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My wifes new friend

My wife an I have had talks about having sex with another man she whould like a big black man. well one night we wentout with my b*****r in law friend. my wife had talked about sucking his dick she thought it would be big,I also am black but a brown color she said she wanted a dark black man who would domantate her.Well we were at the bar and drinking we danced and my wife said to be im going to take terry to the car for some fun Isaid lets go to the house i told terry we were going to leave an go to the house an would he like to come with us.I had seen them on the dance floor and saw him grab her ass and pull her close so I knew that he would say yes. when we got to the car I told her to ride in the back seat she smiled and said hell yea thanks honey your in for a treat. Terry looked at me I said your going to like the ride home have fun and dont hold back she a bad girl.Well i started to drive got on the freeway and made contack with my wife eyes it was time she said to Terry Iwould love to suck your cock terry grab her my her red hair and pulled her head down toward his cock he said take it out u bad white girl and see that black cock. my wife could not wait she took out his cock and said oh my what a huge black dick u have that was the last time a heard her talk Terry had pushed her head down we got off the freeway and I said I have to stop to getsome beer she didnt stop I could here her wet mouth licking and sucking his cock.when I got out the car Icould see his hands fingering her wet pussy he had pulled up her dress,and moved her into a good spot so she would not stop sucking his dick and he could play with her wet pussey. I went in the store when I came out there was a truck parked next to the car with two large black men watching my wife going at it with that big black dick,I was a little tipsey and said u guys want some. [i had wanted to see my wife get gang banged by black men] they said Hell yea I said follow me,I drove slow to the house so not to lose them In the back seat Terry was getting comfortble with my wifes mouth and started to talk shit to her saying suck that dick bitch take it all I knew he was aboutto cum in her hot mouth she was moaning she took her mouth off his dick and said please give that black cum deep in my mouth and went back down he shoot his load in her mouth and she was moaning very loud,she licked him clean an got up and said U HAVE TO STUFF THAT BEUTIFUL COCK IN MY HOT WHITE PUSSY IM SO WET I NEED U INSIDE OF ME AS LONG AS U WANT AND ANYWHERE U WANT TO PUT IT I NEED THAT BIG BLACK IN ME NOW. WE pulled up to the house got out the two guys in the truck pulled up behind us I told my wife ur in for a treat go get on some sexey outfit and come back down I was so hot right now knowing that she was going to get gangbang.she went in and we all had a drink while she got ready.We talked about what was going to happen Itold them to have fun with her and dont hold back I wanted her fucked good