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Hubby Catches Wife Being Naughty With The Cableman

Stacy stopped unpacking the box when she heard the doorbell ring. She adjusted her robe before opening the door. A uniformed cable man with a clipboard in his hand, stood there. His eyes roamed down her body, lingering on her chest for several moments. The way he looked at her, made her blush. He said, "Mrs. Hill?" She nodded her head. "I'm here to install your cable." He said, continuing to undress her with his eyes.

She involuntarily began to look him over too, even though she kept telling herself that it was wrong. After all she was a newly married woman. What business did she have ogling another man? But she couldn't help herself. His eyes seemed to devour her body as he thought about what he would like to do to her.

He stepped forward, squeezing past her into the foyer. His arm brushed against the side of her breast, causing her nipples to harden. She absent mindedly shut the door and led the way to the tv. He held out the clipboard and said, "Sign your name at the bottom." She glanced over the work order while writing her name. It said, "Installation done by: Seth." Stacy handed it back with a smile on her face. "Here you go, Seth."

Feeling rather brave and coy at the time, Seth said, "Can you unplug the tv, ma'am?" She reached behind the tv, pulling on the cord from the wall. That gave him a great view of her ass, which was barely covered by the short robe she wore. She heard him moan, then slowly rose back upright. She gave him a knowing look then walked across the room to sit down.

He pulled the consol tv out from the wall then slipped behind it. She could seem him peak at her every few minutes. She decided to have some fun with him, by teasing him a little. She crossed her legs, then uncrossed them again before slowly parting them. His mouth fell open when he saw her bare nether lips.

Seth dropped the screwdriver he had in his hand when he tried to adjust his cock. It was straining against his tight pants. While he was distracted, she took the opportunity to adjust the belt of her robe so that it came untied when she stood up. He could see the curve of her breasts as she smiled at him, and said, "I will be in the shower if you need anything." He debated with himself for a minute before following her to the bedroom.

The door was open a few inches when he reached it. He peaked in the crack and saw her reflection in the dresser mirror. She was standing in the bathroom naked. He watched as she slid her hands through her long dark hair, then ran them over her hard nipples down to her cleft. He accidently leaned against the door causing it to creak.

She said, "The tv is across from the bed if you're ready to hook it up." He stepped into the room but did not move from the doorway. He felt mesmerized by the sight of her firm body. He tiptoed over to the bed when she moved further into the bathroom. He saw her step into the shower. She did not shut the shower curtain all the way, giving him a full view of her as the water poured over her body. He looked at her luscious ass, wanting to touch it. He knew she would be able to see him if she turned her head but he stayed seated.

After a few minutes of watching her hands roam over her body he couldn't take the pressure anymore. He unzipped his pants, allowing his swollen shaft to spring free. He wrapped his fingers around it and began to stroke himself slowly. Stacy could see him out of the corner of her eye but pretended not to notice. She turned facing the back wall of the shower, then bent over to give Seth a full view of her pussy lips. They were swollen with lust. Her clit throbbed in anticipation. She hoped he would join her in the shower.

She no longer thought about being married. The only thing on her mind was getting a piece of that hunky cable man. While she was bent over, she reached behind her and slipped a finger between her lips. She slid it in and out a few times, then stood and turned to face him. She looked him straight in the eye as she sucked the juices from her finger. He was stroking his cock very fast by that time.

Stacy beckoned him to join her, then waited while he rapidly removed his clothing. He slipped into the shower, wasting no time as he kissed her deeply. She pulled back from his mouth, gasping for air. Then he turned her facing away from him and began to caress her back. She shivered as his fingertips made their way downward. The feel of his muscular body against hers made her weak with raw hunger.

He gently pushed on her back while she bent forward, placing her hands on the shower wall. He slid his long fingers into her slippery crack, moving them in a circular motion until he reached her clit. She moaned in pleasure, pressing her ass against him. His hard cock throbbed as he moved it into her wet valley. He pressed forward, flattening her thin frame against the wall as he entered her pussy.

Her heat enveloped him, bringing a deep groan from his throat. She tightened her muscles around him, massaging his length as he worked himself in and out of her tight cunt. The cold tile of the shower wall made her nipples tingle in delight as he rocked harder against her body. He pulled away from her when he felt himself beginning to lose control, then he turned her around again. He slid his hands down to her ass and scooped her up.

Stacy wrapped her legs around his waist, impaling herself on his long cock. He held her tight when she started bouncing up and down. Her breasts jiggled wildy near his face as he opened his mouth to lick her nipples. Her cries of pleasure echoed throughout the house as she rode him harder. This was just about the time her husband, Mike, opened the front door. He froze in his tracks listening for a moment. He had seen the cable truck parked on the curb, so he had a really good idea what was happening when he heard his young wife's voice carrying through the house.

