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Jenny's dark secret, total domination

Jenny had her pick of men prior to marriage, she stood out her statuesque physique, and her naughty sense of humor.
When Jenny married, many felt it was for money, he was older, domineering and using their marriage, he dominated her and changed her personality, her forbidden fruits, once denied to many, were now available, as her sick husband turned 'Cuckold' and gave her away to men, only seeking pleasure watching them sexually abusing her, for denying them earlier in her life.
Jenny told me of her first encounter, a setup that entrapped her, and led to her husbands insatiable desire for watching live sex.
It was Christmas and she received a token for a full massage, then a visit to a makeup parlor, finishing with a night out on town.
Jenny was elated, as it seemed an end to their strained relationship, that denied her sex as well as emotional stability.
What Jenny did not know was it was a setup, arranged by her husband, the masseuse was an older man, with a perversion for women, especially young and attractive women, regarding them as whores who needed discipline.
The day arrived and Jenny had had a champagne breakfast, with her husband, who generously poured enough to loosen her up and make her susceptible, he had seen her many times having d***k too much bubbly.
When they arrived her heart sunk, the place looked shabby, but her husbands efforts made her not complain, instead the mixture of drink and eagerness not to appear ungrateful, overcame her reluctance, especially when she realized the masseuse was was a dirty old man, who made her cringe.
When she was shown into the room, it was sparsely furnished, only a waist high bed and changing screen, with a desk, covered in oils, where he sat, as she undressed behind the screen that barely covered her nudity.
She was very nervous as she emerged clad in a small towel, her husband had left them alone, promising to return to pick her up, when in fact he was sitting behind a two-way mirror, in a small room with a video camera, watching his beautiful young wife naked with another man, this excited him so much, he nearly climaxed, as he stroked slowly, drinking in the scene unfolding before his eyes.
Jenny felt uncomfortable being alone with him, she was naked and felt every inch of her flesh creep, as she watched this man devour her and soon he would be touching her, possibly in the most intimate places, under the guise of giving a massage.
He was polite and soft spoken, the small office was hot and she sweated, something appeared unusual to her but the champagne befuddled her train of thoughts, 'You can lie down now, whenever you are ready', he said softly, and as she moved towards the couch, she caught sight of her image in the full mirror, where her husband sat masturbating, willing her to drop her towel and reveal her true beauty, to the old man standing looking at her.
As Jenny lifted herself onto the couch, her husband caught sight of her crotch, as did the old man, this was truly exciting stuff, at last a stranger was looking directly at her pussy, and she had undressed herself willingly and was showing it to him.
Before Jenny lay down the older man offered her a drink, poured from a bottle marked 'Gin', 'Here' he said quietly and smiling, 'Drink this Jenny, it will relax you', and she took it and downed it in one.
'Do you have any back pains Jenny' he asked, and Jenny felt warm, her fears subsiding as if by magic, she felt relaxed and thought the G&T was working wonders on her, and as she stood up momentarily she wobbled on her feet, laughing out loud and explaining it down to the drinks she had consumed.
Her husband sat behind the mirror, watching intently as his wife laughed naked with another man, even though she was still covered by that soon to be removed towel, he felt a pang of jealously and sexual excitement, his wife was a slut and a whore, somehow he knew she would let this dirty old man fuck her, and be unfaithful to him, this thought coursed through his being, there would be many men for her, if he had his way.
Jenny sat on the edge of the couch, her head felt dizzy and her legs wobbly, she felt strange, but uninhibited, she looked at the old man before her and felt a strange sexual excitement course through her, suddenly realizing it had been over a year since she last had sex, and now she was about to let a man loose on her naked body, she felt warm and strange excitement, they were alone, anything could happen, and he suddenly took on a new light, as she let her towel drop and revealed her full breasts to him, her nipples hardening as he looked directly at them.
'My god Jenny', he remarked, 'You look divine', Jenny lay down letting the towel unfold and fall either side of her body, revealing her total nakedness, as she adjusted herself into the center of the couch, opening her long legs to his view, as she used them to position herself on the bed.
He came alongside her and touched her belly, sending a shock through her body, Sorry Jenny, are my hands cold?', he asked her not really caring for her reply, as the drink was clearly doing its thing with her.
'Not really', she replied honestly, 'Its been so long since a man touched me there', she blurted out, suddenly realizing she was being too open.
'Turn over Jenny, and lie on your tummy', he said matter of factually, like a father talking to his daughter, she did as he asked, suddenly feeling him taking power over her, she in a weird sense of way, liked the feeling, and as he run his hand from the small of her back, over the curvature of her bum, and down the back of her thigh, she responded again, this time letting out a deep groan.
He stopped and drew back up her thigh and rested his hand on her left buttock, sliding sideways and nestling it between he buttocks, feeling them contract, her anal protuberance with its wrinkly surface, sucking on his pinkie.
Jenny could feel this powerful urge emanating from him, he felt her where he wanted and she succumbed without resistance.
'Good girl' he murmured and she responded by squeezing his firm hand between her cheeks, she knew it was wrong, but she enjoyed the touch and warmed to it, moving her buttocks slowly, attempting to ease his fingertip, resting on her anus, lower onto her vagina, and he sensing her need, obliged, by pushing downward, parting her labia, and brushing against her clitoris.
Jenny gasped in sheer pleasure, as her being responded to that last intrusion, he was doing as she desired and her hips rose up and down on the edge of his hand, she knew it was wrong, but it felt too good to stop and she began humping his hand, all inhibitions gone, she was ready for sex, and started murmuring, 'Fuck me' softly and indiscernibly, but the urge was getting stronger, and he decided she needed to be guided and controlled.
