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Buddy's Mom & Nick

It's been a while since something story worthy has happened with one of my best buds Nick but this one was worth the wait. What took place between Nick and Karen (my other buddy Cameron's hot ass mom who I had my own encounter with that I previously wrote about) was pure, unadulterated fucking. There was no love, no feelings (well maybe lust), just a pure physical attraction between two good looking people that had been brewing for some time.

A little bit about the main two people involved in this story; First there is Nick, one of my best friends and a pussy magnet. Young, old, single, married, hot or not, Nick has an effect on them all. He may not have a super ripped and overly muscular body like many of the younger guys seem to have now but he's got something else that drives women crazy. Not that his body isn't great, he is 6'-2" tall, has a very nice athletic build, olive skin, black hair, and mesmerizing dark brown eyes. At 25 years old, Nick is truly an Italian Stallion and NOT in a Jersey Shore kind of way. It may have been a c***dish high school nickname, but he's grown into it and is an accurate definition of the phrase.

A killer personality, great sense of humor, and smile that lights up a room, rounds out the total package Nick brings to the table. The other person involved is Karen, who is my buddy Cameron's mom (Nick has met him but thy don't know each other that well). Karen is tall, very tan, has dirty blond hair and is in great shape for being in her mid-late 40's. She's got a great smile and her white teeth contrast her bronzed skin perfectly. One of Karen's best features though is she is a fun person to be around, which I'm sure had alot to do with her hotness and flirty personality. Much like Nick fits the Italian Stallion bill perfectly, Karen is the original definition of a MILF.

Nick and Karen had met a few times before this eventful day which helped build up the sexual tension needed for such a hot encounter. The first time they met was when Karen and her husband Rick had a party at their house and my buddy Cameron (their son) invited me and some of his other friends over. I already had plans for that night but wanted to swing by for an hour or so and ended up bringing Nick with me. As we walked around to the backyard I said hi to everyone I knew and introduced my buddy Nick. I saw Karen's eyes transfixed on Nick straight away but she played it cool and waited until they were formally introduced before talking to him. Nick went with Cameron to grab some beers from the cooler and Karen stayed to chat with me, very interested to hear about Nick. This wasn't a shock to me for a couple of reasons.

One, from my previous encounter with Karen I knew she could be weak and two, I've been friends with Nick long enough to know chicks always want to get the scoop on him. Once Nick came back with the beers Karen made an effort to carry the convo and chatted with both of us, well mostly with Nick I should say. Cameron finally interrupted to see if Nick and I wanted to join him and a few others in a game of beach volleyball (they had a net set up in the sand on the small beach behind their lake house). It was hot out and most of us ended up taking our shirts off at some point during the game. I noticed Karen keeping a close eye on the game and it was pretty obvious (to me atleast) who she had her eye on. Yup, you guessed it, that would be Nick.

The second time they crossed paths was after a work event that Rick and Karen happened to show up for. Nick needed no introduction this time around and everyone had a good time chatting it up as the drinks flowed. This encounter was rather brief as well, but there was much more time spent between Nick and Karen this time. Typical Karen she was all hot and flirty, laughing at anything remotely funny Nick said and taking advantage of any opportunity to make physical contact by either touching his arm while laughing or running her hand through his hair (she used to be a hair dresser).

I bumped into Karen a week later and all she did was ask me about Nick. It was pretty obvious to me she had a little crush on him but like I mentioned before this was normal; Nick just had that effect on people. They had a couple other very brief encounters however they were nothing more than a hello in passing. There was a gap of a few months from the last time they bumped into each other to the other night but every time between that I ran into Karen, she would ask about Nick. She would even refer to him as a "cutie" or make some reference to him being a good looking k**, or something like that every time she talked about him. The only thing about Nick she didn't like was the the fact he had a girlfriend. Even though she never even had met his girlfriend, she jokingly referred to her as a bitch one time for the simple fact they were together. She always made a point ask me, at some point in our conversation, if Nick was still with his girlfriend, lol.

