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MILF slut Amber..

These are not "stories." They are the truth. I shall be posting more soon on another site, with pictures AND PROOF. if you want to read more please leave a comment or mail me. The "lady" in question can be found in my pictures; MILF prints, sltty mom and mature MILF are all her....and i have loads more..

Picture if you can Monica Belluchies cousin. But with better eyes, smile and more generous curves and wrap her in fun and smarts and a sense of suppressed mirth with a terrific sense of humor. For added effect, surround all this in a sense of seeming charm and innocence. And inside, hidden by the lustful eyes, knowing smiles and disarming almost schoolgirl innocence, put Tony’s mother from the “Sopranos” in terms of manipulation skills. But smarter, much smarter, and considerably more manipulative. And a little more evil.

And add to that the most sexually depraved woman you can think of. A slut by nature who fucks anyone. I mean anyone; Men, women, boys, girls, her neice(for the past 8 years), singles mostly but sometimes couples or threesomes. A woman who likes us all to abuse and use her and enjoys it. Who gets off on pain and being a secret, submissive, cum slave for us all.

And as you picture her know this. All you see is the smile. The halo but not the horns holding it up, and its her hidden horns that you should fear most, her wings and halo are for pleasure only. If she’s an angel her winged are black from being singed, for she is really an angel carved by the devils, a succubus. Her dark duality encased behind her mask of beauty. For its what lies beneath, whats hidden and only shows when her guard slips that is her true nature. Revealing something dark and cold and very cunning that likes to hunt………..

For whilst seeming an angel, the girl next door, to everyone, she was far from it, all she was, was a slut. All she knew and all she wanted, was for her pussy to be thrilled. Its what she lived far the most promiscuous, depraved, sexual, individual i have ever met. No one I`ve ever met even comes close to her. She had depravities that were special and unique, gave herself to being lascivious and her “uncaged” desires with a joy that has to be seen to be believed.

One night we sat in the bedroom with the windows open listening to the pouring rain. I`d been drinking a beer and Amber leaned over me to the bedside table and picked up my bottle of kronenburg 1664. She took a swig.
“Not bad. Is it strong? Tastes it.”
“Nice taste and strong.”
“Mmm. “ Amber smiled naughtily, ”And nice sized bottle to.”
“What ever do you mean wench?”
“Oh not what your thinking, you naughty man.” She said but her smile said opposite.
Later when we were getting heated she would glance to the empty bottle. Within moments it would be rubbing her pussy. In future conversations shed say that her, “liking for a bit of bottle” had been ALL my idea and deny what had happened.
But there is no denying one thing. Amber LOVED being taken and fucked nasty with a bottle. She really got off on it. I`ve no doubt strewn around the Californian high corrals and cities there are 100`s who`ve taken a bottle to our gal, at her insistence. Literally.
One night we lay together on the bed, side by side. Amber put her leg across me and started to rub her pussy on my thigh. “Shall i tell you what My Barbie used to do for Ken? Mmmm you’d like them.” She rubbed harder, started to gasp. “ When I used to play Barbie and ken Barbie was always naked and doing whatever ken (a sado masochist) wanted. Anything he wanted. Barbie was a slut.” Amber cast a wicked smile, then continued to rub her pussy on my thigh. I could feel her juices on me.
“She ever get spanked?”
“Not often. It was normally the belt or the whip if she was a real slut. She liked a bit of whip sometimes did Barbie. So did Ken.”
“Really? You were an advanced c***d.”
“Oh yes. Guess what Barbie asked ken for one Christmas?”
“A new whip?”
“A new car.”
“No a collection of empty bottles, all sizes and shapes. My Barbie always liked a new bottle to play with. Lol.”
Amber looked at me and i saw the change in her eyes. Suddenly something hungry and full of lust was behind her wrinkled nosed smile. She reached across me and grabbed a nearbye beer on the bedside table. She turned on her side, and finished the bottle. She looked me in the eye and gently shook the bottle. “Its empty. Wanna play a Barbie and Ken game?” her smile was pure evil, depraved, and lascivious.
“Depends. Will i like it?”
“Mmm yes i think you will.” Her grin was crafty.
“What game is it?”
“Its called,” Amber looked me directly in the eye`s straight faced, “Fuck Barbie with the beer bottle.” She laughed, “Barbie always used to ask.” She said innocently.
“And Ken always obliged?”
“Yes.” She lowered her gaze, a little in shame i think, “But he had a certain way of doing it.”
“Which is?” i was so turned on at this point.
“Well,” Amber passed me the bottle. “Ken always dressed her up a little, handcuffed her and then gave her a touch of his belt for being such a slut and asking. Then hed watch her fuck the bottle hard.”
“And did Barbie like that?”
“Yes,” Ambers eyes blazed. “Oh yes! Barbie LOVED it!”
“And does Barbie still like that? Shall we find out?”
“Yes,” she whispered, voice thick with arousal. “She still does.”
“Well then Barbie, find a belt and your handcuffs. But put on some boots and some jewels first.”
Twenty minuetes later Amber was face down on that bed, her red sore arse raised by pillows, dressed in nothing but jewels and boots with a bottle pushed deep up her cunt and the belt lashing her arse to keep her working..
She was totally shameless and that above all else was the major turn on. And in bed or out of it, at all times she enjoyed being a sex slave.
Sometimes id have her walk around, nude or dressed to please me. Order her to pose and bend and play with herself how i wanted or else id slap her. Then watch as she sat down, legs spread and masterbated. Sometimes with her fingers, sometimes with a toy or beer bottle sliding in and out of her.

