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Pagan Princess (Chapter Six)

Melissia stared at the voluptuous woman standing before her; Fulvia’s body stirred something inside her.

“Who are you and what has happened to Ithicus?”

Fulvia delighted in Melissia’s obvious discomfort on seeing her. “Worry not about your physician my girl, he is the least of your worries at this time.”

“Ah your very demeanour tells me something has happened to him.” Melissia took a step towards Fulvia fists clenched.

“Take not a step further Melissia it will not ease the situation you find yourself in here.”

“I presume you have not come here alone lady, someone like you would never dare do that.” Melissia did not want to antagonise this woman until she had knowledge of who she was and what she wanted.

“It is true what they say about you Melissia, you must learn to control your aggression for it does not become you.” Fulvia was happy that she did not have to call the guards just yet.

Melissia calmed herself. “So are you going to at least tell me your name before you have me dragged off to face my fate?” Melissia’s in-built haughtiness had returned once more.

“My sweet girl, there are so many questions written on that pretty face of yours. My name is Fulvia, I am a close friend and associate of the proconsul here on this dreadful rock you call Briton.”

Melissia began to feel contempt for this woman. “Well it’s not much but we like to call it home, and by the way it is our home and not yours, but then again I suppose you have noticed that? Tell that to your precious Arius next time you straddle him.” Melissia enjoyed her dig at Fulvia and relished scoring the first verbal blow.

Fulvia relished the girl’s obvious fire at first hand and knew that this was going to be a battle of wills between them. “I shall be telling him a lot more by the time I am finished with you Melissia believe me.”

“Now I get it,” retorted Melissia. “You are going to be the one who butters me up before they hand me over for crucifixion.”

“Dear Melissia I shall be doing more than buttering you up as you call it, I shall be doing some roasting as well. When I warm up that delightful backside of yours you will wish you had never been born with it!” Fulvia delighted at the reaction in Melissia’s face.

“Well while you are attending to it you can kiss it because that is all you will get from me lady.”

“I have never failed to get the guests in my chambers to sing their hearts out my dear and you shall be no exception.”

“Then let us not dally any more with mindless banter, do with me what you will, you are boring me.”

“Very well Melissia you quite obviously have very little survival skills and are quite suicidal, I expected more from you. Drachius will be attending to you this evening; I will attend to you tomorrow. Personally I would not like to be in your skin these next few days. Your punishment will not be quick Melissia, it is all going to be long and painful, I pity you.”

Melissia tried to suppress a shiver at Fulvia’s words. She had not reckoned for another session with Drachius just yet. Then to be quickly followed by a session of god knows what from Fulvia did not bare thinking about.

She snapped out of her negative thoughts. “Ah dear sweet Drachius how is he these days? I have missed him so much.”

“You do not fool me with your false bravado Melissia, enjoy your evening I shall expect you in the morning, a little worse for wear I should imagine.” With that Fulvia left the room.

Outside Fulvia instructed the guards to give Melissia a few minutes to reflect on what had been said then they were to deliver her to Drachius.

Melissia pined for Ithicus; she just knew something had happened to him, she just prayed he was still alive. As for her? Well she knew full well that they wanted to give her a slow lingering and painful death. ‘I just need to hold out for just a little longer.’ She thought to herself.

“We meet again pagan bitch.”

“Well hello to you too Drachius, how is the world treating you these days? I personally have been having a ball.”

Drachius could hardly contain himself with her sarcasm; he fought inwardly not to let this girl get the better of him. He knew deep down he was no match for her verbal skills; after all he was just a simple soldier.

“I will ignore your flippancy Melissia for it will be I who will win out in the end. The road before you is going to be a long and painful one and I shall be there to watch you take every step of it.”

“Fine with me muscle head but watch out for diversions, things are not all they seem.”

Drachius could not help but admire the audacity of this brazen girl, what on earth was she on about now?

“Enough pleasantries Melissia, you are here to answer a few nagging questions.”

With that the centurion pulled Melissia over to a crude looking wooded contraption in the middle of the room. She stared at it wondering what on earth it was.

“I cannot offer you a seat girl but I can offer you a ride on my horse, it is like no other horse you will ever see.” Drachius laughed at his own joke

He is right thought Melissia she had not seen anything like it before but as it was bl**d stained she knew full well that it was an instrument of torture.

Drachius grabbed her and tore off the flimsy clothes she had been wearing leaving her totally naked.

