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Farm house Experience..I will never forget.......

My boyfriend Vicky had gone to our farm. I walked to the farm to call him for lunch. When I reached there I found him sl**ping soundly in the farm house on a wooden cot. He was wearing spandex shorts and I could see a big tent in his shorts. I knew, he was dreaming. I knew, once he had a deep sl**p--it was difficult to wake him up. I thought of making some fun of him. I walked inside the farm house and got a scissors and sat on the bed by his side. I slowly used the scissors to slowly cut open a hole in his shorts and in his briefs. As soon as the hole was cut open in the fabric, his cock sprang up and came out all hard and stiff. He had almost more than 8 in. long cock and it was very thick at the base. The glans was slightly exposed and was looking all pink and tumescent. The cock was pulsating up and down. While I was admiring his cock, I heard some footsteps approaching the farm house. I just went and hid behind the curtains from where I could watch him. I saw his close friend Rahul approaching the door of the farm house. He entered and saw Vicky's stiff hard cock all exposed and out of his shorts and standing tall and pulsating up and down. He stood there for quite sometime not knowing what to do. Then he slowly went and sat on the cot near sl**ping Vicky. He was looking at the stiff hard cock. He slowly moved his hand forward and touched the cock softly. When Vicky did not wake up , his touch became more probing. I could see his hand slowly becoming more and more bolder. He was now caressing the cock slowly from it's mouth to its base. I could see him holding the cock and fondling it with loving hands. The cock was also twitching and pulsating in his hands. I was getting excited and wet in my panties.
Suddenly the scissors slipped from my hands and fell on the floor. The noise made Rahul suddenly withdraw his hand and look in the direction of the curtain. It was no more possible to hide behind the curtain and I cam froward and sat on the other side of Rahul on Vicky's bed. Vicky was still sl**ping and oblivious of what was happening around him. I could see Rahul very shy and putting his head down. I had caught him red handed playing with Vicky's cock. I said to Rahul--" Why have you stopped..? Finish the job...See how hard and stiff his cock has become...It needs a good release..."
But still Rahul was feeling shy. He had no courage to play with the exposed cock. I just held Rahul's hand and guided to Vicky's cock. Now Rahul could not overcome the temptation of fondling the erect hard stiff cock infront of him. Rahul slowly started playing with Vicky's cock. His hand was giving the hard cock, nice slow long strokes. I loved the scene.
Rahul slolwy spoke---" Vanita, why dont you help too...? We both can join hands to give him a nice release."
I could see the big tent growing in Rahul's shorts. His cock too had become erect and stiff and was almost trying to burst his shorts to come out.
I moved my hand forward and touched Vicky's balls. He had nice full balls. While we were both fondling his cock and balls, Vicky just turned and came on his back.But his eyes were still closed. May be he was awake but pretended sl**ping. We both knew this and now it was very easy for both of us as his cock was now standing tall all exposed for both of us to play at will.
Rahul was giving the stiff cock slow long strokes and my hands were also fondling his balls and occasionally touching the cock at it's base. We could see lot of precum was oozing out of the pink mouth. We were sure, Vicky must be enjoying the whole scene. I was also totally wet in my panties. Rahul slowly increased the pace of his strokes. The strokes had become more quicker and faster. We both were looking closely to the cock enjoying the strokes. After a few more minutes, I could sense the tightening of his stomach muscles. I hinted at Rahul that the cock was nearing the climax. He could also feel the cock stiffening and vibrating in his fist. He further increased the pace of strokes and they became more faster. Suddenly we could see Vicky clenching his fists and his hard stiff cock tightening and shaking and spewing out huge squirts of thick white cream, high up in the air. First squirt went at least more than a metre high and subsequent squirts were lesser and lesser in intensity. We both felt the cock vibrating and slowly becoming softer and softer. I also helped Rahul to extract the milk from the cock to it's last drop...
When we had finished out job of milking the cock, Vicky slowly opened his eyes and gave a nice smile. We both knew , he was awake and enjoying the milking.
He spoke--" Rahul see the big tent in your shorts...Your cock too needs a release....I can also see Vanita all excited and wet. My cock is already spent. Why dont you satisfy her...?"
Rahul didnot speak but his cock was speaking for him. Vicky got up from the cot and pulled me down on the cot and made me lie on it on my back.He opened my blouse and pulled both my boobs out. He pulled down my skirt and slowly pulling down my panties. He could see the big wet patch on my panties. He slowly pulled my panties down and exposed me totally. I was lying on my back totally stripped and exposed. Rahul was looking at my stripped body lying in front of him. Vicky hinted Rahul to go ahead.
Rahul was also excited beyond any limits and he pulled down his short and briefs and out came his stiff hard cock. It was much bigger than Vicky's. The cock had become very much excited and moving up and down and all looking so exciting. Vicky held the cock in his hands and admired it for some time. He then signaled Rahul to go ahead. Vicky separated my legs and was holding them so.
Rahul immediately came on me and pushed his thick cock in me. It was so easy as my pussy was totally dripping wet and it didnot offer any resistance to Rahul's cock. The cock went deep inside and rahul started giving long slow strokes. I was floating in the air and totally in a bliss. The sensations in my pussy were exquisite. The in and out strokes of the cock were taking me into another world. He was clutching my body with all his f***e now and ramming his cock in and out with all his strength. I could feel my boobs pressed by his chest. It was becoming almost unbearable and my whole body was trembling hard despite Rahul and Vicky holding it down. My torso was involuntarily raising itself to meet the thrusts that Rahul was giving. Suddenly my whole body went limp and went out of my control.It was all shaking and trembling in a bliss I never experienced in my life. I just lay in their hands with closed eyes and left my body to be played with in the manner in which the two wanted.
Rahul knowing-- I had experienced my orgasm, increased the pace of his strokes. His strokes became short and faster. My pussy was just happy taking the strokes. Suddenly I could feel his cock vibrating and shaking deep inside my pussy and the hot thick cream inundating my inner folds....I lay quiet with closed eyes in his embrace as if my whole body had lost all it's strength.......

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