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This Never Happens to Me

My co-worker Ron and I were at a training conference in Iowa. We had to stay in this Hampton Inn and share a room for a week. The room had two beds. We got there on Sunday and the training started early Monday and lasted till five. Ron and I went to dinner and then went to a couple of bars and ended up back at our room at around nine. At ten someone was trying to open the door to our room. We opened the door and in rushed this very d***k woman. She asked what we were doing in her room and where her husband was? We told her she was in the wrong room and she said her husband would be here in a minute and would straighten everything out. She then pulled her clothes off and laid on the bed. She had salt and pepper hair and was probably one hundred fifty pounds and okay looking. She had nice boobs and a hairy snatch. As Ron and stood there and staired at her naked body she said that we needed to tell her husband to hurry as she was very horny and wanted to get fucked right now. I have not had sex in several weeks as my wife has not putting out and the sight of a naked woman was making dick hard. She then said that since her husband was not interested she would take us both on. Ron had his pants off in seconds and jumped on the bed and stuck his dick in her and started banging away for a minute and a half and pumped her full of his spunk. he then got up and went to the bathroom. I was still in shock at everything that was going on. The woman seemed to be completely out of it at this point. I removed my pants and climb on board. My dick slid easliy into her spunk filled pussy but it felt really good. I made it about thirty seconds before I blasted my jizz deep into her. It felt really good to nut in another woman. I lifted myself off the woman and Ron was there with another hard-on and jumped back into her pussy for another two minutes, then drained his balls into her. As he got of her he said that it was great to be fucking d***k woman because she cant complain. I looked at the juice leaking out of her pussy and told Ron maybe we should drop her off at her room, it was on the next floor before her husband came looking for her. He said yes that was a good idea. I thought I should get more poke and went for it and nutted in a minute. Now her pussy was so full of spunk it was not fun fucking her. We put her clothes on and tried to wake her. She asked about her husband, she did not say anything about either of us porking her. We helped her to the elevator and went to the right floor. We put her room card in her hand and told her to go down the hall to her room and closed the elevator door. I think she may have fallen over. We got back to the room and were pretty happy that we both got some pussy. A couple of night later we ran into the same woman on the elevator, just as d***k, with a really d***k friend. They followed us to our room and wanted to know where their husbands were. We told them to undress and lay on the bed and their husbands would be there in a minute to lay some pipe. We gave them another drink and the one from the other night said we should get some pussy since their husband were snoozing somewhere. Again Ron dropped his pants and started banging away on the woman from Monday night. I looked at the other woman, she was very out of it, and dropped my pants. She had black hair and a nice pussy. I climbed up and slid my dick in and started to fuck her. She held me tight and called me Bill. My name is Karl. After a couple of minutes she held me really tight and she orgasimed, I could not believe it! This caused to blow my wad deep in her. She passed out after that. I got up feeling really proud that I made a d***k woman cum. Ron said we should trade and jumped on my woman and I jumped on the other and nutted in her a couple of minutes later. We did one round with them and then walked them to the elevator, put them in there and pressed the top floor button and waved as the door closed, then we went back to our room. We saw them at the breakfest bar on the day we left and they did not recognize us at all. They were with their husbands. I wonder if they even know they got fucked.

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