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My neighbor

I was lucky to have the most sexy neighbor in the world. She was beautiful and her body was so hot it sizzled. Nice big tits with plump nipples and and great round ass. She walked around in her back yard with hardly any clothes on. Her nipples pushed against her tight skimpy shirt. I thought many times how it would feel to suck her tits and fuck her ass and cunt. My cock was always hard when she was in her yard and I seemed to spend a lot of time in my yard too.

One day she surprised me and walked over to my yard. I could not take my eyes off her body and it was barely covered. Her nipples were erect and pushing against the fabric of her thin halter top. The bikini thong bottoms she had on were almost not there. You could see the nice lips of her pussy. My cock was bulging in my thin shorts. I wanted to grab her and tie her up and fuck her for a week without stop.

She looked at my cock and smiled. Then she reached her hand in my shorts and grabbed my huge shaft. She stroked up and down and my cock was dancing at her touch. I reached my hand inside the skimpy halter and latched onto her nipple. I rubbed it between two fingers and twisted and pulled it. She must have liked my touch as she reached around and untied the halter and let it fall to the lawn. She grabbed my hand and led me over to the shade under the tree and we laid down on the grass. I started sucking a nipple and rolling my tongue over it as she jacked my cock. She was good at jacking a cock too.

She then pulled my shorts all the way off watching my cock spring to life. It was so hard and sticking straight in the air. She rubbed my cock more as I took turns sucking her nipples. Then she leaned over my cock and looked at it before she closed her mouth over it. She went right down and took the whole thing in her mouth deep. When she started sucking, I knew I would soon fill her throat with my warm juice. She must have wanted that as she sucked me hard and bobbed her head up and down my shaft. She got her wish as I came and filled her sweet mouth with the biggest cum shot I have ever produced and watched her swallow every drop.

I pushed her onto her back and stripped the tiny bikini off as fast as I could. I got down between her legs and spread her pussy lips wide so I could see her sexy ass and cunt. She had nice clit and a sweet pink hole and her bud of her ass was small and round. I watched as my fingers rubbed her clit. The clit swelled at my constant rubbing. I then ran my tongue over her lips and clit. She moaned and thrashed around under my touch. As I grabbed her clit with my fingers I dove into her hole with my tongue pushing it deep into her tasty hole. As I tongue fucked her and fingered her clit she was moaning and moving her hips.

I then slipped a hand under her ass and found her little bud. It took me no time to push a finger in and out of it. My finger was fucking her ass as my tongue fucked her cunt and my other fingers were twisting her clit. I felt her cum on my tongue over and over. I did not let up. I kept fucking all her holes together. I sucked all her sweet juice from her cunt as she continued to cum as I fucked her.

Soon my cock was throbbing so I pulled all her holes free and placed my cock at the entrance to her very wet hole. My cock is big and thick and I wanted every inch in her tight cunt. I was going to fuck her tight cunt till I felt her cum over and over before I filled her with my cum. I pushed the tip in and felt her stretch to allow me admitance. I went in more and more till I was all the way in. I had her hole stretched like it had never been stretched before. Then I started to fuck. I pulled almost out then went back in. As I fucked her I heard her moan and she was pushing her hips up to me wanting every inch of my cock in her tight hole. Her cunt had a grip on my cock and I then lost control and was ramming in and out, fucking her hard and rough with my big shaft. When I felt her cunt pulse on my cock for the many times, I then unloaded my cum into her. I filled her hole and some came running out down her ass crack.

This lady was sexy and could fuck like a whore. I lived next door and hoped this would be a daily happening. As I laid on top of her catching my breath and my cock went limp, I felt her wiggle below me. She then starting rubbing my butt cheeks and massaging them. Now my cock was paying attention to this. Soon she rubbed down my crack and found my ass hole. She ran a finger around the rim before she plunged in my ass. I loved this and so did my cock. She fingered my hole and seemed to love fucking my ass. And I loved her finger fucking my ass. She next inserted another finger and really started fucking me. She did not stop till she added the third finger. Now she had my ass stretched as I had done to her pussy and was fucking me ramming the fingers all the way in my ass. I seriously loved this fucking motion. With three fingers in my ass, she was not content so she then added a thumb from her other hand. This allowed her as she fucked me she could pull and stretch my ass wide. She then added her fourth finger. This lady was fucking my ass and had it stretched so a baseball would fit in. Oddly, I loved it. She then fucked my ass and pulled out the one thumb only to replace it with the thumb attached to the four fingers. She had managed to get her whole hand in my ass. It had gone from a finger fuck to a hand fuck and I was so turned on I never wanted her to stop. As she fucked my ass, she then started to swat my ass cheeks. Her hand was fucking me hard as she continue to spank my ass. As my ass cheeks seemed to be on fire, this added to the ass fucking pleasure she was giving me. Soon my cock was shooting cum all over the grass and still she kept fucking and spanking.

I was entirely exhausted from the fucking she gave me. She rolled me on my back and kissed my mouth. She rammed her tongue deep feeling every inch of my mouth. This kiss was so sensual, I knew more was going to happen. Then she said,"I have wanted to fuck your body for weeks. I saw you eying my tits and ass. Rest up, take a shower, and I will be back to fuck your body till you beg for mercy." I may beg, but i will love it.

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