n wild the big guy from the truck named Bobby said I like it rough if thats Ok I said go for it, just then my wife came down in this sexy purple bra and pantys and a garter with white nilons she looked soooo hot she had took down her red hair and said Terry u owe me something I told her my new friends names Bobby n Mack they are b*****rs,Wow she said lets get busy my pussey is on fire from Terry big beutiful black cock she walked up and kissed Terry hot on the lips while she was kissing Terry Bobby put his big black hands on her ass and felt her hot wet pussy after that she got on her knees and took out Terry cock i had not seen it in the dark but damm it was huge about 10 inchs and thick and real dark she put it in her mouth and was going to town I had never seen my wife so horney Bobby said take her to the couch Terry walked slowly to the couch and my wife mouth didnt miss a beat when she got to the couch Terry took her head off his cock and everyone got undressed wow a room full of blacks dicks and my horney wife I was in heven.Bobby grabed my wife head and said white bitch suck this dick NOW AND DONT STOP TILL GIVE U THIS BIG LOAD OF CUM MY WIFE LOOKED SCOCKED BUT DID WHAT SHE WAS TOLD MACK TOOK OFF HER BRA AND STARTED LICKING HER TITS N TERRY WAS FINGER FUCKING HER SHE WAS MOANING LIKE CARZY AND U COULD HER PUSSY WAS WET I COULD NOT TAKE MY EYES OFF BOBBY NICE COCK IT WAS UNCUT AN FAT NOT AS LONG AS TERRYS BUT IS WAS VERY DARK AND VERY BEUTIFULL MY WIFE WAS SUCKING IT SO DAMM GOOD LIKE I NEVER SEEN HER DO BEFORE I THOUGHT SHE WAS SUCKING TERRYS COCK GOOD BUT SHE WAS MAKING LOVE TO HIS BIG FAT COCK,BOBBY LOOKED UP AND SAW ME LOOKING AT HIS DICK AND SMILED AND STARTED TALKING BAD TO MY WIFE SAYING SUCK THIS BLACK DICK BITCH MEANWHILE TERRY STARTED RUBING HIS BIG COCK ON MY WIFES PUSSY SHE COULD NOT STOP MOVING BOBBY SHOT HIS LOAD IN HER MOUTH AND I SAW HIM SLID IT IN N OUT HER MOUTH I STILL COULD TAKE MY EYES OFF OF HIM AND HE SAW THAT HE SMILED AT ME N TERRY PUT MY WIFES ASS OFF THE COUCH AND PUT HIS BIG DICK IN SIDE OF HER SHE MOANED LOUD AND SAID FUCK ME FUCK ME TERRY LIFTED HER LEGS UP N PUT IT IN DEEP AND SAID U LIKE THIS COCK BITCH SHE SAID I LOVE THAT BIG BLACK COCK FUCK ME FUCK ME NOW MACK HAD STUCK HIS COCK IN MOUTH MACK WAS ABOUT MY SIZE BOUT 7 IN SO THAT WAS EASY FOR HER BOBBY WAS SLAMING HIS COCK IN HER HOTWHITE PUSSY U COULD SEE THE WHITE CUM ON HIS BLACK COCK AS SHE WAS COMING HARD.BOBBY SAID TO ME LETS GET A DRINK WHILE TERRY FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF U WIFE N SHE SUCKS MY b*****rS DICK. WE WENT TO THE BAR AND GOT A BEER HE LOOKED UP AT ME AND SAID NOW ITS UR TURN HUN I SAID HE SAID U KNOW WHAT I MEAN NOW DO UR JOB JUST LIKE UR BITCH WIFE AND GET ON UR KNEES AND SUCK MY DICK I WANT TO SEE WHO IS BETTER AND THE WAY I SAW U LOOK AT THIS COCK I KNOW U CANT WAIT TO GET U LIPS ON IT NOW GET ON UR KNEES BITCH HE GRAB MY HEAD WITH HIS STRONG HANDS AND PUSH ME TO IS HOT COCK HE WAS RIGHT I GOT ON MY KNESS AND LICKED HIS BEUTIFULL COCK HE PUT HIS HANDS