He quietly shut the door and walked toward the bedroom. The more he listened, the greater his arousement grew. He peaked into the room, before entering. He could see the reflection of the bathroom in the mirror. He saw movement as he approached the mirror. When he got closer, he could see that his wife had her legs wrapped around a man, riding him with all her might. His cock swelled at the sight of his beautiful bride being fucked by another man.

He stood there watching as Stacy's body began to tremble and thrash. He could tell she was having a very powerful orgasm because the man was having to steady himself against the wall to keep from dropping her. Seeing her cum like that for another man made him shoot cream in his underwear. He had no idea that seeing her like that could affect him in such a way. He quickly slipped into the closet when she suddenly turned the shower off.

Mike peaked through the slats on the door as they walked to the bed. Stacy laid down and spread her legs wide. He could see her stretched pussy hole glistening with cum. Seth climbed onto the bed, and straddled her chest. She opened her mouth wide and sucked his thick rod into her mouth. He slowly fed her his cock, giving her time to adjust to the size of it. She moaned in pleasure as the taste of their mixed juices covered her tongue.

Seth began to rock in and out of her mouth, going deeper with each stroke. The tip of his shaft hit the back of her throat with each thrust. Stacy was able to take all he offered without gagging. From Mike's view point he was able to see Seth's balls bouncing off her chin each time he slammed forward. His cock had come back to life, aching for his wife to suck it like that.

He pulled it from his jeans, stroking it in rhythm with the face fuck Stacy was enjoying. She had never sucked him like that during the year they were together before their wedding. He longed to fuck her mouth as he stroked himself faster. The groans of pleasure coming from the bed told him that it wouldn't be long before the cable man came. He watched intently, wondering if his wife would swallow.

He bit his lip to keep from groaning as the cable man's body spasmed, slamming his full length into her throat. He could see that Stacy was swallowing every drop and while she continued to suck. Mike lost control and shot a huge wad of cum on the closet door. He thought they would stop at that point, but they merely changed positions.

He wondered where the cable man got his stamina as he positioned Stacy on all fours, facing the closet door. She wiggled her ass and said, "Oh yes! Fuck me hard, Seth!" Jealousy and lust filled Mike as the cable man rammed his pole deep inside her pussy. He slapped her ass lightly with his hands between thrusts which made her squeal louder. Her tits began to swing wildly as he plowed into her with all his might. He fucked her hard and fast just the way she liked it from behind. Mike knew that was her favorite position so he expected her to have a powerful orgasm.

The look of pure pleasure on his bride's face each time the cable man buried his meat inside her turned Mike on even more. He pressed his face closer to the closet door, not wanting to miss anything. Seth grabbed a handful of her hair, and pulled her upright against his chest. He cupped her breasts and he continued driving his powerful tool deep inside her cunt. Stacy slipped a finger into her slit, massaging her clit as he pounded in and out of her.

Sweat poured off of Mike's forehead as he watched Seth's cock slip back and forth in her slit. He wanted to burst out of the closet and shove his cock into her mouth but he was too mesmerized by the sight before his eyes to move. "Oh My God!" Stacy squealed as an orgasm rocked her body. Juices poured from her body, covering Seth's cock and soaking the sheets. She fell forward, landing on all fours again as he rammed himself into her deeper. His cock exploded with the f***e of a volcanic blast when he came. His hot cream filled her cunt, causing her to orgasm again.

Then he pulled his cock out and slapped it against her ass, painting her cheeks with another shot of cum. Stacy collapsed against the bed, breathing raggedly. Seth laughed and said, "I'm going to clean up really quick." Mike heard the shower start up again, and slipped out of the closet. He left the room, knowing that his wife had her eyes closed.

He didn't see her open her eyes at the sound of the closet door. She watched in astonishment as her husband crept from the room, packing a very obvious erection. She lay there pretending to be asl**p when Seth finished with his shower. He put his clothes back on, then wrote a note saying, "I will be back tomorrow at the same time to finish the cable installation." He went back to the living room, hooked up the cable and gathered up his tools.

Mike waited until Seth had shut the front door, before he emerged from his hiding spot in the spare bedroom. Then he locked it behind him. He heard the shower turn on again, and figured Stacy was getting cleaned up. He gave her time to get washed and change the bed before he opened the front door and shut it loudly. She smiled to herself, deciding to go along with what he was doing.

"Hi, darling. Are you home for lunch?" She called out to her husband. Instead of answering he waited for her to come to him. She walked into the kitchen wearing a short sun dress, with her damp hair combed down her back. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her passionately. He could taste toothpaste on her tongue.

Stacy pulled back from the kiss, to look down at the bulge in his pants and said, "Wow, You sure are full of energy today." He said, "I just can't get enough of touching you." He ran his fingers though her hair while lifting her up onto the counter top. She said, "We don't have time for this if your going to eat lunch." He nudged her until she laid back and said, "You are lunch." He lifted her dress, groaning when he saw that she wasn't wearing panties. She scooted her ass to the edge of the counter, then lifted her legs over his shoulders. He leaned forward, nuzzling her pussy with his nose. He inhaled deeply, noting the faint sent of sex. She had washed but the tale-tale evidence was still there. He said, "What have you been doing this morning, my sweet?"

