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College Fun With Deepika and my Friends

Hi friends, this is a real story which continues to this day. The name of the character has been changed but the contents are 100% true.

It is about a girl from my college, who was my junior by one year. Her name is Deepika. Her aunt is a widow and she also goes to her mother’s house most of the time, leaving this girl alone many days. She is about 5 feet tall, cute round face with a shiny pair of lips, small tits but a wide shapely ass and shapely legs.

She always wears tight cloths and high heels which make her ass look more delicious. She is from a high society background and it shows in her attire and attitude. The boys of our college used to call her “slut” among themselves, but it was just based on her appearance and attitude. Nobody knew much about her character.

The real story broke lose when we were in our 3rd yr. She was in the 2nd yr then. News was coming from all corners of the college that she has sexual affairs with nearly 6 or 7 guys from all departments and even with a 1st yr junior. Most of the level headed guys like me did not believe this first, but when a guy from our same class showed us pictures of him and Deepika kissing and fondling, we believed it.

The guy told that she’s an easy catch and two hours of talking with her over the phone is enough to make her go on her knees. She’s such a slut and loves cock and cum than anything else. I soon developed a secret desire to fuck that jiggling ass. It sure was too huge after all the banging she would have received. Meanwhile her reputation was growing like anything and the guy from our class was showing us different pictures everyday.

This girl was a super slut. The photos were too explicit in nature. She was sucking his cock, licking balls and even licking his ass. And true to her high society nature, she was wearing 6 inch pointed heels and sexy lingerie in all the pics. I decided that I should try my luck with her after the guy showed a video in which he had invited 5 of his friends to the girl’s house. It was the most hardcore amateur video I’ve ever seen.

She was sucking a couple of guys, jerking a couple and let the others take turns fucking her. The surprise here was she never lets anyone fuck her pussy. It’s either her mouth or her ass. This is because her mother once got suspicious of her behavior with so many boy friends and f***ed her to take a virginity test. This was in her school days when she had never been fucked. She then decided that it is better to be virgin in the pussy so that her mother may not catch her.

This made me so horny that I jerked off so many times thinking about her tight asshole. When I was in the final yr, I decided that it is now or never. I got her phone number from a guy and called her up on a Saturday evening. I asked her out for a coffee and she immediately agreed. We roamed nicely for the whole evening and I told her that she looked very sexy. She immediately replied,

I know, and you’re going to see more once you come to my room. My aunt is out and won’t be back until Monday. So make sure you have some condoms and lubricant”. I couldn’t believe my stars and immediately I got the stuff and we went to her house. She asked me to wait and went inside the dressing room. I meanwhile stripped down to my boxers and awaited the pleasure.

She asked me to come inside the dressing room. When I went inside, I saw the sight of my life. She was standing on the bed, her hair tied in a ponytail, wearing a fishnet top through which her small but pointed nipples were protruding. She was wearing a fishnet crotch-less panty and the usual 6 inch pointed heels. She had a thick layer of lipstick on her already shining lips and a thin pearl chain on her slim waist.

I’ve seen this sort of attire only in XXX movies and could not believe my stars when I was seeing this. I asked her to turn and to my surprise saw that there was something hanging from her asshole. When I went closer, I noticed that she has inserted a key chain inside her asshole and to the chain she has attached a small card which read T0-let ready to be occupied. Tight, warm, cozy residence for your hard cocks what a naught bitch!

I asked her where she gets these sorts of ideas and she told she sees lots of kinky XXX movies. I couldn’t take it anymore and threw her on the bed. It was just a matter of seconds before she got on top of me and started kissing, licking, biting and sucking whatever she saw on my body. She gave me a couple of love-bites on my necks and nipples and continued southwards. She removed by boxers with her teeth and soon she was cleaning my cock and balls with her mouth and tongue.

She knew exactly how to please a cock and all I could see was her head bobbing up and down and saliva dripping from my cock and balls. She turned me around and tied my legs and hands to the corners of the bed. She then spread my ass cheeks and started to service my asshole with her tongue. All the while she was jerking my cock too. Her tongue was working magic on my asshole and soon she was grunting and moaning with her mouth fully buried between my hairy ass cheeks.

She then turned me around and used her hair band to wrap my balls. She told it’ll prevent me from cumming too soon. Shen then took some chocolate syrup from the fridge and poured it on my asshole. She licked and ate my asshole till she had sucked every drop from the insides of my ass. She then took a huge drop of lubricant and used it on her fingers.

She then inserted the fingers into my asshole and started massaging my prostrate gland. Soon she was making me reach the climax and hen my cock started to throb uncontrollably, she took it deep in her mouth and released the hair band from my balls. She sucked hard and I came in litres in her mouth. She did not flinch it and swallowed every drop. She then took her mouth off my cock only after it became limp.

She then told that I’ve to fuck her ass hard and that she wanted atleast 2 loads inside her ass and one more inside her mouth. It was just 8 PM and she told that I can stay the whole night and enjoy. I informed my roommates that I’ll not be returning for the night. She then started to dance sensually, shaking that big ass with the card dangling from her asshole. I grabbed her and used lot of lube on her asshole.

She told not to use condom a she wanted to have raw sex. I obliged and lubed up my cock. I made her lie on al fours and took her doggie. Even after so many guys drilling her asshole, it was very tight and I manages to hold back my cum for a good 20 mins, after which I dropped a huge load inside her ass. She kept moaning and screaming through out the session.

After I got off here, she took my cock in her mouth and deepthroated me till I was hard again. I made her stand and bent her on the kitchen sink. I took her ass from behind again and this time I lasted for 45 mins, because of so much cumming earlier. She absolutely loved it and gave me a nice ass cleaning service with her tongue after I shot 6 to 7 spurts of thick creamy sperm inside her ass.

We slept for sometime and soon she was again sucking my dick and got the load which she wanted in her mouth. The whole night we tried out many oral and anal positions and whenever my cock went limp, she would put in all her effort to make it hard again. The next day I left her house in the afternoon and she told that she’s always ready for servicing my private parts.

Even after college, amid the tight work schedule, we plan our sexual affair and she has not changed a bit. In fact, she improved a lot in handling a cock after all the experiences. She continued her sex adventures with other men too. She got engaged to some f****y friend and her marriage is scheduled the next year.

Now she allows guys to fuck her in the pussy too. She had her first experience of double penetration when I invited my friends to her house. The 4 of us ravaged her holes and she took two of us at the same time in her pussy and ass she loved it to the core. She does not worry about her engagement and enjoy to the max.

I invited her to one of my friend’s bachelor party and she entertained the 15 guys there with her sensual striptease and with her ass hole cleaning skills. She made sure that none of the guys were missed and she wore the same sort of costume which she wore when I fucked her first. The only difference was she was having two cards now, one from her pussy and one from her ass, reading “Holes for rent needs some thick boy cream.

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