!" Sally breathed, her thighs wide
open in invitation. Eva dropped to her knees between Sally's legs.
Dan was wetting Jan's asshole with juice from her cunt. His blonde
daughter was giggling and waving her ass at him.

"Daddy, fuck me in the cunt, then my ass!"

"Good way to get my cock slick," he chuckled.

He had saved Jan's ass for last. He did like his blonde daughter
the best. Dan gripped Jan's hips, bringing his prickhead against
her cuntlips. She giggled, he drove his cock deep in Jan's swollen
cunt. His ass muscles flexed.

"Ohhhhh, Daddy!" Jan cried. "Fuck my pussy good!"

"Yeah," he muttered, driving his prick in hard. He let it soak
while Jan gasped and quivered. "That cunt is so damn tight and good
I think I'll save your ass for later."

"Daddy, you can fuck me in the ass any time. I need prick! I
need prick in my cunt!"

Sally shook with mounting lust. Eva was lapping and sucking her
cunt like she was starved for it. Eva's long tongue was shooting
far into Sally's cunt, stroking almost like a cock. Sally gripped
her tender tits and watched Dan doggy fucking his sweet blonde
daughter. Fay rested in her chair, playing with her cunt.

We have such wonderful times together, Sally thought. i have
such considerate young daughters. They eat my cunt any time I ask.

"Ohhhh, I'm cumming, Daddy!" Jan wailed. "Fuck faster!"

"You cute little cunt!" Dan muttered, stroking hard. "I'm gonna
shoot jizz clear up in your throat!"

The slap-slap of Dan's groin against Jan's pretty ass, her
whimpers of delight, started Sally's own cum.

"Eat my cunt hard, Eva!" Sally cried. "It's cumming good!"

Suddenly Eva's right hand shot inward, her finger slid
deliciously into Sally's ass. Sally's asshole clenched, her cunt
tightened. Her clit stiffened and started pulsing.

"Fuuuuuuck, shiiiit, asssss!" Sally shouted.

Eva's long tongue danced in Sally's spasming cunt. Sally's tits
heaved in her clutching fingers. Throb after throb of cum raked her
crotch and hips and tits.

Dan's loud, hoarse shout filled the air. The flex of his ass
muscles, the curve of his back as he humped his prick in and out of
Jan's cunt, excited Sally into another wild, furious cum. Eva
sucked and sucked.

Jan cried out. "Daddy, Daddy, you're fucking your jizz way up in
my cunt.!"

"Yeah, baby!" Dan moaned agreement, humping his slender
nine-year- old daughter with a fervor the both frightened and
excited her. "I'm putting a hot load of jizz way up in there!"

Sally relaxed in her chair, panting and shaking. Eva's clinging,
sucking mouth finally lifted, and she smacked her lips.

"That's sure tasty cunt, Mom," Eva smiled.

"You sure know how to make it cum good!" Sally giggled. She
looked over at Dan and Jan. "Say, Fay, why don't you go over and
catch Dan's jizz when it dribbles out of Jan's cunt?"

"Oh, yes!" Fay exclaimed, leaping out of her chair.

Gliding down between her father's spread-out legs, Fay waited
for Dan's cock to emerge from Jan's well-fucked cunt. Finally his
shrunken prick fell from his blonde daughter's puffy cunt, and a
stream of sticky white spunk splashed down into Fay's waiting
mouth. She swallowed and gulped the creamy stringy jizz and cunt

"Mmmmmm!" Fay gurgled, moving to her feet. "That's a lot of
spunk, Daddy. You sure shot a big load in Jan's pussy."

Dan patted Jan on the ass and moved over to take a chair at
Sally's right. His cunt-wet prick was shrinking, more spunk
drooling from his piss-hole.

"Daddy, let me get the rest of your fuck jizz!" Fay giggled.

She sank to her knees between Dan's legs and lifted his prick
until she could close her red lips around it. She sucked his cock
and rolled her eyes. His prick began to harden again.

"Easy, baby," Dan said, gazing down at Fay. "Suck it slow and

Fay gurgled her pleasure, slowing her mouth and head strokes.
Jan staggered over to a chair at Sally's left and dropped her
pretty ass down.

"Boy, I sure had a big, hard cum, Daddy!" Jan giggled.

"All you pussies cum hard," Dan grinned. "Let me rest my nuts a
while and I'll fuck you in the ass, blondie."

"Oh, I want your cock in my ass!" Jan exclaimed.

"I may not shoot my jizz, but I'll give it a good fucking," Dan

"I wouldn't mind some of your cock in my cunt, Dan," Sally

"Mom, don't you ever get enough sucking and fucking?" Jan
giggled. "Right now I'm pooped!"