Then he began to plant soft kisses along her nether lips. She squirmed and said, "Cleaning house." He ran his tongue along the length of her crack, then said, "Are you sure?" She moaned and panted, "Yes." He slipped a finger into her wet cunt, wiggling it wildly against her g-spot. Her body involuntarily bucked against his touch. He smiled and said, "Have you been touching yourself? You seem are so sensitive to my touches." He wiggled his finger faster, while continuing to tease her with his tongue. He drove her to the brink of a climax. She whimpered in protest but he held her still.

He looked deep into her eyes and said, "Did the cable man show up this morning?" She nodded her head. "Was he friendly?" She gave him a sheepish grin. He pulled her up off the counter by her hands and turned her around. He pressed his cock against her ass, and whispered, "Did he use his tool to screw the cable connection in tight?" She moaned and nodded her head. "So tell me my naughty little bride, Did he do a good job installing it?" "Oh yes." She panted, knowing that he had seen everything.

Mike unzipped his jeans and pulled them off. He said, "Suck me." Stacy knew she could no longer make excuses not to blow him. After what he had seen, he knew she had to be a talented cock sucker. She turned to face him, as he applied pressure to her shoulders, pushing her onto her knees. He intertwined all his fingers in her hair, making sure she was face to face with his staff. She had never seen him so excited. He pressed the tip of his cock to her lips and said, "Show me what a good little cock sucker you are, wifey."

Stacy opened her mouth and let him push the tip in, then she wrapped her lips firmly around him. He held her head still and started moving in and out. He moved deeper with each thrust. "Oh my. You are very good at this. You are very naughty for keeping your cock sucking talents from me all this time." Mike said between breaths. She moaned in response, relaxing her throat as the head of his shaft slipped deeper.

He thrust faster and harder each time the end of his cock hit the back of her throat. The back of her throat felt heavenly as she worked her muscles to keep from gagging. "Tilt your head back a little." He told her as he pounded into her mouth harder. His balls bounced off her face rapidly as he mouth fucked his beautiful bride with all his strength. He grunted and groaned like a wild a****l as his pleasure mounted.

Stacy struggled to breathe between strokes. His cock was growing bigger with each stroke. It was turning her on to have her husband fuck mouth like she was a common slut. She wanted more, applying harder suction. Mike groaned and said, "Fuck, yes. I could handle this every day." She moaned louder at the thought of being used like a fuck toy by her husband. Juices were beginning to run down her thighs as her desire built.

He moved his hands to the back of her head and pushed his cock as deep as possible. Then he erupted into an earth shattering orgasm. He tilted his head back crying out, "Yes! Swallow every drop you little cock sucker!" She drank every drop of his hot cream as shot after shot poured into her throat. She didn't think he would ever stop cumming. Her lungs screamed for oxygen as he overfilled her throat and mouth. When he pulled back a few inches, she gulped in air. "Clean me." He told her. She ran the tip of her tongue along his length, licking up the remains of his orgasm until his skin tasted clean. Then she sucked the globs of cum from his balls. He groaned in pleasure, making a note to himself to have her suck his nuts again later.

He stepped back from Stacy, allowing her to stand up. He grabbed her hand, and led her to the bed. She didn't have to be told what he wanted. She knelt on the bed on all fours, facing the mirror. He walked over to her head and said, "Suck me hard again." It didn't take long for her to suck his cock back to life. Then he slid onto the bed and moved behind her.

She jumped when he slapped his hands against her ass. They locked eyes in the mirror as he parted her cheeks. He moved his cock head up and down her wet slit. Then he slowly pushed himself into her dripping wet cunt. She tightened her muscles around his girth as he rocked in and out of her. Intense pleasure filled him each time he parted her pink folds with his thick shaft. She squealed in delight as he moved faster, slapping her ass, just as Seth had done.

Not to be outdone by another man, he decided that he would cum in her ass before he was done with her that day. But he did not tell her ahead of time because he knew she would protest. Instead he fucked her very hard and fast, letting his balls slap against her clit just the way she liked it. He plowed in and out of her until her felt her muscles contracting around him, then he stopped moving until she relaxed.

He repeatedly fucked her like that for over an hour. Each time either of them approached release, he paused until the moment passed. The intensity built stronger every time he started up again. She begged him to let her finish. But he ignored her and continued driving her closer to orgasm. When he knew neither of them could hold out much longer, he pushed on her shoulder blades until he flattened her upper body against the bed. He looked down at her ass. The puckered little brown hole looked very inviting. He had asked her numerous times in the past for anal sex, but like oral sex, she had always declined.

