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Getting fondled in crowd........

Me and my s****r had gone to watch the fire work at Chowpaty in Mumbai. There was a huge crowd of may be few thousand all gathered to watch the fun. Me and my friend Ruby were young teens full of energy. Both of us had nice big boobs and anyone looking at us would keep watching at our boobs for a while as the boobs were all soft and full with nice nipples protruding out from under the blouse.
The crowd which came to watch the fire work was huge and we both got surrounded by lots of young boys. It was late evening and quite dark and not much illumination. The firework was illuminating the dark skies and it was lovely watching it.Both of us were standing side by side holding hands of each other in the heavy crowd. I suddenly found a hand slowly groping my bums. I could not do much about it and kept quiet. The hand became more bold and started cupping my bums and pressing them. After some time the hand was replaced by something stiff and hard. It was pressing me from behind. I just took both my hands back to see what it was . The young boy standing behind me was pressing his stiff hard cock against my body and when I took my hands back, the cock was just landed in my hands. He had exposed his cock and had given it in my hands. The boy held both my hands and did not allow me to withdraw them. The bare hard stiff cock was very big and was pulsating up and down. He almost f***ed me to hold his cock and I had no choice but to play with it. The boy was enjoying my hands on his cock and and he slowly brought his right hand in front of me and groped my right boob. When I did nothing to object, he brought his other hand and with both his hands, he was now playing freely with my boobs. Ruby looked at me and saw what the boy was doing to my boobs, but she too was in the same situation as some other boy had already put his hands in her blouse and was fondling her big soft boobs.I could see her both hands being held by two boys standing on either side of her and placed on their stiff bare cocks. The boy playing with my boobs became bolder and inserted his hands in my blouse and started pressing my boobs. Meanwhile my hands were playing with his cock. The cock was pulsating up and down.He whispered in my ears to give strokes to his cock. I was also becoming very hot and excited. Infact I had become wet in my panties. I increased the pace of my giving strokes to his cock and the cock too had become very stiff and just within few minutes--it squirted all thick cream in my hands.
When I looked at Ruby, she had also almost brought the other boy's cock on verge of shooting it's milk. The boy caught hold of my hand and f***ed it on Ruby's hand and both of us were now giving strokes to the boy cock. We could feel the cock approaching the climax and within next few minutes our hands had all become all sticky with thick cream coming out of the pulsating cock.
When the two cocks were milked and became soft , the two boys were replaced by two fresh boys. These boys were very aggressive and they almost exposed both of us as they pulled out our boobs and raised our skirts and were freely playing with out boobs and our wet pussy. Some other boys too standing in the heavy crowd also came forward and started playing with our exposed boobs and our exposed pussies. Some of them were putting their fingures in our pussies and enjoying the wetness. They were pinching the clits and pushing their fingures in and out. Both me and Ruby had also become very excited and almost shaking as our bodies were being touched and groped and enjoyed freely by the young boys. One boy held me tightly and kissed me deep on my lips and put his tongue deep in my mouth. My tongue too went in his mouth and I was taken into a all together different world. Here we were--two young girls almost fully exposed in the crowd, getting embraced, kissed, fingured and our boobs being freely handled and played by unknown strangers. I could not bear it for long and soon I reached a towering orgasm with whole of my body shaking uncontrollably. When I looked at Ruby, she too was undergoing similar climax and her both eyes were almost closed and it appeared-she was enjoying her climax too.....I put my hands on her boobs and could feel the heavy tremours rocking her body....We will never forget the fireworks....

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