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Joanna's first night

Joanna very carefully parked the car at the top of Brunswick Street, deep in the heart of the red light area. It was 1.45 on a Saturday night. Before getting out of the car Joanna checked her makeup, made sure that her cock was pulled right up into her crutch really tight with the little white thong that she was wearing and smoothed down her dress. One last check and she was out of the car. She slowly walked about twenty yards down Brunswick Street and stopped in between two large stone gate pillars at the entrance to a large run down Victorian villa.

She looked around. Across the street and another twenty yards down from Joanna stood another girl. She looked across and both girls gave a slow nod of vague recognition. Joanna seemed to think that her name was Zoë. Joanna had never spoken to Zoë but was convinced that she, like her, was a cross dresser out for a good time. She was tall and black, aged about mid twenties and was wearing white high-heeled boots and a long black PVC raincoat. A car slowly came up the road and, as it passed Zoë, she pulled her coat open to reveal that under the raincoat she was only wearing a pair of very skimpy white panties and a white bra. Her breasts looked quite large and the punters slowed to stare and gawp. Further down the street, on the corner of Royal Parade stood a very young prostitute with dark hair. She was slowly patrolling her beat dressed in just a silver halter neck, a very short black mini skirt and heels so high she probably had vertigo.

Joanna looked down at herself. She felt really good and her cock was already beginning to strain against the tight panties in anticipation of what the night was to bring. Her tight red dress fitted exactly where it touched and if you were careful you could just see the outline of the tops of her fishnet hold-ups. The look was finished off with a pair of high-heeled white calf length boots.

Over the course of the next fifteen minutes several cars slowly crawled up Brunswick Street, each punter looking, first this way and then that, at the produce on display. A large black BMW slowed to a stop along side Joanna. She lent over to the descending window “Looking for business?” “How much?” “ It’s twenty in the car for a blow job” A quick nod from the driver determined that Joanna had her first customer that night. She got in. The smell of new leather was overwhelming. “Down to the bottom, then right along to the old railway depot”. Her customer was black, quite muscular and about thirty. He pulled over to the back of the yard and switched of the engine. Joanna leaned over and started to undo his belt and then pull down his zip. He eased himself up and in one swift movement pulled his jeans and pants down to his knees. His cock was large but not yet aroused. Joanna took the hot cock in her hand and gently moved the foreskin up and down. Soon it was growing in size and becoming hard. Joanna looked down at this shining example of negro cock and lowered her head onto the shinning knob end. It was huge and filled her mouth completely. Slowly she worked her tongue around the rim of the huge cock and sucked hard and rhythmically. Faster and faster, harder and harder she worked her magic. As she sucked she could fill his sperm forcing its way up the length of his cock. “Arrraaaaaaaa” he cried out and with a final surge in his cock he spunked into her mouth all the creamy spunk that had been bottled up inside him. There was a lot!!! Joanna swallowed a little but most just trickled down the side of her mouth and around the base of his cock. She sat back up and opened the door of the car and spat the remainder of it onto the depot yard. She wiped his cock with a tissue and then her mouth. They drove back to Brunswick Street and he handed over two ten-pound notes. The punter had not said a word during the whole episode except for agreeing the deal and crying out as he spunked. Joanna got out of the car, smiled and was well pleased with herself that, not once, had he questioned the fact that Joanna was not whom she seemed.

