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Sexy step s****r and the stranger (True) Part two

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After Brandy was fucked my a stranger in the jacuzzi we went back to mom and dads condo. I could tell Brady was pretty confused about what just happened.
Mom could tell something was up and all Brandy said was a strange older guy was flirting with her. Nothing else was said.

Brandy took a shower then we had dinner watched a movie and then mom and dad went to bed. Brandy was very quite so I asked her if she wanted to have some shots with me so we took few shots of mom and dads vodka then put little water back in the bottle. Even at that age it was not that much liquor but Brandy was acting like she was d***k so I started acting a little d***k my self.
After her shower she put on a white t-shirt with no bra and some cotton white panties. And now she was trying to tickle me and we were wrestling on the floor and every now and then I could feel her large first breast against me.
And glimpses of her panties and I could see how tan she was and no hair anywhere down there. In a blink of an eye I was hard as a rock!

My boner was obvious in my shorts. Brandy stared as I tried to play it off and hide the fact I had a raging hard on. There was an uncomfortable silence then Brandy said "Well I am going to bed" I was thinking I freaked her out.
I told her good night and she looks me deep in the eyes and asked me "Well are you going to tuck me in" She grabs my hand as we walk into her room.

Her room was right next to mom and dads room and they always slept with the door open. And in the anticipation we didn't even shut her door. Mom and dad could easily hear us if they were awake and if they got up there we would be. She lay-ed down and once again I tell her good night "don't I get a kiss good night" I go to give her a small kiss and she pulls me down on top of her and we kiss deep.
A long wet passionate kiss. Then she looks at me and asked me to pull down my shorts. I stand up and while I am taking off my shorts Brandy is taking off her shirt and once again I see her awesome beautiful breasts. Her eyes go wide when she sees my hard on pop out of my shorts.
Her mouth drops open and before I can even kick my shorts off she takes my dick in her mouth. I am amazed this is happening my step s****r is sucking my dick and she is doing a great job! She is loving it! I reach down and start gripping her tits. So big and so firm she looks up and me and tells me "Pinch my nipples hard" I grip her pink nipples and pinch hard and as I do she takes my dick deep down her throat. I get to the point were I am almost about to explode when Brandy jumps back on the bed and legs spread tells me "Fuck me now" She does not need to tell me twice! I pull off her white cotton panties so fast and I feel like I am going lose my mind when I see her small bald perfect little pussy. My dick all wet from her spit I ram it inside of her hard and fast. Little to fast she bites her bottom lip in pain. I am inside of her now ramming her hard she tries so hard not to scream. Her big breasts moving back and forth as I push into her. I start to bite her nipple and she clinches up and starts to scratch my back she is cum ming and I cant hold out any longer! The look on her face was awesome she was in ecstasy and when my load shot in her tight wet little pussy it took everything I had not to scream.
My cum was dripping out of her pussy. She gets up and heads to the bathroom to clean up all the cum dripping from her pussy. I go back into the living room and pass out on the couch.

Next morning she asked me " what happened last night? I was so d***k"
She was not d***k and she remembered but if she wanted to act like it never happened then that was fine with me. I tell her I was to d***k to remember and nothing was ever said about it.
Now Brandy has 2 k**s and lives out east.
And till this day we have never talked about that night.
But when I think of that night my dick still gets rock hard!

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