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In A Room.

He entered the room, she lay on the bed,
Her eyes were open, her legs were spread,
The light was low, she was bathed in red,
He close the door and crossed to the bed.

He stood there clothed, she was naked,
He looked upon her, her body untainted,
The air electric, he could feel the static,
He was fully clothed and she was naked.

She looked at him, she looked down,
She made the rules, she guided him round,
He stood at her feet, he fell to the ground,
He looked to her and she looked down,

He looked, he touched, she shivered, she rushed and she breathed low,
He licked, he fingered, he teased, he pleasured making her glow,
He kissed, he smelt, her aromas so sweet, he had moves to show,
He sucked her clit, and between his teeth he gently bit and she moaned.
Her wetness, he tasted, she opened, she twisted, her body rocked and rolled,
He explored, he indulged, deeper and deeper into the folds and below,
He teased, he pleasured, he pleased and knowing she would soon explode,
He licked, he sucked, he lick and sucked and soon her cum began to flow.

He stood up, her taste on his lips,
She sighed, she hadn't expected this,
He took her to the edge, into rivers of bliss,
He stood there with her taste on his lips,

He looked at her, he wanted more,
She had a body, he wanted to adore,
She closed her eyes, she ignored,
He looked at her and wanted more.

His duty done, he looked to the floor,
He knew then, she wanted no more,
He stood alone, there was no reward,
He knew it was over as he looked to the floor,
He left the room closing the door.

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