"I think we all are except Mom," Eva said. "My tongue really got
a good squeezing in your cunt, Sally!"

Sally smiled at her sweet, loving daughters. "You have to
practice a lot, girls. The more you cum, the better it is."

"Will somebody please lip my clit and make it cum?" Sally

"I will," Dan said.

"Honey, please do!" Sally gurgled. "Show your sweet daughters
how to suck a cunt!"

* * * * * * * *

Dan chuckled, tossed a chair pad down between Sally's thighs,
and placed his knees on it. He slid his big hands beneath Sally's
ass, she felt a long finger glide up in her asshole. She shuddered.

"He's got his finger up my ass, girls," Sally breathed.

Dan's head lowered, his mouth opened, and his lips closed around
her hard, tensing clit. Strings of delight fanned through her
crotch and belly. She gripped her tits, playing with the
dark-circled cones.

"Oh, Daddy, make Mom cum about a dozen times," Jan giggled. "We
al like to watch her cum. She loves it!"

"I sure do, girls!" Sally breathed. Dan was drawing thrill after
thrill from her flexing clit. Her asshole was tightening around
Dan's invading finger.

"Daddy, Mom's cumming!" Eva exclaimed. "See her tits getting
hard? Ohhhh, cum hard, Mom! Show us how you cum!"

Sally gasped with joy. "Yes, it's coming, girls! Ohhhh,
fuuuuuck! Dan, honey, suck hard! Ahhhh! Ohhhhhh!"

Sally shouted as the honeyed pounds of her climax raked her
body. Her clit throbbed, her asshole clenched, her cunt mouth
tightened. Dan sucked and sucked. When she was finished, she looked
over at her daughters.

"Mom, you sure do cum hard!" Jan giggled.

"The harder the better, girls," Sally breathed.

Dan lifted his pussy-wet mouth from Sally's cunt, and eased his
finger out of her ass. As he stood up everybody could see that his
prick was high and hard again.

"Daddy, are you going to fuck Mom in the ass?" Eva asked.

"No, I think I'll bust Jan's asshole cherry," he said.

"Oh, Daddy, will you?" Jan gushed, staring at his cock.
"Everybody here has had your cock in the ass except me!"

Dan grinned. "First I want a special treat from all of you hot
cunts. I'm gonna lie down here and I want all of you to take turns
pissing on my cock and balls."

"Gosh, that'll be fun!" Eva exclaimed.

"Honey, we'd love to!" Sally giggled. She had a lot of piss
backed up, and her daughters did, too.

"I've been wanting to," Fay said. "I mean take a piss!"

Dan grinned and sank down on his back on the bare concrete. He
spread his legs and tensed his prick. It angled out over his belly.
Prick juice shone on his cock knob.

"Mom first!" Jan giggled.

"Come on, Mom, piss all over his cock!" Eva exclaimed.

Sally trembled and stood directly above Dan's hips, tipping her
crotch back. A stream of yellowish piss gushed from her tingling
cunt, splashing across Dan's cock and nuts. Dan's prick tensed. He
loved it.

Eva followed. She crouched down a little, flooding Dan's outfit
with more piss. His prick tensed again.

"Damn, that feel great!" Dan chuckled. "All that hot piss."

"I got a big bunch of it saved up, Daddy!" Fay giggled. Eva
moved out of the way, and Fay spread her long legs above her
father's crotch. Her dainty cunt erupted with a stream of yellow
piss. It splashed on Dan's belly, his legs and cock.

"Yeahhhh!" Dan said.

"Oh, get it good and big for my asshole, Daddy!" Jan giggled.

"It's getting up there, sweet baby!"

Jan stood above Dan, then lowered her hips until her cunt was
only a few inches from his cock. Dan reached for his prick, aiming
it straight upward at Jan's swollen cunt.

Sally peered in close as Jan's cunt spewed a flood of piss right
against dan's prickhead. It was one of the most stimulating things
Sally had ever seen. Her cunt twitched, her clit ached.

Suddenly Dan gripped Jan's right hip with his left hand, held
his prick straight up with his right, and carefully pulled her down
against his cockhead. Sally watched Jan's cunt lips stretch around
Dan's cock knob. Jan whimpered, her knees spread further, and his
huge prick slipped slowly up into blonde Jan's cunt.

"Uhhhhh, ohhhh, fuuuuuck!" Jan wailed. "It isn't in my ass, but
it sure feels good!"

"Good cuuuuuunt!" Dan muttered, both hands now holding Jan's
hips. "All that piss got me up real hard!"

"Daddy!" Jan cried. "Let go of my ass so I can fuck your cock!"

Dan's hands dropped, Jan gasped and started stroking her ass up
and down, up and down. Eva, Fay and Sally all watched.

