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Amazing Grace

As this is my very first story post, please bear with me but all feedback would be gratefully welcome - please, please comment. This is based on a true story that happened to me and my reason for posting is to demonstrate my resultant love for ebony women.

A few years ago I took a holiday in Kenya – principally to go on a safari, but the last few days were spent at a beach resort near Mombasa. The hotel was right on the beach which was frequented by the usual groups of hawkers selling local crafts and, more to the point, the occasional hooker looking out for foreign tourists. One afternoon I went for a stroll and once past the hotel complex the beach gradually emptied out so that I was the only person walking on the shoreline with the local village situated further up the beach behind me.

In the distance was a local girl in her late teens sitting on the beach wearing blue athletic shorts and a white vest, under which a lacy pink bra was just showing. As I got near, she stood up – the white sand was still sticking to her shapely black legs and her natural beauty was clear to see. She nervously asked if I was on holiday and whether I would like a massage. Thinking she was maybe another hooker I asked if she did any other types of “services”. She was clearly embarrassed by this and replied that she was not that type of girl – she was hoping to get into college and was only doing relaxation massages and beauty therapies to earn a little extra money for her tuition. I subsequently discovered that this was a normal source of income with local villagers setting up businesses such as outdoor hair salons and nail bars to cater for the passing tourist trade. We agreed a fee for a straight massage and she led me up the beach to where she lived with her uncle. In the grounds of the garden was a small open air shelter made of rushes in which there was a wooden bed which served as her base. She asked me please go into the shelter and lay down on the bed to get comfortable.

We started to chat and she told me her name was Grace. She had been doing this for only a few months. The massage oil she used was from one of the many coconut trees in the garden so she said I may find it a little greasier than usual. She poured a handful of oil into her palms and leant over me to start massaging my chest. She was seemingly so innocent and completely unaware of the effect that her swaying breasts, only inches away from my face, were having on me. I was only wearing a pair of swimming shorts and this beautiful girl, with her sweet black breasts straining against the pink lacy bra was beginning to turn me on. She seemed to realise this for when she moved her attention from my chest to my legs, she asked me to keep my shorts on but to pull them up at the side so as not to get any oil on the fabric.

She then started massaging my legs. Starting at the ankles she worked her way up – slowly but firmly. The coconut oil was glistening in the sun – both on my body and on her hands. Ever so slowly, she was working on my thighs – getting firmer as she relaxed the muscles by moving her hands from the knee slowly upwards to just below my groin. And then it happened. On one particularly f***eful stroke, her hand slipped and brushed against my swollen cock which was, by now, rock hard. It was as if a bolt of electricity had passed between us. As though shocked, Grace immediately stopped what she was doing. We looked at each other in silence. Our eyes met and we held our stares. It seemed as, unintentional as it was, she found touching my arousal curious and wanted to explore it more. No words were said. I looked directly into her wide hazel eyes and just nodded. She held my gaze and smiled back at me. We both knew what we wanted.

More slowly this time, she slid her hand underneath my shorts, eager to find again my throbbing cock with her oily fingers. Easing it from my shorts she held it by the root and gazed at it in its entirety before gently drawing her fingernails down the underside of my swollen shaft. I could have come there and then but Grace had other ideas and wrapped her fingers around the length of my cock as she started to slowly wank me – drawing her strong slender fingers up and down before rolling her thumb around the tip of my shaft which was by now purple with arousal. My balls were aching with the spunk I was ready to shoot but then Grace eased off before I could reach climax. She looked up from her position crouched next to the bed and smiled again. This time, she opened her mouth oh so slightly before running her tongue up and down the length of my shaft, flicking her lovely pink tongue around the tip and into my little cock slit which, by now, was leaking salty pre-cum. After a while, she replaced her tongue by gently using her teeth before opening her beautiful full lips and taking my erect cock deep into her mouth. God, those lips were like being caressed by two silky pillows – gently drawing my cock back and forth into her mouth before her contracting cheeks told me she was sucking any pre-cum completely dry. Grace then did something I’d never experienced before – from licking my balls she then lifted them up and started running her tongue between my balls and arse. It was a sensation like no other. She slipped a hand under each of my cheeks to elevate my groin so that she could let her flicking, darting tongue continue on its way until it found my arsehole. Boy, I’d never been rimmed before and this absolutely blew my mind! She inserted the tip of her tongue into my tight crack and it was like a bolt of lightning going through my entire body. I didn’t want it to stop.

Clearly, this was turning Grace on too. As she got up from rimming me she moved her position so that she was now standing over my cock with her legs apart – inviting me to explore her body. From my position on the bed I reached over and ran my hand up her leg and under her blue shorts that had so first attracted me in what seemed a lifetime ago. I was pleased to find that her bra was her only underwear on that day and my fingers soon found her deepest recess. She was wet in a way that only a woman can be. Pulling her shorts aside I could see her sweet glistening outer cunt lips with just a hint of the pinkness that lurked beneath. To me that is why ebony women are so horny – the darkness of their nipples against the silky chocolate brown of their skin and the contrasting pinkness of their greedy tongues and cunt as they take another cock deep inside them. I slipped two fingers into that lovely wet fuck tube and twisted my fingers inside her so I could both finger-fuck her and rub that swollen bud of her clit with the tip of my thumb at the same time. Grace responded by quietly moaning with pleasure – the sound barely audible, escaping as it was from around my cock that was by now filling her mouth.

We continued – getting faster and faster, my fingers getting deeper and deeper, and Grace alternating between running her lips over my shaft and sucking it hard between her soft lips. It wasn’t long before neither of us could continue holding back. I felt the cum rise in me and let a stream of hot creamy jizz spurt out over lovely Grace’s lips and face at the same time as she reached her own fulfilment with my fingers thrashing that soaking wet pussy into a frenzy. She looked amazing – my white creamy cum that contrasted perfectly with her ebony skin, was running down her chin and onto her breasts as her pink tongue and fingers worked overtime lapping up that juicy load before it could go to waste. She smiled. She loved it. I bent down from the bed to kiss those spunk spattered soft lips and to help lick the cum splashes from her breasts and bra. I could taste the heady mixture of my own seed and the coconut milk as our tongues darted from mouth to mouth – eager to savour every moment, every drop, every taste.

We never fucked that day. No need to. We were both physically and mentally drained by our own explosive orgasms. To me the greatest turn on was that Grace had submitted fully to her own fantasies and desires. She had willingly given her mouth and body to me in acknowledgement that her sexual needs were just begging to be fulfilled. No other money changed hands and we never saw each other again before I had to fly home. We had both found something that day that neither of us had expected from that first encounter on the beach – something that would change my sexual perspective forever.

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