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The beach

Thought about the comments you made about the story near the beach. There are other beaches which are secluded, and some which have a more interesting geography. Welles on the north coast, has a wooded area behind the beach. Proper woods and trees, and then the slope down to the beach which is obscured from view. Somewhere like that would be fun to explore when it is warmer, as there are loads of opportunities for illicit outside sex, always with the chance of being caught. A gorgeous, warm summer evening would be perfect. I could wear a pretty beach dress, without a thong on, so that when we got chance you could have easy access to my velvety pussy lips, and slip your fingers inside me.

The woods would be quiet and apart from the rustle of arran grass and the lapping of the sea, it would be so peaceful. We could walk through the woods and hold hands, stopping and kissing and finding somewhere we can be more passionate and intimate. It's this slow build up that we both enjoy so much, the stolen kisses and caresses, fingertips brushing against nipples and strained fabric. We would touch and kiss whenever we could, pulling me towards you roughly and pressing your lips against mine, exploring with your tongue. We could find somewhere where it was secluded, and somewhere we could put a blanket down. You would slip the straps of my dress aside, exposing my large creamy white breasts and big brown nipples. The nipples hardening as they brush against the fabric and in the warm evening air. Aching slightly, with longing. My skin is smooth and soft and your hands roughly explore me, your lips finding mine. We spend what seems like an eternity, touching and kissing, stroking each others body. My naked breasts rubbing against your tee shirt. You begin to undress and push me back on the rug, kissing and nibbling my throat and neck. I can feel how hard you are, and you push your legs between mine, forcing my legs apart widely, so you can lie between my thighs. We continue to touch and kiss, licking and softly biting each other. I have one arm behind your head, stroking your hair. We are kissing each other and looking into each others eyes. I feel your hand slip down and hoist the fabric of my skirt up, exposing my naked pussy to the world. My legs are still wide apart and you have loads of space to slide your fingers inside me and play them between my warm, slick pussy and tight ass. You can feel my aching clit, and flick it gently with your thumb. When you feel that I can take much more, you pull me up so I am on my knees, one of your hands is tangled in my hair, pulling it. The other hand releases your hard, throbbing cock and you push my head down so I can take it in my mouth. You hand on my head controls what I do, and you let me lick and suck at you greedily before I find myself rhythmically moving up and down, my hands cupping and fondling your balls and sliding up and down your throbbing shaft. It begins to twitch and pulse and you pull me away, kissing me harshly, your tongue probing my mouth and you biting my lip. You flip me round so that my round, shapely bottom is presented to you, and you enter me roughly, making me gasp. You pull at my hair, forcing my head back, not caring if anyone sees us or not, we are both so caught up in the moment, and the sheer physical indulgence and a****l need we both have. You ride me hard and roughly, leaving me breathless. I can feel your hard length pumping into me, and feel your breathing become rapid and haltering. You move your cock out of me, and push your fingers into me, feeling it wet and silky with pussy juice. You rub some into my ass and push your thumb into. Then you carry on riding me hard as though you have mo regard for me or my pleasure at all. Probing me with your thumb roughly. After a few more minutes, when I think you can last any more, because I can feel you twitching and pulsating within me, I can feel and hear your breathing becoming ragged. You move your thumb and gently slide your cock into my ass. It slips in easily, as it is more than lubricated with my velvet juice. Your gentleness surprises me, and when I touch my clit, it feels so intense, I know I won't be able to control it, and an orgasm ripples through me, causing me to moan audibly and my pussy tighten. Just at almost the same moment, you feel my release and unload your hot salty cum inside me, filling my ass with it. We both are still breathing harshly, and it feels so intense and final, that all we can do is lie down together, catching our breath and gently holding each other.

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