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John and Sharon's New Toy ( chpt.6 )

( Now were was I Oh yeah )

" More like a flood if you ask me."
" let's keep more in you and less on the sheets" Sharon retorted. " Honey
get that cock over here. I'll make that a hard cock ala mode. Before you get my ass."
Sharon swirled John's cock in the melted ice cream. Causing him to wince
from the sensitivity. Her hot mouth started slow on the head of his cock
then down his shaft. His cock was coming back to life with Sharon's expert
mouth work John was glad he took her to the Bunny Ranch to learn to suck cock.
Jill was good but needed more practise and skill.
While johns cock was being revived he reached over his wife to start appl-
ying liube to her ass. When he was ready he got behind his wife's ass. Sharon
pulled Jill to her then spread Jill's legs open to enjoy her dessert. John used
more lube on his wife's ass then slowly rubbed the head of his cock up and down
teasing her hole.
When John was done teasing Sharon's ass he slid his cock in slowly steady
to the hilt.
Sharon moaned a little as her husband entered her ass. She was glad she had trained her ass for her husband. Of course wearing a butt plug almost daily
for a year helped too. Also John's size was comfortable to take aswell. Sharon ate Jill's pussy as John pumped away. The harder he thrusted into her. The more gusto she ate Jill's pussy with. The whole act drove all to orgasm. Sharon's face was glazed with Jill's and her husband's juices.
John changed the sheets while the girls did a quick shower to clean up.
They all fell asl**p quickly and soundly from exhaustion.
The next day was Sunday the girls woke up just before noon. Sharon was
stirring before Jill by kissing her on the cheek " Wakey wakey sl**p head."
Sharon cooed in her ear.
" Where's your husband ? He's not still wiped out from yesterday." asked
" Nope. He's probably making us brunch."
" Oh My God!!, Oh My God !! He filled me up last night. He might have
knocked me up !!" Jill frantically realising the acts of yesterday.
Sharon wrap herself around Jill from behind and kissing her on the back
of her neck. " Chill out. Honeycakes. " Sharon said softly " First you were-
n't d***k. You had complete control over youself if you truly wanted it but
you weren't complaining in the least. Second let's get cleaned up then get
something to eat . Ok. "
Jill was first in the masterbath Sharon followed after getting a gator-
ade from the closet frig. Sharon used her shower gloves to clean Jill. She
Jill's pussy a light fingering as a morning wake up tease. Once the girls were
clean Sharon dried Jill. Sharon then had Jill brush Jill's teeth. Following
that Sharon handed Jill some pills and the gatorade. Jill gave a reluctant
look to Sharon." It's ok baby. It's only vitamins,ibuprofen and a morning after pill. Sweatie we have no interest in harming you. Besides I promised we'd keep you safe didn't I ." Sharon said. She watched Jill down the pills. " Now let's
get something to eat with any luck my hubby made strawberry french toast."
John glanced over from his cooking to see two very sexy lovely ladies
watching him. His wife wearing her short black satin robe and their guest Jill
wearing a pink one. Both robes were the same size just on Jill it was bigger.
Both girls wore the robes open. " I must be a lucky man. Yesterday I had one beautiful sexy lady for breakfast. This morning I am going to have two. "
greeted John
" Honey didn't you once say.' A good man gets what deserve in life. ' "
Sharon replied
When Jill and Sharon came down for breakfast. Jill was prepared to see
a man. Wearing just a dark blue apron and chef's hat with a black jock strap
making breakfast.
" What are we having I'm starved for some reason. " Sharon continued
" Strawberry french toast, eggs and bellpepper hash browns. Yeah I
know for some reason I am too."
" Are you two always like this ?" asked Jill
" Yes " the couple said in unision.
They all sat down to eat. Sharon for some weird reason had Jill sit on John's lap. Jill also thought it was weird for them to feed her off their plates
To her it was strange but the whole scene felt warm, safe and intimate. She also
noticed a envelope on the table between the salt and pepper shakers. She also
was aware of the rain coming down outside.
" Jill my wife and I have a proposition for you. We were telling the
truth about talking about you yesterday morning. That we are starting to look
for a live-in third and think you'd be perfect for us." asked John
" Think about it. A warm place to sl**p. People who'll take real good
care of you both emotionally and physically. Plus we'll always be truthful
with you." Sharon chimed in
" You're both serious ?" Jill asked
" Yes we're serious." answered John " and we'll always be honest
with you."
" You'll be our little sexy play toy." added Sharon
" Just for you two not your friends." Jill asked
" Just us. There are few things we share so intimately." Sharon said
" What's the catch." Jill asked
" Either, Or ." said Jill
" You can take the money in the envelope. Which I've thrown in some
extra just because. But if you leave there is no second chance later. If you
see us with someone else and she seems very happy. You might wish she was you."
offered John
" Trust me on the wishing you were her feeling " added Sharon " You
won't like it one bit. Trust me."
" Or. You can be our little sex play toy and be very happy." John continued
" Well ?? " asked Sharon
Jill looked around the house and out the patio doors to the pouring
rain outside. She looked back at the past year it was pretty bad." You won't
hurt me ?" she asked wondering if she was getting a truthful answer.
" Nothing beyond your limits. So no more bruising , trips to the
hospitals, or black eyes. But you'll still be spanked or flogged like at the
hotel." John answered
" When do we start." asked Jill
" Now . " John replied
With that John and Sharon gave Jill a deep kiss.
After breakfast Sharon took Jill by the hand to lead her upstairs.
" The women in this house have no body hair." Sharon said as they ascended the

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