He pulled his rock hard pole from her pussy, then moved it to her ass. She tried to pull away but he held her down with his hand. He slid a finger into her slit and massaged her clit until she relaxed. He worked her up to the edge of a climax again then stopped. She said, "Oh my God. Please fuck me. I need to cum. Fuck me anywhere. I don't care. Just let me finish!" He snickered and began to slowly push himself into her tight ass as he began the assault on her clit again with his fingers. She cried out, feeling overwhelmed by the sensations surging through her body.

Mike groaned as exhilarating pleasure surrounded his cock. Her tight ass slowly opened up to him, letting his cock slide deeper inside her. He let her lift up onto her arms again, so he could watch her face in the mirror. Each time he thrust deeper into her ass the expression of pleasure on her face seemed to intensify. "Faster. Harder." She gasped.

He plowed into her with all his energy, going deeper with each stroke until he was buried balls deep in her ass. She pushed back against him, urging him to continue. She replaced his fingers at her clit with her own, so he could pound her faster. Stacy wiggled her fingers rapidly, intensifying the pleasure she was feeling as he fucked her harder than she had ever been before.

She cried out in joy, as the intensity of the ass fuck grew. She watched her husband in the mirror as a****l magnetism took over. He growled and drove himself deeper and harder into her. He fucked her with the f***e of a jackhammer, determined to cum deep inside her ass. They reached simultaneous orgasms, swept away by the intensity. Their groans filled the room as he fucked her until he had nothing else to offer.

Mike fell against Stacy's back, flattening her to the bed. He lay on her, breathing heavily as sweat poured off of him. After a few minutes, he brushed her hair to the side and said, "Tomorrow I am going to fuck your ass again, while the cable man fucks your pussy." The thought of having two cocks inside her at once, sent another orgasm rippling through Stacy. She moaned in ecstacy and said, "Yes, darling."

After Mike got cleaned up and went back to work, Stacy took a long bath. She was feeling a bit tender and hoped a good soaking would relax her muscles. She wondered exactly what her hubby had in mind for the next day. In addition she hoped the cable man would go along with it. Somehow she thought he would.

She had dinner waiting on the table when Mike got home that evening. He was starving, after having skipped lunch to fuck his wife's brains out. When he finished eating, he completed the cable installation to the bedroom. He wanted to make sure that the cable guy had plenty of time to play the following morning.

By the time he had finished up with the tv, Stacy had fallen asl**p. He decided to let her rest even though he wanted to fuck her mouth again. He went into the living room and turned the tv on. He flipped channels until he found a dirty movie station. He settled into his recliner, watching a woman on tv, sucking cock. She did not seem to know how to deep throat. He fantasized about making her suck in his length. He would fuck her throat so hard that she would have to learn how to suck right.

His cock ached to feel his wife's throat again. He sighed and turned the tv off. Then he crept into the bedroom. Stacy was sl**ping on her back, with her mouth open just a bit. He couldn't resist his urges. He quietly climbed onto the bed, standing over her. Then he lowered himself until he was sitting astride her chest. He pulled his cock out of his boxers and placed it to her lips. She moaned quietly. He reached under his leg, and teased her nipples through her sheer nighty.

She moaned again, parting her lips more. Mike slipped his cock between her lips, hoping she would start sucking. Which is what she did, as her involuntary suck reflex reacted. She was awake by the time his cock hit the back of her throat though. She looked up into his eyes, and saw the raw lust. Stacy instantly felt herself growing wet as he moved in and out of her mouth.

He closed his eyes, fantasizing that he was mouth fucking the woman he had seen in the dirty movie. He slid his hands under his wife's head and thrust harder. "This is how you suck cock properly." He said. She responded by sucking harder, thinking that she hadn't done it right at lunch time. She had no idea that he was lost in his fantasy. "I'm going to ram my big cock all the way down your throat before I get done." He growled. Stacy moaned in pleasure, liking the way he was talking to her.

Visions of Seth fucking her mouth flashed through Stacy's mind. She closed her eyes, fantasizing that it was him that she was sucking. Mike's cock seemed to swell to the size of the cable man's as she thought of him. He plowed in and out of her throat with great f***e. His groans of pleasure told her that he was enjoying himself which gave her pleasure. She rocked her pelvis in rhythm with his movements. She imagined that both men were fucking her.

Mike moved faster as his orgasm approached. He wanted to cum in his fantasy woman's throat and make her swallow his juices. Stacy felt him twitching, and began to swallow before the first shot hit her tonsils. She gulped down each shot as he overfilled her throat. Cum began to bubble out of her nose. Mike watched with the utmost pleasure as his cream oozed from her face. He pulled out and stroked himself until he sprayed again. His cream covered Stacy's face. He imagined it was the woman in the movie when he said, "Lick it up."

She used her tongue to lap up what she could reach. Then she pushed the rest of the cum into her mouth with her fingertips. Mike groaned in satisfaction and climbed off of her. He said, "You're a good little cock sucker now." He walked into the bathroom, whistling. Stacy heard the shower start up. Her pussy was aching for cock. She hiked up her night gown and spread her legs.

