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The Midweek Match(A game of two halves).

It was a miserable Wednesday night.Pissing down outside and me and Tommy were sitting in our local watching the football on T.V.
It was his team that playing in the early stages of a European tie against some useless no hopers from Latvia or somewhere like that.
They were beating them two nil but it had been a crap game.the top striker had been replaced at half time after scoring the two goals in the early part of the game,but since then it had been long and boring.
Tommy was enjoying himself though.Every time one his team kicked the ball he would woop and yell like a k** at the fair,you'd think they were winning the cup final the way he was acting.
Tommy was a drinker.i cant put it plainer than that.No one could drink him under the table.i never saw any other guy put the drink away like him.
I had learned long ago not to even bother getting into a round with him.He could drink four to my one if he was in the mood.So we bought our own drinks.
he had just been to the bar and i gulped down the dreggs of my pint and got up.
"want some crisps",I asked.
"nah",he answered not taking his eyes from the T.V.
I sauntered up to the bar.Big Pam was serving tonight.When I say big I mean big,she was like three people rolled into one,but She was a cheery tart.
"Same again Garry",she asked with a big grin.
"Yeah,why not I asked handing her my glass.
"I'm just off to the water the Porceline",I said and walked to the toilet.
When i came back my pint was pulled and Pam was polishing a glass but still grinning.
She winked at me and i wondered what the hell she was on,some kind of d**g or happy gas i thought to my self.
As i picked up my pint she leaned over the bar and whispered in my ear.
Think some lucky stud going to get him some sweet pussy tonight",she said seductively and motioned with her head towards the far corner of the room.
I looked over and I saw two lasses sitting there sipping there drinks and looking over in my direction.When they saw me look at them they leaned there heads together and began to giggle in that cute way girls have a sexy habit of doing.I looked back at Pam.
"What you on tonight Pam",I asked.
She leaned back and laughed.
"when you went to the bog that red haired one came over and asked me what your name was and if you single"
I glanced back across at the two girls and they seemed to have lost interest in me,they were now engrossed in a conversation.
"Your taking the piss",|I said scornfully.
"OK,have it your way",answered Pam and made her way to the far end of the bar to serve another customer.
I made my way back to my seat but could not resist a final glance in there direction.They were still talking and not even paying any attention to anyone else in the bar.
"You took your time",Tommy said but still did not look away from the T.V.
"had to piss" I said nonchiantly.
The game ended soon after,and Tommy downed his last pint.
he stood up"Well,got work in the morning",he said "You coming".
"Nah i said i'm off remember,think I'll have a couple more".Tommy shrugged,put on his jacket and burped.
"See you at the weekend then",he said and turned and walked out of the bar.
As the door swung shut I again looked over in the direction of the two girls and \|I began to appraise there appearance more closely.
One was red headed,long and wavy with the shortest skirt i ever seen in my life I mean she was sitting sideways on with her legs crossed and them legs went all the way to glory and back I mean long and perfect.I took a big swallow on my pint and in my head I was already licking all the way up those legs to the glory hole between them.
The other was slightly shorter than her friend but just as hot.
Short blonde bobbed hair and an equally short skirt on.her legs were maybe not quite as nice as her friends but I knew that on any night of the week i would give her one and no mistake.
Her eyes were her best feature though,the most shockingly blue eyes i had ever saw like sparkling ice.
"Fuck that bitch Pam",i thought to myself,she got me noticing them in the first place and now I was getting all turned on and I just knew that nothing was going to happen and I'd probably end up wanking at home in bed over the bitches.Fuck,and I downed the last of my pint.
I wanted another one and to give fat Pam a piece of my mind but I was well aware of the bulge in my trousers and didn't dare stand up until it had gone away.
I watched the shite news on the T.V,something about a bombing somewhere or other,that did the trick the lump had gone and I got up.
Pam was waiting."Again"she asked with a knowing look on her face.
"yep",I said curtly.
