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Cock bondage.....

"Didi, how should we play with Rahul's cock today?" Reena asked me. Reena was my younger s****r and had come to stay with us for some days. She was younger to me by two years but had well developed attractive boobs and beautiful body. Both of us were close to each other and had shared everything with each other.My hubby Rahul was a CBT lover. He loved his cock and balls tortured and handled roughly.After Reena had come to our place, I told her about this and she felt very happy to join in the fun. She was coming out with many innovative ideas to take care of Rahul's stiff cock, always eager to get punishment at our hands.
That day, Rahul returned home in the evening a bit early. As soon as Reena opened the door, he pulled her to him and planted a deep kiss on her lips. I could see her big boobs crushing against his manly chest. His one hand wandered to her boobs and pressed them.I could see Rahul's tongue enter Reena's mouth and both of them having a long wet kiss. They both came inside playing with each other's body. I could see the tent rising in Rahul's pants, which was usual as for his cock to get stiff ,did not need any efforts.
" Look at that tent Didi, the devil is all stiff and hard. Today let us teach it a good lesson. Let us tie the devil. I have kept the string ready." Reena said.
I brought three cups of tea and we all sat on the coach and finished the tea. Rahul put a bdsm CD on the player and we sat on the coach watching the CD. Rahul sat in the middle and me and Reena on either side. The girls in the film had exposed the boy and tied his hands and were playing with his body. They were tickling him all over and his cock had grown all hard and stiff.
Reena pulled out the string and showed it to us. She hinted me to pull out Rahul's cock. I opened his zip and pulled out his cock which had become all hard. It was a great fun to hold his stiff hard big cock pulsating up and down. I just gave it a long kiss.
" Didi, better remove his pants and briefs too. Let the devil be totally bared and exposed. It would be easier to play with it when there are no clothes to interfere"--Reena said.
I agreed with her and pulled down his pants and briefs and totally exposed his cock and balls. The cock had become all excited and we could see lot of precum at its tip. It looked so lovely. We both admired it for some time.We both gave it long wet kisses.
Reena asked me to hold his cock and balls together as a package. I gathered his cock balls in my hands and Reena tied the string at the base around the cock ball package. It was like a cock ring. The string had made his cock look so big and protruding out like a big ram. She pulled another small string and tied around its mushroom head. Now she could use the string as a leash to control the cock. She was very happy like a small k** and moving the string which made the cock move as per her command. I held the cock in my hands and could feel the excitement in it. the devil was now totally under our control. We both played with it for some time.
Reena said " Didi, now let us insert a sound in its mouth. She untied the string around the mushroom head and brought a long ball pen. I told her to apply some lubricant. She dipped the ball pen in coconut oil and told me to hold the cock. When I held the cock , she slowly pushed the long ball pen in the mouth of the cock. The cock was taking the ball pen inside without any problems. Since we had tied it at the base, the pen entered only upto that point. The cock looked all funny with the ballpen most of it gone inside --with only the tip remaining out...Reena and me , both enjoyed holding the cock admiring it and giving it a kiss for it's obedience
Rahul was lying on the coach with his eyes shut and enjoying what we were doing to his cock balls.He had left them at our mercy. The balls were now looking almost bluish. Reena took charge of the balls and started hitting them lightly with the fly sorter. I always liked holding the stiff cock. The cock had become very excited. We could be feel this the manner in which it was pulsating.
" Didi, today, let us decorate it nicely with some beads. I have specially brought them from the market and kept the needle and thread ready for it."
Reena brought the coloured plastic beads which she had purchased from the market just to decorate his cock.She dipped the needle and thread in antisceptic solution and made it ready. She told me to hold the cock in my hands firmly. She sat by the side of Rahul and pushed the needle with thread in his cock skin near it's mouth. It was taking quite some efforts to push the needle. She got a clean cloth to help in pushing the needle in. When the needle tip appeared from other side, she told me to pull it out. I pulled out the needle, all the time holding the hard cock by my one hand. The helpless, poor cock was enjoying this so much that lot of precum started oozing out of it's mouth. She put one red colour bead in the thread and again pushed the needle in.I pulled it out and a black colour bead was put on the thread. I had to give some strokes to the cock in between to keep it all excited and ready to take needles, or it could go soft because of fear of needles.. We made a nice writhe round the cock mouth by using red black and white beads. We tied both the ends of the thread to prevent the beads coming out. The cock looked so elegant standing tall with nice decoration round it's neck. We both admired our work and again gave the cock a wet kiss.
Reena brought the camera and told me to hold the cock nicely and display it. She wanted our efforts of decorating the cock should be captured on film.
I held the cock for display. It was oozing lot of fluid from it's mouth. The beads looked so nice. After clicking photographs of the cock and balls, she came back and sat on the coach.
Rahul's cock was excited beyond imagination and needed just some touching to reach it's climax. We both knew it. Reena and me both held Rahul's cock & balls and started fondling them. The cock was so excited,it did not need any stroking but in just few minutes of intense touching,the cock was all eager and ready to spill it's cream. We both could sense itthe manner it was shaking in our hands. Reena sensing the impending orgasm, quickly took the cock in her mouth and the cock was liberally squirting it's thick milk in her mouth. I could feel the squirts coming out of the vibrating cock and the cock depositing it's milk, in Reena's mouth. Reena was sucking the milk eagerly and swallowed the whole of it without letting even a drop go waste.....It was a lovely experience for all three of us....

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