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Bride, bridesmaid both knocked up vegas style

2 yrs after my wife was gangbanged by her ex and his 2 buddies, she was asked to be bridesmaid to a friend from highschool getting married in septwmber. The stagette, however was to be held in Vegas in July. all paid for by the father of the bride.

One of the girls was a friend of my wife Kari from up north, they had partied before, got fucked at parties together, imprenated at the same party and both had 2+ yr old girls at the time of this wedding. so i knew I would hear every detail after they got back from the weekend.

After picking the very d***k ladies up at the airport, I rolled my wife and her other friend into our bed. I went back downstairs to see how Marni was, and seeing the patio door open, i smiled, went over to the door and was in time to see Marni, naked entering the hot tub. I stripped naked and as i entered the tub she grabbed my cock and sucked it into her mouth, she blew me long enough to get me hard, looked up and smiled. Want to hear the details now, she said as she smiled wickedly.

I did not have to comment as she proceeded to tell me everything in detail.
After the first night they gambled, met saome guys, went dancing, then said they had to call it a night as they had to store up for the next night. One of the guys, who's name was Deni, was enjoying Kari's attention and asked if they could crash the party. kari smiled and blurted out the name of the club they were going to. the guys new it well and planned to meet therer around 10, giving the ladies time to get warmed up with the strippers.

Sure enough, shortly after 10pm, the guys spotted the ladies, and proceeded to join them. Deni noticed right away that kari had on a light blouse with a light red see through lace bra on, he smiled and sat right beside her giving her a kiss on the cheek. she turned and returned the kiss full on his lips, while putting both arms around his neck. he then put his right arm around her shoulders, and moved in close to her. Several drinks later, numerous naked cocks wagging in there faces, had the girls loud, hot and horny. Around 2am the announcer came on the stage and announced the club would close for and exclusive staggette party in 1/2 hour.
all the ladies smiled and cheered, and as marni looked over to where my wife was sitting, she saw her and Deni in a hot kiss and noticed Deni's left hand between Kari's legs, several fingers barried in her pussy. Marni had smiled when she thought that Kari had put on red crotchlees panties, and now new she planned on things happening tonight.
Not long after the doors were locked, the ladies took to the dance floor, some as bold as going on stage and blowing the male strippers as they danced. Marni looked for Kari, Saw her heading into a corner of the room with Deni in tow. he could not keep his hands off her, and already had her blouse undone and her red see through bra showing all of her 38dd tits.
At this time marni's attention turned to the man groping her and she proceeded to have her way with him, sevral minutes later, have sucked the man off and swallowing his cum, she stood to see where Kari was. she was amazed and stunned as she saw Kari on her back over a short table, with some black guy's cock in her mouth and Deni's cock pumping her now naked pussy. Marni worked her way over to the table where Kari was being fucked and noticed on the next table that the Bride to be was getting double fucked while sucking another cock. She Knew Jenni loved anal and was not surprised to see this happening. She turned to see deni pukking his spent cock out of kari's pussy, trailing gobs of cum from his cock to her pussy. As he walked around the table, the black guy she had been sucking wanted his turn with her. He had a big cock, easliy 9 inches or more. marni knew Kari had never had a black man and smiled as she knew she would want more after him.
Being wet from cumming and being cum in, kari took his cock balls deep on the first thrust, her eyes opened wide and she grabbed his arms as he proceeded to fuck her till her eyes rolled back into her head. He finally pushed her knees beside her head and started pumping her deep into her weel used pussy, he startted groaning and with a final slam he emptied his balls deep into her now stretched pussy.
Seeing all the cum leaking out of her friends pussy, marni got the urge to taste it first hand, and next between kari's legs and proceeded to eat the cum out of her pussy. Kari was never bi, but it did not matter that night, she loves it and even when marni stuck a finger in her ass, she came grabbing marni's head.
Deni, meanwhile was watching this and seeing marni finger kari's hot ass, started getting him hard again, he moved in between Kari's legs and started tunging her ass, she had never had this done and really started liking it, Deni rolled her over, had her stick her ass in the air and proceeded to lube her ass and finger it. he was now rock hard and decided now was the time,Kari was a virgin in her ass so he new this would be his tropy alone to take. he worked the head of his 8" cock into her ass, causing kari to pull away at first. she was quickly distracted as some new black guy shoved his cock into her open mouth. She moaned a she sucked her new black cok all the while Deni worked his cock until he was half in her now stretched ass. He pulled out slowly and now proceeded to fuck her virgin ass, after several slow thrusts, he was now balls deep in her ass.
Being tight as she was, he came quicker than he wanted to, and after pulling out, her ass still up in the air, gaping open with cum oozing out of it, she was startled as she felt another cock entering her open hole. this cock slid in easlily as her ass was full of cum, he proceeded to fuck her hard and after several minutes he too unloaded ito her ripe ass.
Now it was on, seeing several guys doublefuck the bride to be, they lifted Kari up, flipped her over and held her over top of a big white guy with a huge cock. they slowly lowered her onto his big cock, and to her surprise, it now slid easily into her well fucked ass. he reached around and grabbed her tits as he proceeded to fuck her ass, she had her eyes closed enjoying the fuck when she opened them wide to see a big black stripper climb onto her and start to feed her black cock in her pussy. This was another new one for her, never being doublefucked before.
As it turns out, before the night was over, the bride to be and the bridesmaid were each fucked by more than a dozen guys each in both their pussies and their asses. Each guy leaving at least 2 loads in each woman.
Neither the bride or kari were on the piil and they did not seem to care as guy after guy loaded their pussy with fertile seed, some bigger cocks pushing it deep into their ripe pussies.
As for Marni, she was fucked by 9 or so guys, 3 of which came in her ass, a new first for her as well. After hearing that, I bent marni over and fucked her in the ass for the first time, she knew i would and had her ass lubed with ky jelly before i even entered her. After cumming in her ass, she cleaned my cock and after several minutes of stroking it, new life started to enter my cock. she bent over and sucked me had then climbed on top and rode me till I emtied one last load in her pussy.
As expected and to no surprise, 5 of the 8 women at the party were pregnant before thanks giving, including the bride to be, Marni and Kari. Marni gave birth to a healthy black boy, the bride, Jenni, a darker girl with curly black hair, and kari gave birth to a red head baby boy. After seeing him, Marni smiled and asked Kari, wasn't Deni a red head?????


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