'Good girl Jenny', he kept murmuring softly to her, taking first one ankle and wrapping a Velcro binding around it, then opening hr other ankle and binding it in a similar fashion.
Her feet were over the edge of the table, secured tight and spread sufficiently to expose her open crotch. Jenny was propped on her elbows with her head nestling between them, and as he removed his hand from her buttocks and crotch, her head rose as he moved to her head, taking wrist, and like her ankles, bound both securely, at the top end of the table.
Jenny was spread-eagled, firmly secured onto the couch, 'What are you doing', she slurred, suddenly realizing her helpless situation, 'Just administering another aid', and at that produced a syringe and small vial, containing a clear fluid, I shall inject this into your labia and we shall have fun.
Jenny froze, fear ripped through her and she struggled, he held the vial high and inserted the syringe, half filling it, watching her contortions, deriving a sadistic pleasure from her fear.
'No use struggling Jenny', he said triumphantly, as he reached between her legs and took hold of one of her labia, between his thumb and forefinger, 'Easy Jenny', he said, the look of horror on her face as she realized this was happening and she could not stop it.
Suddenly she realized he had inserted the needle into her labia and was injecting this stuff into her, she felt nothing, but fear had engulfed her as she froze and let him finish.
He withdrew the needle and rubbed her, she moved involuntary with his fingers, 'You'll like that Jenny' he remarked as he looked down at her, 'Lets get you temperature', he said, and pulling her open inserted a long thermometer all the way up inside her vagina.
Jenny laid her head down on the couch, the heat spreading from her vagina and inner thighs, was creeping over her buttocks, suddenly every movement was electric and tinged with pleasure, even the thin thermometer felt like she was penetrated by a thick cock, and seeing this he pressed down on her buttocks, 'Easy girl, dont break the fucking thermometer, you fucking slag'.
His mood had changed, as had hers, she wanted sex and said as much, 'Come on old man, fuck me' she hissed, but he walked over and brought his open hand down hard across her buttocks.
She laughed, 'Is that the best you can do', she berated him, and he walked around to the other side and did the same, leaving two huge welts on her buttock, clearly matching his hand print.
Jenny did not feel the power of the smacks, they felt dull, as all the sensations were in her clitoris and vaginal opening, she changed tack and begged him to fuck her, adding as many pleases as one could in such a desperate need to be taken.
'Lets try this first', he said, producing a large jelly blue butt plug, 'Lets open your asshole and give you an orgasm from there, and at that spread her anus and pushed it into her without ceremony, watching her anus open wide then slide down the slopes and engulf the neck, her anus clamping tightly around the neck, six inches of plastic surrounded by her inner anus, gripping tightly, as he picked up the wired control, he had inserted a vibrating plug, long enough to push hard against her pubic bone, right behind her clitoris, and when he pushed the 'On button', Jenny convulsed and started making strange noises, she had never felt so alive and sensitive, her buttocks convulsing rapidly, as she squeezed the butt plug uncontrollably.
He laid the control down on the minimum setting and walked to Jenny's head, reaching under as side flaps fell away, leaving a small section for her to rest her head.
He stood back and removed his clothing until he stood naked in front of her, 'Now Jenny, suck my cock' and he moved alongside her head, turning it to face his flaccid penis.
Jenny rebelled, holding her mouth shut tight, but he simply put a paper clip on her nose, and covered her mouth. Jenny convulsed with the lack of oxygen and then as he released her, she gulped in air.
After a few moments he did the same again, only releasing at the last moment.
On the third attempt he released her and as she gasped he easily inserted two rubber rods in behind her back teeth, holding her mouth open, like a bridle on a horse.
Jenny was subdued, powerless to beat this sadistic man, and as her head was turned to him, he eased his still flaccid penis into mouth with ease, and started fucking her mouth.
Jenny gagged, trying to get get some form of rhythmic timing, he was down in her throat, blocking her air-passage, and not caring too much as he did so.
'Use your fucking tongue, you slut', he bellowed, and stopped to see if she was obeying his command.
Jenny was, and she feverishly encircled his knob, rubbing as hard as she could, and satisfied with the pleasurable feeling she gave him, he continued to drive in hard down the back of her throat.
He reached out for the remote and drove it higher, Jenny screamed, the pain was unbearable, but for him seeing her convulse on the end of his penis and feel her hot breath on his balls as she screamed and sucked, he looked at her with disdain, and turned it up again.
He came at that moment, pumping his sperm into her, she gagged but had to swallow, and he through the remote onto her convulsing body and walked to the sink to wash himself leaving her writhing on the table.
Drying his cock he looked at her, she had stopped and as he approached he realized she had passed out.
He dressed and roughly pulled the butt plug from her anus, and minutes later released her bindings and lay her on the floor, naked and u*********s.
Moments later she stirred and by then all signs of her ordeal had mysteriously disappeared, Jenny opened her eyes and she lay naked on the floor, both the old man and her husband were peering down at her.
'You passed out', they said, Jenny was confused, dizzy and disorientated, her anus hurt and she suspected something, but the d**gs made her disorientated.
The old man claimed he had left the room and came back to find her masturbating, acting crazy, and she had rolled off the couch and had knocked herself out.
They helped her onto her feet and she failed to notice the welts on her bum, something would discover later, but be scared to show her husband, he pretended to be angry with her masturbating in front of an old man, in time the truth would come out, but deep down as Jenny thought about it, it was an experience she knew she participated in and resigned herself to following her desires, she divorced later and is now a committed BDSM, administering her frustrations and pain, on old men, the older the better, as her orgasms prove.

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