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My girlfriends mother

My girlfriend’s mother

You have all read stories about girlfriend’s mothers and mothers in law etc. well here is another that tells the tale of a lady who later became my mother in law for the selfish reason that I enjoyed the close relationship with both her and her s****rs as well as the girlfriend who later became my wife.

I had been going out with Gillian for about 2 months when her father ran off with his girlfriend and set up home on the south coast of England, wife and daughter were devastated, I couldn’t understand it because Ruth, Gillian’s mother was a fabulous looking woman, gorgeous body with hips that gave away c***dbirth and enormous breasts, I would say possibly a 36 DD but I would be guessing because her tits were long and lean but perfectly shaped well in my opinion they were, slim build with legs that went all the way up to her buttocks and I could not for the life in me understand why any bloke would turn his back on that as well as the fact that she had a fantastic personality and a smile and looks that would most certainly launch a thousand cocks, we the blokes are often told that if you want to know what the girl will look like when she gets older then take a look at the mother well I will tell you guys that I could not wait till my girlfriend got older if she was going to look like her mother.

The only clue that something was amiss was the fact that every summer Ruth would go with one of her s****rs Pam to Italy for a holiday alone together, they would spend a couple of weeks there then come back well-tanned telling tales of having met up with Carlos on the beach who made cups of tea for them and pictures of them on the beach with the aforesaid Carlos arms around each other all smiles and laughs, every year they went to the same resort and to the same beach and the fact that they went without husband and daughter seemed to me that maybe Carlos had been dipping a bit more than his tea bag in some very hot juices in order to conjure up the taste of Italy if you get my drift.

I was struggling to console Gillian as to the loss of her father because no one at that time knew where he was and he had not been in touch after the initial letter that basically said “I’m off” we never did see the full letter mores the pity but it was around this time that I lost my virginity to Gillian in the process of consoling and trying to ease her pain and I tried to console and ease her pain a lot in those dark days and nights and we found ourselves having to strip each other naked on numerous occasions to create the right ambiance to exacerbate the healing process the fact that I fucked every orifice in her body to ensure that every bit was healed was all part of the treatment, she was a beautiful girl that made the cock twitch on sight and fantastic hazel come-to-bed eyes that meant what they said, she is now history in my marital state and to be honest her mother comes into my thoughts far more than she does.

At the time I was a serving police officer so my hours of work were haphazard to say the least, mobile phones were not invented then so communication was difficult to say the least compared with today so if I had a sudden change of hours or got called out on some panic or other I could not let Gillian know only by phone or leaving a message with her mother, I spent a lot of time around at her house because her mum was an excellent cook whereas my mum believed in either drowning everything in water or making some kind of ritual sacrifice of a meal by scorching it on the outside and leaving it raw on the inside.
The fun started after about a year into my relationship with Gillian, I had a rest day on a Wednesday of all days, I had agreed to go round to Gillian’s house even though she was at work and cut down a privet hedge in the back garden, it was getting overgrown and the leaves were poisoning the ground, Gillian’s auntie Pam was staying because she had given birth a few months before and needed help because her boyfriend who was the father of the c***d had done a runner after witnessing the c***dbirth, I reckon he thought the gap that size would never close, she was still breast feeding the baby and her tits seemed to be always heavy and full of milk and because of the regular feeding she would go braless around the house and on several occasions I had noticed wet patches on her chest where she was leaking, not that I was looking, I just happened to notice, she was about 10 years younger than Ruth with a little more weight but a good figure, she was most certainly the younger of the three s****rs but had been without a bloke for a little over 3 months, I say this because of what happened on that afternoon, Ruth came home about lunch time, she worked in a florists shop and Wednesday was half day closing, she was limping a bit as she made some sandwiches for our lunch and I commented asking if she was alright, she said she had been suffering from cramp through standing in the shop all morning and would I give her one of my famous massages after lunch, I say famous because I had massaged her legs a couple of times when she was suffering cramp and she reckons I had healing hands, I was not aware at that time that I had been having a double effect on her, whilst easing the cramp she had been getting off on having a man stroke and caress her legs especially her ankles which were one of her erogenous zones but I was totally unaware of all this as eager to please I had been just easing the pain of the cramp, I swear!!!!

