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Me and my s****r

This is a true story of me and my s****r. My s****r is two years younger than me, growing up was really fun. I dont want to share our ages at the time but we were really young.

We shared a room when were much younger and i would remember fondeling her when she was asl**p. I would sneak my hand under panties and play with her pussy untill she showed signs of waking up. I remember waking up a time or two with her doing the same.

Our parents would leave us alone during the summers when they where at work so I have plenty of stories about me and my younger s*s, but I wanted to share our story of our first time.

After much time of play wrestleing I took my s****r in our bathroom and told her that we were going to do something fun. I got down on my knees and pulled her pants to the ground. She said that she was scared and said that mom and dad would get mad if they found out. I told her that i wont tell so she shouldn't.

I remember sitting there on my knees looking up at my s****r and seeing her in her white cotton panties. This image is clearly where I have developed my fetish for panties. I remember how they looked on her body, how they fit perfectly on her.

I placed my hands on the top of her panties and started to tug them down. she said that she was nervous and I told her that I just wanted to peek. I slowly peeled them off her cold shivering body untill they were around her ankels and had her step out of them. I picked up my head and admired her nice slit that she had.

I have had sex with numerouswomen in my life but to this day i have come across a pussy that was so perfect. it was just a slit from front to back. Damm it was perfect.

I leaned in and told her I was going to kiss it. I placed my lips on the top part and just kissed. She laughed a bit ans said it tickled. It stopped tickeling though as soon as I put my toung inside of her slit. I remember licking her for about ten minutes. at times i would look up and see her with her eyes closed with her head tilted back. I asked if she liked it and she said that she did.

I then told her to lay down on the floor because it would be easier. she then quickly laid on the floor and I went back to work on her bald pussy. At this point I had my fingers inside of her while i was sucking on her pussy, licking everywhere that I could not having a clue what I was doing.

I felt my pulse beating in my throbbing cock and stood up and pulled my shorts off exposing my cock to my s****r for the first time. She said, wow thats big. It really wasnt but it was the first one she ever saw.

I laid on top of her between her legs and told her we were going to try something. I placed my cock in her pussy ans tried to get it in. She said that it hurt and grabed my dick and guided it in her. Luckely, because of how much I ate her pussy my cock started in very easily. I started to push harder and she squeezed her eyes and said that it hurt and I told her I should feel good.

After several pushes I was deep inside of my s****r. Her warm tight pussy was hugging on to my cock really good. I may not have known what I was doing, but I remember taking it slow. I remember her breathing getting heavier and heavier as I slowly pumped my cock in and out of my s****r. It was a nice surprise when I felt her legs wrap around me and pushed me harder into her. Suddenly it started to feel really good and I looked into her eyes and suddenly felt more connected with my s****r more than ever.

At this point I lost it and leaned down and kissed my s****r. She must have liked it because we started making out. I loved having my tounge and my cock in my s****r at the same time. She started thrusting her hips into me, copying my thrusts.

It didnt take long untill I felt it. Suddenly, my cum shot into my s****r underneath me and I started to thrust harder. As i pulled my dick out of her my cum leaked from her tight little slit and she said "gross, you peed in me". I told her that it wasnt pee it was somthing else.

Looking back, I loved looking at my s****r slit with my leaking from it. It was so sexy.

Once we got our cloths on, we hugged. She said that we cant do that no more because we were b*****r and s****r and it wasnt right. We found ourselves making out again and dry humping while we were standing up. we were ready to fuck on the floor again, but my younger s****r knocked on the door.

Even though she said that was going to be the last time, it wasnt. Turns out my s****r was quite the nymph and needed me all the time.

Hope you ejoyed the story, its my first. I have pleny more....

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