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First Time - Losing my Cherry to Linda Porter

I was a sophomore in high school, wasn't even 16 but I was lucky. My parents were fairly well off so they had bought my s****r a car. She was a senior and could drive the car; I wasn't supposed to but I had a key to it and we had a deal - I wouldn't tell our parents about her sneaking off to see her boyfriend and she wouldn't rat on me if I took the car.

It was a Saturday night and my buddy Earl had a date with a girl from a nearby small town. Her name was Linda Porter, and she was a bit short and chubby, but Earl was horny and not too picky. She was cute, but no raving beauty.

He had had a date with her at the movies the previous week, and was excited - she let him feel her tits in the theater, and kiss and he was hoping to at least get to third base with her. This week there was a party at the lake, so I came to the keg party without a date, hoping to find someone who wanted to make out. I was still a virgin (well, so was Earl) and looking for some fun.

Earl was hitting the keg pretty hard. So was Linda, and they were necking and making out pretty well until about 11 when Earl passed out. Not too smart, trying to make it when you're too d***k to do anything.

I had spent a bit of time with them when they were still around the keg, and Earl had introduced me to Linda as his best friend. So when Earl passed out, Linda came to me and said she needed a ride home by midnight. It was obvious that Earl wasn't in any shape to drive her home, and she knew no one else at the party. She lived about 15 miles away, so I agreed to give her a ride home as a favor to my best buddy.

I opened my s****r's car door (it was a '59 Chevy Bel Air two door) and instead of going around to the passenger side, she slid in the driver's door and scooted over to let me in. I got in, started the car and she didn't move over to the far side, just sat beside me with our hips touching. (In those bygone days of yore, youngsters, most cars had bench seats front and rear - much better for cuddling as we drove... we called bucket seats "birth control seats!")

The car was a stick shift, so until we got onto the highway I had one hand on the wheel and the other on the column shifter. Once we got onto the road, Linda snuggled up to me and we talked for the 15 miles to her house. She had only met Earl on a blind date the week before, and was disappointed that he seemed more interested in the beer keg than with her. So I just talked - after all, this was my best buddy's date. I slipped my right arm across the seatback as we drove, and she cuddled right in. It felt good!

We got to her house, and she said "Thank you SO MUCH for giving me a ride home. I would have been in a lot of trouble if you hadn't been there." She turned her face to me and closed her eyes, so I thought "What the hell," and kissed her. And kissed her. And kissed her.

It was nice to be kissing a girl. I hadn't really had that much practice, and I was savoring every minute of her soft lips and soft tits pressed against me. I was hard and she was hot, but then the porch light came on and her folks were up.

We made a date for the following Saturday night to go to another nearby town where some friends of mine were playing a gig for a dance at the Knights of Columbus hall.

Earl woke up with a hangover when I got back to the party. "What happened to Linda?" he slurred and I told him everything was OK, I had taken her home for him. I didn't mention what else had happened....

I was really looking forward to Saturday night. I had made it to first base with her, and I already had Earl's word that she liked having her tits felt up - with luck, I could make second base! I'd never touched a woman below the waist, so third base was new territory to me, and as for a home run - well, we all hoped but none of us was really experienced.

Saturday night I came to her door and told her parents I was taking her to Piqua. Her mom and dad seemed eager to have their daughter dating someone whose parents owned one of the larger businesses in the county - their daughter was coming out! They were quite humble about it, we talked about various subjects while Linda got ready. If only they knew what their daughter was going to be doing with me later! Hell, I didn't even know what she had in mind...

We got to the dance. Now Picqua, Kansas is a tiny wide spot in the road, I think it was once a stop on a train line. Population maybe two hundred souls at its peak, but maybe 100 at that time. Everyone in the town was Catholic, and there was a big brick church. The older church was a wood country church which the Knights of Columbus had taken over for a meeting hall, and for fundraisers they held dances there several times a month. L.C Lacey, Jon Boyer, Rodney Miller and another guy had a band called the Exciters, and they were good - they played rock covers and were booked from Oklahoma to South Dakota. I was good friends with Rodney, and so I always got in the back door for free.

There was no air conditioning, and with literally hundreds of k**s packed in dancing, the place was stifling in the summer. When the band took breaks, everyone went outside for some cool air. Dozens of k**s would walk up the middle of the street to Bert's Tavern to get beer, but I had prepared, I already had a cooler in the back seat so I suggested to Linda that we go have our own party. She agreed - we had worked up a good sweat dancing and so we drove across the highway to the churchyard and parked in the cemetery drive.

