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Rachel and her friends Pt. 6

Cassandra ordered Angela to lube Rachel's ass to be fucked. Angela gulped and did as she was told. She was wonderfing what kind of night this was turning into. Yes she had her ass streached to bursting by the big rubber cock and a whole hand in her pussy at the same time, but never thought of herself as a sex slave. Rachel seemed like she wanted to be used and abused. As Angela thought about this she felt her sore clit start to swell. Cassandra now seemed to be in total control of everything and Angela felt a little shiver too when she was ordered to lube Rachel's ass. She got behind Rachel and dribbled some lube just above her anus, then using her thumb she started to work it into Rachel's little hole. Rachel cooed and moaned in pleasure as Angela got her ass ready to be fucked. Rachel screamed in pain as Cassandra's open hand came down full f***e on her ass,saying, "You don't utter a word unless your Master gives you permission slave", as another sharp slap landed on her now begining to glow red ass. Rachel wriggled around trying to escape the now fast raining spanking lashing her ass, her eyes filled with tears, bitting the sheet so as not to cry out and earn more punishment. Angela lay on the bed where Cassandra had pushed her out of the way so she could flail Rachel's ass too scared to say a word. Cassandra growled thru gritted teeth,"When you stop jumping around and take your punishment quitely like you should then I might stop spanking you". Casssandra was breathing hard and sweating at her efford. Rachel tried to compose herself and stop wriggling around. She took deep breaths and stoped moving, her ass now numb and she could hardly feel the spanking anymore. Her whole backside was on fire and her pussy was dripping forming a damp patch on the sheet between her legs. When she finally stoped moving Cassandra gave her about five more hard slaps. Cassandra rasped at Angela,"Now finish getting that slave ass ready to fucked". Angela just nodded and went back to pushing lubed fingers up Rachel's ass. Rachel bit the sheet but didn't more or say a word. Her ass was so sore and even Angela's hand made her wince at it's touch. After two minutes Cassandra grabbed Angela's shoulder and pulled her away from Rachel's ass saying,"Enough, I don't want the bitch too loose, now lube your Master's cock". Angela said,"Yes Master", and rubbed lube up and down the lenght of the huge rubber member. Cassandra said,"Ok that's done, now get yourself in place, straddled the slaves back facing backwards and hold her hip steady while I enter her, I don't want her jumping around again".

Angel did as she commanded and pinned Rachel to the bed holding her hips still. Cassandra moved behind her and got in place with two hands round the rubber shaft. She commanded Angela to pull Rachel's ass apart to help her enter it.
With Rachel's ass pulled wide Cassandra began to push the huge knob on her anus. Appling more pressure Rachel's little bud started to pop open. Rachel taking long slow breaths to keep herself relaxed so the huge cock could enter her as painlessly as possible. Cassandra said, "Look how the little whore's ass is opening to be fucked by her Master". She pushed more of the rubber cock into the virgin ass hole. Rachel was now pantting hard and fast as her ass was filled to bursting, she felt like she was been split in two. Angela's pussy was dripping over Rachel's back as watched in amazement as Cassandra began to give Rachel's ass long full strokes everytime she bottomed out in her ass Rachel grunted from the pressure. Her head was spining and the pain was so bad she thought she was going to pass out. Her frist orgasm took her by surprise, it came out of nowhere as her she squrited out over Cassandra legs. When she felt this Cassandra said,"See how much the little bitch likes her Master's cock in her slut ass". Angela was still holding Rachel's ass open, Cassandra slapped her hands away saying,"She taking it with pleasure now so you don't need to hold her any more. Get yourself in front of her and grind her face into your slut pussy till you cum in her mouth". Angel was about to remind Cassandra that she didn't like to have her pussy licked, but was to scared to say anything. She did as she was told and moved in front of Rachel and lifting her head she spread her legs and moved under Rachel's face and pulled her head down onto her pussy.

Cassandra was pounding hard off Rachel's ass. Rachel drove her tongue into Angela's pussy, moaning and groning into it as she sucked the offered clit. Eventhough she did't like been licked. There was something about the way Cassandra was dominating them that made her take Rachel's head in her hands and grind her face into her hot wet pussy, she felt a little shiver of delight shoot thru her clit as it was sucked and licked. Cassandra dug her long nails in to Rachel's ass drawing bl**d.She looked down and smiled a wicket smile as the little drops of bl**d fromed round her finger nails, she dug them in even harder and Rachel's grunted into Angela's pussy from the pain. When Angela came in Rachel's mouth Cassandra stopped fucking her ass. She pulled the huge invader roughly form Rachel's ass, Rachel rased her face from Angela's pussy and screamed in pain. She was rewarded with four hard slaps, she drove her face back into Angela's pussy and tried to stifel her screams. Cassandra covered in sweat and rasping for breath knelt back on the bed, watching Rachel's just fucked ass gapping ass throbbing in time with her breathing. Angela stayed still as Rachel came down from her high. Cassandra looked at Angela saying,"Get back here and clean this bitch's ass with your mouth and make sure you do a good job". Angela obeyed in total submission and moved behing Rachel and licked her ass clean...

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