Then she slipped her fingers inside her cunt. She rapidly finger fucked herself, as she thought of Seth. Faster and faster her fingers moved. She moaned loudly as her body began to quiver. Her back arched up off the bed, as she began to cum. Hot juices spewed down her legs, until her orgasm subsided. She fell back against the bed, feeling temporarily satisfied.

When Mike had finished in the shower, he wrapped a towel around himself then walked to the doorway. He watched Stacy masturbate in total awe as she shot juices all over her side of the bed. She lay there quietly with here eyes closed for several moments, not opening them until he cleared his throat. He said, "Wow. That was hot. I had never seen you touch yourself like that before."

Her face grew red in embarrassment. But deep inside it gave her a thrill that he had seen what she did and liked it.

Mike helped her change the sheets on the bed, then they turned out the lights to go to sl**p. Both slept deeply, exhausted from the days events. The next morning, Mike called in sick to work. Then they waited for the cable man to show up. Promptly at 9am, the door bell rang. They gave each other a knowing glance. Mike said, "Answer the door naked. I will go hide in the closet." She nodded her head, stripping off her dress quickly. Then she walked to the door. She peeked out to make sure it was Seth before opening the door.

His eyes widened when he saw her. "Well, Good Morning to you, Mrs. Hill." She smiled and stepped back, letting him shut the door behind him. He sat his tools down, then followed her to the bedroom. She sat on the bed, adjacent to the closet. She knew Mike would have a great view of what she was about to do. Seth walked over to her, stopping inches from her face. She unzipped his pants, letting them drop to the floor. He wasn't wearing underwear, so his cock sprung out, slapping her cheek lightly.

Stacy opened her mouth and sucked him into the hilt with one stroke. He groaned and said, "Oh yes. You sure are one cock hungry woman." She moaned and began to glide her lips along the length of his shaft, taking him into her throat with each stroke. Mike stood naked in the closet, stroking himself as he watched the cable man's thick cock penetrating his bride's small mouth. It was the most erotic thing he had ever seen. Her lips were stretched as wide as possible around the mammoth sized piece of meat.

He watched as she effortlessly swallowed the cock, repeatedly. Seth let her go at her own pace for a while, enjoying how her mouth felt. When the intensity built up, he locked his hands into her long hair and took over. He pushed her face forward until her lips rested against his pubic hair. Then he began to fuck her face. He shoved his full length into her mouth, very fast and hard. He groaned when she tightened her lips around him, increasing her suction.

"You're the best cock sucker I have ever met. Your husband is lucky to have you." He panted. He turned his head when the closet door swung open. Mike stepped out, holding his cock in his hand. He said, "I agree, I am a lucky man. You game for a threesome?" Seth stopped pumping Stacy's mouth long enough for her to get on all fours on the end of the bed. He buried himself in her throat, holding her still while Mike moved behind her, and shoved his rod in her pussy.

Stacy's squeals of delight were muffled by the enormous cock in her mouth. It only took a few seconds for the men to get a good rhythm going. Each time Mike plowed into her, Seth pulled back. Then when Seth pushed forward, Mike moved back. It had always been Stacy's secret fantasy to be with two men at once. She moaned in pleasure as they fucked her. Seth couldn't believe that her husband had joined in. But it turned him on to watch Stacy getting her pussy fucked while he did her mouth.

The three of them moved like a well-oiled piston machine. They were pumping hard and fast with all their might. The speed gradually increased. The cocks moved in and out of Stacy so fast that she thought she would die of pleasure. She expected them to cum deep inside her and was mildly disappointed when both of them pulled out and shot cum onto her back. It was an unspoken mutual understanding that neither of them wanted to stick their cock in the other's cum.

Mike took charge and told Seth to lie down on the bed. Then he directed Stacy to straddle the cable man. She mounted herself on his shaft, letting it slip deep inside her. Then Mike pushed his cock into her mouth. He let her suck it until it was very slippery with her saliva.

After he pulled out of her mouth, he stepped behind her and pushed her flat against Seth's chest. Then he parted her ass cheeks with his hands. He slipped the head of his pole against her ass, then pushed downward which impaled her further on Seth's rod. She cried out as Mike's meat filled her ass. The two cocks inside her at once, made her feel so full as they stretched both her holes to the limit.

When Mike had finally managed to work his shaft all the way inside her, he set the pace. He pumped in and out of Stacy's ass very slow at first. Seth tried to mov at the same rate which gave her more pleasure as the cocks rubbed against the thin layer of skin that separated her tunnels. She cried out with each stroke, loving every moment of being a sex sandwich. It was like nothing she had ever felt before.

It didn't take her long to start having orgasms. They started small, intensifying as each one rippled through her. The men groaned in pleasure as her quivering muscles milked their shafts. The feel of Stacy's tight ass wrapped around his shaft was too much for Mike. He couldn't withhold his orgasm long enough to pull out. He shot his load deep inside her, which sent her into a very strong orgasm. Her contracting muscles pulled the cum out of Seth. His cock ruptured, filling her cavern with hot cream. The trio collapsed on the bed, side by side.