Now Karen wasn't the only one who was interested. My buddy Nick, girlfriend or not, isn't blind and he made comments about how hot Karen was whenever her name was brought up. Obviously I would tell him what Karen said about him each time I bumped into her. Now, keep in mind that for as much opportunity at random (and not so random) pussy Nick had thrown at him, he was a very faithful boyfriend. That said, he's still a guy and it didn't stop him from telling me all the dirty things he'd like to do with Karen if he could. Sorry for so much backstory, but I just wanted to show some of the events that built up the sexual tension between these two.

The day started out on a high note with the day off of work and me and Nick playing in a golf outing together. The weather was great, we played well, the drinks were free, and we talked about going out later that night and tearing it up. Nick joked around that it had been well over a week since he'd gotten laid and jerking off wasn't exactly cutting it. You see, Nick and his gf were in the middle of a three week long fight which any fight was extremely rare for the two of them. Like any couple they had their days but this one was a little different. I'm not sure why but his gf got herself so worked up and upset with the fact he was going to be moving an hour away for grad school. She had known about it all along and was fine with it but I have a feeling she was feeling a bit insecure about him being alone with so many hot and easy college chicks walking around on campus. And like I've said many times, even without trying, Nick attracts females like his dick is a super magnet (and she knew all about his past as a single dude). What started out a week ago as a petty little fight escalated into a bigger one for no reason. They decided to "taking a break" and even though she told him they should see other people, he knew better. Neither of them would actually break up with each other over something that dumb. If they didn't know better, I definitely did.

After the outing, Rick (who also played in the event) invited a group of us over to his house to continue the party there. Me and Nick agreed and had no thoughts of Karen when we did so. Once we got to Rick's, he filled a big cooler with beer and ice and brought out a ton of liquor from his wet bar. He ordered up a bunch of pizza and after it finally got there and we chowed it down, Rick suggested whoever wanted to go on his boat to his buddy's house party on the lake. Most everyone wanted to go but there was one small problem. His boat only held about 10 people max and there was about 14 of us there. A couple of older guys decided to stay back and drink since they had to go home soon. Me and Nick decided to keep them company and stay back too, plus we planned on going out later anyway. The other two left after as soon as they finished their beers and went home to their wives while me and Nick sat there for the next 5 minutes or so deciding whether we should leave or drink some more free beer.

The free beer won out and that was definitely the right decision because as I was grabbing us more beer I heard the back door open and Karen walked out on the covered patio. She waved hi to us and I saw she had already poured herself a drink as she sat down with us. I made quick eye contact with Nick and he gave me a knowing smile that we made the right choice by staying. Karen asked where everyone was and we told her Rick took everyone out on the boat and they were going to some house party on the lake. Karen said she knew whose party it was and it was clear on the other side of the lake about 30 minutes out. I'm pretty good at math so I knew since they had only left about 15 minutes ago and if it took 30 minutes to get there and 30 to get back (plus however long they stayed to party) that meant we'd be along with Karen for well over an hour and most likely for no less than 2 hours.

We asked Karen where she was coming from and she said she went out for drinks with some girlfriends since she knew Rick was golfing. It was obvious to me and Nick that she was feeling the effects of the drinks and Karen was pretty candid with her conversation. She told us she came back expecting Rick to be home alone and ready for some "lovin". As she said that she giggled and ran her hand over her breasts and gave them a little squeeze. I was a bit taken aback by this because even though she was flirty, this was much bolder than the Karen I knew. Karen went on to say that some young guys kept hitting on her and her friends at the bar they just left and she admitted they were hot but too young for her.

Nick asked her how old they were and she said they looked like they were in their early twentys. Nick told her he was only 25 and she shouldn't feel bad considering she looked like she was only 30. He flashed her his killer smile that made Karen blush a bit while telling him she did not look that young. I chimed in telling her not only did she look 30, but she was probably the hottest chick at the joint. She blushed again and I could tell she was getting hot. She already told us she was horny and lookin for some "lovin" so I think Nick was enjoying tormenting her. As he got up to grab us some more beers he commented to Karen "too bad you think 25 is too young, I was hoping I had at least a slim chance".

