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The real man

Today i went to my best friends house and she did not answer the door so I went in to deliver the package for her. As i sat it on the table her husband came around the corner surprising me as I did not know he was home. the big surprise was he was naked and had the biggest cock I had ever seen. Jan had said he was hung but I had no idea it was this huge. He was double the size of any men I had been with. I could not take my eyes off it. He had no problem being naked with me. He told me Jan was gone for the week end and he was alone and liked to be naked. He seemed to like me looking at his cock and I like looking at it. i had a huge desire to want him to fuck me.

He then offered me coffee. I had to say yes to be able to stay longer. We sat in the living room and drank the coffee. He sat with his legs spread as I was sure he liked to flaunt that cock of his. Then he said for me to get naked and relax with him. It was comfy to not have clothes on. I am not sure why, but I stood and stripped anked in front of him. He told me to sit next to him. i sat beside him and he rubbed my neck and shoulders. I closed my eyes as this felt so good and relaxing. Soon I felt his hands rub just above my tits which felt even better. Then he rubbed the tops of my tits and between each one. My nipples got hard with the hands close but not invading them. He then lifted one tit with his hand and rubbed it all over with the other. i was blessed with nice DD tits and they did fill his hands. He rubbed my tit turning me on and soon started to pull and twist my hard nipples.

He kept one hand twisting the nipple as his other hand moved lower and rubbed my stomach. he turned me so my back was against his chest with his arms around me and continued to massage my tummy. He reached lower and soon was at my pussy. I could not help spreading my legs for his hand to touch every part of me. As he rubbed my pussy, I felt his cock now at my back become hard. The huge shaft was poking my back and he would move slightly and rub it against my skin. As he pressed his cock into my back he began to finger my cunt. This felt so good and he had to know I wanted that huge cock buried in my cunt and to be fucked so hard I would scream. he would finger my cunt then switch and rub my clit. I could not help but to cum.

He then pushed me down on the couch and pushed on leg up over the back so I was spread wide open for him. He got on his knees between my legs and as he kneeled there I saw the huge cock at fully hard. If he was huge before, he now was a monster. Being fucked with that was going to be more than I had ever even immagined. It looked f******n inches long and thick as a bat. He placed the cock at the opening to my cunt and just pushed in a little way. i felt my cunt stretch as it seemed to want this monster to fuck it as bad as I did. He then edged in slow but kept pushing. I had several inches in me and looked down to see he had many more to go. He pushed more of the cock into me. My cunt felt stretched to the max but it was beginning to love the tight feel of the monster invading it. Jus t then he pulled back a little then shoved hard and the cock went in. It hurt but felt marvelous. Nothing like a manwith a big cock to fuck my pussy. But the best was to come. He then started fucking me, going in and out stretching my cunt with every thrust. i loved the pain mixed with feeling the huge shaft inside me. He then fucked harder and harder like he would split my cunt in two. His cock was huge and also rock hard. He put his hands under my ass and raised my hips to meet his cock as he thrust in me harder and harder. he had great stamina and fucked for ever pounding my cunt like it had never been fucked before. At last he blasted my cunt with his warm thick cum. A big cock can shoot a lot of cum at a powerful blast.

Instead of pulling out, he pulled me over onto his lap with his cock still inside me. He was not done wioth me yet. He latched onto my tit with his mouth and teeth and then started to fuck my hole more. As he fucked me he sucked my tits so hard I knew they would show bruised later. I did love getting my tits sucked and with the cock fucking me, I was in another world. I started cumming over and over. Just hern he stood with me on his cock and put me on all fours. He was now going to fuck me doggie style. This was great position to really get that huge cock in my tight pussy. He then really pounded my cunt. He was thrusting in and out so fast I knew I would never walk again. But fuck me he did for so long I felt weak. As his cock invaded my cunt he then decided to finger fuck my ass. He fucked my ass as hard as he fucked my cunt. His finger was buried all the way in my ass. With all the fucking I was getting I could not believe it when he finally shot his cum inside me for the second time.

At last he pulled his cock out. Both of us were drenched in cum. My ass and cunt were stretch to the max. Then he said to me,"please stay, I want to fuck you again and again. i can fuck all night and i love your hot little cunt."
So why not.I can fuck all night too...

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