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Popping my cherry......

I like my aunt Sarita and cousin Rahul. She lost her hubby after Rahul was born. She was rich and both had a luxurious life. I used to visit them since c***dhood and spend my vacation with them. Rahul was a college student and I had finished my school and awaiting results. My Aunt looked very beautiful and I could imagine during her younger days, she must have attracted so many youngsters around her. Rahul too was well built and they were all open and free and fun loving.
I was having very good time with them. Sarita aunty was accustomed to embrace me, kiss me and talk all sort of things freely with me. So was Rahul and he used to hold my hands , sometimes kiss me and keep looking at me.This time I could feel his eyes on my well developed boobs and his eagerness to hold my hands and press them when ever he got a chance to do so. He also used to brush with my boobs..
One day after lunch, we all three were sitting on the sofa and watching an adult film. Sarita aunty pulled my head on her lap and was moving her hands in my hair. My feet were resting on Rahul's lap. Sarita aunty was admiring my body and caressing my face with her hands. Her hands felt so nice. While caressing my face she said--"Rahul, see how beautiful Vanita has grown up. See how sweet she looks. See her full bosom, see her boobs , they look really so lovely. Look at her nipples, They have grown so nicely and one can so easily feel them protruding from beneath her blouse".... I was feeling shy but at the same time,I liked her comments too. Mean while Rahul also was slowly caressing my feet and his hands had slowly started moving upwards. They were now caressing my legs and thighs. I had nice plump thighs and his hands felt so nice.
Meanwhile the heroin in the film was being slowly exposed by the hero and he had pulled her boobs out and was playing with her boobs. We were all looking at the heroin being denuded and it was exciting. I found Sarita aunty was now caressing my boobs. Her hands felt so nice on my boobs. She was sometimes pinching my nipples. I was getting hot. I could also feel Rahul's hands moving on my thighs going higher and higher. They were boldly caressing my thighs and had moved around my panties. I could clearly feel something stiff and hard poking my legs which were resting in Rahul's lap. Sarita aunty asked--" Vanita, are you still a virgin? I was feeling shy to reply. She asked further--" Have you seen and touched an adult cock? Would you like to touch one?.... I had engaged in petting and had got fondled a few times by my friends in the school and they had made me touch their stiff cocks but had not lost my cherry.
The hero in the films was now vigourously fonding the heroin's boobs. He had removed her skirt and we could see her pussy exposed. I could feel Rahul's hands were now almost restless. He raised my skirt and exposed my legs, thighs and panties. I was also almost shaking with excitement. Meanwhile, Sarita aunty held my face in both her hands and started kissing me deep on my lips. She was sucking my lips and her tongue was trying to enter my mouth. I was loving all this happening to me and pushed my tongue in her mouth and our tongues were playing with each other. Meanwhile she had opened my blouse and pulled my boobs out and was playing with them. her hands fondling my boobs felt so nice. She was sometimes pinching my nipples. She said to Rahul...." Rahul, see how nice her boobs have developed...See her nipples which have become so stiff . See how nice they look...Feel them with your hands...."
Rahul quickly moved one of his hands to feel my boobs. His hand started caressing my boobs along with aunty's hands. His other hand had now entered my panties and was freely playing with my wet pussy. His hands on my rose-bud felt so nice. Meanwhile he had pulled his stiff hard cock out of his shorts and his cock was rubbing with my feet. I could feel it pulsating strongly and trying to exert pressure on my feet. He just caught one of my hands and placed it on his pulsating cock. The cock was huge, and strong and was trying to pulsate vigourously up and down. His fingures had already entered my pussy and were moving slowly in and out. I was not in my senses and my whole body was trembling. Sarita aunty told Rahul...." Rahul, see how excited she has become, See how her whole body is shaking...why dont you pop her cherry?"
Rahul just looked at me. But my eyes had almost closed and my body was enjoying the sensation of being fondled and caressed in most intimate manner. Rahul got up and removed his shorts and placed the tip of his hard cock at the entrance of my wet pussy and slowly started to exert pressure. Sarita aunty told him to go slow and not to hurry. She told me that it would pain a bit in the beginning and things would be alright after that. Rahul was very slow and I felt the tinge of pain when the devil had entered half way Some scream was coming out of my mouth but Sarita auntry was keeping her right hands on my mouth and with left she was caressing my boobs. Rahul finally entered my dripping pussy and slowly started moving in and out. I was in real heavens. My whole body was floating. It was played like a violine. Sarita aunty encouraged Rahul to givel slow long strokes. I had never experienced such feeling in my whole life. After some time his strokes became harder and harder and faster. He was ramming me and pounding my pussy. Sarita aunty said--- " Rahul, please dont deposit your cream in her pussy. Pull your cock out just on verge of squirting."
His pounding my pussy was taking me in heaven and suddenly my whole body was shaking and vibrating. I could not control it any more. Sarita auntry was trying to hold me down with all f***e but still it was shaking. I had never experienced such climax in my life. After some time my body was calming down and Rahul pulled his cock out. It was still very hard and pulsating up and down. Sarita aunty held it in her hands and gave it a few strokes and the devil squirted it's thick white cream all over my exposed body..............

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