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An evolution into bisexuality

At age 43, Bret had enjoyed a lot of great sex over the years with a variety of women. Although he wouldn’t exactly call himself a Casanova, he felt that he had fulfilled a number of fantasies that included threesomes and group sex scenarios as well as a marathon session with the cousin he had always wanted.
Bret got all of those desires out of his system back when he was in his 20s. Love struck him in a big way and he settled down into mariage and a monogomous relationship. That was 12 years ago and although the love had survived, the sex life had become stagnant. In fact, Bret and his wife, Stacy, were lucky if they had sex twice a week.
Until this past Christmas.
Feeling a little tipsy after finishing off a bottle of wine, Stacy found herself yearning for her husband’s touch. She unbuckled his belt, unzipped his fly and started to jerk Bret’s sizeable cock to life. Bret just sat there as if this was an everyday occurrence, but it really was not. Perhaps he was shocked at the sight of his wife acting in such a manner and blowing him right there in the living room.
A mere five minutes later, Stacy led Bret by his cock down the hallway and into their bedroom. It had been about a week since their last fuck session and Bret hadn’t even jerked off. So, the cum was building in the depth of his balls – a rare feeling as of late.
Stacy relaxed on her back and pulled Bret down on her. She had given up hope of getting Bret to eat her pussy; it seemed to be more of a chore for her husband rather than pleasure. But the sex was pretty good and Bret’s cock had both length and girth to create one orgasm after the other.
Because of his excited state, Bret didn’t take long to build toward an orgasm of his own. Then, his wife whispered into his hear, “Eat me after you cum.”
Bret hesitated, wondering if he had heard correctly. The thought immediately became entrenched in his mind – the idea of climbing down in between her legs and plunging his tongue into her cum-drenched pussy. In all of his sexcapades of yesteryear, he had never done such a thing. At that instant, Bret picked up the pace and got closer and closer to blowing his load.
“What do you say, honey? Will you do it? I think it would feel incredible and I’ll have the orgasm of my life.”
First of all, Stacy rarely talked during sex, so the fact that she was throwing this erotic chat his way was a definite turn-on. Finally, he replied, “If that’s what you want.”
Somehow, Bret felt this was a test of some sort. Perhaps his wife would feel he was gay if he went down on her and started lapping up his own cum.
“C’mon, sweetie … I want to feel your tongue.”
Bret responded to those words by blasting a huge load into his wife. He was considering fulfilling her request but then had second thoughts and rolled off. Glancing at Stacy, he noticed a glow that had come over her. And she had a seductive look on her face that Bret had never seen. This talk of eating creampie – as the act is called – had her quite excited.
Without saying a word, Bret climbed down in between her legs. Stacy’s heart missed a beat and her breath quickened. She could feel his cum already starting to dribble out of her pussy.
Closing his eyes and spreading her out, Bret went in tongue first with full f***e. Stacy screamed in delight and held his head in place while she squirmed beneath him. Bret could feel his tongue becoming coated in their combined juices. It tasted good, and his wife was responding.
“Oh my God, Bret, eat me … eat my pussy … eat your cum.”
Stacy had another orgasm as Bret continued to stimulate with his tongue. Then in a flash, she pulled him up and toward her face. They shared a long, juicy kiss that Stacy really enjoyed.
“Well, that was different,” Bret said after a couple minutes of silence. “What gave you that idea?”
“I don’t know … it just came over me,” his wife replied. “I had read about creampie eating a long time ago in a magazine that my ex-husband left lying around.”
A few more minutes of silence followed.
“Did you like it?” she finally asked.
“Umm, well, does it make me gay if I did?”
“Of course not. It means you enjoy trying to new things to pleasure your wife.”
“Well, then, yes, I was really starting to get into it,” Bret said. “After the initial shock of what I was doing, I realized that it tasted good. At the same time, it was driving you wild.”
Over the next eight weeks, Bret and Stacy increased their sexual activity. On all but one occasion, the sex ended with Bret eating his wife’s creampie. Guilt had set in at first but after four or five times, Bret accepted the fact that he enjoyed this new act.
Then, Stacy pulled off another shocker. Involved in a hot blowjob, Stacy suddenly sprang up and announced that she would be right back. She appeared out of their walk-in closet with a brown shopping bag. And from within that bag, out came an eight-inch flesh-colored dildo.
“I’m going to massage your prostate,” she announced.
All of a sudden, Bret felt fear for the first time in his sexual existance. Real fear.
“Honey, I’m not so sure about this … I can’t take that thing up my ass,” Bret blurted out.
“Bret, trust me, I’ll take it slow, it’ll have lube on it and you’ll have the most intense orgasm of your life,” she said.
While all of this was going on, Bret’s cock had deflated. Stacy resumed her cocksucking and then started playing with her husband’s “back door.” Bret squirmed a little but realized that it did feel good.
