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The Hotel worker

I’d worked in the hotel for over a year and couldn’t believe what I was about to do. I had booked a room out and he was there waiting for me. The room was in darkness. I couldn’t see where he was so I walked to the window and stood looking out at the city lights. It was peaceful here at night. This hideaway. Tucked away from the world. I leaned my shoulder against the wall and closed my eyes to absorb the atmosphere and engrave this night in my mind.
A soft noise behind me made me straighten away from the wall, then strong arms wrapped around me pulling me back against a hard body. I kept my eyes shut and smiled and let myself relax back into him. I knew his smell intimately and it never failed to arouse me. I went to turn around, but his arms tightened, and took hold of my arms, keeping them crossed across my stomach "No, don't turn around, just feel," he whispered in my ear as he began to lightly kiss my neck. I moaned and tilted my head to allow him better access, as his kisses became little nips at my skin, sending tremors down my body. I trembled as one hand began rubbing my stomach, as his mouth drifted over my neck once again. Then his other hand moved up and cupped my breast through the halter dress I was wearing. I gasped softly, and then relaxed into him, arching my back slightly to fill his hands. My nipple hardened in anticipation of his touch, but he just circled the area around it lightly, tempting, teasing. "Please," I whispered, moving my body against his in a plea for more than just a light touch. He came close against my ear "Is this what you're wanting?" his hands slid under my top and began to play with my nipple, rubbing his hand gently back and forth across it. I rubbed against the front of him, revelling in the feel of his hard cock even through the clothes we were wearing. I raised my arms to wrap them around his neck, his touch electric, the touch of his hand on my hip makes me jump. "Steady," he whispered, running his hands up and down me. His touch so light, I can barely feel it without concentrating on where his fingertips are. Slowly his hands moved up to where the halter was tied and without warning, it was unfastened and the top fell to my waist, exposing my breasts to the cool night air as it blew in from the window. My nipples hardened instantly, whether from the breeze or the wave of arousal. I just knew I wanted his hands on me. "That's much better," he whispers his hands cupping my breasts, teasing the nipples and rubbing his thumbs over the sensitive tips.
I moaned as he continued playing with my nipples before moving one hand down my front. He spread his fingers wide and gently pulled me back against him. I was surrounded by his body, his hands on my front, and his hard body behind me. It was dark so my other senses had taken over and it was amazing the increase in arousal. I was literally dripping and crying out for his touch, but he kept his hand on my stomach, rubbing back and forth, while his other hand played with my nipples. I needed to touch him, to give pleasure to him and my body was already screaming for him to touch me, my clit felt so swollen as to be painful and each second seemed drawn out. But he was behind me, his hard erection pressed against me, his teeth grazing my neck "Feel the bite of arousal, how when foreplay is drawn out, it makes your body ache for something inside it." Did it ever. At this rate he'd have me begging. His hands returned to where they had been and he pressed soft little kisses on to my neck. "I have to admit I enjoy touching you." He bit at my neck then licked away the pain with his tongue. His hand left my stomach, to grasp hold of my chin and turn my head around to face him as he took my mouth in a slow kiss, his tongue tracing my lower lip before entering my mouth to kiss me deeply, his tongue stroking, tasting… Slowly his mouth pulled away and he loosened his grip on my chin. "You like that don't you?" His hand moved lower and then began to move in circles over my clit but it wasn‘t enough. I tried to hold still, but my hips couldn't help but move in rhythm to his stroking. This was seduction in its rawest form. Suddenly his hands left my body and I cried out in frustration. He chuckled. "Not so fast hun." My body trembled as he gently pushed me onto the bed. He thrust his tongue into my mouth, rubbing against mine as he rubbed his hard cock against me. Up and down against my clit, until I arched up into him. I was actually aching for the feel of his cock inside me. His mouth trailed kisses down my neck and finally paused before latching onto a nipple. My nipples no longer wanted the attention and I craved him between my legs. He teased and loved it as I squirmed beneath him. "Patience, we have all night, there's no need to rush." He began pressing kisses against my skin which felt flushed and hot and moved down where his tongued dipped into my belly button and then moved over to nip at my hip, before he paused and I felt his breath right over my clit. "You know I can see how wet you are, how much you want me," he whispered. I was aching for him and didn't know how much more I could handle. I groaned as his fingers move over me, then slowly he lowered his mouth and sucked on swollen aching nub. , he pressed his cock against my slit and rubbed it up and down in my wetness, simulating what he would do once inside me. His hands intertwined with mine as his lower body pressed into me and slowly he entered me inch by inch. I wanted more and wanted it faster, trying to move to take more of him inside me. I just knew his cock was the only thing that would stop this aching inside, but he wasn't moving fast enough. I wanted him now, hard and fast but he just smiled as he slowly continued tormenting me until finally his cock was lodged deep inside but then he held still, pressing his hips against me, pushing me back against the bed. Moving in thrusts meant to tease and tempt. I leaned forward and licked his nipple and nipped at it gently. I saw him close his eyes and groan at my touch. Quickly I rolled him over until I was on top of him, my knees on either side of him, his hand grabbing my hips. I smiled down at him and leaned forward slightly and rested my hands on his chest, teasing his nipples before sliding his cock inside me, using my thighs to move my hips up his length and then slide back down. From the groan I knew he was enjoying it. I felt him all the way inside me and he loved watching his cock slide in and out of me as much as he seemed to need the feel of it. I saw his eyes move down to my breasts as they swayed with the motion and so I lifted my arms to cup my breasts. His eyes darkened and he moved his hand where it rested on my clit. I continued to ride him and his thumb rubbed my clit when I lowered back down. Everything revolved around his cock in side me. He bucked against me as I rode him and his thumb continued to rub my clit. "Open your eyes" he whispered, as his thumb never relented. "I want to watch you cum." I opened my eyes and my whole body tensed as I plunged once more down on him. His eyes never left mine. . My body lingered on the edge for a second and then shattered. My body gripped his cock and my muscles squeezed him, milking him until I heard him shout as he came. He held onto my hips tightly as he ground up against me. His body jerking and he seems to cum for ages. I lie next to him. His hands came around to hold me and he places a lingering kiss on my lips. All that mattered was being there with him, his loving hands, touching him, holding him, the sound of his breathing, sated and the little intimate kisses he gave me. I smiled and snuggled closer before drifting off to sl**p in his arms….

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