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A Walk in the Park

It was a beautiful day as we strolled in a remote part of the park. I glanced furtively around before grabbing his hand and entwining our fingers together as we walked. The familiar stab of warmth gripped me as I looked at him in the sunlight. 'oh my God, Tony' I thought watching you steal a glance at me then quickly look down, 'I long to tell you how much I love you! I mentally shrieked. We had been together now for about two months and we seemed to fit together perfectly. He slipped from my hand and wrapped his arm around my waist as we walked to an even more remote location. I was starting to bulge with a growing excitement as I thought of making love here in the park. What if we were caught! Would we go to jail!! "let's sit down" you say softly as you step to a tree, spin around, sit down and extend your arms to me as you lean back against the tree. Then I notice your own bulging cock and I rapidly lean back against your beautiful, hot body and take in your fragrance, feeling your hardness contacting my lower back. "Ummmmm, this is nice, honey". Your arm encircle me and my hands enfold yours and your touch excites me more and more. My head on your chest I notice your heavy breathing and I look up to your oncoming kiss. Smiling I just barely have time to position my own hot lips for you. Your hand begins caressing my belly and chest as your kiss enflames my passion for you. "Here in the park?!" I say huskily, breaking our sweet kiss and looking in your pretty eyes. "No ones around and this is pretty far off the trail" you say devilously. "You know I can't resist you, don't you" I say playfully as I string my left arm around your neck and resume our kiss, only this time my furtive tongue seeks the sanctuary of your mouth. Your lips are so soft! Your imprisoned cock was pulsing against me and screaming for release as you reach for my own aching hard-on. Oh this was heavenly I thought as your oh so hot lips suck on my neck and your tongue swirled on the sensitive flesh. "we better move into the brush, darling" I say softly to your gorgeous face and we quickly retreat to the semi-privacy of the flora. I hurriedly remove your pants and underwear, all the while kissing and licking your genital area at every opportunity. You are so ready I think staring at your glorious manhood. You lay me down and remove my clothes doing the same to me as my passion for you tingles throughout my now hot body. I spread my legs wide for you, my dick waving as the bl**d races into it. We rub together!! "Oh yeesss!, my love!" I gasp into your ear as our cocks come together touching off sparks in both of us. "Aahh, Petey, I love being with you like this!" and you swallow my ear. "Oh, Tony darling, give it to me please!" I beg. A few more strokes of your cock on mine and your dick begins it's penetration into my so willing ass. You stop there as if to tease me and swirl your hips oh so slightly and gently, sending me into spasms of desire and I move closer into you. "You're such a tease!" I softly say to your smiling eyes as at last you softly thrust your heavyy and hot cock into my hungry bottom. "Oh Tony, oh Tony my love, oh my love!!" I sigh into your ear as we synchronize and begin hump against each other. "You're beautiful!" you whisper as our thrusts become more insistant and faster. 'Oh Tony, my sweet, how I love this, my darling' I think as I can only softly grunt as you begin fucking me furiously and with abandon. Kissing me heavily you cum and the feel of your warm creamy essence inspires my own explosion of love nestling between our writhing bodies. Spent, we hugged and you kiss me looking down with a satisfaction I loved expression on your face. "I've fallen in love with you Tony, my darling" I say to your seductive eyes. There! I said it and I can't take it back I thought. My heart flips as he says "I love you too, my sweet precious love" It was a GLORIOUS DAY!!

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