“What, the hell,” he thought to himself. “I enjoyed eating her cum-filled pussy, maybe I’ll like this too.”
Stacy lubed the fake cock with KY lotion and started to work the dildo into her husband’s ass. At first, it hurt and Bret came close to telling his wife to stop. But then, the cockhead slipped past some sort of barrier and deeper into his ass. And it felt incredible.
“Oh, Bret, that feels good, doesn’t it?” Stacy cooed.
“Yes, yes, yes” represented the extent of Bret’s vocabulary at that moment.
A few minutes later, he asked, “How much of it is in?”
“All the way, baby,” Stacy responded. “The whole thing.”
Bret reached down and felt the base of the dildo flat against his ass. Waves of ecstasy continued to envelop his body as Stacy resumed her fucking motion with the cock.
“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yessssss.”
Bret came hard with cum splattering his chest and even his face. Stacy was right … he just had one of the most powerful orgasms of his life.
Yet another incredible asepct of their sex life had materialized.
A mere week after his wife had introduced him to the incredible feeling of a dildo up his ass, Bret began to have fantasies about other men. During all of those sexual experiences during single life, he had on occasion wondered what it would be like to take a man in his mouth. Bret wrote it off as normal thoughts because had had seen porn video after porn video of women blowing huge dicks and enjoying it so much. But it never went beyond the casual thought here and there.
Now, he had grown to love the taste of cum, and he now pleaded for his wife to fuck him in the ass. During their next sex session, Bret turned the tables on his wife and created the shock.
Ten minutes into heavy foreplay, Stacy produced the fake cock from the brown shopping bag and Bret’s imagination ran wild.
“Put it down by your pussy, like you had a cock,” Bret blurted out.
Stacy giggled and did as he had asked.
“Do you want my cock?” she said.
“Oh yes, I want to suck your cock,” Bret said, surprised at what he had just verbalized.
“Do you, sweetie? Come over here and blow me.”
Bret made his way over to Stacy’s spot on their king-sized bed. At that momemt, she got up on her knees and held the dildo in place in between her legs. Bret looked up at her beautiful form – long hair, big tits and now, a big cock.
Bret took it into his mouth and imagined that he was giving a real man a blowjob. His cock hardened and he reached down to jerk himself while blowing his wife’s massive dick. Bret held off cumming and asked Stacy to fuck him with it. She shoved her dick up his butt and Bret came in a matter of only a few minutes.
“I want to watch you suck another man’s cock,” Stacy said as they held each other afterward. “You like to eat cum, you like to get fucked and now you like to suck dick. I think you’re bi.”
Bret thought about what Stacy had just said and felt a stirring in his cock.
“Well, it doesn’t matter. It’s fantasy stuff that we can enjoy,” he said.
“Actually, I know someone who might be willing to help us out,” Stacy said.
“My, God, who?”
Stacy proceeded to tell Bret about her friend, Chris, who years ago before their marriage had taken nude photos of her. In fact, he took photos of his wife at the time along with Stacy. And to my surprise, Stacy had a past of bisexual experiences.
“Chris has always wanted to fuck me,” Stacy said. “On a camping trip to Sedona one year, he came into my tent and tried to seduce his way into my pants. But I said no.”
A jealous wave hit Bret when Stacy revealed that she still had those nude pictures. And she added that Chris e-mails her and jokes about them getting together.
“I e-mailed him back yesterday and asked him what he would do to have sex with me,” Stacy said. “He said he would do anything.”
“So, what do you think, honey? I think Chris would let you suck his cock if you’ll let him fuck me.”
Bret surprised himself by responding a little too quickly, “Does he have a big cock?”
“I’m not sure, I think he does,” she said.
Bret’s recent fantasies about cock involved sizeable pieces of meat. He didn’t want to settle for some little 4-incher. He wanted to go down on a hung guy, maybe even a black dude if they could find one. But this little idea that Stacy had about Chris began to really sound good.
“Look,” Stacy said pointing downward. “You’ve got a hard-on.”
Two weeks later, Stacy and Bret were cracking open a bottle of wine when they heard a knock on the door. Stacy had set up the threesome and she secretly hoped that she could get them into a situation where she had a cock in each end.
Stacy let Chris into the house and he immediately caused Bret’s heart to beat fast. He stood a few inches shorter than Bret at about 5-6, but he was in shape and wearing athletic shorts that immediately revealed a nice package.
“Hi, Bret, nice to meet you,” Chris said, following up with, “Let’s get naked.”
Stacy had warned me that Chris was not shy and tended to get right to the point. They all went outside onto the back patio, shed their clothes and climbed into the hot tub. Immediately, Chris was all over Stacy.
“So, you like my wife?” Bret asked.
“Oh yeah, thanks for sharing,” Chris responded. “I’m not gay but if you want to suck me off, feel free.”
Bret’s cock began to harden in the hot water – a fact that only he knew. It was a turn-on to watch another man fondle and suck on his wife’s oversized tits. Then, he stood up and shoved his fat cock into her face.
