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Meghan Jette Martin

Ok guys this is my first celeb story so go easy on me with comments. Sorry about long intro buts kinda essential to the story. Happy Reading!

From my early teens and right through the following years when I started to watch television and film, the more I watched them the more I became a movie buff so I decided that I wanted to get a job in the television/film business.

So I studied hard got good grades and then went off to film school in Dublin. After my 1st year I got an internship opportunity with a production company and my dream had become a reality. I stayed with the same production company for a while but they were contracted to make television programmes for the state channel so I decided at the age of 24/25yrs to move to another company who specialised to making films where I got a position as a Production Assistant/ Driver.

My new employers were the top film production company in Ireland and when there were any big films being made in Ireland, they were involved with them. Most of the filming took place in Ardmore Studios which is the biggest production facility in Ireland located just outside Dublin in Bray, Co. Wicklow. Being employed as production assistant I was on set for nearly all of the shoot and then driving the actors/actresses to/from their hotels. I met a whole range of movie stars from the world of Hollywood and beyond.

I was brought into the production companies office in Dublin City Centre one day and told that they would be filming another Hollywood film in and around the Dublin area and in Ardmore Studios and that I would be driving around the stars of the film for the duration of the three-month shoot. It wasn’t a big-budget film but was still rather big nonetheless. They told me that I would be driving around three of the films main stars - Alexandra Holden, Erin Cahill and Meghan Jette Martin. I had heard of Alexandra and Rachel before as I watched films/TV with them in them but I never heard of Meghan Martin as I was told she like to be called. So I had to do an internet search to see who this actress was, and from what I saw, she was a good up and coming teenage actress with a good few roles under her belt. She was also pretty hot too.

When all the pre-production stuff had been sorted; location sites, travel arrangements, production schedule etc I got my schedule. I had to meet Alexandra, Erin and Meghan at Dublin Airport and drive them to their hotel. Then I was to drive them around to the various film locations and to Ardmore Studios for the duration of the shoot. I thought that was pretty simple until I saw my schedule and seen that sometimes they had to be on set for 7am and wouldn’t leave until 5pm and that all three of them were to be on set at different times also. So I would be driving around for pretty much the whole day from very early morning to late at night if there was a night shoot going on.

The first 2/3 weeks of the shoot I was driving them to and from the film shoot picking them up at different times throughout the day and was beginning to get to know them, but I was spending more time driving around Meghan than the other two and got to know her pretty well. Both Alexandra and Erin were mostly on set from 7am but Meghan, who had a major role but minor in the film compared to the others, had to be on set at different times.

About the 4th week in on a Friday afternoon when I had some time to myself as all three actresses were on set, I had to go and buy a Twister game mat as I had my niece/nephew stay with me the Saturday night as my older s****r was going to a work colleague of hers wedding.

After I collected Meghan at about 6pm (Alexandra & Erin had to continue filming an evening scene) from the studios, I asked her on the way back to the hotel would she mind if I dropped by my apartment on the way to the hotel to leave in the game mat (my apartment was only about 10mins away from the hotel which was lucky for me in the mornings) she said that she didn’t mind at all.

When I got to my apartment just before 7pm, Meghan asked, “Can I come in to your apartment Paul, I could really do with a drink of water or something”. “Sure, I replied “but I’ll only be 2/3 minutes as I only have to drop off something for later”. We got into my apartment, I went to the kitchen to get her a bottle of water and then I set the Twister game mat up in the living room area. Once Meghan seen the mat, she wanted to try it out.

“This is a Twister game mat, right. I want to have a go of this. I tried it before back home and it was so enjoyable” Meghan said. I couldn’t believe what was happening next - here was a young Hollywood actress playing Twister in my apartment. “Why don’t you join me Paul, two playing this game is much more fun than one”. I had a little bit of time to spare as I didn’t have to pick up Alexandra or Erin until after 9pm so I though well why not. So I got down and started to play this Twister game with Meghan.

I played this game before when I was younger but never like this - the positions we got into were very intimate to say the least. As we were playing, our legs got criss-crossed and my cock was near her pussy (obviously we still had our clothes on), I could see down her loose t-shirt she was wearing, her cleavage wasn’t that great as she had small tits but still I wasn’t complaining. That got my cock bulging in my pants and Meghan felt it when her hand brushed against it getting into another position. She gave me this innocent little smirk after this which was so cute so she knew I wanted this to continue. At one stage we almost kissed such was the amount of space between our lips when we got into another position, we stared at each others eyes for a good few seconds before I broke away and got up saying that I had to leave now that I had to go and collect Alexandra and Erin after dropping her back to the hotel.

When I dropped her to the hotel she said to me, “I had some fun playing Twister earlier, maybe we can play it again, sometime soon”. “Yeh sure we can do that”, I said. My feelings for Meghan after that day increased substantially and the following week there was a lot of flirting going on between us when I was driving her around. She had the next weekend off from filming and she asked me could we do something on the Saturday. So I brought her into Dublin City Centre and did the tour of the city, went into see a film, got some food and brought her back to my apartment.

