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Leena and me sharing Rahul's cock....

Rahul. Leena and me were school friends. Rahul came to visit us in our Hostel room. Rahul was a strong virile young man and looked smart.We welcomed him. We sat on the coach and started enjoying an adult film. It was a nice film with the two boys playing with a girl. The girl was sexy and the boys were slowly exposing her. We were getting turned on. We could see Rahul getting excited from the tent growing in his pants. The could feel his cock was getting stiff and trying to come out of his pants. I hinted Leena to look at the tent in his pants. She gave me a smile. Rahul put his one hand around Leena and other around me. He pulled both of us towards him. My elbows landed on his tent and I could clearly feel the stiff hard cock pulsating below. I pressed my elbows deliberately to exert pressure on his cock and I could feel,it had become quite stiff. Rahul caught hold of my face in both his hands and started kissing me deep on my mouth. His tongue was disparately trying to enter my mouth. I was also getting excited. I allowed his tongue to invade my mouth and our tongues started mingling with each other. Meanwhile Leena had put her hands on his cock and fondling the cock. She slowly opened the zip of his pants and pulled out the stiff hard cock. The devil was pulsating almost uncontrollably.
Leena said--" Vanita, look at the devil...see how it has become all stiff and hard... All reay for the assault.."
Me--"Yes the devil is pulsating up and down. Leena, why do you think,it has grown so hard and stiff?"
Leena--" Look at its pink head, see how nice and velvetty it looks..." she had exposed the knob and the knob looked all tumescent pink and nice.
Meanwhile Rahul was opening the buttons of my blouse. he opened all the buttons and he put his hand behind and unclasped my bra hook. My pulled out my boobs. They were now fully exposed. They were both full, soft and the pink nipples looked so exciting.
Rahul said---" Leena look at her boobs.See how nice they are .See how soft they are to touch. He pulled Leena's hands and kept on my boobs. Leena started pressing and fondling my boobs. She held my nipple in her two fingures and said--" Rahul, look at these nipples. See how beautiful they look. Feel them in your hands...Kiss them and feel them in your lips..."
Rahul immediately put his lips on the nipple which was free. He started sucking the nipple. The feeling was making me excited and hot. My other boob was being fondled by Leena. Slowly Leena raised my skit with her free hand and exposed my panties.
Leena said--" Rahul look at her panties..See the big wet spot..She has become all wet. " saying so, she deftly pulled down my panties and exposed my pussy. Now my boobs as well as my pussy were totally exposed. Leena put her fingure in my pussy and said-- " Rahul look how wet she has become. Her pussy is all wet and ready. Why dont you fill her pussy...?"
Rahul had also become very hot and excited. I could feel it from his breathing which had become fast. His cock was also almost uncontrollable.
Slowly Rahul lowered me on the coach. I was totally exposed and both Rahul and Leena were fondling my body. I wanted the cock to fill me very badly. Leena separated my both legs and opened my pussy lips. Rahul slowly entered my pussy. His cock felt great going in. Once it was fully in, he started giving slow and long strokes. Each stroke was taking me in heaven. My whole body was as if floating in the air. While Rahul was giving me strokes, Leena was playing with my boobs. Her hands were very naughty and fondling my nipples and pressing my big boobs. Sometimes she was holding the boobs with both her hands, sometimes putting my nipples in her mouth and sucking..It was so lovely getting pounded in the pussy and the boobs being fondled.
Leena said--"Rahul see how her whole body is shaking. Why dont you hold her tight in embrace and pound her pussy..?"
Rahul held me tight in his embrace and was pounding my pussy in and out. The feeling was exquisite. His strokes had now becoming f***eful and faster. My pussy was dripping all wet and was responding well to his strokes and I was raising my torso to meet his thrusts. Suddenly my whole body started convulsing. It was all shaking. I was trembling in Rahul's embrace.
Leena said-- "Rahul see how her body is shaking...despite your holding her so tight. It appears she is reaching her climax. " so saying Leena put her hands on my boobs and again started mauling them. I could not control any more... My whole body was in spasms...uncontrollable spasms...I was in bliss...My pussy walls were all vibrating against the stiff cock. I closed my eyes and allowed both of them to do what they liked doing with my body. Rahul's strokes were becoming faster and short. I could feel his cock hardening and pulsating deep inside my pussy. He pressed his body against mine and held me tight in embrace and I could clearly feel his cock squirting and vibrating and depositing hot thick squirts of cock cream deep inside my pussy. It was a great experience. Rahul slowly pulled his softening cock out.
Leena immediately took it in her mouth. She started sucking it. Her hands were playing with his big balls. Her sucking of his cock made the devil again hard. After sucking it for some more time, she took it out of her mouth and said--
"Vanita, look, how the devil has become hard and stiff again. Looks he is not satisfied with your pussy and wants more pussy."
I opened my eyes and saw Rahul's cock hard and stiff, once again pulsating in Leena's hands.
I said-"Leena , now it is your turn. The devil is not satisfied with my pussy and wants your pussy too. Give it to the devil..."
I got up and made place for Leena. I pulled Leena's skirt and panties and exposed her fully. I separated her legs and signaled Rahul. Rahul was ready. He pushed his cock in Leena's pussy and without much efforts the cock went deep inside, as her pussy was also dripping wet. I encouraged Rahul to hold her under him and pound her pussy with great f***e. It was a great pleasure looking at the stiff hard cock, going in and out of the wet pussy. I put my hands and touched her clit. The clit had all become stiff and sensitive. I started manipulating her clit while the hard cock was going in and out... She soon was breathing hard and her body trembling. Despite holding her tight, the body vibrations could be felt so clearly. Rahul was pounding her without stopping. His strokes were hard, fast and quick. Each in and out stroke, was taking Leena to higher and higher levels of pleasure. Suddenly Rahul clutched her tight and his strokes became short and fast. He was also breathing hard. Leena also started moaning loudly and her body was shaking. Rahul's body also was trembling. My hand that was caressing Leena's clit, was crushed between Leena and Rahul, as Rahul had pushed his cock deep inside Leena's pussy. I could feel the strong climax that Leena was experiencing and the cream that Rahul's cock was spurting deep inside Leena.....It was an unforgettable experience....

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