After lunch Ruth sat in the arm chair and I sat on the foot stool in front of her with her leg across my legs and her foot resting on my lap I was sitting diagonal to the chair and the couch while Pam was sitting on the couch watching TV in fact they were both watching TV which was behind me as I began to massage the calves of Ruth’s leg, I was aware that Ruth was wearing yellow panties that clung tightly to her cushion, I say this because the bright yellow colour caught my eye and she was wearing a knee length skirt with no tights or stockings she had her legs slightly apart because of the position that I was holding her leg, on the other side Pam was sitting and again her white panties were visible with a definite camel toe visible, this was definitely cannon to the left and cannon to the right as I tried to concentrate on Ruth’s leg which was difficult as by now my bodies control centre had transferred from my brain to my cock which was twitching and starting to stir I asked Ruth if her leg was feeling better and she told me to carry on as I was doing a fine job, Pam asked if she could join the queue and we all laughed, me nervously, I inadvertently started to rub Ruth’s ankle and I noticed a slight movement of her heel it was resting against my cock which I was trying to conceal and her toes started to flex as though she was gripping something with her toes, I also realised that a damp spot had appeared on her knickers, I glanced at her face but although she appeared to be watching TV she was gripping the arm of her chair with white knuckles of her right hand her left hand was on her chest by her breast and I could see her erect nipples through the thin cotton blouse, this was a very horny woman I had in my hands by now my cock had started to take more action and had undergone the transfer of being an innocent penis that I pee through to being a rampant tool of my lust, her heel started to move a little more and I knew she could feel my cock against her foot, I looked up again and she was staring at me and she mouthed the words “naughty boy” at me, I felt myself flushing, Pam was still watching TV, my self control was now starting to desert me and I was feeling a lot bolder, I looked her in the eye as I slowly raised her foot to my face and kissed her ankle, she closed her eyes and I felt the jerk of her leg and noticed that her wet spot was now much wider spread and I remember thinking that I had just made my girlfriends mother wet herself, I lowered her foot again as she opened her legs a little wider and started to flick her nipple with her fingers she half opened her eyes and I could feel the heat in her stare, I raised her foot again slowly so as not to make any sudden movements and alert Pam to what was going on but this time I took Ruth’s big toe between my teeth and closed my lips onto it, she in turn pushed her toe into my mouth a little and I started to lick the end of her toe in my mouth, Ruth now had her right hand with white knuckles on the hem of her skirt gripping it hard, she started to pull back on it so lifting her skirt a short way and opening her legs further, I stared at her knicker covered pussy that seemed to be swelling and the damp patch was certainly getting larger, I took this opportunity to glance at Pam who seemed to be still watching TV but a damp spot had also appeared on her knickers but because she had not said anything I continued by removing Ruth’s toe from my mouth and stared at her crutch sliding my tongue a little way out and making a flicking motion with it like I was licking an ice cream, I felt the heel on my cock move again, the skirt moved up again showing even more of her knickers and thighs, this picture was hidden from Pam by the arm of Ruth’s chair, she pulled back her leg and slowly got up from the chair, she told me to “wait there” and left the room, I smiled at Pam who was looking flushed herself and I thought to myself “she knows” but still is not saying anything, Ruth came back and sat back down in the armchair, she put her foot back into my lap and took a couple of strokes of my cock with her heel then she said “carry on” whilst looking at and laughing with Pam I continued with the massage of her ankles as by now I had realised that this was for now the key, she opened her legs again and again raised her skirt a little way, she had removed her knickers!!! I was now looking at her glistening vagina, fairly hairy but the swollen lips of her vulva were slightly open and I could see the inner pink edges, my cock took a leap trying to free itself of the constraints of my trousers, Ruth felt it and dug her heel into it rubbing along it slowly and with every movement of her leg her legs were opening and I was looking at my girlfriends mothers cunt, she had her fingers on it and she was sliding her finger up and down her slit opening it as she went, I suddenly realised that Pam was kneeling beside me, she had the top three buttons of her blouse open and was displaying a very ample cleavage, I looked at Ruth who was grinning at me, she was now unbuttoning her blouse and revealing a green lacy bra that was fighting to hold in her enormous tits, she said “ we have a little job we would like you to do for us” at this Pam slid her hand underneath Ruth’s foot and started to stroke my cock, I instinctively reached out and gently squeezed her braless breast that was by now trying to get out of her blouse, I thumbed the top of her breast making contact with the skin and slipped my thumb underneath the fabric of her blouse taking the whole of her enormous tit in the palm of my hand, by now Ruth had descended from the chair and was kneeling on my other side, he blouse was now fully open and her bra covered breasts were clearly in view, she was reaching for my flies and started to unzip my pants, pam undid my belt and my boxers came into view as I leaned over and kissed Ruth on the lips, I felt her tongue start to f***e its way into my mouth and I responded by licking her tongue as her demanding tongue continued on its journey into my mouth, Pam had my trousers open and was starting to pull at my boxer’s, I was still groping her tit and could feel the damp of her milk against my hand, Pam