"Fuck him till he cums, Jan!" Sally panted.

"Yes, fuck him good!" Eva exclaimed.

"I'm not gonna cum for a long time, girls," Dan grinned. "Jan,
I'll fuck you in the ass some other time. I want cunt now, lots of
hot cunt.

"Ohhhh, my cunt's cumming!" Jan wailed, her ass flying.

"Good!" Dan chuckled. "Cum, baby, cum! Then I want more cunt.
Eva, you're next."

Sally wondered when she would have her turn. Her cunt was
drooling, her tits ached. She watched Jan stroke through her cum,
whimpering and cursing. She was hardly finished when Dan lifted her
away, and Eva quickly spraddled out, ready for her fuck.

Jan sagged into a chair, her right hand jiggling on her pussy.
Fay and Sally stared as Eva slipped her cunt down on Dan's
pussy-slick cock and rammed it up in her cunt.

"Uhhhh!" Eva cried, fucking swiftly. "Jeeesus, that's good!
Ohhhh, my cunt's cumming already! Ohhhhh, fuuuuuck!"

The swift flash of Eva's pretty ass, her wild cry of joy, shook
Sally to the core of her being. Eva bobbed and lunged at Dan's
cock, her cunt squishing against his prick root.

"Yeah," Dan grinned. "Come hard, baby! Come good!"

Brunette Eva finished and slumped down on her father, her tits
grinding at his chest. He cupped her ass cheeks.

"Damn it, get your cunt off his cock!" Fay breathed. "It's my
turn for fun!"

Dan nodded up at Fay, and Eva lifted away, exposing Dan's huge,
cunt- wet prick. Eva rolled over on her back and started whipping
her cunt. Fay mounted swiftly, her little wet pussy was stretched
around Dan's cock in no time.

"Uhhhhh!" Fay cried shrilly. "I'm cumming, my cunt's cumming!"

"That's fast, Fay," Dan grinned. "Bust your cunt, baby! Give me
a good hot fuck!"

Fay stroked and whimpered, her cute ass shaking. Dan looked up
at Sally and grinned. He let Fay complete her prick ride. Sally
knew that Fay had had her cum very fast because she had watched Jan
and Eva cum.

Finally Fay lifted up, crawled over to a chair and moved up into
it, legs sprawled. Her right hand went to her puffy cunt. All three
daughters were now using their hands on their cunts.

"Okay, Sally, now give me a real good fucking," Dan grinned.
"Show these young cunts what a piece of ass is all about."

Sally shook with lust. She spread her legs, mounted into
position, and in a second, her twitching, leaking cunt was sliding
down around Dan's huge prick. Her achey cunt fluttered sweetly.

"Ohhhh, Dan!" Sally cried. "Your cock is bigger than it ever was

"Lots of fresh pussy gets it stiff, honey," Dan said. He gripped
her tits and tensed his prick. "Cum as many times as you can,
honey. Cum big and hard!"

Sally gasped with delight and began stroking. Three drives and
then a spine tingling pause. Her cunt was already tightening for
her cum. She waited and waited, drawing out her pleasure. Dan

"Watch your mother now, girls," Dan said. "She's ready to cum,
but she's waiting. Never rush a good thing!"

"Ohhhhh, it's so good!" Sally breathed, stroking again.

"Mom, how do you keep from cumming?" Jan asked.

"Control, honey, control!" Sally exclaimed. She stroked again,
again. Suddenly she knew she had to have her cum, her first cum.
She would delay the next one, and the next.

Her hips lurched, her tits bulged out, her head jerked and the
flood of her passion rippled through her crotch and legs, her belly
and her tits.

"Uhhhhh, FUUUUUCK!" Sally cried out. "Hold your jizz, Dan! I
gotta cum about ten more times!"

His big cock thumped in her cunt, deep and true. He wasn't
cumming, he was holding back while she had her explosive cum.

"Boy, Mom, you sure can fuck!" Jan exclaimed.

Sally couldn't answer.

"She's cumming again!" Eva cried.

"Uhhhhh, fuuuck, I sure am, girls!" Sally panted.

Suddenly Dan's prick stiffened even more, his grip tightened on
her bobbing tits, his face twisted.

"Yeahhhhhh!" Dan growled. "Fuck hard, Sally! I'm gonna cum!"

Sally floated in a throbbing heaven of total pleasure. She was
cumming again, her clit was pulsing again, her asshole was
clenching again.

Dan's cock filled Sally's cunt full of spurting jizz. She felt
the swift contractions of her cunt as it sucked the flood of hot
spunk up in her cunt. Dan's big nuts were like rocks against her
fluttering cunt lips. He was dumping a big load of jizz. And her
cunt answered.

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