Zoë and the other girl had disappeared but an older blonde woman, dressed in a very short red dress, tanned bare legs and very muscular legs seemed to be working a patch further down the street. A small car had stopped and was talking to her but had now driven off up the street in the direction of Joanna. The car pulled over to Joanna who instinctively moved out from between the gateposts over towards the car. The window was open and Joanna could see that the driver was in his teens. As she got nearer she became aware of the fact that his trousers were down around his knees and with the hand not on the steering wheel was frantically wanking himself off. Joanna had seen this before and just coolly looked through the window “Who’s a big boy then” she said somewhat sarcastically. With this the boy spunked and shot all his hot white spunk all over the steering wheel, the dash and his shirt. Joanna turned and smiled as he quickly drove off “Wanker!!” she mouthed into his rear view mirror. Lovely to think though that young boys are finding me good enough to wank over.
For the third time in almost as many minutes the big shiny black Chrysler cruised slowly back up to the main road at the top of Brunswick Street. The second time the car had passed, Joanna had opened her legs slightly, tensed her calf muscles, pulled in her stomach and hitched up her dress so that it gave an enticing glimpse of the top of her hold-ups. This time however the car slowed to a stop and Joanna moved away again from the entrance gate over to the car. The window whirred down. "Looking for business?" Joanna enquired. "How much for a blow job?" "Twenty pounds" she replied. The punter, who was in his early thirties, good looking with a southern European look nodded his agreement. Joanna walked around the car and got into the passenger seat. The car powered ups the slight incline to the main road. "Do you know where the old railway depot is?" "Yes, just about!"
They pulled into the yard and parked in much the same dark spot as Joanna had used earlier to service her last customer. When he switched the engine off he asked, "Why don't we get into the back. There’s so much more room?" Joanna and the punter both got into the back of the Chrysler. Yes there certainly was more room, in fact, it was huge. Joanna lent over and started to undo the guy’s belt but struggled to release the buckle. "Here let me do that" The guy undone the belt and pulled his trousers down revealing white see though briefs. His cock was hard large and silhouetted thro the pants. Joanna eased down his briefs, released his cock and started to work his foreskin. It was soon erect. Joanna then lowered her head to it, wrapped her mouth around it and started with her tongue to explore the groove around his knob end. Before long he relaxed further into the leather seat and with his left hand started to feel the top of Joanna thigh. Joanna’s cock was, by this time of the night, as hard as iron and seriously in need of being released and satisfied. Any other night Joanna would have brushed his hand away but not tonight. Eventually he found Joanna’s cock. “Well well. I had my suspicions when I first drove past you” Joanna, without her mouth leaving his cock, lifted herself slightly so that he was able to pull her cock, which was still wedged up in her crutch, free. “Sit back. Let me look at you”. “I’ve dreamt about having a Tranny”. “I like to call myself a cross dresser and by the way my names Joanna.” “What’s yours?” “Tony” he replied. “You are sex on legs and absolutely gorgeous”
Tony and Joanna both lent back in the sumptuous leather seats and, almost casually, carried on wanking each other. I was sheer bliss!! The quiet idle was soon broken however as there was a sharp tap on the window. Tony and Joanna both, quickly lent forward, to hide their erect cocks, and then looked to see who it was. It was Zoë whom Joanna had seen earlier. Tony lowered the window. “Some fucking bastard has just fucked me and then fucked off without fucking paying” Joanna looked at Tony. Both shrugged. It was Tony who broke the stalemate. “You’d better get in” A slightly dishevelled Zoë squeezed in between Tony and Joanna. As she did so her coat fell to each side of her black body exposing not only her well-proportioned figure but also a beautiful black erect cock. Zoë first looked at Tony and then at Joanna. “Fuck me you’re a bloke as well!!” “Yes and we were getting on fine until you came along” replied Joanna. “Well don’t let me stop you. In fact I’d like to join in. It’s nice in yer in it” Zoë took Joanna's cock in one hand and Tony’s in the other and commenced to wank both cocks in unison. “Why don’t we all enjoy ourselves? I’d love to be fucked off by a tranny and I’m bl**dy well sure you wouldn’t mind his cock up your ass” nodding at Tony’s large cock. Tony was all for it.
Zoë suggested we all get out of the car. “Got any rubbers?” she asked. “Of course!!”. Joanna commenced to slip a rubber onto Tony’s, by now even larger cock and then onto her own throbbing cock. Zoë, by this time, had slipped her coat off, and was leaning forward over the bonnet of the car with only her boots and bra on. Zoë’s cock, which had been big when she’d got in the car, was somehow, now even bigger and shining in the moonlight. Joanna then took some KY jelly from her small handbag and smeared some on Tony’s rubbered cock and then onto her forefinger, which she then f***ed up her bum “Let me have some” and Joanna squeezed Tony a large dollop of KY, which he then, pushing Joanna over gently, fingered up, deep into her body, probing and fully lubricating, first with one finger, then with two.
Joanna then turned to face Zoë. She was slowly wanking herself off with one hand and fingering her own KY jelly up herself and when she saw that Joanna was about to enter her, stopped wanking, and with both hands pulled the sides of her bum to open herself to Joanna’s cock. Joanna very gently entered Zoë. She moaned slightly and pushed herself harder on to Joanna’s cock. She was incredibly hot and full of spunk from the previous client, which had dribbled in long thick white lines down her black thighs. Joanna started to fuck Zoë and looking around at Tony beckoned him to enter her. She put both hands behind her and pulled her cheeks apart opening her hole as wide as possible, just as Zoë had done and braced herself for what was to come. Tony was very gentle and entered her very slowly but firmly. She could feel his knob end and then the full length of his hot cock gradually filling her hole. Soon a rhythm was found. Tony was forcing himself into Joanna and at the same time forcing Joanna into Zoë. Joanna’s cock was really aching now and was as large as she could ever remember. She just couldn’t believe that Zoë was taking it all with no pain. She could feel Tony’s cock throbbing deep inside her and every now and then he just laid on Joanna back running his hands up and down her stockings. Tony was the first to cum. First he started moaning, then his legs began to quiver and Joanna could feel the spunk chasing up the length of his cock and finally exploding into the end of the durex. It felt like someone was blowing a balloon up inside of her. Tony spunking inside of her tipped Joanna over the edge and she couldn’t hold back any longer. Joanna felt the spunk forcing its way up the length of her cock and finally exiting into the rubber. Even Zoë, who must have had thousands of cocks in her short career as a prostitute was taken aback at the explosion taking part deep inside her body. By then it was all to much for Zoë who stated to shake and yell out, finally falling of Joanna’s cock and sinking on her knees to the ground, spunk oozing from her black cock and forming a small lake on the depot floor. “That’s the best fuck I’ve had in my entire life” gasped Tony. “I don’t usually cum with punters but fuck me Joanna, that was some cock you’ve got on you. You certainly know how to use it!” “I think you’ve split me from here to Christmas” said Joanna as she turned and pecked a kiss on Tony’s cheek. The three of them got back in the car and just sat quietly for a minute or two before Tony fired up the engine. Soon they were back at the top of Brunswick Street. Tony got out his wallet and took out several twenty-pound notes. “Here you are girls. You deserve it. Take the rest of the night off” “That is seriously the best sex I’ve ever had”.
Joanna and Zoë got out the car and with a casual wave Tony drove off up onto the main road. Joanna roughly split the money and gave half to Zoë. “Zoë gave Joanna a big kiss “I would really like to meet up again” “We’ll see. Take care Zoë.” Joanna walked back to the car. As she sat at the wheel the biggest smile in Christendom broke out across Joanna’s face. To be continued.

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