succeeded pulled back my boxers to allow my cock to spring up and smack my stomach, I had a raging rampant hard on and was nearly creaming myself as these two women very purposefully pulled me to my feet and pulled my trousers and my boxers down to my knees, pam was now standing and leaning over me so that I could see straight down her cleavage to her navel as she released another button of her blouse, Ruth was still kneeling in front of me as she took a hold of my cock and started to stroke it, she said “ my, my, Gillian is a very lucky girl” as she chuckled with pam, my cock was now fully erect and rock hard, Pam pulled me shuffling to the couch and pushed me down onto it in a sitting position, Ruth crawled over and knelt on the couch beside me, she again took my cock into her hand but this time she moved her mouth close to it and flicked her tongue out, Pam said “don’t make him cum yet, I want him” she lifted her skirt and pushed her knickers down letting them drop to the floor and stepping out of them, I now had my hand on Ruth’s tits, trying to pull down the bra to get a full view of the coveted pair, Ruth removed her blouse to reveal her naked shoulders and the straining straps of her bra, Pam now had a hold of my cock and was teasing it with her tongue and running her fingers over my enlarged dome, spreading the pre-cum across the end, my mind was whirling, what did these two have in mind for me??, it soon became clear as pam knelt by my side on the couch and started to put her leg across my legs to sit on my knees, Ruth had lowered one bra strap and her full breast came into view as I pulled away the lacy covering to reveal a swollen rock hard nipple that was dark brown against her white skin, she looked down at my stroking fingers as I teased the nipple between my fingers “ you like” she said, she leaned over and kissed me again as her breast slipped out of her bra into my hand, it was magnificent long and lean and it filled my hand and it oozed through my fingers as I gripped her and squeezed her breast, she pulled my hand down and lifted her skirt, she put my hand on her pubic cushion and I obliged by pushing two fingers inside her silky smooth soaking cunt, she moved her mouth close to my ear and started to nibble it then
said “ go on, do it, finger fuck my cunt”, I started to move my fingers in and out as she closed her eyes, Pam was kneeling over me holding my cock, she pushed the head between her legs and started to slide the head up and down her swollen lips, I reached up and loosened another couple of buttons of her blouse to reveal her full cleavage but her blouse was still restraining her tits from falling out from pure pressure, holding my cock Pam shuffled forward and lined my cock up with her dripping cunt, the anticipation was killing me and it was only the fact that I had been fucking Gillian on a regular basis that enabled me to resist coming, Pam then lowered herself onto my cock and I felt the head part her lips and f***e its way into her, heading for her cervix, she moaned out loud, her cunt felt hot and very wet as it gripped me vice like, two seconds later she came with a shaking shuddering orgasm, I felt her cunt grab my cock as she proceeded to move up and down on it, she bit into my shoulder then stuck her mouth on mine with her tongue snaking into my mouth and squirming around fencing with my tongue, Ruth had her mouth by my ear,” go on lover fuck her, bury your cock inside her and make her drown your prick”, this was fantastic, my rest day had certainly taken a turn for the better with my girlfriends mum and her auntie both at me, Pam was now pulling her blouse out of her skirt and the fettered breasts were coming rapidly into view, just then Ruth shuddered at my attention to her cunt with my fingers and came pouring her juice all over my hand, I lifted my hand and sucked my fingers, tasting her cunt on my fingers, I replaced my fingers in her and at the same time thumbing her clitoris, pushed the hood aside and went for her button then pressed it, it was like pushing the button of a blender, she jumped at the shock hanging onto my arm as I relentlessly rolled my thumb across her clit then she closed her legs and started to hump my hand as she came again with a bl**d curdling gagging scream, her chest was heaving then she buried her face on my shoulder and bit into it, “ when you are done don’t make him cum because I want some of that” she cried to Pam, Pam’s tits were now swinging free and were gorgeous, they were similar to her s****rs but slightly fatter and swollen with milk which was dripping from one of her nipples, she took hold of this breast and lifted it to my mouth, then pressed it onto my lips, I was unsure but slipped out my tongue to taste the thick sweet milk as it oozed from her nipple, then took the nipple into my mouth and began to suck, the milk flowing easily into my mouth, both Pam and Ruth moaned as Orgasms surged through each one of them as they witnessed me sucking milk on Pam’s tit whilst I fucked her, she was no longer moving up and down on my cock but was rocking to and fro on it, she went so far back that my cock was nestling inside her lips and she was rubbing her clit against my cock at the same time as my cock was inside her reeking havoc with her cunt, she started to orgasm continuously and my prick was taking some gripping f***e with juice pouring out of her and trickling down my cock onto my balls that were really swollen and full of my juice but I felt stable and in control of my orgasm as this lady fucked me, Ruth was still humping my hand then she removed my hand and put it back on her tits, she reached back and undid the clasp of her bra and it fell away leaving her fantastic breasts free for me to grope, running my thumb over her nipples, I got my hand around both of them and squeezed them together flicking the pair of her nipples with my finger she shuddered as yet another orgasm raced through her, her nipples were obviously very sensitive, Pam was still rocking on my cock as I sucked her milk, I could tell she was starting to tire because she had her face buried in my shoulder and she was nibbling my neck because although Ruth had told her not to