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Wife's Second Gang Bang

A year before Emily and I were married I had an eye-opening experience. I was on a surfing holiday in Cornwall and was in a pub one night with five mates. A local couple got chatting to us. Stan and Maureen were as ordinary a couple as you could wish to meet. Late 40s, k**s left home, Stan worked in a bank, and Maureen was a classic matronly housewife. She looked a bit like the TV chef Delia Smith.

So it was a massive surprise to me when less than two hours after we had met we were back at their place and the six of us were taking turns fucking Maureen while Stan watched! What really got me was how aroused Stan was watching our cocks pumping his wife's hole! When I fired my load into her, doggy style, Stan was alongside wanking, and he shot a stream of spunk right across her back and into her hair! You have to be well excited to manage that!

Two years later, after being married to Emily for a year, I began to recall this experience. Our sex was cosy and loving, but lacked a zing. It was Emily's upbringing that was the basic problem. She hailed from a priviledged and sheltered life, in an ultra conservative f****y. She is a very pretty, petite woman, who has always looked much younger than her age. She is keen on amateur dramatics, and always gets the young girl roles (Dorothy in Wizard of Oz for instance) On our US holidays even now (She is 31) she has to take her passport everywhere to be sure of getting a drink! Well she was a virgin when we married (at 22) and her sex experience was about nil. As a result I treated her like fine china. Oral sex was very brief, and definitely no 'doggy'. She considered it demeaning for women.

When I recalled my experience with Stan and Maureen I naturally wondered how I would feel in Stan's place. A bit to my shame at the time I decided I could well find it exciting! You can imagine that I would not dare suggest the idea to Emily! So it just became a private fantasy of mine. I built a collection of porn on the subject. Magazine stories and videos (Particularly a series called 'Screw My Wife Please' where couples arrange for the wife to be fucked by a porn star (or stars) while the husband watches)

Two years after starting my collection we took a holiday in a rented cottage in the West Country. It was my 25th birthday and we had a meal at a lovely country restaurant, Emily driving so I could enjoy the wine. I had noticed that she had seemed a little distracted since the start of the holiday, but I was not prepared for what happened next.

She drove us to a local beauty spot, a wooded hillside with clearings for picnic sites. We enjoyed a superb sunset, then, as it was dropping dark, Emily suddenly dropped to her knees in front of me, took my cock out, and started sucking it! And she continued for far longer than usual! "Can't wait for my next birthday!" I thought, my cock instantly erecting in her mouth! Next she got up, took a rug from the car, and put it on the picnic bench. Kneeling on it she leant forward over the table and said, "I know you have always wanted to do it like this!"

I thought it was Birthday and Christmas at once! I was inside her in seconds, marking how wet she was! I thought, "This could be the start of a whole new sex life!" I was right. But it was not as I was imagining!

All the novel excitement, and the wine, had an unfortunate effect and I fired my load into Emily too soon. I knew she had not come, so was feeling very disappointed when a hand gripped my shoulder and pulled me backwards.

"Don't worry mate! ... We'll give it all the cock it needs!" a voice said close to my ear.

For a while I was just paralysed, totally numbed! I could not grasp what was going on! I was looking at the back of a tall, shaven headed man, wearing only a tee-shirt, his bare arse jerking back and forth steadily. It was illuminated by a torch held by the man gripping my shoulder.

"Your missis is it mate??" he asked. "See it's wearin' a ring."

"Get loads of you wife-watchers come 'ere! ... Just 'appy t' service their sluts for 'em! ... Don' get many as tasty as your little slut though!"

It slowly dawned on me that the tall man was fucking Emily! And she was definitely not protesting! I thought she might be unaware of the situation and assumed it was me still fucking her. That idea went west shortly after when my companion (called Matt I soon learned) led me forward, shining his torch on Emily's rear.

"Slow it a bit Dave! ... Let 'ubby 'ere see in going in!"

The other actually withdrew and I could see that he was able to put a good two inches extra cock into my wife than I could supply! He started to ease in back in slowly. Emily moaned and tried to push back onto it!

"Great twat on it mate! ... Good of yer to lube it up fer us!" Dave said.

"Give it the full Fellini this time Dave!" Mat said, then turning to me, "We call it that ... Fellini's Eight and a half ... you know!"

Dave began sawing in and out, gradually pushing in deeper, and speeding up! It was just mesmerising watching the thing draw out Emily's inner lips, and then pushing them back inside! soon he was slapping against her rear, and my wife just went wild! Squealing and yelling, scrabbling at the table top, writhing and bucking! Dave had some trouble keeping his cock deep inside! When she was deep into a fantastic orgasm, like nothing I had ever seen, Dave grunted and obviously fired his load home!

"Fuck me! ... She always come like that??" both Dave and Matt called in unison!

The third of the group, called Geoff, was definitely turned on by it all. He grabbed my blubbering, sobbing wife's hips and slammed in! About a minute later he was jetting off inside her!

Then Matt took his turn. He was no longer than myself, but half as thick again! Emily gasped as she felt it stretching her, and five minutes later they came together with Matt holding Emily's hair and grinding against her! She was almost as wild as the first time!

As they left Matt said, "Bring that little slut along any time! ... Terrific cunt on it! ... Goes on for ever! ... Ever wonder why these little tarts 'ave such deep twats? ... Any way get it in there and feel 'ow much spunk we put up it!"

I did exactly as he said! She was awash with juice, her own and four loads of spunk! But I had the best climax ever as I added my second load to the mix! All my strength seemed to shoot out with my spunk! My knees buckled and I slumped onto the bench seat!

We talked later. Emily had found my porn collection, and she knew about the reputation of the beauty spot. On the day we were there couples could expect to be watched, and probably interrupted by extra men. She also told me about her first gang bang, 4 months previously on an American holiday. If there is anyone interested I can get her to give an account.

I can also let you have a pile of stories about Emily's subsequent gang bangs. She is a gang bang junkie now, and is probably gang-banged about every two months! It has been six years since that second, so there are a fair few stories to tell!

Manchester, England

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