We kissed a while while we sipped beer, and then I touched my hand to her breast. For a 15 year old, she was built pretty well - I felt her tits through her blouse, and she didn't mind at all! So after a while, I worked my hand down her blouse and could feel the flesh on one tit. She reached up and unbuttoned a couple of buttons so I could get a better feel! Wow! This is COOL!

I got my hand inside her bra, and could feel her nipple. It was much larger than mine, and felt like a gumdrop. I squeezed it and she moaned, and took my other hand and put it in her lap. Shit, she was HOT! I'd never felt a hot groin before!

Pretty soon I had her whole blouse unbuttoned. I was rubbing her tits, she was wiggling and saying it felt good - I'd never thought about a girl wanting to feel good like that. So I fumbled around her back and had a HELL of a time getting her bra unhooked. Finally she helped and we got the girls out of their prison. I shoved the bra up over her tits and she let me suck on them - WAY COOL! My mom was always telling my s****r that she should never let guys touch her or see her (well, she let ME see her but that's another story!) Linda had plump tits unlike my s****r's tiny ones, with big fat nipples that really stood out. When I sucked on them, she moaned and groaned and began moving her hips up and down on the car seat.

I thought, "Shit, I'm already at second base - why not go for a three-bagger?" so I put my hand on her leg and began rubbing her thighs. Her response was not to clamp them shut, but instead she opened them up. She took my hand and put it on her inside thigh, so I followed her lead and began feeling up her thighs. She had a skirt on, so it was pretty easy to walk my hand up - I was alert to if she didn't like it, but she just kept letting me play with her.

By this time I was hard. REALLY hard. I knew I was going to need to jerk off when I got home! My hand crept up her thigh until I reached her panties. WHOA! No penis there, no bulge like my crotch felt - it was like there was a completely different feel to her. And it was hot. And WET! Hey, my dick was wet in my Jockey shorts, but she had on thin panties and I could feel the moisture there.

She began fumbling with my belt. I had jeans on, and she had trouble getting my belt unbuckled so I helped. I wasn't sure what she had in mind, but she seemed to want to play there and it sure felt good. She had been rubbing my hardon through my Levis but this was even better!

Linda undid the button at the top, and then unzipped me. God, the music of a woman unzipping my pants is sweet! I worked a finger around the hem of the leg hole of her panties, and couldn't believe what I felt! There were all kinds of warm, wet folds I had never felt before.... I thought she had peed her panties! But she squirmed as I did, and so I kept feeling around while she grasped my cock through my Jockeys and I was oozing all over them. I was kind of embarassed, because I was leaking so much, but she just kept squeezing me. I guess she had never felt a cock befor either unless it was changing a baby's diaper, and they don't have much for cocks.

It was getting uncomfortable sitting in the front seat. Now the back seat of my '59 was quite a bit narrower than the front seat - I didn't think I'd have room to stretch out with her. So I laid her down on the passenger side of the front seat so we could get a better grip on each other. Her head was against the door, and my long legs were jammed up against the driver's door. I drive with the seat all the way back, and a Bel Air had lots of room but it still wasn't enough, so I opened the door for more room for my legs.

Bad idea! The dome light came on, and here I was with my jeans down around my ankles, her blouse wide open, her skirt pulled up around her waist! So I did the only thing I could - I reached up and tried to take the bulb out of the dome light. I finally got frustrated and just ripped the damn thing out of the roof of the car - I could always fix it later, but right now my dick was on fire and I wanted more!

I got my legs out the car door, shook of my pants. Mr. Wiggly was on a pussy hunt and was going for - hell, I was past third base and racing for home!
Linda parted her legs for me, put one up on the back of the front seat and the other on the floor. She was wide open and begging for my cock!

I fumbled around the unfamiliar territory for a while, trying to figure out where I should put my hardon. Hey, youngsters, remember this was in the days before Internet porn gave you guided lessons to female anatomy and "how-to" help! All I knew was that my penis wanted in her SO FUCKING BADLY and I was gonna do everything I could to make those warm fuzzy feeling happen!

Linda solved the problem, by taking my penis and guiding to her hole. I couldn't get it in at first - she was a virgin, too, and had never stretched her pussy with even a dildo. I had no idea what a clitoris was or what they are used for, so I was just shoving my dick at her sloppy cunt and no way to know where.