make me come she had a strong desire to feel my cock spurt into her cunt but she was also watching me suck her tits and she could feel the milk flowing out of her nipple and into my mouth, Ruth was now getting desperate for some cock, she reached in and started to palpate Pam’s breast so that the flow of milk speeded up, she told Pam to take a rest and that she could come back and have some more later, again my mind whirled as I had started to get accustomed to my role of being used by these two ladies to satiate their needs and desires, Pam disengaged her breast from my mouth and lifted off my cock resting back on my knees panting and trying to gather her brain back then she climbed off me and sat beside me on the couch, Ruth swung her leg over me but did not try to mount my cock straight away, she put her hand behind my head and pulled herself up to a standing position on the couch straight in front of my face, she pulled on my head and pushed her hips into me, she parted the lips of her vulva with her fingers then pushed my mouth onto it, “ there now you can have a proper taste of it” she put her hand on the back of the couch to steady herself and pushed her cunt into my face, I was licking and devouring the focus of my many fantasies about what she would be like when my tongue slipped inside her cunt and she moaned coming into my mouth, I could taste the hot scalding juices slide across my tongue, “ come on fucker eat me like you would Gillian” she cried, Pam realising that my cock was still unoccupied proceeded to wrap her mouth around the end and suck on it still trying to realise her need to bring me off first to take the bulk of what was in my balls instead of leaving it for Ruth, Ruth however was still trying to get my whole head into her cunt by pulling my hair and thrusting her hips at me, I managed to get my tongue out of her cunt and slid up her slit to her clit where I pushed aside the hood with my tongue and got my tongue and teeth onto the swollen button “ oh, oh yes!!!” she screamed as the shock and orgasm ripped through her, I nearly suffocated as she made an almighty effort to push her clit against my teeth whilst humping her hips at me, she pushed herself off and noticed Pam working on my cock, “ move over I’m coming down there” she said to Pam who obligingly moved her head away but held my cock firm whilst Ruth sank her knees and lowered herself onto my cock, maybe it was because of the attention I had been giving her cunt with my mouth but she felt red hot inside as my cock made its way up to her cervix and she continued to descend onto my prick to settle herself and make herself comfortable with my cock inside of her, she undid my shirt buttons and ran her hands over my chest with her fingers among the hairs, she started to talk to me as she wrapped her arms around my neck and thrust her tits at my chest, I took hold of them and started to squeeze and milk them, she started to rock on me as she said “ how does that feel? Is it as good as my daughter?, is it as good as her aunt? You realise that you will have to carry on fucking me don’t you because I have a very strong appetite for your cock and seeing as I don’t have a husband any more then you will have to fill my void, I hope I can rely on you”she put her lips to mine once more and licked them, “you taste of me, does it taste good? do you want to taste Pam after I have done with you, I’m sure she’ll let you, I’m sure she will let you lick out her cunt like you did with me,”” he is very good with his tongue” she said to Pam who was by now playing with her clitoris and squeezing her own tits in anticipation of what had just been promised, Ruth continued to Gyrate her cunt on my cock and it felt heavenly but I have always been a sucker for women talking dirty to me and I could feel the stirring in my balls as my Orgasm had taken root in my feet and was just waiting for transport, Ruth had her mouth close to mine and she kept gently kissing my lips and flicking my lips with her tongue as she spoke, she was kissing the side of my face and then she ran her tongue down onto my neck just below my chin, inadvertently she had found a very strong erogenous place for me and I jumped uncontrollably, she grinned impishly, I could smell her perfume and her face powder and it was driving me crazy, I wanted to dump my load into her and look into her eyes as I filled her cunt, “ now I am going to make you cum” she purred, “ I am going to make you empty your balls into me, I want you to give it all to me, I want to feel it flood into me, I want to feel the warmth of your spunk shooting up inside of my cunt and up behind my tits, are you enjoying my tits? They have been aching for your touch, I knew you would be good, now fuck me and give it to me” she started to lift and bounce on my cock, whilst at the same time clamping her mouth on my neck, I in turn thrust at her cunt then I exploded into her, my orgasm had caught a very fast train as it came surging up my legs and into my stomach where it knotted me up and raced through my lungs making me shake and shudder with the shear feelings that raged through my body ”that’s right fuck me you bastard” she screamed, fuck your future mother in law” my juices raged up my cock and into her, I was pumping juice and it felt fantastic as I emptied my balls into her vagina, I rolled sideways throwing her back onto the couch whilst falling on top of her but still firmly inside her, she wrapped her legs around me locking her ankles and I started to fuck her, thrusting my cock into her with my balls banging against her arse “ oh my darling” she cried as she came grabbing my hair and lifting my head then clamping her mouth onto mine and sucking my tongue, she was jerking uncontrollably as I continued to pump my seed into her, I could feel it gushing out of me into her, “ don’t stop fucking me, never stop fucking me” she said, I was starting to subside a bit as my energy drained from me via my cock, “was that good?” she said, “ was that as good as shooting your load into my daughter?” I didn’t answer I was still trying to slow my heart rate to a survivable level, I knew I would have to marry Gillian if only to have access to this woman.