Stacy glanced over at her husband and kept her eyes glued to his while she blew this guy. Bret almost came right there as he watched a big dick go in and out of his wife’s mouth.
“Let’s move this inside,” Stacy said after withdrawing her mouth from Chris’s dick.
Both men maintained raging hard-ons while the three made their way into the house and back to the bedroom. Chris threw Stacy down to the bed and began to eat her pussy. Bret relaxed in a recliner situated in the corner of the room. He pumped his cock slowly and tried not to cum.
“Come over here,” Stacy said. “I want to see you suck cock.”
With those words, Chris took a deep breath and moved toward the headboard. He relaxed with his back against it while Stacy played with his penis and balls. Bret crawled over onto the bed and moved closer and closer to what had become a quest … to feel a massive cock in his mouth.
“OK, sweetie, here, I’ll start,” Stacy said.
She took the huge dick in her mouth and watched Bret’s face. Then after withdrawing, she motioned for him to come closer.
“Tell me you want to feel this hard dick in your mouth,” Stacy whispered. “I want to see you bob your head up and down on this cock.”
And with that, Bret ventured over into a new world, crossing a line he thought he’d never cross.
“Oh my God,” he thought to himself. “My God. It feels incredible. It tastes incredible.”
Bret didn’t say anything outloud and he had no desire to look up at Chris. He focused on the huge dick in his face and making love to it with his mouth. It felt good – an undescribeable texture.
“Honey, you look so hot going down on him,” Stacy said. “Suck it, baby.”
The couple passed the cock back and forth and took turns sucking on Chris. After a good long while had passes, Chris announced that he was going to cum unless they backed off.
“Yo, I want to fuck your wife,” he said while getting up.
Chris lasted only a few minutes before spewing his load into Stacy’s pussy. And after he climbed off, Bret immediately dived in head first. He loved the taste of his wife’s juices and her lover’s load. Luckily, Chris had cum by the gallon and Bret sucked his lady to another orgasm. They then shared a cum-drenched kiss.
“Honey, you need to cum, too,” Stacy said looking at her husband’s persistent hard-on.
“Hey, Chris, can you get hard again?” Stacy asked. “I want you to fuck my husband.”
Chris hestitated at the idea but decided to go ahead and do as Stacy asked. Bret wasn’t sure why he decided but it was probably just to please his wife, a woman that he apparently had an intense infatuation for over many years.
Bret didn’t like getting fucked from behind as much as when he was on his back. Stacy blew Chris to hardness and got plenty of saliva going for a natural lubricant. Then, she guided his erect member to her husband’s anus and Chris pushed it on home.
“Holy shit,” Bret called out. “My God, that feels so good.”
Chris tried to find a rhythm while fucking his dream girl’s husband. He really got into it when Stacy began to play with her pussy.
“Man, you are tight,” Chris said, talking for the first time. “Man, you’re gonna make me cum.”
Bret didn’t want him to cum just yet because he wanted to blow his own load while enjoying what Chris was doing to his ass. All of a sudden, Stacy jammed Bret’s sensative cock into her mouth.
“Ohhhh, nice, yes, fuck me harder, harder,” Bret called out.
Stacy quit blowing him at that moment and to everyone’s shock, Chris fell forward and into Bret’s arms. He jammed his tongue down Bret’s throat and the two sweaty men became entangled in a long, deep kiss.
“Kiss him, Bret, enjoy it, baby,” Stacy said quietly.
Both men were close to climax but wanted to make the moment last. Chris held up his fucking for a moment and they simply kissed one another, exploring one another’s mouth with their tongues. In a revelation, it seemed as though Chris had some hidden desires of his own that surfaced.
The moment was too much for Bret. With a hard cock up his ass and a man’s tongue in his mouth, Bret’s own dick began to erupt with a powerful orgasm. Chris pulled up from their kiss and immediately began to capture Bret’s cum in his mouth.
“Drink that cum, Chris,” Bret’s wife shouted as she reached her own orgasm. “I knew you would like fucking my husband. I knew you would be into it.”
Chris swallowed a lot of Bret’s cum but had what he thought was a neat idea. He kept the last stream of cum in his mouth and then started to kiss Bret once again. At that moment, he blasted Bret’s ass with his second orgasm of the evening.
“My God, that feels great,” Bret said after breaking the kiss with Chris. “Christ, I love feeling your cock in me.”
The couple’s relationship had changed in a matter of months. The days of boring twice-a-week sex were gone. Eventually, Stacy started a relationship with another woman and Bret enjoyed both kinds of threesomes. Although he enjoyed watching his love eat aother woman’s pussy and getting fucked with a strap-on, his preference was sharing their bed with another man.
Bret had a new life.
“Women are great, I love pussy and tits and all of that,” Bret thought to himself on occasion. “But there’s nothing on a woman like a big, throbbing cock.”

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