Then I felt something open up. I shoved harder and she gasped and tightened up for a moment. "Did that hurt you?" I apologized. "No, just don't stop" she said

I knew later that it hurt when I popped her cherry, but she was so hot and horny she just kept on going. She wanted to be a woman as badly as I wanted to be a man.

I could feel my cock slide into the right place finally. God, it felt SOOO FUCKING GOOD! MUCH better than fucking my fist, the only way I had cum before. We started fucking in earnest after a few malfunctions - she would pull back at the same time I did and I'd pop out, and then find my way back. But each time it got easier for my cock to find her pussy . and pretty soon we had the rythmn of love down.

Then I heard what sounded like footsteps on dry leaves. I stopped and looked out the door and windows, but we were alone. The sound stopped, too. She kept grinding her hips under me, so we went back to fucking and I heard the sound again, so I stopped again. So did the sound! Was someone sneaking up on us?

"What's wrong? Don't you like me?" Linda pouted. "I thought I heard something," I said.

"You mean this?" she said as she started fucking me again. Then I realized the sound I had been hearing was the sound of our wet parts squishing together! I had never heard the sounds of sex before.

I quit worrying and went back to enjoying the feel of her cunt wrapped around my penis. Then all too soon, I felt a rush as I shuddered and emptied my load into Linda. She squelched with the sound of cum oozing out her pussy as I kept pumping my rod into her moist babyhole. I kept it up a long time - hey, teenagers are full of hormones! - until I was too limp to keep it up. I slid out of her with a "pop" and she began oozing cum all over my seats.

Then she did something totally amazing and unsuspected! She began rubbing her pussy! I had no idea that women could cum that way - hell, I had no idea women could orgasm! Linda was rubbing her mound, putting her finger down between her cleft and rubbing little circles, faster and faster! I watched as her eyes closed and her face became strained and she started grunting "Uhh. Uhhhh. UUHHH!"

Her hips started bucking up and down and her entire body shook! She was masturbating herself, jilling off just like we boys jack off! I had NO FUCKING CLUE women could do that! I watched as she came again and again, for the longest time it seemed! I put my finger inside her and I could feel her vagina contracting and pulsating on it, her little thighs quivering and my sperm and a lot more juice came oozing out! Jesus Mary and Joseph - GIRLS like sex, TOO?

We were both soaked with sweat when she was done. It was July in the Midwest, and cars didn't have air conditioning then. She showed me her clit and told me how girls get off by rubbing their twats - she said when I was sliding in an out it rubbed her clit, but I didn't stay long enough for her to cum so she had finished herself off.

We didn't go back to the dance. I had a half hour to get her home before the shit hit the fan, so I got her to her folks' place just in time. I went to give her a goodnight kiss before I took her to the door, and one thing led to another... pretty soon she had her legs in the air and I was pumping for all I was worth, filling her cunt up for the second time in an hour. This time it was much easier, I was banging her with long, slow strokes and she came - right in her parents' driveway! The car was rocking had anyone looked out the window, but no one did. We had the radio on, which turned out to be a mistake...

Finally I pulled her skirt backdown over her, but instead of putting her panties back on she gave them to me. They had a spot of bl**d on them from her virginity, and a lot of our cum as well. They were my trophy - I kep them as a souvenier for many years.

I took her to the porch, kissed her goodnight and she let herself in - her parents had gone to bed, thank God. Then I went back to my car and discovered that leaving the radio on had been a mistake - my fucking battery was dead! I knocked on the door and she came back, and I explained. So she had to get her father out of bed, who came and was very nice to get his jumper cables out and jump start my car, asking if we had had a nice evening. I assured him that we had - while thinking "You're jumping my car where I was jumping your daughter just a bit ago!"

I saw Linda every weekend for a month - we got better and better at it, except for the time she was on the rag and she sucked my dick instead. Then a problem developed. Her high school, 15 miles from home, lost their Home Economics teacher because of pregnancy - and they asked my mom to substitute for the next year! SHIT - Linda was in Home Ec! I knew THAT wasn't going to work - linda was a good fuck, but not serious girlfriend material. So that was the last time I saw Linda... but she taught me many things and I'll always be thankful for what she did for me. I often wonder if she remembers her first time as well....

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