Once i stripped her naked in an alley in Benicia, down to shoes and a necklace. Had her finger herself as she leant against a wall until she cum. Then walk behind me naked through the sl**py town to my car and drove her home for punishment for being such. “A slutty little whore.”

One Friday night i made her see if her boast, that she could cum for hours, had been true. As i watched her copy of the lord of the rings, part one, extended version (not very well i admit) i had amber bouncing and grinding on the sofa. I`d dressed her in her a little red beret, a thick belt and stockings. And handcuffs. As the fellowship got to the Amon hen, Amber was put through her paces.

And passed with flying colors, pumping away grinding, “wiggly –waggling” for hours on my fingers, tongue, wrist, arm, or thigh. And ALL the time i made her do ALL the work. Sometimes with the latest empty beer bottle being eaten to the neck as she moved and ground and pumped. Sometimes, if she slacked i`d slap her ass real hard and good to get her moving. By the end of the film it was red and sore, for sometimes, even if she pleased me i made her pause and gave her 5-6 more. So she`d know what she`d get if she disappointed....

On a few occassions we played a little game that SHE devised. A game she LOVED. We met in a town a little over 10 miles from me. We both went to a Starbucks but seperately. While i watched and pretended i didn’t know her Amber would enter, dressed like a cheap tart. Dressed in a tight, white, sheer shirt open to the waist and a micro skirt so short from behind you could see her arse cheeks, when she was standing up! It barely covered her pussy from the front.

As she d***k a coffee shed keep wandering to the bar to get sugar or a cake and she MADE sure EVERYONE there got an eyeful. Her eyes sparkled as people stared. She Loved the looks! She would sit down, bend over so you could see her breasts, sometimes spread her legs, innocently, so her pussy was on show. When she left she bent down to pick her bag up and showed her naked ass and pussy to everyone there.

Then walked out, breasts giggling, ass and pussy on show where her skirt had rode up and she`d not adjusted it, erect nipples clearly on show through the thin material. She did this on more than occasion to in front of 20 peaple. When she left the talk was all about her and how discusting she was. When i told her later, that was music to her ears. She loved to flash, simply loved it.

On all those occasions once back at my place i tied her up teased and tormented her then used a bottle on her and gave her mouth, ass and pussy a brutal fucking as i slapped and beat her with a heavy dose of pain for being such a slut.

She loved it, cum and cum and cum....She really is a special girl. And always came back for more.

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