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First Night Together Part 2

For all who read part one I am continusing exactly from part 1


After I finished unloading my seed all over her ample breasts she stood up and whispers in my ear "Lets go get all wet" after i hear that i quickly jump in the shower and turn it on to hot and steamy i turn around to face her and pull her into my arms feeling my cum smear all over the both of us as i kiss her deeply our tongues sliding and twisting around eachothers. We break the kiss as i turn her around roughly and bend her over rubbing the swollen drooling head of my dick against her pussy teasing her clit untill i feel her legs start to shake. I push the head of my dick into her waiting cunt feeling it flex around my dick i start thrusting slow and deep and slowly pick up pace untill she starts screaming for me not to stop and i feel my balls tighten for my first load to fill her up and i grab ahold of her hips and thrust as hard as i can she bracing herself against the shower wall as i fill her up.

We take a short break as we start tongue wrestling again

she beands back over for another "round" as she likes to call it and i quickly slam my dick back into her pussy burying myself up to the hilt feeling my balls slap against her i start thrusting as hard as i possibly can and deep as i possibly can slowly bringing it down to a slow sensual thrusting pulling her up into my arms kissing her neck as i keep thrusting i reach down with my arnd rubbing her clit causing her to cum yet again on my dick and as i feel her cum slide down my balls i start filling her up again and i pull out causing her pussy to let loose a stream of my seed and her cum onto the floor and i hold her up as she comes down from her orgasm.

We slowly got out of the shower we towel off and go to lay down in the front room.

more to come if i get more positive comments

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