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2 girls and a horny handyman

so there i was working at these lesbeins house fixing the sink when i sat up to grab a wrench.1 of them must not have releised i was there as she walked in compleatly naked stright up to her girlfreind and kissed her,just the sight of this gave my cock a little tingle.when she releised i was there she didnt cover up walked stright up to me and said wow thats a big tool u have whats it for without thinking i said if u 2 werent lesbo wud show my surpprise she says that there not they bi and love cock on the odd occassion.the little tingle i had grow in a big rush of bl**d when she the buldge apper in my shorts she said to her girlfreind to come take a look when she came acroos the room u could she a glint in her eye.she asked her gf if she would mind her having it to my surpprise she turns and says she wanted it who was i to say no i thought was going to be lead to the bedroom but no sooner had i stood up then they were naked they walk to me and strated to rub the front of my shorts i was soon rock hard and as 1 undid my shaft from its cotton prison they were bth on it licking it up and dwn taking it in turns taking it deep in there mouths,when all of i sudden i felt a finger slide up my arse and the feel of warm cum spary over them,i stood there thinking what now when they started to kiss each other 1 hopped up on the table and the other started to eat away at her shaven pussy i stood there watching as she gt a gd mouth full of her gf now drippiing pussy as she eat her arse was in prime posation for the taking so walked up behind and rammed it in her arse she let out a little yelp but pushed back on it i started to fuck her hard at this point her gf started to cum and the smell filled the air i knew i had to have her to so gt them bth bent over the table and went from 1 tight hole to the other till they bth came when 1 asked had i ever seen a creampie i said no
which was a lie but wanted them to show me so as i was banging my shaft deep in to 1 her gf gt under us licking my balls and shaft as it slide out of her gf till i shot my load deep in her as i pulled out my cum came with it dropping in to her gf mouth i stood back as she eat every last drop of my c
um from her gf pussy once over flowing from her mouth her gf turned rnd and kissed her was so hot watching them.we all jumped in the shower were we carried on the fun.

will carry on the handyman stories at a later time hope u enjoy please leave comments

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