Karen was speechless and just nodded when Nick asked her if needed another drink as well. Nick was back in a flash and I could tell from the drink he handed Karen that it was all liquor. Karen was feeling so good by then that she seemed to drink it without much of a problem. When Nick sat back down he sat in the chair next to Karen and gave me a wink when he looked my way. He said how hot it was an wished we could've gone on the boat with the rest of the guys but there wasn't any room plus we wanted to go out and meet some chicks tonight. Karen agreed about the heat and perked up when she heard Nick mention going out looking for chicks. She asked him about his gf and he said she broke up with him (not totally true but who am I to spoil his fun).

Karen put her hand on Nick's leg and told him how sorry she was his gf dumped him and that she must be crazy or stupid. Nick played up the heart broken act and said it had been over a week now and he forgot how it felt to go to bed alone. I had to hold back from chuckling especially when Nick stated out loud he was too hot for his shirt and pulled it up and over his head. He sat there shirtless and rubbed his chest with his right hand before letting it rest on his crotch. Now, it was warm out no doubt, but by this time it was after 8pm and the breeze off the lake made it nice and comfortable out. This was just Nick enjoying tormenting Karen even more. As I mentioned before, Nick wasn't overly ripped and buff but he was very athletic and his muscles were looked perfectly toned and defined. Plus, he had that natural tan and the right amount of dark body hair that gave him a very sexy look. I thought I heard Karen whimper as he took off his shirt and she got an eyeful of his chest.

I saw her inadvertantly run her hand down from her mouth, past her tits, and down by her crotch, before resting it on her knee. It had been about an hour now since the boat left and Karen pulled out her cell phone. I was wondering what she was doing but she was calling Rick to see where he was. She repeated what Rick said, that they just got his buddy John's house and docked the boat to join the party there. Karen told Rick she was still out and wouldn't be home for another couple of hours (a clear lie). She hung up the phone and smiled saying Rick told her to take her time getting home.

I wasn't sure exactly what was about to happen but I knew some shit was about to go down. Karen asked both of us if we really thought she looked 30 or if we were just being nice. We both at the same time assured her she looked not a day over 30. This gave Karen a huge smile and she reached over to Nick's leg and rubbed his thigh telling us both thanks. I could tell Nick was in total "stallian" mode now because got this serious look on his face and tells Karen "you realize it's been over a week since my girlfriend left me and a beautiful lady like you touching me like that" he pauses then says "I don't know if I can control myself much longer". He said this while running his hand over his abs and chest and back down. Karen shot right back "that makes two of us then, you should have thought about that before you took off your shirt". Then she turns to me and asks why my shirt is still on. I quickly ripped off my shirt and Karen suggested we all go inside and get comfortable. As we entered the house she excused herself and disappeared. Me and Nick took a seat on the "L" shaped leather couch and Nick told me he was going to have blue balls tomorrow if he didn't get laid tonight or at the least a blowjob.

I told him he knew he could get whatever the fuck he wanted tonight but was he sure he wanted to do this. I think between the fact he hadn't banged his gf in over a week since their fight, all of the sun and alcohol that day, and the fact Karen was hot as fuck and looking for some dick, he had already made up his mind. When Nick decides he wants something, I've never seen him not get what he wanted. Karen came back in the room and I noticed she had put her hair up and from what I could tell, had changed into an even shorter skirt than she had on before. She looked sexy as fuck standing in front of us with her hands on her hips and she says "well boys, we've got over an hour until Rick comes home and I'm too fucking horny to wait for which one of you is going to help me out" We both raised our hands like little school k**s but Karen says "hmm, this isn't an easy decision but Josh has already had a turn before so Nick is first". I knew Nick was going to get his turn I was just hoping for either a threesome or that there would be enough time for me to get mine after.

Karen sauntered over to the couch and sat in between us but was practically touching Nick's leg with hers. He was wearing shorts but was still shirtless and Karen commented that it looked like he had cooled off because he could cut ice with his hard nipples and proceeded to rub her fingers over his right nipple. Nick told her his nipples might be cold but he was still hot as fuck and grabbed his cock through his shorts. Karen, whose hand had never left Nick's chest after feeling his nipple, began rubbing his chest now. "If you keep doint that, my nipples won't be the only thing that's hard" Nick says while flashing a wry smile. "Your'e such a little tease" Karen says "hopefully you can keep promises". Nick just stood up in front of Karen and told her find out for herself. Just as Karen reached for his zipper, Nick stops her and says "me and Josh are already shirtless, I think before we go any farther you need to do the same" and he glances over at me.