ON MY HEAD PUSH HIS COCK IN MY MOUTH I WAS SUCKING A BLACK DICK THAT MY WIFE HAD JUST MADE LOVE TO AND WAS IN HEAVEN HE GOT REEL HARD AND I KNEW HE WAS COMING THE FEINS IN HIS HOT COCK WERE PUMPING HE CAME IN MY MOUTH AN FED IT TO ME THE SAME WAY HE DID TO MY WIFE AND I TOOK IT ALL AND LICKED HIM CLEAN HE THEN SAID NOW UR WIFE GETS IT IN HER PUSSY N ASS WE WENT BACKIN THE ROOM NOW SHE WAS SUCKING TERRYS COCK N MACK WAS FUCKING HER FROM BEHIND BOBBY GOT IN FRONT OF MY WIFE AND SHE STOP SUCKING TERRYS COCK AND WENT RIGHT TO HIS HE SAID GOOD BITCH DOING WHAT U KNOW HOW TO DO TERRY TOOK MACK SPOT AND DIP HIS HANDS IN HER PUSSY N RUB SOME OF HER JUICE ON HIS COCK AND SLAMED IT IN HER ASS SHE DROPED BOBBYS COCK OUT OF HER MOUTH AND YELLED IN PAIN FUCK THAT ASS FUCK THAT ASS HE WENT DEEP AND SHE YELLED I LOV THAT COCK IN MY ASS HER PUSSY WAS DRIPING BOBBY DID NOT LIKE THAT GRAB HER HEAD AN SAID THIS IS YOUR DICK NOW BITCH BUT TERRY WAS FUCKING THAT ASS AND SHE LOVED IT AND KEPT SAYING FUCK THAT ASS BOBBY SLAPED HER AND PUT HIS COCK IN HER MOUTH AND SHE WAS COMING LIKE CARZY AND SUCKING HIS COCK AS TERRY PUMP THAT BIG COCK IN HER FINE ASS HE CAME IN HER N THEN BOBBY TOOK OVER HE SAID U LOVE THAT COCK NOW TRY THIS HE PICKED HER UP AND SLAMED HIS COCK IN HER PUSSY WOW SHE CAME LIKE CARZY HE HELD HER UP AND SHE SAID U WERE RIGHT FUCK ME MASTER HE WAS DRILLING HER SHE WAS COMING HARD AND YOU COULD SEE IT RUN DOWN BOBBY LEG IT WAS HOT SHE KISSED HIM DEEP AS HE SLAMED HIS BLACK COCK IN HER. TERRY SAID HE HAD TO GO AND MACK SAID HE WOULD GIVE HIM A RIDE I SAID I WOULD GIVE BOBBY A RIDE CAUSE HE WAS JUST GETTING STARTED THEY LEFT BUT BEFORE TERRY LEFT MY WIFE GOT DOWN FROM BOBBY HIPS AND KISSED HIM GOODBYE AND SAID WE WILL DO THIS AGAIN TERRY SAID I KNOW NEXT TIME AT MY HOUSE ME AND UR PUSSY BITCH HE PUT HIS HANDS IN HER PUSSY AND SAID IN HER EAR U HAVE SOME GREAT PUSSY AND NOW U WILL FUCK ME WHEN I WANT AND WHERE I WANT HE PUSHED HIS FINGERS UP HER PUSSY AND MADE HER COME AGAIN SHE WENT TO KISS HIM AND BOBBY GRAB HER AND SLAPED HER FACE AND SAID BUT THIS IS MY PUSSY NOW SHE GAVE HIM A LOOK LIKE I NEVER SAW BEFORE N SAID YES MASTER THEY LEFT BOBBY SAID LETS HAVE A DRINK BITCH GO MAKE US A DRINK SHE WENTTO THE BAR HE SAID NEW RULES IM IN CHARGE NOW AND WATCH THIS BITCH HE GRAB ME AND GOT UP AND STUCK HIS COCK IN MY MOUTH WHILE HE GETS ME HARD COME LICK MY BALL ON AGAIN WE WEREBOTH LICKING AND SUCKING THAT DICK HE SATDOWN SAID PUT THAT WHITE ASS ON THIS BLACKDICK BITCHSHE DID SO FAST HE WAS FUCKING THE SHIT OUT OF HER SHE WAS BEGGING FOR MORE HE SAID WHO URMASTER U BABY U BABY HE TOOK IT OUT NOW BEG WHITE BITCH FOR IT ON UR KNEES SHE BEGGED PLEASE PUT THAT COCK IN MY ASS PLEASE MASTER HE SAID GOOD BITCH PUT HER OVER THE COUCH AND WAS SLAMING THAT COCK IN HER AS SHE BEGGED FOR MORE HE PULLED HER HAIR SHE WENT CARZY AGAIN COMING LIKE CARZY FUCK ME IN THAT ASS MASTER FUCK THAT ASS MASTER HE WAS SLAPPING THAT ASS I HAD NEVER SEEN MY WIFE THAT HAPPY MORE TO CUM

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