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The Lake

As an adolescent growing up in a small town summer's didn't have much to offer in the way of recreation.Although there was a small municipal lake that was great for cooling off when temperatures were hot.It was a Monday afternoon and I had just finished up mowing the grass and decided to walk to the lake that was two miles from my home,I filled my canteen with water grabbed my binoculars that I always took along for bird watching,as I approached I noticed that there was only one car parked in a small parking area about a hundred yards from the lake.I gazed down at the license plate noting that the county sticker at the bottom was from a county adjacent to mine.As I moved closer to the lake,hearing laughs and splashing coming from in the water,I retrieved my binoculars from my pack and watched for a couple minutes as two sexy girls who looked to be a couple years older than me frolicked about they were both floating on those inflatable round inner tubes one of the girls had short curly blond hair and the other medium length orange-red,both were topless the blonde having what looked to be 36-C breasts,the red head was not as voluptuous but had nice puffy brownish-pink nipples that curved upward.I moved in closer to an area where four picnic tables sat obscured from their view on a hillside about four hundred feet from the water's edge my pulse quickened as gazed upon the table there they were two pair of cotton panties,one white with a floral pattern the other light blue, both were high-cut with with dainty narrow waistbands.Being that no one was in sight, I first picked up the blue pair,turning them inside out I noticed the crotch stained with a whitish-yellow crystallized crust,holding them up to my nose breathing in deeply my cock began to swell as this unknown girls sweet musky pussy fumes titillated my olfactory senses!I pulled down my cut-off shorts set them on the table and slowly began stroking my helmet headed cock as I flattened my tongue on the crotch savoring the taste of those sweet golden-white crystals.I really wanted to pop my nuts into the crotch and rub it in,but controlled my boiling lust and pushed my cock through the leg openings letting them hang by the crotch on my stiff rod while I picked up the white flower printed pair and sampled their scent.There was some difference in scent,this pair had a noticeably muskier scent,lowering my tongue to them I let the crystals melt in my mouth, mmmmm very nice. I was so caught up in the heat of the moment that I didn't notice the two girls approach!They started to giggle,saying to me we see you must really enjoy the taste of our panties that's some tool you've got there...We've been watching you for ten minutes,I'm Becky and this is my friend Paula,what's your name? Uh James I said stammered.Well James how would you like a real taste of our pussies?That's the best offer I've had all week!They spread their over sized beach blanket over the top of one of the picnic benches and both sat side by side,feet resting on the seat portion of the bench and legs spread wide.I proceeded to lick each girl's sweet cunt spending five minutes on each ones succulent pink labia they both rewarded my skills with copious amounts of girl goo! Now it's my turn girls,I want each of you to lay side by side up here on the picnic table with your neck's d****d over the edge so I can fuck your pretty little mouths,they obliged as I walked from one end of the table to the other pumping my hard as steel cock all the way down their throats til my balls were slapping on their noses.I couldn't hold back any longer,fucking Becky's mouth faster and faster,I felt my balls tighten and pulled my cock from the depths of her esophagus to paint her waiting tongue with what seemed to be a pint of my cock custard,Paula chimed in don't you dare swallow that Becky...Becky sat up and Paula walked over giving her friend a big kiss as they shared my massive load between them.We heard a car pulling into the lot in the distance quickly dressed and headed back to their car.

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