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S****r Lori Knows 3

She leaned back on my bed and pulled her skirt off showing me that she never put her panties back on from when Carl was here earlier. If she ever had any on to begin with ! With a kick the skirt flew to the floor and she spread her legs exposing her dark centerpiece. Somewhere in there were some meaty lips waiting for her younger b*****r to receive his first lesson with. She moved back onto her elbows with a smile as I stood up, my cock still dripping with my cum and her saliva and pants around my ankles. As I pull my one leg out of my shorts and proceed to kick off the underwear and shorts from around my ankles, she reaches to her crotch and begins to parts her lips and rubs the top, which I have learned later on to be her sensitive clitoris.

“I’m going to show you how to make a woman very very happy, ok ?” she says with a grin. I nod my usual nod of approval and walk the few feet to her. She instructs me to get on my knees so my face is now at pussy level. I place my hands on my bed on either side of her ass cheeks as she allows her legs to slightly rest on my arms. I smell the scent of sex coming from my s****rs warm & waiting vagina and stare at something that I’ve only seen photos of in girly magazines stolen from my friend’s fathers. Her musky odor now filling my nasal cavity, she tells me to gently lick where I see pink. She is now using her two hands to parts her bush so I can get closer to her. I notice her breathing pick up and I move in closer, my tongue extended and my mouth slightly agape. I lick her from the bottom up in a slow methodical manner and she shivers with pleasure. Seeing this, I figured I did something right and repeat this several times and begin to feel her lubrication making it easier on my tongue. Her head back and eyes closed, I know in headed in the right direction and I vary my licks from slow to fast, long to short little attacks, all resulting in a moaning and squirming. With no further instructions needed, I push my face deeper into her jungle of love and dive bomb her pussy with fervor that I was unaware I had in me.

Her pussy was sweet and pungent and at times earthy, but this new sensation of making a girl feel so much pleasure brought my little boy cock to rapid attention. I felt the swelling between my legs as I continued my attack on her box. My hands now were wrapped around her thighs while her legs shook while resting on the underside of my wrists for support. Her breathing heavy and little whimpers gave me such a thrill and I found that teasing her little button with side to side motions really sent spikes into her. Every once in a while I would lick to low and that earthy taste would return. Apparently, her asshole was the cause and I figured that was not my current target so I moved further north. Her legs began to close in on my ears and her voice was shaky but clear. “I’m gonna cum!” she cried and I had no idea what that meant to me. So I continued my assault on her and I felt a hand on the top of my head. At first she gently added pressure but then a few seconds later she pushed my face into her cunt and I barely had space to breathe. She shook and bucked and let out a cry and I wasn’t sure if it was pleasure or pain. My head was in her leg lock vice and my tongue was so tired from the abuse and just in the nick of time she bucked and pushed my face away and groaned with delight. She closed her legs and laid on her side moaning “ohhhhhhhhmmmmmm…..yeahhhh!” and then began to giggle. “Did I scare you ? I’m sorry I pushed you into me, it just felt so fucking good!” she says. “ You did very good for your first time…..that was your first time, right ?” she says with a knowing look. “ Yeah, it was….it was a lot of work too!”, I said, also with a little laugh. “ Well, there are going to be a lot of firsts for you. And remember. This is our secret, ok ?”. “ Ohhh! Of course!” I said. It got me thinking of how I wanted to tell my friends about it but I thought twice that they might not understand or think much of me that I made it with my s****r. Even if they always ogled her when they were over while she strutted around the house.

She pats the bed and I sit beside her resting body, naked from the waist down. She reached over and softly caressed my cock, as it was semi hard from all the excitement. In no time, it was rock hard and she laughed and said “Wow, you’re up again pretty quickly!” I just laughed and leaned back, enjoying the soft touches of her teenage hand. “ Do you want to learn something else ?”, she says in a seductive tone. Her voice harsh from all that breathing and moaning she leans in and says, “ We can be like each others toy and play a little or I can show you how else you can cum…..”. Bewildered, I shrug my shoulders and lean down on one elbow so we are practically face to face. She lifts up her shirt and starts to rub her breasts and her hand moves in a circular motion from underneath, to the top and down again, every once in a while brushing over the nipples. The site of her tits this close brought me chills and I envied her hands at that moment. She must have sensed my desire, or perhaps she was fulfilling her own desires, when she asked me if I wanted to touch them. I answered her by slowly moving my hand to her left breast and caressed it in the manner that she was accustomed. The firmness of her tits, the smoothness of her skin was like nothing I’ve felt before. Her pink areolas where the size of half dollars with the cutest eraser sized nips I have even laid eyes on. And now my fingers were playing with them, fumbling over them and loving every minute. She watched my face as I played with her mounds and reminded me that she also had a right tit as well. I snickered like a little nerdy b*****r and moved to the next tit as not to slight anyone or anything. I didn’t wait for direction and I leaned in to kiss the top of her bosom. She smiled and just watched, so I did it again and again and finally found myself licking them in the same circular motion I had previously used my hands. I cupped each boob as I licked under them and slowly teased the nipples, swirling and nibbling softly with my lips.

She moved flat to her back and stretched out, fully naked on my bed. I looked for her approval as I moved side by side to her and continued my sucking and touching of her chest. My cock was rubbing on her leg and I felt her raise and lower her leg to purposely make contact with my penis. I enjoyed this motion and felt like a k** on a playground of soft inflatable toys that were edible delights! My tongue ran down her cleavage and I tasted her lotion and sweat combined to make a delightful treat. She opened her eyes and told me to straddle her and sit on her belly facing her. I did as I was told, even though this felt awkward and unnatural. She lifted her head and placed her hand behind my waist and pulled my cock closer to her and took it in her mouth. My intensity shot up and the sensation put me on cloud nine. She sloppily licked and sucked and let the saliva drop to her beautiful teen tits and then dropped her head back with a expulsion of air from her mouth. She pushed her tits together with her hands and told me to slide my cock between her tits. I slid with ease my penis as she released and then pushed firm the mounds of delight. “Now pump back and forth…….yes…like that…” she says and I buck my hips to this new feeling. It was awesome and thrilling to be doing this and while it felt good, I was more enthralled with seeing my s****rs face contort with pleasure and getting to watch her tits up close. That familiar feeling of electricity began to take form and I kept at this new titty fucking adventure. I began to lose control of my breathing and my arms were hurting from this position on the bed as I tried to support myself without crushing my s****r. She coached me along by saying things like “ yes, baby…..mmmmm…sooo good!” and “ ohhh I bet that feels sooo nice….i love watching you pump your cock on my tits!”. “ I ant wait to see you shoot your load on my face!” she whispers in a sexy lover’s voice. It was like an outer body experience as I pumped and twisted my cock between my s****r’s milky monsters. The flood gates opened and I gave the warning and my s****r watched with anticipation while lifting her head to see the first eruption of semen shoot from my tip to her cleavage and then shoot further on the second pump and hit her on the chin. The next several spurts hit her cheek, her neck and then the rest just on top of her tits and cleavage.

I fell off of her like a tired soldier into his bunk, empty of any more love juice for the day. I have jerked off and cum 3 times in a day before but not in this short of span. But I had never had such inspiration as a live hot piece of womanly flesh before. We both lay there for a minute as she played with the cum on her tits. Once again, a little sweeter this time, she asked me to get her a towel. I obliged and got up to get her a fresh one from the closet. “ We are pretty good together. But remember, I call the shots, ok ?” and she laughed her sweet intoxicating sound. “ You are the boss.” I replied, but deep down, I knew that it was going to change sooner than later.

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