“Oh Drachius I thought you might have learned some lessons by now on how to treat a lady, you are so informal.”

Drachius gave her a mighty slap across her face for her ever-increasing insolence. He was annoyed with himself once again for his loss of self-control. Melissia picked herself up off the floor wiping the bl**d away from her mouth. This time she said nothing.

While she was still dazed Drachius pulled her hands behind her and tied her wrists tightly with a strong piece of leather thong. He then lifted Melissia up and put her astride the wooded horse. The sharp pinnacle of the horse bit deeply into the folds of her vagina causing her to gasp. He then pulled her arms up behind her and attached the long strand of leather to a beam above Melissia’s shoulders.

Drachius took a step back to admire his handy work. “What, nothing to say girl? Do you not like my horse?” He was laughing quite loudly now.

He was right Melissia was quite speechless at the predicament she now found herself in. Her own body weight was pulling her down hard onto her pelvic mound, it was a pain she had never experienced before and she found it to be excruciating in the extreme. She could hardly draw breath it was so bad, the more she struggled the more it hurt.

“You will find if you keep still it will be less painful Melissia but I have no intention of letting you keep still on my horse.” He then produced his beloved whip much to Melissia’s horror.

“I want to hear your pretty screams now girl and if in the mean time you would like to answer a few questions then please feel free to do so.”

Melissia was too preoccupied with the fiery pain emanating from between her legs to hear anything that was being said to her.

Drachius stripped off his tunic exposing his well-muscled torso, he stood before her in his breeches pulling the wicked looking whip through his hands.
Melissia admired his physique but it was a fleeting admiration as the first blow of his fearsome whip struck her soundly across her stomach. The pain it caused was two fold, for it caused her to violently move her body thus she experienced the ever-increasing burn from her vagina and the sharp severe pain from the lash.

She let out a muffled “ugghh!” And bit into her bottom lip.

“Why Melissia I have never known you to be so quiet, has the cat got your tongue?”

“Your derision exceeds you Drachius, you certainly know how to show a woman a good time. I can not remember when I last enjoyed myself so much.”

Just as Melissia was about to add to the sarcasm another blow from the whip caught her squarely across her chest. Drachius was clearly enjoying his work. A large red wheal formed across her breasts, the double pains she was experiencing literally took her breath away. ‘What kind of man gets his rocks off doing such things to a woman.’ She thought to herself. She did not know what pain to concentrate on first, the one between her legs or her chest.

Several more blows reigned down on her and her body began the process of shutting down. Her head began to spin and she felt herself drifting into u*********sness, to her it was a blessed relief.

Drachius could not help but notice she was losing consciousness. ‘She has grown soft since being with Ithicus.’ He thought to himself as he admired the criss-cross of welts he had left on her skin. He knew deep down he would get nothing out of her accept a tirade of caustic remarks. So he decided he would leave her over night sat on the wooden horse. It would be interesting to witness her reaction to the pain from it in the morning.

As dawn broke over the Roman Palace Melissia stirred from her fitful sl**p. Her groin and legs felt numb; in fact she could not feel them at all. Her arms were still pulled high up her back and she was still sat astride Drachius’ infernal contraption he called a ‘horse.’ The welts across her breasts and abdomen burned like hell, she had not been spared that pain.

She heard the turning of keys in a door lock, the door creaked loudly as it opened, then two guards walked in.

“The bitch is awake,” she heard one guard say.

“Get her down,” said the second one, “The Lady Fulvia awaits her company.”

The leather was loosened and they lifted her roughly off the horse. As soon as the pressure was taken off her crotch the numbness disappeared. When the feeling to the area returned Melissia was subjected to the most excruciating pain imaginable. She could not help but let out a shrill scream, her agony excited the guards.

“This is nothing to what the Lady Fulvia has in store for you bitch, if I did not hate you so much I would pity you.” Said the first guard.

Melissia sucked in some air. “Let’s cut the small talk please Fulvia is expecting me to have breakfast with her, it would be rude to keep her waiting.”

The second guard punched her squarely in the abdomen and Melissia fell heavily at the feet of the first who then kicked her in the ribs.

“Will this bitch ever learn to keep her mouth shut?” Said the first guard.

With that they dragged Melissia’s limp body to Fulvia’s quarters.

Fulvia was angry with the two guards. “It is I who will be inflicting the pain here not you two meat heads.” She screamed.

Fulvia examined Drachius’ handy work. ‘Hmmm..’ she thought to herself. ‘He has made clever use of the horse, how admirable.’