I leaned over and helped Karen out pausing for only a sec before removing her bra. Karen's tits weren't huge, but they were nicely sized and were in good shape still for a lady in her late 40's. I ran my hands over her tits tweaking her nipples which caused Karen to let out a slight gasp. "Fair is fair" I say, "now all of our nips are hard". Karen was starting to act like a dog in heat she wanted Nick's cock so bad. She was on her knees starting up at him, begging for his cock but he was making her wait which was driving her crazy. Plus, I had her shirt off now and the attention to her tits, especially her nipples, was making her squirm. I leaned in and started flicking her nipple with my tongue while Nick ran his finger over Karen's lips, teasing her with it like it was his cock. She was licking it and when he started to stick his finger in her mouth she gave it the same attention she wished she was giving his cock instead.

Karen again reached for his zipper, and again Nick stopped her. This time he told her it was time for her to get butt naked for us. Karen stood this time and began taking off her short skirt. She was now standing in front of both us just wearing these skimpy black panties with a nice amount of lacy see through material barely covering what little bit of skin was actually being covered up. Karen looked sexy as fuck. Nick reached around her and gave her ass cheek a hard squeeze with his right hand, massaging her ass cheek through her panties. Karen let out a moan at his f***efulness as Nick pulled her tight to him now and began making out with her. He kissed her hard at first then slowed up and began seductively kissing his way down from her lips, down to her neck, and slowly down to her titties. Nick got down on one knee like he was about to propose to her and slowly began to work his hands underneath her panties as he began to kiss her snatch through her panties. Karen was getting so worked up I thought she might just jump on his face right then and there and ride it. Nick pulled her panties all the way down and Karen stepped out of them standing there butt ass naked. She looked amazing let me tell you. Nick stood up slowly, kissing his way up her from her well toned stomach, to her nipples, to ear and nibbled on it. Then he gave a slight push down on Karen's shoulders and she got the hint. She returned the favor and began to kiss her way down his body now. She ran her hands over his strong pec and flicked his nips now with her tongue. Karen kissed and licked her way down his treasure chest until she got down on her knees. Seeing Nick standing there in just his A&F cargo shorts, hovering over an amazingly sexy looking (and naked) Karen who was staring up at him wontingly was a hot fucking scene.

Karen again reached for shorts, this time undoing his leather belt first before undoing the button. As soon Karen started unzipping his shorts they immediately just fell to the ground and Nick was standing there in just his boxer shorts. Karen began rubbing his cock through his boxers and leaned in and began seductively biting on his cock while looking up at him. She eventually fished his still soft cock out of the fly on his boxers and give it a few tugs. Surprisingly Nick's cock looked 100% soft still and hung about 5" with a slight curve to his left. Karen then took his cock in her mouth and began to slowly suck on it. She would suck hard and slowly pull back stretching his soft cock out what looked like a good 12". I know if I were in his spot, there is no way I would not have been sporting a huge fucking hardon by this point. Karen decided enough was enough and pulled his boxers down slowly pausing at the root of his cock and slowing down even more until she reached the head of his still soft, yet slightly engorged cock. Nick now stood there in all his glory, cock dangling while Karen licked her lips hungrily. She grabbed the base of his cock and began sucking his soft dick, again stretching it out as she pulled back. It didn't take long now for Nick to get boned up and Karen was a pro a sucking dick (I should know, ha). She took time to lick his balls and shaft and even flicked the slit on his dick with her tongue. I'd seen Nick in action before and knew that he could go for a long time and I was beginning to wonder how much time we had.

