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African Gangbanged Bride

The first time that I ever had a black cock was when I
was 18 and on a trip to Africa with my new husband Ben.
We were on the 2nd week of our Honeymoon when one night
in the hotel bar, Ben, my husband who is an
anthropologist and is 43 years old, was talking to a
group of old black men about their tribes and customs

It was very warm, no, very HOT. So I was wearing a
bikini top and mini-skirt, no panties or stockings as I
was longing for a cool breeze to waft up between my
legs and cool me off. I was having a miserable time
just hanging around waiting for Ben and drinking when
this really gorgeous African man came over and
introduced himself to me. He told me his name which I
couldn't pronounce but it sounded a bit like George, so
that's what I called him.

We talked and danced for a couple of hours and as I'd
had a few drinks, I didn't object when his hands
started to roam, squeezing my bottom and playing with
my breasts. I was actually enjoying it as Ben had been
neglecting me a bit. Being on Honeymoon, I thought that
we would be having sex night and day but maybe because
Ben is so much older than I am, we had only done it 3
times in 9 days.

Then George asked me to go outside for some air. I was
going to tell my husband that I'd be right back but he
was so engrossed in talking that he hadn't even noticed
me dancing never mind notice me going outside with a
tall black African.

The store, the church and the hotel were the only solid
wooden structures there. The only other buildings were
grass huts. That is except for a small wooden barn that
we found when he took me around to the back of the
hotel. He was kissing me and I was really d***k and
just having an awesome time kissing him back as I was
being groped by this very handsome and exotic, black

We went into the barn and lay down on the straw. I
slipped my bikini top down and let him suck and squeeze
my breasts. My legs were spread and he was between
them. I knew what was happening when I felt his hard
cock brushing along my inner thigh; and I loved it.

I was longing to feel his cock start to penetrate me. I
remember it felt really good as it slipped inside. He
was kissing me and pumping his lovely cock into me. I
was just moaning and holding on. It was very warm and
steamy in the small barn and we both were sweating and
breathing heavy as we kissed and rubbed and fucked. I
was very close to having an orgasm when I opened my
eyes and looked over his shoulder to see three
tribesmen watching us.

My first thought was panic, but just then George really
started to fuck me hard. He was groaning and slamming
into me. I knew he was cumming. Then I could feel his
hot cum flood my pussy as he squirted it deep inside
me. I was lost in passion and I just closed my eyes and
thrust my pelvis into his.

I was still very close to cumming, when he started to
slow down and he whispered some things in my ear that I
didn't quite hear as he finally stopped. He kissed me
and smiled as he pulled his cock out. God I felt so
empty as I felt his cum seeping out of my pussy.

He got up and pulled his pants up. I was still lying in
the straw. I sat up a little and closed my legs and
covered my breasts with my hands. As I opened my eyes,
I could see that there were now six tribesmen, who were
wearing only loincloths; looking at me and smiling and
discussing me in their own language.

I knew I was really d***k, but I must have been
completely insane too, because instead of screaming for
my husband, I exposed my naked breasts to the tall
black natives and, as I looked down at my breasts, I
let my leg fall open slightly; I knew they could all
easily see my pussy.

I looked up and all I really remember is the necklace
of 'lions teeth' that the 1st big tribesman had around
his neck, as he was pushing in between my legs. I laid
back and closed my eyes as I felt his cock find my
pussy. He rubbed it up and down in my pussylips before
he finally slipped it inside of my grateful pussy.

I must have been the first white girl he had ever been
with because he fucked me hard for about one minute
before he was groaning and shooting his spunk inside my
cunt to mingle with George's spunk. I loved it. All I
remember is that the men were older; much older than
George. They all seemed like wild tribesmen, so they
must have loved getting between the legs of such a
young, white girl.

A couple of them were brown and a couple were jet
black, but they all loved fucking me and everyone of
them pumped a load of spunk deep inside my pussy. As
the last man fucked me hard and finally shot his load
inside my completely loose and sloppy pussy, I just
laid there in a pool of cum, sweaty and exhausted.

The man was still on top of me breathing hard and I
could still feel his pulsing cock inside me as his cum
spurted out around it and down over my arse. I never
really had an orgasm during sex before. But that night,
after the second man fucked me, I swear I never stopped
cumming. With each new cock, my orgasms grew stronger
and stronger.

