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Lessons of sex...

After marriage my younger s****r accompanied us to our new house in Mumbai. It was a small house and no much privacy for any newly married couple. There was only one bed room which me and my hubby used to sl**p and my s****r used to sl**p in the drawing room. But after marriage everything is new and me and my hubby were floating in heavens. My hubby was a strong young man with a strong big cock. His cock used to get hard and stiff most of the time. The cock always wanted release when ever there was a chance for having sex. Being newly married, we used to have sex three to four times a day. It was great fun and lot of enjoyment.
My hubby, me and my s****r were very friendly with each other and after initial shyness-- my s****r too didinot feel shy when my hubby embraced me openly and kissed me on my lips. Sometimes his kiss was becoming more intimate with our tongues going in and out of our mouths. I used to love the pressure on my boobs when he used to hold me tight in his embrace.
My s****r Lata was just one year younger to me and was in her final year in College. She was also looking charming and had good developed boobs. Many times we had touched each others boobs and played with each other's bodies as we used to share the same bed at home. We also used to share almost everything with each other. When hubby went to work, she would ask me all the details of what my hubby was doing to me and what I was doing to my hubby at night. She was feeling very excited to know the details.
Lata---Didi--Does it pain too much, when the big stiff cock goes in and out ?
Me- Only first time it pains but after that there is no pain and only joy.
Lata-- What does he do to your boobs? Does it feel good when he sucks your
boobs? Do the boobs pain when he rubs them..?
Me---No not much. It is a great fun when the man plays with boobs. It is great
joy when the boobs are fondled and when the nipples are sucked. It feels
Lata--when the stiff hard cock goes in--does bl**d come out?
Me---Yes it happens for the first time. Do you want to experience this...?
Lata---I feel shy and scared ...Didi.....
Next evening when hubby came home from Office, as soon as I opened the door,hubby pulled me to him and took me in deep embrace. He started fondling me and playing with my boobs. I told him not to hurry and Lata meanwhile brought out the cup of tea for all three of us and some biscuits. We all three enjoyed the tea and hubby soon pulled me to the sofa. I asked Lata also to and sit with us on the sofa. She came and sat near us and put on the TV. She was not really watching the tv but her attention was on both of us. My hbby was kissing me deep and putting his tongue in my mouth. I too was excited and becoming hot. He was also fondling my boobs.He became bolder and bolder and slowly opened the buttons of my blouse and pulled out both my boobs. I had big boobs and nice nipples. He started mauling my boobs with both hands and took my nipples in his mouth and started sucking. Lata was keenly watching our foreplay. She too was getting all excited. I asked her to come more nearer, but she was still feeling a bit shy. I pulled her hand and made her sit between me and my hubby. She was very shy and almost trembling. I touched her boobs with my hands and started playing with them. My hubby too seized the opportunity and slowly opened the buttons of her blouse and pulled out both her virgin boobs. Lata was trembling with excitement and did not know what to do. Now me and hubby--both were fondling her boobs. I asked her.
Lata---do you want to see how a grown up cock looks like? Do u want to touch
Lata did not reply but smiled shyly. I immediately opened the zip of hubby's pants and pulled out the stiff hard cock --so eager to come out. The cock had grown fully hard and was pulsating up and down. There was lot of precum on its mouth. It was wonderful holding it in my hands. I asked Lata to hold it in her hands. Initially she was feeling shy and didinot want to touch the cock, but when I pulled her hand and gave the cock in her hands--she was happily playing with it.She was pulling the cock skin back and was enjoying as to how the pink colour cockhead looked. She felt the stiffness of the cock at the same time also found it soft and velvetty to touch.
When we were playing with Lata's boobs and Lata was busy fondling hubby's cock, I slowly raised up the Saree that Lata was wearing and pulled down her Panties. She was virtually trembling with excitement.When I pulled down her Panties, her virgin pussy was exposed and hubby was enjoying the whole scene.I decided to give Lata a lesson in sex. I just got up from the coach and made Lata to lie down on the sofa almost fully exposed. I could clearly see her rosebud standing out quite stiff and her virgin pussy all wet and throbbing..She was trembling with excitement. I just hinted at hubby. Hubby wanted just this. He immediately came forward. I caught his stiff hard pulsating cock and slowly guided to Lata's pussy lips. I told hubby not to make any haste and told him to be slow and patient. He too was experienced of dealing with virgin pussy. I kept the tip of his eager cock at the mouth of her pussy and told him to slowly push it in. I could see clearly the stiff hard cock slowly making its way in the virgin pussy. Initially there was some resistance but soon the resistance was over and the cock had gone deep in. Lata initially screamed a bit but soon her screams became expression of immense joy. Hubby slowly started giving in and out strokes and I was playing with Lata's boobs. Lata was in heavens. Soon Hubby's strokes became more and more faster and in another few minutes the cock exploded in the virgin pussy and I could experience Lata too trembling and clutching hubby with all her f***e as her body was shaking in orgasmic bliss.....

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