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Mother and me On Holiday Part 2

After we arrived at the Caravan,Mummy wanted a Shower after wetting herself on the way down. I got the cases in to the Caravan, and mum went to get into the shower. Very soon she was under the warm water. I was walking past the door and noticed it was a jar. and I clould see her. I know I shouldnt be looking but mum has a well kept body and I just stared. very soon I felt a siring in my pants. Suddenly the water went off and I scurried along into one of the bedrooms. I was lying face down on the bed trying to hide my hard on. Mum came into the room and went over the draw the curtains. Then she turned and said "Did you enjoy yourself watching me Shower?" Before I could answer she dropped her Towel and was standing in front of me Completly naked. "Perhaps you would like to see a little more?" She put her leg up on the bed and said "Come on then Son Touch me. I turned over and rached my hand up to her Hairy Pussy. I just brushed the pubic Hair. She sat down on the bed and she could see my hard pole sticking up. "Touch it again" she said. I reached over and felt her wet opening oh it was so smooth. She gave a little whimper as I stroked her.
She reached inside my shorts to my Hard Cock. As soon as I felt her warm hand envelope my cock I came so hard. It even splashed up on her boobies. this was going to be a holiday to remember........ More soon

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