“Now go and wash off and I will make us a cup of tea then you can give Pam the attention that you gave me” she smiled at Pam knowingly, I went into the bathroom and washed my cock in the hand basin, I was still fairly stiff but was subsiding fast, Pam came in behind me and stood beside me, she had fastened a button of her blouse but her tits were still oozing out of the top and her nipples gave away the fact that she was still aroused, “did you enjoy that? Did you enjoy fucking my s****r? did you enjoy planting your seed in her” she panted as she closed in on me and took my hand lifting it to her lips and sucking on my fingers as she stared into my eyes, my prick that was resting on the edge of the basin was now starting to fill again, pam pushed my hand down onto her breast and released the button again, this time her tits sprang out into my hand and she squeezed my fingers into her tit, she then dragged my hand down to her waist whilst lifting her skirt with her other hand, she put my hand on her naked cushion and said “ push your fingers into me, please, please, now” I pushed my fingers into her slit and inserted two fingers into her cunt, she convulsed with a shudder and closed her body against me, I proceeded to finger fuck her as she danced and shook on my hand pouring juice all over my fingers, she planted her lips on mine and pushed her tongue into my mouth as she came shaking and digging her nails into me, she sank with her face in my chest and steadied herself as her knees gave way, these two seemed to have a strong appetite for sex that was going to take a lot of keeping up with.