As soon as Meghan got into my apartment, she asked me where the Twister mat was as it wasn’t lying on the floor. So I went into my bedroom and brought it out and laid it upon the floor. Both of us knew something was going to happen today we could sense it and we were both right.

Playing away, I could see that Meghan was wearing a black thong and black bra which got my cock throbbing in my pants. Once again the positions we got into got very sexual as both our bodies brushed against each other. She knew I was hard and she didn’t hide that fact either. Its very un-usual to get into the same position twice but that’s what’s happened when we almost kissed again. This time I didn’t back away, I made the first move and kissed her. We quickly forgot about the game and fell down on the mat, Meghan lying on the mat and me lying beside her.

We started kissing each other passionately for a few minutes and then I slowly made my hand downwards over her body. With still her t-shirt on, I felt my way around the outline of her little tits and over her stomach. Then I decided to go for it when I knew she didn’t stop me and put my hand up her t-shirt and caressed her breasts with her bra on her.

We stopped kissing after and I made a move to take off her t-shirt. So Meghan propped up and off it came and then I reached around and un-hooked her bra. Meghan was now topless in front of me and what a sight! For a teenage girl she had a nice body, maybe her tits were small but hell I didn’t give a crap.

“Meghan, you do really have such nice perfect tits”, I said to her. “Thank you Paul, that makes me feel so good. I know there small but no way am I getting a boob job, I want my body to stay natural. You‘re very sweet you know that” Meghan replied.

She laid back down on the Twister mat and I positioned myself in between her legs and went back down kissing her passionately again. Then I made my way down once more and started to caress and suck on her tits. I could fit all of her tit in my mouth and I played with her nipples - biting and licking them and playing around with them which she seemed to like as she gave off these little moans of pleasure. I continued on kissing the rest of her body all over very slowly. I could feel that she was enjoying every minute of this.

Meghan then propped up a little and put her hands down my back so as she could take off my t-shirt. I got back kissing her on the lips and after a while we switched positions with me lying down on the mat and she on top of me. Meghan went down kissing my entire body all over before taking my pants off. She then started to play with my 8inch cock with my boxers still on before she took them off and now my rock-hard throbbing cock was exposed to Meghan Martin for her to enjoy. “Jeez Paul, you have a nice big cock, how will I fit that in me” Meghan said. “Good sensual fore-play will do the job” I responded.

Meghan started to jerk me off first by rubbing her hand up and down the shaft of my cock and then she went down to my balls. Her lips and tongue explored my balls and sucked one of them at a time. Then she licked the bottom of my shaft and right up to the tip and back down again a number of times. Then she looked up at me and as she did this, she wrapped her lips around the tip of my very hard cock, and it then disappeared into her little mouth. She sucked me hard so she did.

“Oh Meghan, that’s feels so good. Keep sucking that cock good and hard. Oh Fuck”. I moaned with so much pleasure as here was a young Hollywood celeb giving me good head. “Do you like that, Paul”, Meghan asked in between sucking me off. “Yeh I love it”, I replied.

Meghan kept on working her hand up and down my cock-shaft all the while sucking me good and hard and I asked her, “You like giving head don’t you Meghan” to which she replied, “I do enjoy it very much. Meghan kept on working away on sucking me off and the pleasure I was getting out of this was unbelievable. As I looked down on her I said “go slow and deep”, “oh yeh that’s it, that’s feels so good”.

I knew if Meghan kept this up I wouldn’t last long and after a few minutes I could feel my orgasm cumming. “Oh Meghan I’m cumming. Oh fuck”. As I propped up from lying on the mat, I immediately put my hands to the back of her head taking my cock good and hard so I would cum in her mouth. “Oh christ Meghan keep sucking, harder, suck that cock good”, I said and before I knew it I had blown my load in Meghan Martin’s mouth. I didn’t think she could handle it but she did and she swallowed all of it. After such an intense blow-job I fell back down on the mat breathing heavily and said, “Jeez Meghan that was the best fucking blow-job I ever got, you sure knew what you were doing”. “Your cum tastes good Paul, loved it and you sure as hell liked that” Meghan said. “Hell yes, thoroughly enjoyed that”, I said.

After both of us composed ourselves Meghan came up and kissed me before we rolled over and I was on top of her. I went down on her kissing and sucking on her tits pinching & biting on her nipples and kissing the rest of her body. Then I opened her trousers and brought them down and looked upon Meghan’s very sexy and lacy black thong. I kissed her again and as I did this, I put my hand in between her legs and started to rub up and down her pussy and clit.

Breaking away, I then went down and lifted up her legs so I could take off her thong. Meghan spread her legs for me and I looked down upon a hairless pink pussy that I was going to enjoy very much. As I got down in between her legs, I kissed her pussy lips and Meghan gasped and moaned.

“Oh my god Paul! Ohhh! Ohhh!” Meghan moaned closing her eyes. I started to lick the length of her pussy up and down tasting her juices. I dipped my tongue into her pussy and made for her clitoris and I licked and sucked this sensitive part of Meghan Martin’s body. “Ohhh! God Paul, fuck that’s good, oh yeh keep licking me, yeh right there right there!” Meghan said. I looked up at Meghan and her breathing was heavy I knew she was liking getting her pussy licked out and that she was so turned on!

