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Walking the Dog and Sucking the Dick

The rain had let up enough to allow me to start thinking about taking my dog out for a walk. He had been stuck in the house most of the day and he needed the exercise.
My wife had left town with a friend for the day to go to a film festival in Missoula. It had been a few weeks since we had sex, so I was a little horny. In fact, she wasn't out of the house for more than a half-hour when I logged onto my computer to enjoy some porn.
I had always enjoyed watching bisexual and shemale porn and my favorite video sites always had plenty of new additions to sample. Even when I watched straight sex porn, I often imagined myself as the pretty woman with the big cock in her mouth. As you might suspect, I felt a little weird about getting so turned on at the sight of cock and thought maybe I was gay, or at least bi.
Anyway, I jerked off to a video that showed a big-cocked shemale getting sucked off by a little white man. Lucky guy, I thought for a moment, as I settled down into a rhythm with dick in hand. After splattering cum across my chest, I sat around for a few hours watching baseball.
That brings me back to the dog. When the poor weather outside improved, I took off with Shemp for some exercise. We had walked for about six blocks when I reached a bridge that spanned a medium-sized creek.
Wanting to get off the beaten path a little, I took Shemp down an embankment toward the creek. Maybe he'd like to get a drink. Just as we arrived at the water, I heard some rustling in some tall grass a mere 20 yards away. A woman was sitting on a blanket and appeared to be covering herself up. Yes, I'm sure of it, the woman didn't have any pants on.
After an awkward silence for about 30 seconds, I looked in the other direction and led Shemp to the water for a quick drink. Then I intended to head back up to the road and continue our walk. Just as I was leaving, the woman called out to me.
"Don't leave ... I know you caught me being naughty ... would you like a blowjob?"
The woman had a somewhat deep voice that sounded very erotic. I didn't know what to say and finally put together a few sentences.
"Did you say you'd like to give me a blowjob? Did I hear you right? Do I know you?"
"No, you don't know me. And yes, I'm so horny that I need a cock in my mouth right now."
A little pissed that I had jerked off a few hours earlier, I was hoping that I could conjure up enough cum to please this sex-starved woman. I tied the dog up and walked toward her with shaky legs and a fast-beating heart.
"Please, don't look at me. Just come over here and look at this beautiful creek while I satisfy a need," she said.
I did as she told me and looked only long enough to make sure I didn't fall on my face as I made my way to her blanket. I glanced for a moment but then watched the creek, the trees and the birds. After a few seconds, I felt her hands on my pants, then on my underwear and finally on my growing cock.
Yep, I was rock hard within seconds.
This woman's magnificent warm mouth engulfed my raging hard-on and worked on it like a pro. I couldn't help but look down at her but only saw the top of her head as it bobbed up and down on my rod. I returned my gaze to the creek in case she noticed me watching and freaked. Just as I turned my head, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that she seemed to be pleasing herself through masturbation.
I held out quite a while – probably because of the earlier jerk-off session – but finally pumped a mid-sized load down her throat. She continued to suck on my dick as if she didn't want to miss out on a single drop.
After she had finished, I couldn't help but kneel down to face her. I wanted to thank her for this great blowjob on what I thought would be a boring walk with the dog.
"No, no, don't look at me," she said in fear.
But it was too late. I looked at her and realized that she wasn't a woman at all. It was a man dressed like a woman.
"I'm sorry, don't hurt me," he said.
"I'm not going to hurt you," I replied. "If you enjoy dressing up like a woman and blowing guys, that's your business."
"This is the first time I had ever done this," he said. "I like to cross-dress but am always afraid to leave the house. I got up the courage to come outside as a woman and was so horny that I made my way down here to the creek. I was masturbating when you showed up."
At this moment, my cock began to stir again. I realized that I might be able to follow through on a long-awaited fantasy. So, I went for it.
"Did you get off?" I asked.
"Not yet but I won't have any problems with the taste of your cum still in my mouth."
"Can I give you a hand?"
He didn't reply at this last suggestion but didn't pull away when I reached for his panties. His cock and gone limp – assuming it was hard while blowing me – probably because of the fear involved with his discovery and our conversation.
I reached for his limp dick and felt it get hard almost immediately. He moaned and threw his head back. I knew I had him.
"You have a nice cock for a pretty woman," I blurted out.
Kneeling down on the blanket and moving in for a closer look, I was amazed at how big this guy's dick was getting. I knew that I wanted to do more than give him a handjob ... I needed to shove this sweet thing into my mouth.
"I'm going to cum," he said out of the blue.
I pulled my hand away and pleaded for him to hold on.
"Not yet, man, I want you to cum in my mouth," I said, a little shocked at what I had verbalized. "You have such a beautiful cock; I want to taste you."
There was no response. And I took that as a yes, it was OK if I wanted to proceed with my suggested course of action.
"Christ, I'm going to suck this cock," I thought to myself as I moved in with an open mouth.
The dick went in rather easily and I was a little amazed that I could take most of it into my mouth. Perhaps I was a natural cocksucker, who knows? What I do know is that I was enjoying myself. It was a must to drop my left hand down to my own hard-on (I'm a lefty) and I started to pump my meat.
I focused on the task at hand, however, and enjoyed the feeling of a man's dick in my mouth. It felt so smooth and velvety but also had f***e behind it. I was thoroughly enjoying this oral sensation.
Based on what he had said a few minutes earlier, I figured he wasn't going to last long. So, I slowed my pace so I could keep this impressive piece of meat in my mouth as long as possible. In the meantime, I shot my third load of the day – I was so turned on as I imagined how I must look with this dick going in and out of my mouth.
"I can't hold out much longer," my new friend suddenly said.
"OK, feel free to pump your load down my throat," I replied, sounding like a cheap porn movie.
I enjoyed the smell and feel of this man's cock for as long as possible. Then, it started to pulsate in my mouth. I kinda figured he was about to spew his seed.
I quickened my pace now with a desire to taste the man's semen. Finally, this awesome cock began to fill my mouth with cum. I know some dribbled down my throat for some reason, I wanted to feel it in my mouth, I wanted some of it to dribble down my chin just like the porn stars in those videos I enjoyed watching.
After he finished unloading, he quickly got up and looked at my face. And yes, I had cum dribbling out of the corners of my mouth – he had just pumped quite a lot of sperm.
At that moment, he grabbed my face and thrust his tongue into my mouth. I opened up for some tongue action and shared his cum load. I had read in a few forbidden stories that this was called snowballing. We continue to kiss for quite a long time, pushing that creamy load back and forth into each other's mouths. I liked snowballing.
After a couple of minutes, the man stood up, tucked away his cock, pulled down his dress, corrected his long-haired wig and headed up the path to the street. He even forgot the blanket.
I never got the man's name and wondered if I would see him again. Sucking cock was awesome, tasting cum was exciting and jerking off while blowing another guy was something I wanted to do again. I was sad that he took off so quickly.
The dog was eager to return home so I zipped up and headed back toward the house. I thought it might be a pretty good idea to take a shower so I didn't smell like cum when my wife got back. And while in the shower, I couldn't help but jerk off one more time. My knees weakened and I fell down in the shower before finishing myself off.
Incredible, I had blown four loads in one day. I wasn't sure if I had ever done that before. I realized that I was a true cocksucker – gay, bi, whatever you want to call it. Sure, I loved fucking my wife but man, oh, man, I loved the feel and taste of a dick in my mouth.
I also walked the dog a lot more – down by the creek.

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