We went back into the lounge where Ruth was pouring tea, Ruth was wearing her blouse with no bra and only a couple of buttons fastened, in some ways she looked more sexy like that with her breasts peeping out than she had done naked, my cock was responding to the call and was starting to fill my trousers again, Ruth looked at me and said “my, my are you starting to come back again? We shall have to see what we can do about that” she cooed and winked at Pam.

I sat on the footrest and drank my tea, it tasted so good after the mixture of vagina juice and breast milk, we sat in silence till we had finished our tea then Ruth got up and walked over to Pam who was sitting on the couch, she had her legs partly open and her cunt was in plain view Ruth sat beside her and she too was on full display as she half turned towards Pam screwing her skirt up to her thighs but keeping her legs open, “come on now, let’s see if you can sort Pam out” Ruth said she pulled Pam’s skirt back to reveal her leaking cunt, Pam slid forward so that her genitalia was at the edge of the couch opening her legs and I shuffled forward on my knees between Pam’s legs, Pam had already started to whimper as Ruth undid Pam’s blouse again and slid her fingers into pam’s pussy sliding her fingers through the hairs and opening the lips to reveal the pink interior, I pushed my face between Pam’s legs and onto her cushion, she crossed one leg behind my head and placed the other one over her ankle so locking my head into place until she was done with me, I pushed my tongue into her cunt and felt her jump and heard the sharp intake of breath, although she had me locked in with her legs she grabbed my hair and started pulling me into her, “Oh, Oh my god don’t stop, Oh yes, that feels so good, don’t stop” she cried, I could see her squeezing her own tits with the milk shooting everywhere as she squeezed her nipples and pulled at them, she was coming in a big way, her legs trembled and shook as it raced through her, Ruth had her mouth on Pam’s mouth and they were tonguing each other as Ruth joined in tearing her blouse open and ripping the buttons off then shoving her hand up her own skirt and pushing her fingers into herself, I could see Ruth’s cunt with the two fingers in it so I reached over and thumbed her clit, by now Pam was frantic, she was still pulling at my hair but had released her legs partly because they had turned to jelly and partly because she wanted to get her legs wider apart so that I could fully attack her cunt with my mouth, I slurped and ate her cunt then slid up her slit to her clit and even before I got there she was experiencing another shattering orgasm that was tearing her apart, she was screaming and crying with tears rolling down her cheeks, she broke away from Ruth and lay back gasping for air as she subsided, “thank you oh thank you I really needed that” she gasped but she was still shaking and after shocking as the ripples kept her coming and pouring out juice into my mouth, I pulled back with the taste of fresh cunt on my mouth, Ruth leaned forward her heavy breasts swinging free as she ran her tongue along my lips to taste her s****r on my mouth, she also reached down and unzipped my flies, “I have one other small job for you” she said, “ follow me, I rose to my feet, my cock jutting out in a tent on the front of my trousers, she walked into her bedroom as I followed, she slipped out of her blouse then lowered her skirt, she was completely naked and a magnificent sight to behold, Pam followed us in as Ruth said “ I want you to fuck my arse, I want to give it to you because it’s a virgin arse and I want you to have it first” Pam put her hand to her mouth in disbelief, she was going to see her s****r have her arse fucked, Ruth opened the drawer of her dressing table and took out a tube of KY jelly, “Pam! If you will please” she said, Pam went for my belt but I was ahead of her and took off my trousers, my shirt and my shoes and socks so that I was naked too, both ladies looked at me with the hunger that I had got used to, Pam took my cock and spread jelly all over it, Ruth knelt on the bed face down into the pillow with her luscious arse sticking up in the air, her neat and tidy vulva in plain view, I took the tube from Pam and spread some onto my finger then kneeling on the bed behind Ruth I inserted my finger gently into her rose lubricating it with the jelly, “ gosh that’s cold” she murmured into the pillow, I inserted a second finger as Ruth started to cry out, I circulated my fingers to expand her anal ring while Pam took hold of my cock, she wanted to be a part of this deflowering of her s****rs arse, I moved forward with Pam inserting the bulbous end of my prick into the hole that was closing rapidly but I was into Ruth and slowly eased my cock further into her anal passage as the ring closed around my cock, pulling back a bit then pushing slowly again, Pam was leaning on me gripping my shoulder and I was conscious of her naked breast touching my arm, Ruth was whimpering and gripping the pillow with white knuckles, she lifted her head a bit and said “god that hurts,” I said “don’t worry the pain will ease and it will turn to pleasure” Ruth said “I take it you have been fucking my daughters arse?” I said “yes of course, you are enjoying the fruits of my experiencing from shoving my cock up Gillian’s rectum” I felt in power and confident that this bitch I was fucking could do nothing about it, I turned to Pam who was mesmerised by the sight and got hold of her head and kissed her full on the mouth, her tongue came out and we tongue fenced while I began to shaft Ruth’s arse moving my cock steadily in and out of the gripping ring each time I thrust forward I went a little deeper and after a few seconds she was pushing back to meet me, the pain had gone and she was enjoying having her arse fucked, Pam now had her fingers back into her cunt and she too had shed her clothes with us all being starker’s, I reached forward under Ruth and started to squeeze her tits, she came with a steady flow, I could see the juice running out of her cunt, she wanted to take me “ come on fuck me, fuck me, fuck my arse, fuck me, fuck me” she wailed and came again with a shuddering and shaking, her legs collapsed and nearly pulled me out, I caught her around the waist and held her against me, I slowly withdrew my prick and saw the hole slowly close and I saw it discharge as her arse discarded the KY jelly within, Ruth collapsed down onto the bed sobbing, I leaned down and stuck my tongue up her arse, she jumped and laughed, “ naughty!!” she said.

