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Good Morning!

Late Monday morning and I'm in the office reviewing the 'as-builts', measurements gathered by our interns prior to drawing final submission plans. Nothing seriously important to look at so my mind wandered to the terrific morning Nolan and I shared yesterday. I had just got out of the shower, wanting to be fresh for my lover, and was looking in the miiror drying off. Closing my eyes as I wiped my face I felt his hands on my hips and looked up to see him behind me in all his naked loveliness and saying to me "You have a perfect ass, baby" huskily. I was instantly erect as I felt the underside of his rock hard cock press between my butt cheeks. He was so warm! and I swirled my butt into his loins as his arms went around my waist. I watched in the mirror as he licked behind my ear and my hands went back to his cheeks to pull him even closer With my hand stroking his face I turned up to him and sighed softly "Right here, love?". "Why not?" he replied, planting a hot kiss and tongue at the base of my neck. His face was on fire as our movements excited each other, swirling and thrusting gently and slowly. His cock was getting insistant as I longed to feel the thrill of his initial penetration followed quickly by the fullness of his hot, hard, heavy dick. "Oh, honey..I need you so!" I cooed to him as he positioned himself for our satisfaction. "Aahh yeah, oohh yeah" pursing my lips as a kiss to his image in the mirror as he entered me. "Ummmm, so good, Petey you're so good" as he caressed my stomach, chest and nipples. I squeezed him and watch for his reaction in the mirror. "You do this so well, darling" he said sighing with his eyes closed and starting to thrust his cock in and back. He would thrust in, then pull back leaving just his bulbous, soft cock-head in and at that point I would swirl my ass a little bringing us both to the edge as we relished the sensations. Repeating our movements our breath became heavy and labored as our lust built. His hand gently encircled my cock sending spasms of desire through me as we both moved together in our sexual excitement. I stood up and turned my head to kiss him as my hands again sought out his butt cheeks. His tongue found my open mouth followed by his soft lips and we moaned in pleasure. He was fondling my scrotum with one hand while jerking me off with the other as his humping brought me closer and closer to the paradise that was him "You'!" I tried to say as his hot tongue bore into my sensitive neck. We looked so very good together as I looked in the mirror at our a****l passions being vented. I was thinking how hot he looked when I started cumming explosively! Spurting gobs of cum I cried out "Oh Nole, Ooooohhhh, ahhh baby doll!". Close to the same time I felt his cock swell in me and his increased pressure against my butt as he let go. I alternately squeezed and relaxed as his cock pulsed inside me. "Uhh, yes!, oh yes!, Ooooohhh! Aaaah!" And I happily felt his hot creamy love juice spew inside me. Extricating myself from my lovely impalement I turned around and wrapping my arms around his neck said to his beautiful brown eyes "Good morning". Leaning in for a kiss he said "Good morning to you!", our bodies pressing close. Then I was back in the office as I realized it was going to be a long day. I resolved to call him right after work!

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