After a good 20 minutes of Karen's cocksucking, Nick decided it was time for something more. He pulled Karen up and brought her in for a passionate kiss while grabbing her ass. Karen grabbed Nick's hair and pulled his head back and the two of them had this look in their eye. I'd seen that look in Nick's eyes for sure and knew what was about to happen. Karen however suprised the hell out of me that she had the same look and the two of them after a brief pause smashed lips again but this time with a wreckless abandon. They were feeling each others bodies now like they'd both been depraved of it their entire lives. Nick then picked her up with ease and turned her around. He pushed Karen down on her kneeds and knelt over the couch while pulling her ass cheeks apart and rubbing her pussy with his hand. He quickly replaced his hand with his monster cock just rubbed her swollen pussy lips with the head of his cock. Then he did something that shocked me a bit and started talking dirty to Karen which drove her absolutely crazy. Nick was just teasing her twat while asking her "do you want this cock? huh? do you want me to stick my big dick inside of you? how long have you been dreaming of my cock inside your pussy? huh bitch!"

I was pretty shocked but even more so at Karen's reaction which was nothing short of specatuclar to watch. She was practically begging him to fuck her and quit teasing her like that. Nick didn't have to be asked twice and since her pussy was dripping wet by this point, he slowly slid the entire shaft inside her waiting pussy. Once he was all the way in he slowly pulled all the way out and repeated this a few more times. Karen was whimpering, begging to be fucked by my buddy. Nick started to pick things up and started railing her from behind all the while still talking dirty to her. Karen didn't mind and was actually the more vocal of the two begging for his cock to fuck her hard. And did he ever fuck her hard. He was relentlessly fucking her from behind and then he gave her ass a big smack. Not once mind you, but again, and again. I figured Karen might object to this but she loved it. She was moaning pretty good now as Nick gave her ass a good 5-6 hard smacks.

Without even pulling out, Nick turned Karen around so she was on her back now, picked her up, and took her over to the counter which was perfect height for him to stand and fuck her. Karen laid back and Nick pounded away for a good 10 minutes. He must have gotten bored with that position and picked her up again and brought her up to him so he was holding her while standing and still fucking her. He fucked her like this for another 5 minutes before backing her up to a wall and fucking her up against the wall for a bit. Karen was non stop in her dirty talk which was exactly what Nick needed to hear to keep his assault on her pussy going. The whole scene was too much for me and I pulled out my 7.5" dick and started to stroke it as I sat back on the couch and watched this amazing scene. What a fucking show they were putting on for me. Nick then took Karen back to the couch and threw her down kind of f***efully. She tried to get up so she could kiss him but he pushed her back down and lifted her left leg over his right shoulder to give him even deeper access to her love hole. Nick fucked her hard and Karen met his every thrust with an equally hard thrust of her own.

Even though these two had never even shared a kiss before tonight, they were both very experienced in fucking and it showed. It seemed like they were longtime lovers the way they were fucking each other. They switched positions with quickness and ease and met each others body movements in perfect unison. Nick was really pounding away now, and I could see the muscles in his back and ass start to tense up. He then said "I bet you want me cum inside you, don't you Karen. Is that what you want?" She replied "fuck yes I do, but you can't. I want to taste you. I want to taste your sweet love juice". So Nick pounded away for another minute or so before pulling his 9" cock out of her pussy and grabbed her head by the hair and began face fucking her. She tried not to gag but even an experienced cocksucker like Karen couldn't help but gag on Nick's giant pole. Nick then started to say between short gasps "I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum! Take my cum baby, swallow my load!" Karen tried to take his entire load down her throat but the first blast must've hit the back of her throat so hard she flinched back and gagged just enough that Nick's cock slipped out of her mouth and the next rope of cum hit Karen right across the face.

That didn't stop Karen from being a dirty little cocksucker though, because she immediately got her mouth back on Nick's cock and milked the rest of his load, sucking on his cockhead until he was spent. That was enough for me to blow my load but I didn't know where to let it fly. I almost panicked looking around for something, anything to catch my load but just then Karen looked over and looked at me and I knew she wanted my load too. I stood up and took a few steps over to her before unloading deep down her throat. You could just tell she loved the fact she had just taken two giant loads of cum down her throat. I rubbed my dick over her face smearing my cum over it. I didn't realize until after that it was mostly Nick's cum that was being smeared over her face which led to a good chuckle later that night as me and Nick talked about what just went down.

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