She laid there trembling as after shocks of pleasure shot through her body. She barely noticed when Mike got up and walked to the bathroom. He cleaned himself then told her to get up. She looked up at him, and noticed that Seth was standing next to him. They reached down and pulled her out of the bed by her arms. Then gently pushed her down to her knees. She was eye level with their hard cocks.

"Open your mouth." Mike commanded. She did like she was told, sucking his length into her throat. She watched Seth out of the corner of her eye. He was stroking himself. Mike thrust in and out of her mouth a few times, then pulled out. Seth slid his cock past her lips before she could close them. She sucked him while twirling her tongue around the tip until he stepped back. They took turns like that for several minutes also allowing her to suck their balls, until both of their shafts had swollen even bigger.

Then they pulled her up to her feet again, facing Mike. He put his hands on her shoulders, directing her to lean over and suck his cock into her mouth again. She felt Seth's fingers fumbling with her pussy lips. He nudged her legs apart, then knelt down. His tongue began to slide up and down her wet slit, teasing her clit while Mike fucked her mouth. The intensity of the cable man's actions made it hard for her to stand still.

But Mike gave her no choice, holding her head firmly in place as he plowed in and out of her throat. Seth probed her pussy with his tongue, fucking her with it while his fingers continued tantalizing her rosebud. She gyrated her hotbox against his face in rhythm with the fucking that her husband was giving her mouth.

Mike moved faster and harder, driving her pussy lips firmly against Seth's face. He sucked her clit into his mouth just as she erupted in a powerful orgasm. Mike dug his fingers into her hair, trying to hold her still as she began to shake and moan. He ram rodded himself as deeply as possible in her throat before unleashing his stream of cum. Stacy licked his length clean before he stepped away.

Seth scooped her up in his arms, laying her on the bed. Then he lifted her legs to his chest and slipped his cock into her cunt. He fucked her fast and hard, slapping his balls off her ass with each stroke. Her tits giggled wildly as he pounded into her body. She cried out in pleasure as his cock repeatedly bounced off her cervix. "Harder. Faster." She begged between strokes.

He moved deeper and harder, trying to please her. As her wales of joy grew louder her pussy began to quiver around him, milking every drop of cum from him. He grunted and shot his load deep inside her. Then he pulled out and flopped his meat on her belly while kissing her passionately. When their lips parted, he fell over on the bed, gasping for air.

Stacy looked around for Mike, but didn't see him anywhere. She rolled out of the bed and went to find him. He didn't seem to be anywhere in the house, so she opened the back door to see if he was in the yard. She laughed when she saw him watering the flower garden, butt naked. The privacy fence around their yard, allowed him to do it without getting arrested.

She walked outside and took the hose from him, pretending that she was going to water the flowers but instead she turned toward him. The cold water sprayed him, drenching his entire body. He cried out in surprised then grabbed the hose and threw it to the side. He scooped her up in his arms, just as the automatic sprinkler system turned on. Water poured down on both of them, which made Stacy jump. Mike lost his footing, dropping her and falling to the ground. They lay in the grass kissing and fondling each other.

They heard the back door shut and looked up. Seth was standing there fully dressed, watching them. He said, "I've got to get going. I have another installation to get done." Stacy scrambled to her feet and walked over to him. She said, "Will you come back again, sometime?" He nodded his head, and said, "Sure. Anytime you want. Here's my card. Give me a call." Then he turned to leave. Mike followed him, telling Stacy he would be back in a few minutes.

He walked Seth to the front door, handing him his tool box and said, "Do you have a girlfriend that you could bring over for some fun?" The cable man looked at him for a moment before nodding his head. "How about this Friday evening?" He asked. "Sounds great." Mike said, shutting the door behind Seth.

When he turned around, Stacy was walking through the back door. She said, "I'm going to take a shower." Mike turned on the tv in the bedroom to the adult channel. Two women were licking each other in a sixty-nine position. His cock instantly rose to attention as he thought about seeing his young wife do that. He slowly stroked himself as the two women tongued each other's pussy. He thought about how nice it would be to fuck another woman from behind while his wife lay underneath her, eating her cunt. His cock erupted in a huge orgasm just as Stacy stepped out of the shower. She walked over to the bed, dripping wet with a smile on her face.

She said, "I like watching you do that." He smiled back at her, then pointed to the tv and said, "I want to watch you do that." She turned to watch the lesbian scene as Mike pulled her down on the bed. She sat next to him, watching his cock react to each camera shot of the licking lesbians. "I don't think there are any women around here for me to do that with. So you will have to suffer." Stacy said. He laughed and told her that the cable man was coming back Friday night with his girlfriend.

"But I don't know how to eat pussy." She said. Mike thought about it for a minute then said, "I'm sure you will manage. You sure caught onto cock sucking fast. Like the old saying goes, Practice Makes Perfect." Then he grabbed a handful of her hair, and directed her head to his cock. She moved between his legs, slowly sucking him into her mouth. He guided her head up and down, keeping his eyes locked on the pussy eating scene on the tv.