"saw you checking them honeys out big boy,get a little twitch over em did ya",and she was grinning widely now.The bitch was mocking me but i didn't want no trouble.
"Fuck off Pam",I said and turned and made my way to the toilet again.
When i came back out the first thing I noticed was that the two girls had left there table.The second thing was that they were sitting at my table,all legs,tits and smiles.I mean they grinning like Cheshire cat's.
I went to the bar,picked up my pint and as i did Pam winked,"go get em tiger",she growled.
Even though I tried,I couldn't stop the juices beginning to rise deep inside of me as I walked back towards what had been my table.
As I approached they looked up at me and both smiled sweetly.
"Mind if we join you",red asked,and Blondie giggled.
"OK with me"I said trying hard to sound macho and butch,and to sort of appear as if i didn't give a shit either way.But really I was pumping with excitement.
I sat down opposite them.
"My names Anna",said red,"And this is Julie">
again I tried to sound nonchalant and maybe a bit cocky,as if girls like that kind of shit,i mean who teaches us guys this crap anyway.
"Garry",i said,and took a gulp at my pint.
"You come here often",I asked and even as I said it I knew how corny and naff it sounded and I cringed inside.
The girls both laughed out loud and I swear that I thought right there and i had blown it,whatever "It" was.
"You old school",the blonde one asked with a huge grin on her face.
I couldn't help but grin and before long we were all laughing and that seemed to break the ice.
The next hour flew over and we chatted and joked and had a great time,then before we knew it Pam was calling out time and telling us to drink up and get the fuck out,She wanted to watch Coronation street Up stairs,she had taped it sad cow.
Where do you live,I asked red.
"On the estate over by bridge end",She said."Least Julie does,im staying at hers a few days I'm up from Cambridge,I go to uni' there".
"Nice"was all I could think to say.
"you",asked Julie.
I live on the estate too,but the other side over by Pooley's cafe,you know it.
"Oh yeah,where all the truckers hang out,I know it",she said but there was a hint of mocking in her voice.
Anna seemed to sense me tensing up.
"I love truck drivers"she said and I think she said it more to stop any tension than because she meant it.
Julie seemed to realise all this too and began to backtrack.
"I like truckers too"<she said "So butch and hairy and all those muscles.".
After a we finished our drinks we all stood up,"I'll walk you home",I said and we made our way out into the night.
The rain had stopped and it was a pleasant walk.We talked and had a laugh and in no time were standing outside Julies house."coming in for a night cap",asked Anna and Julie blushed slightly.
"Yeah,why not i said and the bl**d was really pumping in my veins now.
Julie opened the door and we all piled in,"me Mam and dad are staying at me uncles tonight",said Julie got the house all to ourselves,We went into the sitting room and I plonked my self down on the sofa.Anna sat on a chair opposite me and her legs were not crossed anymore but just slightly apart,I swear I could see a glimpse of her panties and my cock began to stiffen again.
Julie was putting some C.D on the player some smoochy crap as I recollect.
She came over and sat on the opposite side of the sofa and fuck me her skirt rode all the way up to her waist almost and she didn't even bother to try and pull it down,she just sat there crossed her legs and smiled innocently at me.
"You game",asked Anna out of the blue and it caught me unawares.I looked at her and the puzzlement on my face must have been comical because she threw her head back and laughed out loud.
"She means,can you handle both of us",Julie added.and her grin was wide and teasing.
Now there are a few times in every man's life when words ust fail you.When you search like fuck in your head to find the right ones to say and no matter how hard you try,they just won't come to your rescue,this was one of them moments for me.
Anna stood up and took matters into her own hands.
She seductively began to undress,slowly and with the expertise of a long time stripper.She knew exactly what was required to get my full attention and boys did she have it.
She was soon naked and she came over to me ,that perfect young naked body seemed to glide over the distance between us and she seemed to float onto my lap and her lips glided onto mine.I was a mess.I mean you think you have it all planed out if your ever fortunate enough to be in this position,you have every move calculated and you know just what exactly to do,then pow.The moment comes and your big moves are shit in a bucket and your hands won't even work.