I stuck my tongue into her as far as I could, licking the inside of her. Meghan reached her hands down and held my head down in between her legs as I ate her out. I continued on licking deep inside her and up to her clit and her pussy lips. Quite a few times I stuck two fingers into her pussy and started to finger-fuck her good and hard while I was licking at her clit. She loved this as she moaned with pleasure.

After a while I could feel her pussy beginning to clench and I knew she wasn’t far from having an orgasm. I continued sucking and licking her off and then I knew it was almost near. “Oh Paul, I’m cumming, I can feel it”. I began to lick her hard and fast now as I wanted her to have the best orgasm ever. “Oooooohhhhh God! Ohhhhhhh fuck! Ooooooohhhhhhh! Paul I’m cuuuummmming!” Meghan said.

She was starting to shake all over and seconds later she had the most intense orgasm ever.
And with that her pussy juices saturated my face all over. Meghan had tears in her eyes as she came, her entire body shaking with ecstasy, her heart pounding and her pussy pulsating. She had just gotten the most powerful orgasm she had ever received.

“Oh fuck Paul, that was the most intense and physically powerful orgasm I’ve ever had. That was just wow! You really know how to pleasure a woman don’t you?”. Meghan said. “Well you know what they say Practice makes perfect”, I replied.

To give Meghan time to recover from the best orgasm ever, we sat up and kissed each other, passionately. If this intense kissing was going to continue, I could feel myself falling for Meghan in a big way I thought to myself. She was fucking hot and she would be a great girlfriend to have.

“I think I’m ready for you, Paul but go easy at first. I’ve had sex before but so far this is out of this world sex”, Meghan said. “For you Meghan, anything to please, right”, I said.

With Meghan lying back down on the mat, I positioned myself in between her. I rubbed my cock up and down her pussy to get her all tensed up and then I slowly entered her. As I broke into her she let a big moan, “Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh Paul, oh jeez”, Meghan said and I started to fuck her nice and slowly. After a few thrusts I began to increase the speed and now I was fucking her good and hard. Meghan was absolutely loving it moaning with pleasure all the time. “Oh shit! Oh shit!”, Meghan said as I pushed harder and harder into her. “Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh Myyyyyy God! Fuck that’s feels so good. Keep going, fuck yeah”. I started to rub my finger into her clit and this made Meghan moan even more with delight. She had never felt anything like this before.

This moment was so intimate for us both. I could feel how aroused Meghan was I ploughed into her, Meghan could feel how aroused I was by my firmness inside her and she knew I was meaning every thrust into her. We both looked at each other and could see the ecstasy on our faces, this was pure hot and intense sex.

We then got into another position - this time with me lying on the mat and Meghan on top. She licked her fingers and then put them down rubbing over her pussy to make her even more wet. She grabbed hold of my cock and she stuck into her as she came down on it. Meghan was now riding away on my cock up and down before I took over and trusted into her hard.

I continued fucking Meghan in a number of positions until finally we got back into the missionary position again, which she said was her favourite. So once again I got back in between her legs and this time I let rip at her. She has got used to being fucked hard and now I was going to give her one hell of a fuck that she would remember forever.

It wasn’t long before I could feel myself approaching orgasm so I slowed things down to make myself last that little bit longer. Finally I couldn’t hold out much longer so I began to fuck her cunt as fast as I could. Meghan moaned and screamed as I gave it to her hard and fast in and out, back and forth into her tight pussy.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I'M Cuuuuuuuuummmmmmming! Fuuuuuuucccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk! Meghan screamed. Not only could Meghan feel herself cumming but she could feel that I was too and was ready to explode into her. Meghan reached her hands up and pulled my face down and kissed me hard.

“Fuck Meghan I’m cumming too”, I said. “Pull out, pull oooooouuuuuuuutttttttt! Meghan said. “Cant……toooooo close”, I said and I exploded into her. I plastered the inside of Meghan Martin’s pussy with my hot cum. I felt my balls completely empty and I collapsed on top of her, both of us overcome by sheer intense ecstasy.

When we both came around after being hit by such intense ecstasy, she slapped me for cumming inside her!!!!! She now had to go and get the pill which she didn’t want to but she was f***ed too. After we got dressed and got back into the car as I had to go back to the studio to pick up Alexandra and Erin, I stopped at a pharmacy for her and then drove her back to her hotel.

Over the next two months, we spent as much time as we could with each other. I would bring her for tours of Dublin and other places in Ireland at the weekends when there was no filming, we would go out on dates with each other and hung out as often as we could.

The sex continued with us also, this time she took the pill every day. Not only did we continue having sex in my apartment but also in her hotel room and sometimes even at the film studios in little offices for a quickie. It was the best three months of sex I had in along time and I was very sorry to see her go when she had to return to America.

About a 2/3 weeks after she returned home, I got a phone-call from her, she wanted to know would I go over and see her she missed me………………………………...........

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