His arousal grew as he fantasized that he was fucking the woman on top while she ate Stacy. He imagined Stacy's tongue merely centimeters from his balls as he pounded to woman's cunt. He thrust into Stacy faster and harder. His eyes glazed over as his orgasm approached. He used his strength to f***e her head all the way down, holding her there as wave after wave of hot sperm shot into her throat. She struggled to swallow all of it, amazed that he could put out so much cum from the thought of seeing her eat another woman.

When she was done swallowing, he said, "Give me a tongue bath." She slowly swirled her tongue along his shaft licking him from the tip to the base until he was clean. Then she gently sucked each of his balls into her mouth. He groaned in pleasure. He was developing a craving of his own as the scene on the tv changed. A man was now eating one of the lesbians while she sucked his balls. He said, "Roll over."

Stacy turned onto her back, spreading her legs wide for her husband. He slid between her legs, burying his face in her pussy. He lapped at her wet cunt, knowing that she was juicy from watching the lesbians. He covered her lips in kisses and licks, teasing her clit with the tip of his tongue. She rocked herself against him, wanting more as she watched the man on the tv eating the woman's pussy. "Oh yes!" She squealed.

An orgasm spread through her entire body, with electrical sensations. She bucked and spasmed as her juices poured out over his tongue. He lavished her with licks until she fell against the bed in exhaustion. Then he crawled up her body and gave her a deep kiss. He pulled back from the kiss and said, "Just move your tongue like I did. That will make her cum for sure." Then he kissed her again, letting her taste her own juices. She moaned in pleasure.

At Mike's request, they did not touch each other the rest of the week. He wanted to save up all their energy for Friday night. Time seemed to go very slow for Stacy. She was looking forward to seeing Seth again. But she was nervous about what was to happen that night. They showed up at the door at 8pm. Mike answered the door, immediately taken with Seth's girlfriend. She introduced herself as, Penny.

Mike couldn't help but stare at her. She had the biggest tits he had ever seen. He thought the buttons might burst off her blouse at any moment. Seth caught him staring and said, "Great rack, huh? They are 48 DDD's in case your wondering." Stacy watched her husband's eyes widen in amazement. Penny said, "Would you like to see them?" He nodded his head very slowly.

Everyone watched Penny unbutton her blouse. She unhooked her bra quickly, letting her breasts bounce wildly. Mike groaned when he saw them. The erect nipples were pink and very large. He licked his lips, wanting to taste them. Seth nudged him and said, "Go on. Have a good time. I will entertain your wife."

Mike wasted no time, grabbing Penny's hand, pulling her behind him to the bedroom. He didn't give Stacy a second glance on his way out of the room. Seth walked toward her, attempting to distract her from the momentary jealousy she felt. He slowly began to undress her while grazing her neck with his lips. She gasped in pleasure, as her nipples hardened.

Seth said, "Let's go to the bedroom." She followed him slowly, not sure what to expect to see. When she got to the doorway, she saw her husband's cock was buried between Penny's luscious orbs. She watched in fascination as he fucked the woman's cleavage. Her pussy lips became wet with desire as the sight turned her on. Seth pulled her to the bed, pushing her flat on her back. Then he straddled her chest, shoving his cock into her mouth. Stacy sucked him like there was no tomorrow. Her mouth moved fast and hard, taking him in deeper with each stroke. She could see her husband pounding Penny's chest out of the corner of her eye. She attempted to keep pace with him, moving faster.

Mike moved out of her line of sight when he told Penny to turn over. She rolled over, with her face resting a few inches from Stacy. She watched Seth fuck Stacy's mouth. It was such a turn on to see him in action. His magnificent piece of meat looked great as he stroked in and out. Penny squealed in pleasure as Mike buried his cock in her pussy with one thrust.

Seth erupted in a massive orgasm when he saw Penny's cunt swallow Mikes' cock. He pushed forward, shooting his hot cum down Stacy's throat. She swallowed rapidly, not wanting any to dribble out the corners of her mouth. When she was done, he climbed off of her. Penny scooted closer to her, pulling Mike along with her. She slowly kissed Stacy, wanting to taste her boyfriends' cum.

Stacy darted her tongue into Penny's mouth without even thinking about it. She knew that it would pleasure Mike to see her kissing another woman. She heard him grunt as he began to fill Penny's body with cum. She moaned, kissing Penny faster. Their mouths muffled Penny's cries of pleasure as an orgasm rocked her.

Mike said, "Let Stacy clean your pussy." She maneuvered herself into a sixty-nine position and slowly lowered her cunt to Stacy's mouth. Penny gasped in pleasure when she felt the other woman's hot tongue begin to caress her clit. She dipped her faced into Stacy's juicy slit and began to lick her vigorously. "Oh My God!", Stacy moaned as she moved her tongue faster. It was like nothing she had ever felt before. She has always heard that women could pleasure each other better than any man could. At that moment, she knew that rumor was true.