She guessed the girl had given them all a fair amount of lip judging from the bruising about her body.

Sitting in the middle of the room were two large wooden wheels coupled together with wooden slats. Imbedded in the slats were pointed metal studs. It stood the height of two people. Next to it stood a glowing brazier with hot irons sticking out from the top of it. The very sight of it made the guards shudder. Melissia was too dazed to take any of her surroundings in.

“Seize her up,” commanded Fulvia.

With that the two guards placed Melissia’s limp body on the wheel. Her ankles were shackled to chains at the base that in turn were imbedded in the ground. Her wrists were shackled and chained high above her head further up the wheel.

Melissia tried to take in what was happening to her, she looked anxiously around her and realised with abject horror that she was being racked. As soon as the wheel turned her body would go up around the wheel but as her feet were shackled at the base she would in fact be stretched between the two sets of shackles. This to her was the worst fate imaginable, being torn limb from limb did not appeal to her one little bit. She tried to struggle then felt the sharp pain of the metal studs in her back.

“You unspeakable bastards!” she yelled.

Fulvia smiled. “Now you realise that all this is not a joke little lady, we want answers from you and we intend to get them.” Fulvia salivated at the sight of Melissia’s pert breasts with their hard nipples. She noticed the shiver in her body. ‘Now she is afraid,’ she thought to herself.

“I would imagine just being up on my wheel is painful enough, just imagine what the pain will be like when it is turned?”

Melissia looked down at Fulvia who was literally salivating at the sight before her. “You truly are one monster of a woman but do you not think my death will be swift when you tear me limb from limb?”

“My dear girl I have no intention of doing that, I just want you stretched tight before me then I am free to use my other friends on you.”

With that Fulvia pulled one of the glowing red-hot irons from the brazier. “These are the items that will have you singing like a song bird.”

Melissia’s mind raced back to the time in the stable when Antoninus had used them on her. The pain had been so appalling she did not have the words to describe it. Now here she was about to suffer it once more. She wondered to herself what she had done to deserve such a fate.

She was aroused from her thoughts by the loud clanking of machinery, suddenly the shackles tightened and her body was stretched taught the metal studs bit into her back. The sinews in her arms and legs began to feel like they were on fire, her spinal chord sent out the most excruciating signals of pain. She felt she was entering hell.

Melissia’s screams could be heard throughout the building, the soldiers smiled. Soon she will be ours they thought. They had planned her fate right down to the last detail. They were going to **** her to within an inch of her life then she would be nailed to a cross at the gates of the city. Some wanted to impale her but had second thoughts because her death would be too quick.

“You scream so prettily Melissia and I have not even started yet.” Torturing this girl was going to be even more pleasurable than she had imagined, thought Fulvia.

Melissia’s body was bathed in sweat; she was stretched so tightly she could hardly breath. She saw Fulvia remove one of the hot irons from the brazier once more, she clenched her teeth, and her head was filled with shear terror. ‘Brace yourself for the most terrible pain imaginable,’ she thought to herself.

“I am going to be very nice to you Melissia, just give me the name of your tutor and all this will stop. I shall be dreadfully disappointed but a name is more important to me at this time. Quickly now before this iron cools too much.”

Melissia looked down, and then spat at Fulvia.

“How very very silly of you girl. Then so be it, I will not stop until you give me a name.”

Fulvia placed the hot iron just under Melissia’s left breast and drew it slowly down her body and across her abdomen stopping just short of her pubic mound. Melissia screamed so loudly she almost ruptured her vocal chords. Fulvia did not want her to faint so she lifted the iron off her body and stood back to admire her handy work.

“Try not to faint dear girl, you obviously want this to last a long time, I cannot think why but who am I not to grant a pretty girl her dieing wish.”

Melissia’s eyes were clenched tight shut; she could barely hear what Fulvia was saying to her. Her main object was to somehow shut out the pain but it was proving impossible, she truly wanted to die. With that she felt the iron being raked once more across her torso. Fulvia was truly a master at this, she knew exactly when to lift the iron from her skin.

Fulvia passed the iron for the third time across Melissia’s quivering body, something exploded inside her head, she heard herself screaming the name “Arnold! His name is Arnold, in the name of all that is holy lift that iron from my body!”

Her voice had been reduced to a croak with too much screaming. Her whole body shook and was racked with pain. Fulvia had broken her she could take no more.


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