Thank fuck Anna was in control.
She reached down took my trembling hand and gently placed it between her open legs.
That was like the starters gun at the beginning of a race for me.I was off and all the Garry magic was unleashed.
I rolled her off me and sat her down on the sofa.I knelt between those perfect legs and teased them open with my hands.
In I went and believe me I knew only too well how to use my tongue on a woman,her moans were like music to my ears.
I felt a hand stroking between my legs,feeling my hard throbbing cock beneath the fabric of my jeans and i knew without looking that Julie was joining the party.
She undid my belt and fumbled with the button but finally got it loose.
The fly slid down easy and the buttons on my Calvin Kleines quickly followed.
She took my hard cock in her hand and began to stroke up and down it with practised strokes,
I was so fucking hard I swear my knob was going to split right out that cock and shoot across the room like a firework.
in no time we were all naked and rolling around the floor,kissing rubbing,fingering.Me them,they me and them each other.
then Julie got up and knelt on the sofa her arse pointing towards me and legs wide apart.
Lick her arse"<Anna said as she roughly stroked up and down on my shaft."Go on,get your tongue right in that arse hole of hers and give it a good licking".
Man did I obey.It tasted so fucking nice as i feasted on it Spreading her bum cheeks wide apart and darting my tongue in and out quickly like a serpents tongue.
Meanwhile Anna had laid down on her back and slid from behind between my open legs.
She began to suck on my balls and reached up and continued to stroke my hard cock,but it was not long before her tongue had migrated to my arsehole.
I had never had that done to me before,and to be honest it had never occured to me that it would be nice,but fuck me,how that girl made me change my mind about that.
If I was good with my tongue,she was better.,and the expert strokes on my cock only heightened the pleasure.
after a while Anna joined Julie on the sofa and they began to kiss.
This was fucking hot shit,I remember thinking in between licking one arse then moving on to the other.
But the time had come.]
I needed to fuck and I needed it now.
I stood up,took my swollen cock in my hand and rammed it deep inside Annas wet pussy her gasp was audible and loud and I could not help but think with satisfaction to my self,"That's what the best nine inches of Garry feels like bitch",as I pumped away at her and my fingers were buried deep in Julies tight cunt.
It was hard but i managed to stop myself cumming,I took my cock out of Anna and slipped it nice and easy into Julie she was a hungry little bitch that rode along with me pumping back as I shoved deeper forward into her.
Anna lay back on the sofa spread her legs wide and began to play with herself.
Julie managed to twist around somehow and lean down between her legs and started to work away on Anna's cunt with her tongue.
Oh man.any time now,just about any minute now and this bitch was going to get the full f***e of a mighty ejaculation right up her tight come,oh yeah it was starting,and no power known to man was going to stop it.
As if they both sensed this at the same time Julie pushed me out of her and Her and Anna threw me onto the floor on my back and like lions round a fresh kill,they both dived at my cock and began wanking licking and squeezing the fuck out of it.
No going back now the moan began to rise from way down deep inside me and along with it's rise to the surface it brought my cum with it.
Up,up,up and in a gush of fiery explosive Out .And they both bathed in it's wet,sticky splashes,all over there faces and necks and even there tits.And like hungry b**sts they fought to suck and lick every last drop from my cock,even licking it off each others faces,then kissing one another with sighs of contentment mixed with the slurping and swallowing.
We lay there together on the floor fro a while not saying a word,then I got to my feet,shaky as they were"Wow",was all I could manage and both girls laughed.I slowly got dressed and attempted to straighten my hair but with no real conviction.
the macho man was beginning to take over again."Cheers girls" I said,"I'll be off now",and I turned and left the house.
The walk home was a dream,cant remember much about it at all,only thing that sticks with me about was...What was the final score for fucks sake?

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