She gyrated her body, while squeezing her thighs tight against Penny's head. The intensity of the licks she was receiving was almost more than she could bare. Both women slid their tongues into each other's tight pussies at the same instant. They tongue fucked each other very rapidly. Neither seemed to notice when the mattress shifted as Mike and Seth crawled onto the bed. Seth kneeled beside Stacy's face, watching intently as she lavished Penny with licks. At the other end of the scenario, Mike stroked himself in rhythm with Penny's wild tongue as she probed his wife.

Both women cried out in pleasure as they simultaneously reached orgasm. Loud groans from the men echoed throughout the room as their women's nectar gushed from their bodies. Stacy and Penny slurped down each others juices as if they were dying of thirst. It was more than either man could take, making both of their cocks twitch and erupt. Hot streams of cum sprayed all over the licking duo.

Penny rolled off of Stacy, onto her back. She reached up and wrapped her fingers around Mike's staff, pulling it to her mouth. She sucked his full length into her throat, nearly causing him to pass out in pleasure. Seth motioned for Stacy to roll over. She moved her body completely around so that she could watch her husband being sucked off by the other woman. It turned her on so much that she slid between Penny's legs and began to lick her pussy again. She wiggled her ass at Seth, inviting him to fuck her. He groaned in delight and rammed his full length into her wet cunt.

Mike nearly lost his load as he watched his wife getting ram rodded dog style while eating another woman. He gritted his teeth and fought to remain in control. Penny rocked her pelvis against Stacy's mouth as she began to suck Mike faster. Seth increased his pace, plowing into the hilt and pulling back out rapidly, each time he slid past Stacy's nether lips. Faster and Harder they all moved, forgetting everything around them except the intense pleasure they were all feeling.

When Mike could no longer restrain himself, he thrust forward into Penny's throat with all his might. He held onto the back of her head as his cock overflowed her throat with cream. She moaned in delight, eagerly gulping down all he had to offer as she reached a climax. She wrapped her legs around Stacy's head pulling her face deeper into her cleft. Stacy swirled her tongue faster sucking up all the juices as they seeped out.

Then she lifted her head and rose up onto her arms, pressing her ass back against Seth. Her eyes locked with Mikes. The wild lust he saw in them, aroused him even more. He moved closer to his wife and lowered his head, locking lips with her. He kissed her passionately, enjoying the taste of Penny's cunt on her tongue. Seth drove his tool into her harder and deeper, pushing her to the edge of orgasm. She squealed in delight, the sound muffled by her husband's mouth.

Seth slid his fingers between her lips, teasing her clit, hoping to bring her to orgasm. The rippling of her pussy muscles told him that she was close. He thrust harder and harder as her cunt milked his cock. The tingling in his spine spread like wildfire through his body as his cum erupted from his body with the f***e of a tidal wave. Stacy pulled back from Mike's lips and screamed, "Oh yes!" Her hot juices mixed with Seth's, and oozed down her shapely thighs. Mike waited til they collapsed on the bed, before laying down next to his wife.

The four of them lay there, attempting to regain their composure and breath for a while. Stacy and Mike looked at each other, neither had to speak. They both knew what the other was thinking. They knew they could never go back to having an ordinary sex life after that. Seth must have sensed what they were thinking. He lifted his head and told Mike, "If you're interested in joining us, we belong to a swingers club." Penny nodded her head and smiled at Mike and Stacy.

Not knowing what to say, Mike waited for his wife to answer. She sat up, looked at Penny, licked her lips and said, "You know what they say about one taste isn't enough, right?" She grinned and laughed. Then she said, "We will pick you up next Saturday and take you to meet some of our swinger friends."

Deep inside Mike, a slight twinge of jealousy started to grow. He wondered if his wife would grow to like women more and leave him. Stacy gave him a knowing look and laughed. He hated it when she seemed to know what he was thinking. She leaned over him, kissed him deeply and said, "Don't worry honey, I'm still addicted to your cock." Then she lowered her head to his tired rod and swirled her tongue around it, giving him the best blow job of his life.

While she was sucking him, Seth and Penny got dressed and headed home. They knew that Mike and Stacy would never really join their swingers club but had the satisfaction of helping spice up their sex life. Over the next two years they had regular foursomes with Stacy and Mike. All was going well until one day Mike came home from work to find all Stacy's things were gone. He had no clue what had happened until Seth called him to tell him that Penny had left him. When the realization set in for both men, they were speechless.

They remained friends for years afterwards. But neither ever offered to share a woman with the other again. In fact, both changed their ways completely. Mike even got rid of his cable hookup. Every time he saw a dirty movie with a lesbian scene in it, he pictured Stacy doing that. He never heard from her again. He assumed she was very happy with her new life. If he had only known that Stacy would want to have her pie and eat it too!

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