I was moaning and kissing and letting these savages
fuck me and suck on my nipples. God, I was in cock
heaven! When the last one had finished fucking me, I
noticed that George and his friends were still looking
at me and smiling. Somebody said something and George
nodded. Then George pulled me to my feet. I pulled my
top back on and straightened my cum soaked skirt.

George walked me a little further through the village
huts and away from the hotel. I could feel all the
men's spunk pouring down my legs, running down my inner
thighs and calves, and down onto my ankles and bare
feet. I had lost my shoes in the barn.

I was still very d***k and shaky from that unbelievable
sexual experience. The tribesmen followed along behind
us. We entered a long hut. It was quite dark inside and
I could barely see. There was a slightly raised
platform in the centre of the hut and I could see a
couple more tribesmen in the shadows.

George walked me to raised platform. I looked back
towards the entrance of the long hut and I saw the men
there. I guessed that there must have been at least 10
or maybe even more. I felt George kiss me and reach
down and squeeze my cum smeared arse cheeks.

I felt hands from behind and mouths kissing my neck,
hands on my tits and groping my pussy. I don't know, I
guess I just lost control because the next thing I knew
I was on my knees on the platform, sucking black cock
like a complete slut.

I loved tasting those sweaty cocks. Some were pretty
big and others average.

A couple of the men came in my mouth before they lined
up to fuck my sloppy, cum dripping pussy. I was
completely lost. Men were fucking me and I was sucking
cock after cock, men sucked and rubbed and pinched my
nipples and I just started to cum again. I swallowed a
couple more hot sticky loads and I felt a couple more
men cum deep inside my cunt.

I had a thick cock all the way down my throat, I could
feel his cum pumping right down and I barely had to
swallow his thick wads, when I felt someone trying to
slip his cock into my arse. I'd had anal sex a few
times before, but I wasn't too sure about this but they
weren't asking my permission, they just used me any way
they wanted to and the next thing I knew he was fucking
me in the arse as some other man gave me his cock to

I must admit, it felt really good. A cock in my mouth
and one deep in my arse. I was just a complete slut at
that point. I felt so full. So full of lovely big black

My pussy was still tingling from all the cock and cum
I'd had earlier, I was just delirious. I was sucking
and moaning, I could feel the big cock slipping in and
out of my tight little arse, his cock felt so big that
it hurt a little at first, but he fucked me real slow
and easy before he let out a groan and shot hot cum
deep in my arse.

The next man fucked my pussy and got his cock nice and
slippery, then he fucked me in the arse too; and the
next man and the next man and the next man. I don't
even know how many of them thrust and pumped my
arsehole full of their cum, it must have been at least
7 or 8 of them. I just sucked cock after cock and
swallowed load after load as the tribesmen banged my
arse until it was pretty loose and sloppy too.

After about the fourth or fifth man, my arsehole felt
kind of like my pussy but just a little tighter, so as
each new man fucked my arse, his initial penetration
wasn't uncomfortable, in fact, it felt good. I could
have easily satisfied 20 men with my arse.

I don't know where it ended or how long I was gone, but
at some point, the last man moaned and squirted his
load into my mouth and I swallowed it down. I never
even saw the black tribesmen leave, but when I finally
caught my breath and looked up, it was just George and

I don't even know how many men I gang-banged that
night. I certainly didn't ask. I just wondered if they
ever got to fuck any other white girls.

I was a cum covered mess, my legs and face and stomach
were smeared with dirt and cum, my hair was destroyed.
God I looked awful. But luckily the toilet was right by
the door to the bar and George took me to it. I cleaned
my face and body and put my hair up and let the cum
seep out of my arse and pussy into the toilet bowl.
After a couple of minutes, I didn't look too bad so I
rejoined my husband and George back at the bar.

My pussy and arse were sore for a couple of days after
that night. And, of course, every black man I saw, I
wondered if he'd been there, if he'd had my pussy,
arse, or mouth.


Later that night, I confessed to my husband Ben what
had happened. I almost fell over with shock; when he
told me that not only did he know all about it but he
had arranged with George to set the gang bang up and he
had watched the whole proceedings.

He has arranged gang bangs for me in other parts of the
world but nothing was ever as good as that first time
in Africa.

the end

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