Pam was eyeing my still rigid cock and put her fingers around wanking it slowly whilst kneeling on the bed beside me, she kissed me fully on the mouth again then went down on me to finish the job that her s****r had started, she worked her tongue around the dome taking it into her mouth whilst at the same time working her hand up and down my shaft, I was very calm as I rested my hand on the back of her head making sure that the blow rate was steady enough to finish me, I took hold of several strands of her blond hair that were astray and gently tugged on them at the down stroke to keep the pace steady, she certainly was good with her mouth and she licked and slurped at my cock running the length into her throat then pulling back and then sliding her tongue along the full length and meandering her tongue around the domed end, I was watching her actions and felt my orgasm start to leave the station, my cock started to thicken as my balls twitched and prepared to push my cum up my cock, I said ”do you want this in your mouth” “mmmmmmmm” was the muffled reply I got as she continued to suck, I exploded into her mouth and she gagged on my cum as I pumped it into her mouth she was trying to swallow as fast as she could but some juice was trickling down her chin as she drained my ball sack of its contents, just then a hand came under and a finger scooped the trickle of cum from Pam’s chin and I looked up to see Ruth transfer the droplet to her lips and lick it from the end of her fingers, she was smiling with a very mischievous grin on her face, Pam came up for air gasping but with a big grin on her face, she had managed to bring me off and had swallowed almost all of the contents of my balls, she was a very happy lady.

We all got dressed, had another cup of tea then I realised it was nearly time for Gillian to be home so I settled on the couch and waited for her arrival as the two ladies now fully clothed again kept grinning at each other.

To be continued…………….

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