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Daddy's party girl

Stan had a very sexy daughter. Her body had really developed. His wife had left with a younger man so he was very horny. But he loved kinky sex. He really loved group sex. He loved to watch and participate also. One day he walked into his daughters bedroom and caught her naked. She did not seem to be shocked and did not try to cover her body. He looked at her nice tits and round ass. He walked to her and turned her all the way around liking the looks of her sexy body. He reached and felt the tits. She seemed to like his touch. He played with her nipples then moved to her ass. He massaged her cheeks then spread the ass wide open for him to see. She had a cute tiny bud. He rand his finger over it then turned her to see her cunt. He stuck his hand between her legs and felt over her cunt. He had the need to fuck her. He pushed a finger in her mouth and she started to suck it. His cock got hard.

He then laid her on the bed and spread her legs. He inserted his finger in her cunt and then placed in her mouth adn again she sucked it. "How would you like to take your moms place and let me fuck you. Be my special slut." She nodded that she would. "Will you do as I say and let me do anything I want to your body?" Again she nodded yes. He now knew he would enjoy his daughters sexy body as would the group. He pulled off his shorts and showed her his hard cock. He rubbed it over her face and lips, then down over her nice tits and nipples on down to her cunt. At her cunt he spread her legs even further apart as he placed his cock to the entrance. He played with her clit as he pushed his cock into her tight hole. She showed signs of pain and he told her it really was only painful the first time and she would get used to his cock and be able to fuck it often.

He then pushed all the way into the young daughter, enjoying her tight cun. "You are a better fuck than your mom. You have a nice tight hole." he told the young girl. "Soon you will want me to fuck you more and more as your hole will love to be filled." He then started fucking the young hole fast and hard. It was not long before he felt her cunt pulse and she screamed as she came on his cock.

That week end he fucked her often and taught her to suck cock and to get her ass fucked. He wanted to get her ready for his kinky game. His cock was always in one of her holes.

Friday night he told her to shower and put on the fancy lingerie he had bought her. He told her his friends were coming over and he wanted them to see how sexy she was. The outfit was a sexy teddy that could unsnap at the crouch and the tittie cups had holes for her nipples to poke thru. She looked like an innocent slut as her dad wanted her to look for the friends.

The men soon arrived and she was standing in the middle of the room. She looked so sexy in the "fuck me" lingerie. Her dad then pushed in the metal rack and tied her to it. Her arms were tied above her head and her legs spread far apart. Each man took turns standing in front of her stripping and letting her see his cock. None were as large as her daddy's. There were only two tonight but as she adjusted to the sex more would join the game in later weeks.

Tonight her dad would watch as he used to love to watch his wife with the men. One man unsnapped the crotch of her teddy showing her pink pussy. He got on his knees and started to lick and suck her cunt. He sucked her clit as his tongue then found the hole and he rammed his tongue in her cunt hole. He tongue fucked her and she then came may times on his tongue. As he fucked her cunt the other man started on her nipples. He sucked one then the other. He fingered the one he was not fucking, twisting and pulling the big thick nipples. He then pulled the teddy from her tits so he could suck and lick the whole tit. she had big full tits and he kissed down the side of each one. As he kissed the large mounds, he bit and then left hickies and bite marks. He grabbed the nipples with his teeth and pulled them before he sucked them deep into his mouth. She had sexy tits for the men to enjoy.

The man licking her cunt now decided he needed to release his cum into her cunt. He stood and showed her his hard cock. "Now you will get fucked by my cock till you make me cum at least twice. I want to fill your hole with my cum." With that he pushed his cock deep into her and started fucking her. He pulled in and out and soon felt her cunt pulse and cum on him. This excited him and he filled her hole with the first shot of his cum. He kept fucking her cunt wanting to cum again.

The dad then told him, switch to her ass. Fuck her ass. The man then walked behind the rack and spread her ass. He ran his finger over her hole and poked a finger into her ass. Her ass was small and tight and he knew fucking it would feel so good with his hard cock. He rubbed her ass with gel and then over his cock before he put the cock to the entrance to her ass. He pushed in slow. If her dad had not been watching he would of rammed in fast and hard, but he knew the dad would not allow that. Soon he got the cock inside the tight ass. It felt so good and he started fucking her. It did not take long to make him cum again and fill the hole with his warm cum. But he decided to stay in the hole and kept pumping it.

The man sucking her tits now wanted to fuck her. He came around to her pussy and aimed his cock at her hole. He shoved in the hole and began to fuck her as the other man fucked her ass. She had never had both holes filled at once but she kind of like the feeling. Just then they all three came at once. Cum was running from both her holes. They had kept their word and filled her cunt and ass with the hot cum.

It was time for the men to leave. Her dad came over and untied her and asked how she liked his game. She replied that she liked it but she liked fucking his huge cock better. He told her she got to fuck him all week and then he got to watch the men fuck her on the week ends. "Now go shower and wash that ass and cunt so we can go to bed and i can fuck you all night long. Watching the men fuck you makes me need to fuck for hours. You was a great slut for me tonight. I was proud of you and now it is my turn to give you my huge cock that you crave." And fuck her he did. In every hole hole all night long.

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